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WTF? Windows 10 now actually losing market share

Shocked PC user

It was expected, that once Windows 10 stopped being free, upgrades would slow significantly. That turned out not to be the case last month when NetMarketShare’s usage figures showed it, rather surprisingly, to be business as usual. Growth in August was no different from growth in previous months, although I speculated it might have been buoyed by sales of new back to school PCs.

In September though, according to NetMarketShare, Windows 10 didn’t just show slower growth, it actually went into reverse gear and lost usage share. Yes, you read that right.

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Microsoft dismisses Saleforce's claims of an anticompetitive LinkedIn purchase


It has been a few months since Microsoft announced plans to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, and it seems that losing bidder Saleforce is still nursing a bloody nose. Saleforce CEO Marc Benioff is complaining that there are antitrust concerns and is calling on regulators to block the purchase.

Having lost a bidding war with Microsoft -- despite offering more money -- Salesforce now appears hell-bent on messing things up for the company. Salesforce's chief legal officer, Burke Norton, has also voiced concerns that Microsoft could block access to user data to rivals. Microsoft says that this is nonsense, stressing that the deal has almost reached its conclusion.

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Microsoft's Project Springfield helps developers test their software


Microsoft has just announced that it will be releasing the first preview of its new cloud-based tool called Project Springfield. It has been designed to aid developers in spotting "million dollar bugs" in their Windows applications before launch.

The reason the company is making Project Springfield available to Windows developers is to save them from the "costly effort" of having to release patches to fix broken software after it has already been made public.

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Microsoft kills Yammer Enterprise


Microsoft has provided more details as to how it will be integrating Office 365 Groups into its enterprise-focused social network Yammer. On January 1, 2017, the Yammer Enterprise service tier will be discontinued, but the social network will remain available and will be integrated with Office 365 services in a number of ways.

Within Yammer itself, it will be possible for users to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents through Office Online. Users will also be able to move their work from Yammer to a shared OneNote notebook or to the Microsoft Planner Project Management tool.

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Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft create Partnership on AI -- no sign of Apple


Five of the biggest names in the world of technology have joined forces to create the Partnership on AI. The aim of the group is to increase public awareness of artificial intelligence, conduct research, and promote best practice guidelines.

Comprising Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft -- although, interestingly, not Apple -- the group says that it does not intend to lobby government or government bodies. Instead, the aim is to promote AI so that it can be used to "help humanity address important global challenges such as climate change, food, inequality, health, and education".

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC and Mobile arrives on the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

The Ignite conference in Atlanta might be keeping many Microsoft employees busy, but it hasn’t stopped developers working on the next big update of Windows 10.

A week after Build 14931 arrived on the Fast ring, Windows Insiders are today being treated to another new update -- Build 14936 for PC and Mobile.

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Microsoft teams up with Adobe in the cloud

Handshare cloud sky

At the Microsoft Ignite event, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant announced a new cloud partnership with none other than Adobe.  This one works both ways. On one side, Microsoft "will make Adobe Marketing Cloud its preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition", and, on the other side, Adobe will "make Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform for the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud".

Interestingly enough, Adobe has so far used Amazon Web Services, but it was left unclear if this means Amazon is getting the boot or not.

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New cloud services aim to increase adoption of Skype for Business

skype video messaging

Cloud-based unified communications are an attractive option for businesses, but a lack of effective management and monitoring tools is holding back many from deploying the technology.

Managed cloud services company Unify Square is addressing this with the launch of an extended lineup of Skype for Business (SfB) cloud and hybrid services to help enterprises transition from on premise, to hybrid or full cloud deployments.

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Logitech and Microsoft unveil Skype for Business-focused Surface Pro 4 'SmartDock'


For many people that work in the corporate world, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) is an indispensable collaboration tool. Not only does it keep employees under the same roof connected, but it keeps remote workers in the loop too. Quite frankly, working remotely without Skype for Business would be a real chore -- it is that good. It can even be quite brilliant for remote group meetings -- connecting two rooms in different buildings.

Today, Logitech announces a device called 'SmartDock', which it designed in collaboration with Microsoft. This is a hardware solution that is designed to make Skype or Business easier to use in conference and meeting rooms. It is essentially a dock that turns a Surface Pro 4 into a centralized communication hub.

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How to enable the dark theme in Microsoft Edge

Dark theme thumb

Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced a cool dark theme to the operating system, transforming the look of the user interface.

It’s a fairly global theme -- it affects much of the UI, although not all elements of it. File Manager, for instance, keeps the light look.

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Microsoft takes security to the Edge with Windows Defender Application Guard


With many cyber attacks now initiated through the browser, endpoint security is something all businesses need to take seriously.

Among today's announcements at Ignite, Microsoft trailed security enhancements across a range of its products, including the Edge browser. Windows Defender Application Guard will be available to Windows 10 Enterprise users from next year and aims to make Edge the most secure business browser.

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Windows 10 now on 400 million devices, but growth is slowing dramatically

Windows 10 girl

Two months ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the software giant would be changing how it monitors the growth of Windows 10, tracking monthly active users -- rather than devices --  after it became clear slow sales of Windows Phones meant the new OS wouldn't hit the company's stated goal of one billion devices by mid-2018.

Today, at Ignite, however, Microsoft announced another devices milestone, saying the new OS is now running on 400 million devices. It’s a big number, but it does show that growth is slowing significantly, now that Windows 10 is no longer free.

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Watch Microsoft's major Ignite keynotes here live


Microsoft Ignite, the software giant’s enterprise focused tech event, starts today, September 26, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The five-day event, previously hosted in Chicago, will cover all of the hot tech topics, including cloud, productivity and collaboration, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

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Minecraft getting huge October update for Windows 10, Gear VR, and Pocket editions


Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon. Heck, it is even being used in classrooms for education. For many, including yours truly, the game's popularity is a bit of curiosity. The graphics are rather poor and the entire thing just feels very rudimentary. With that said, it does not require a lot of resources, meaning it runs well on modest hardware -- this is likely a huge driver of its success. It even has special 'editions' for Windows 10, Samsung Gear VR, and mobile (Pocket).

Today, at MINECON 2016, Microsoft announces that it will bring some very important updates to the game next month. While the previously announced 'boss battles' will become available on October 18, there are some even more impressive things coming that day too, such as something called 'Add-Ons'.

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BT to offer customers Microsoft Azure services

Cloud handshake collaboration

British telecommunications company BT has announced  a new offering, expanding the cloud choice for its customers. BT Computer for Microsoft Azure allows BT’s customers to order Microsoft Azure together with BT’s cloud.

With the new offering, according to BT, customers will be able to create hybrid cloud infrastructure with a single service wrap, on a single bill.

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