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Best Windows apps this week


Two-hundred-and-four in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on Windows Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators Update this week. It is likely coming out in March 2017, and you may read Wayne's article on it here for an overview of what it introduces.

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Try Microsoft Paint 3D now -- no need to wait for Windows 10 Creators Update!


At yesterday's event in New York, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 Creators Update. Due to launch in the spring of 2017, this next update to Windows 10 sees Microsoft shifting some of its focus to 3D.

Earlier in the year we learned about the updated Paint app thanks to a leak, but now Microsoft has decided to make a preview version of the app available for anyone to try out. In order to test out Paint 3D Preview you will need to be a Windows Insider with Build 14800 or greater installed, and then you can try out the 3D capabilities of the app for yourself.

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Microsoft's updated Surface Book i7 delivers twice the graphics performance, keeps weird hinge

Surface Book i7

At its big event in New York, Microsoft has already introduced the next version of Windows 10, called Creators Update, and it has some hardware designed to run it on.

Last Year’s Surface Book divided opinion, with its rather weird, unsightly hinge, but it’s not a problem for Microsoft, which has decided to keep that look in its 2016 update.

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Windows 10 'Creators Update' arriving next spring, and it's (mostly) all about 3D

IMG_3907 (1)

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in New York, the software giant has lifted the wraps off the next big update of Windows 10, which it’s calling the Creators Update.

Yes, we know -- weird name, right? New in this update (among other things) will be a fresh version of Paint, called Paint 3D. This isn’t a minor update of the awful Paint program that most people have ignored for years, but rather a tool that lets you scan objects in the real world, and import them into a 3D environment.

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Live from New York, it's the BetaNews live blog of the Microsoft Windows 10 event


Today is finally the day -- Microsoft's annual Surface event. This year is quite different, however, as rather than new portable machines, the company is rumored to unveil a new Surface-branded all-in-one desktop.

I am here, live, at a secret location in NYC where I will be live-blogging all the news along with my thoughts -- just keep refreshing. Of course, you can also watch the live video here too.

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Watch Microsoft's big Windows 10 event here, live

Windows 10 invite

Microsoft is hosting an event today, Wednesday October 26, in which it intends to reveal what’s next for Windows 10.

Titled "Imagine what you’ll do", the event is expected to reveal some new Windows hardware, although, from what we hear, not new versions of Surface or Surface Pro (although existing devices may get a processor bump). Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley says the software giant will reveal an all-in-one Surface PC codenamed "Cardinal" (which may or may not be called Surface Studio) and we expect to see new hardware from other partners too.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14955 for PC and Mobile arrives on the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

Microsoft is hosting a big Windows 10 event tomorrow, which you’ll be able to watch live here. It will be showcasing some new Surface hardware, and also revealing more about the future of the operating system.

In advance of that happening, the software giant has pushed out a new build for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring.

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76 percent of all Windows 10 users have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Even after a staggered roll out of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has managed to push the major operating system update to more than three-quarters of Windows 10 users.

The latest figures from AdDuplex show that uptake of Windows 10 Anniversary Update has accelerated dramatically. The latest version of Windows 10 is now installed on no less than 76.6 percent of Windows 10 PCs.

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Best Windows apps this week


Two-hundred-and-three in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on Windows Store in the past seven days.

Microsoft has started to remove applications from Windows Store that don't have an age rating. While they should continue to work if you have installed them already on a device, updates and new downloads are not available until the developer or publisher specifies an age rating.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14951 for PC and Mobile arrives on the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

The previous two Windows 10 Insider Preview builds -- 14942 and 14946 -- introduced some fairly major new features to the OS, including the ability to collapse the App list in the Start menu, longer Active Hours settings, and precision trackpad improvements.

Today, Microsoft rolls out yet another new build, keeping up the weekly frequency. Build 14951 introduces yet more big improvements, including two large updates to the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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Samsung 'ArtPC Pulse' is a cylindrical Windows 10 desktop with AMD RX460 GPU


When Apple released its cylindrical Mac Pro, I was in awe. Not only was it beautiful, but it wasn't form over function. Actually, a cylinder is a wise design choice, as it can aid in cooling when done correctly. Surprisingly, Windows PC manufacturers took a while to start really embracing the design.

Recently, for instance, HP announced the Wave -- a tube-like PC with integrated 360 degree Bang and Olufsen speaker. Now, Samsung is following HP with the ArtPC Pulse. It too features a 360 degree speaker in its design, but by the arguably superior Harman/Kardon. Where Samsung's offering greatly differs, however, is gaming. It has a respectable AMD RX460 GPU. As you can imagine, the drop-dead gorgeous ArtPC Pulse will not come cheap.

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How to significantly improve Windows 10's wallpaper quality

windows wallpaper

You may be more than happy with your choice of Windows wallpaper, but what you may not know is it’s not as good as it could be.

I’m not saying the image itself isn’t great, but the problem is Windows 10 automatically compresses the picture to help system performance, and that reduces the overall wallpaper quality, quite considerably.

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[Giveaway] Win a Toshiba Windows 10 convertible 2-in-1 laptop


Windows 10 is a very rewarding operating system. While Windows 8.x was very polarizing, the newest version of Microsoft's OS is much more appealing. Not to mention, through updates, it is getting better all the time. The user interface is easy to use and learn, while also being wonderful for productivity.

If you are still using an older laptop running Windows XP or Vista (or something else), and have a need for a new computer, I have good news. We here at BetaNews are giving away a beautiful 11.6 inch convertible PC running Windows 10. It has been upgraded with an SSD, and can be both a notebook and a tablet. Entering to win is very easy, and you can learn more below.

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Acer Swift 7 now available with Intel Kaby Lake -- world's thinnest Windows 10 laptop


Manufacturers seem obsessed with making laptops, tablets, and smartphones both thinner and lighter. You know what? That is a good thing. As long as the design isn't entirely form over function, who can argue with a more sleek device? As someone who is constantly carrying a laptop in a backpack, having a lightweight machine is wonderful for my back and shoulders.

Speaking of svelte laptops, the Acer Swift 7 is the world's thinnest. Yes, the 13.3 inch Windows 10 notebook is apparently a record-breaker at an insane 0.39 inches height. You might think the 2.48 pound PC would have an Intel Core M processor, but actually, it has a Kaby Lake Core i5.

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Samsung releases Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet/laptop PC


Windows 10 is a great desktop operating system. It also works wonderfully on tablets. That is what makes Microsoft's OS so attractive -- versatility. It still doesn't scale very well on smartphones, but I digress.

Whether you are a home user, college student, or professional, a 2-in-1 Windows 10 device can be a really rewarding experience. Not only does it save you money by not needing to buy both a laptop and a tablet, but it is one less thing to carry too. Today, Samsung releases the Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid. The gold-colored PC features an impressive AMOLED screen and other great specifications. Unlike the Surface devices, the keyboard case is included -- nice! Best of all? It costs less than $1,000.

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