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How a growing cyber attack industry is good news for investors

cyber security

Whilst cyber attacks continue to make the news, a new report published by Capital News Desk suggests that around 70 percent of organizations choose to keep their security incidents quiet.

It also reveals that around 73 percent of large organizations have been infiltrated by attacks. It's newer technologies like BYOD and the cloud that are seen as the biggest threats along with cyber crime.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and thirty-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows in the past seven days.

Microsoft revealed plans this week to improve the Windows Store user experience by enforcing new policies to remove low-quality apps from the store. It is however, not the first time Microsoft promised to improve the quality of its Store and it remains to be seen if the new attempt will have a positive effect on user experience.

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ExeWatch warns you of new executables


There are many ways an attacker might try to compromise your PC, and one common option is to download and run an executable without your knowledge. If your antivirus engine doesn’t recognize the threat then that could leave you with a serious problem.

Run ExeWatch and it might be a different story. The program watches your local drives, looking out for new executable files, and raises an alert the moment anything appears -- downloaded, extracted from an archive, written by some other program, whatever it might be. It has no malware-removal abilities, but that early warning may still save you a lot of pain.

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Making it easier for small businesses to create a professional online presence

uKit screen grab

It's becoming almost essential for businesses to have an online presence today, but for smaller companies or one-man operations employing a professional designer may be prohibitively expensive and basic template-based design tools don't always produce quality results.

Russian website specialist uCoz is about to make life easier for small businesses with the launch of the open beta of its new website creation platform, uKit.

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Apple offers official workaround for nasty iPhone Messages bug [Update]

iPhone 6 showing a white/blank screen like it is rebooting

All that it takes to mess with an iPhone user these days is a text message. Send it, and their beloved smartphone, along with its Messages app, will crash. You can do it from any phone, making this whole situation rather embarrassing for Apple.

Apple is now working on a fix for this annoying bug, which will be delivered in an upcoming iOS software update. In the meantime, however, the company has posted a workaround that should help iPhone users in case they encounter the nasty text message.

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Meeting the challenge of unstructured data

Data search

Businesses around the world are relying more on big data than ever before. But it’s crucial that they know the right way to store and protect their data as well as knowing how to use it effectively.

Communications and managed infrastructure specialist XO Communications has produced an infographic looking at how intelligent networking can be used to manage the rise in unstructured data use.

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How robots can adapt to damages

Pierre and Marie Curie University and University of Wymoning-developed robot adapting to injury

Researchers from France and the US have developed a robot that can adapt to being damaged.

Scientists at the Pierre and Marie Curie University and the University of Wyoming have developed software that enables machines to recognize an injury and react to it in the best way possible in order to continue with the task at hand.

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The evolution of the smartwatch -- from IBM WatchPad to Apple Watch

ibm watchpad

Apple certainly didn’t invent the smartwatch, although it does look set to finally bring the product into the mainstream. It performed a similar trick in 2010 when it made tablets popular by introducing the iPad.

Android watches have been available for a while, but even they aren’t the earliest example of wrist-based computing, nor for that matter is the Microsoft smartwatch my colleague Joe Wilcox wrote about recently. The history of smartwatches actually goes back some 15 years.

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Microsoft could launch two high-end Windows 10 Mobile phones

Microsoft launches Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones

Considering the apprehension from smartphone manufacturers on Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is planning two smartphones quick out the gate to keep customers and developers interested in the platform.

Codenamed the Talkman and Cityman, the two devices will feature aluminum edges with removable polycarbonate backs. Following the color scheme of past Lumia devices, both will come in various vibrant color options, which can be switched in and out.

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AMD A10-7870K APU is affordable and powerful Windows 10-ready processor


It seems like Intel gets all the attention in the PC hardware world lately. True, Intel makes some damn good processors, but so does AMD. Quite frankly, if you are looking for a great value and impressive game performance, AMD has some wonderful offerings.

Today, the company announces the A10-7870K APU. Not only is it a very powerful processor with a clock speed up to 4.1Ghz, but it is extremely affordable. Seriously, this value is incredible. Will this APU be powering your next build?

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How to Install Android M on Nexus 5, 6, 9 using Windows PC or Mac


At its developer conference I/O 2015, Google today unveiled Android M, the latest iteration to its mobile operating system. The update brings with it a handful of interesting features and other improvements. The full-fledged version of Android M will roll-out sometime later this year, but for those who want a sneak peek a developer preview version of Android M for select Nexus devices is out now. Here’s how you can install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Android M comes with a number of interesting features including Chrome custom view, built-in fingerprint scanning feature, and permission manager. The company says that with the new update it is going back to the basics -- offering bug fixes and performance improvements to the users. For instance, Android M-powered devices will have twice as much battery life compared to Lollipop-powered devices, the company claims.

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Brillo is Google's new IoT platform

Brillo is Google's new IoT platform

Every tech company worth its salt is running to get involved in the Internet of Things; Ubuntu is in on it, and Microsoft has teamed up with more than one company to plant its IoT flag. Today Google unveiled its new IoT platform, Brillo.

Google is not entirely new to the Internet of Things -- it already has its cloud platform in place and has also acquired Nest. Destined for all manner of connected devices, Brillo is a stripped down and streamlined operating system based on Android. Google has not revealed how its size compares to Huawei's LiteOS, but has said that -- like Android M -- there is a focus on security, and the platform will run on Weave.

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YouTube celebrates its 10th birthday in style


This is a big year for YouTube -- it’s ten years old, having first launched back in 2005. A month ago YouTube celebrated its first ever upload, "Me at the Zoo" but today is the video service’s official tenth birthday.

Naturally, Google couldn’t let the milestone pass without some form of celebration, and it’s created an A-Z infographic remembering some of its most famous moments. And, as you might expect, there’s a video as well, and even a web based trivia game.

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HBO NOW to launch on Google Play this summer


It's getting hard to keep track of HBO these days. The cable channel has been around for years, existing only through cable and satellite providers. Then came HBO GO and then HBO NOW which was exclusive to Apple TV, though not for very long. More recently the channel itself came to Sling TV, meaning no subscription to a TV provider was required, though $15 per month was.

Now other customers will be getting the opportunity to get Game of Thrones and all of the other content. Sundar Pichai announced the big news today during the Google I/O event which has just kicked off.

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Google Play gets a family-friendly makeover

Google Play gets a family-friendly makeover

All eyes are on Google today, and there are certainly plenty of announcements to take on board. As well as exciting future releases such as Android M, there are also changes to old favorites. Google Play is one stalwart that's in line for an update, and this time around Google has decided to focus on making the store a family-friendly experience.

To allay the fears of concerned parents who are worried about what their kids might stumble across while looking for apps and games, Google is introducing a new Family category. There is a strong focus on making it easier to select content that's suitable for specific age groups and the categorization is available across apps, games, books, movies, and TV shows.

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