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Improve your fitness with RockMyRun


I enjoy running, but require motivation to get started and keep going. Thankfully there are plenty of apps which can help here. I’m a big fan of Zombies, Run! and the similar BattleSuit Runner, both of which offer episodic stories that unfold in between tracks from your playlist as you run.

Occasionally though I just like to put on some running music, and for that I have a new favorite app -- RockMyRun. This is essentially a large collection of mixes from various DJs, covering a wide range of genres -- 80s, 90s, Rock, House, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Christian Rock, Oldies, and so on -- that have been designed specifically for listening to when running (the last 15 minutes are higher energy, to encourage you to keep going). Mixes can be streamed on 3G/4G, or downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop now available on Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview Windows Phone 8.1

Following in the footsteps of most developers, in mid-October of last year Microsoft chose to release Remote Desktop apps on Android and iOS only, leaving its loyal Windows Phone users waiting. Considering the software giant is behind the tiled smartphone operating system, that was a strange call. After all, why would Microsoft not want Windows Phone to be a first-class citizen in the case of its own software?

Today that changes as Microsoft finally launches Remote Desktop in Windows Phone Store. The first publicly available build sees the app labeled as a "Preview", which means there is still work to be done until the client can be considered ready for prime time. Casting more doubt over Microsoft's Windows Phone strategy, Remote Desktop is solely compatible with Windows Phone 8.1, which was barely announced and has yet to officially make its way to compatible smartphones.

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New business intelligence tool uses infographics to open up data

Necto Image 4

Business intelligence is all about making dry figures accessible and useful to managers and others within an enterprise.

Canadian company Panorama Software is aiming to create a better data discovery solution with the launch of its new Necto 14 product. It allows users to explore, measure, track, and share critical data visually to gain knowledge, boost collaboration, and make smarter business decisions.

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SX Antivirus Kit bundles all SecurityXploded virus-hunting tools


SecurityXPloded has announced the release of SX Antivirus Kit, a collection of its system checking and malware detection tools.

Despite the name, there’s no antivirus engine here, nothing to directly detect and remove threats. The 14 bundled programs are more focused on manual detection, helping you spot any signs of malware on your PC.

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YouTube channel finally arrives on Roku devices


Despite countless channels included on Roku, one has been missing since its inception. Now that problem has been rectified, just in time to keep the device a few paces ahead of its latest rival.

Today the set-top box maker announces that it has finally integrated YouTube across all of its devices -- or at least those released since July 2011. This includes "Roku LT, Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, Roku 2XS, Roku 3, the Roku Streaming Stick (both HDMI and Roku Ready versions) and the Roku HD model #2500", says Roku's Ed Lee.

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Apple's Beta Seed Program brings beta versions of OS X to public -- is that a bad idea?


The concept of beta software has changed dramatically over the years. It used to be that a "beta" designation meant software was buggy and not ready for production machines. However, companies like Google have desensitized users by keeping software in perpetual beta mode. I mean hell, Google Maps navigation still comes with a notification about being beta, yet many people depend on it for not getting lost.

Apple is a company that does not offer beta software to the public very often. Although, voice-assistant Siri was in beta status when it was first released. In this case, the beta moniker was really used as a way to deflect negativity. I mean, come on, how can one of the biggest selling-points of your new smartphone be beta? Well, Apple is back at it today, as it makes OS X beta software available for testing to all users -- not just developers and employees.

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Logitech brings three new and distinct iPad cases to market


There are two products that I use a lot. My iPad Air and the Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio. Logitech's offering essentially turns my Apple tablet into a laptop when needed. With the recent release of Microsoft Office for iPad, I am in productivity heaven when on the go.

The problem with keyboard cases, is that they can be bulky. The Fabricskin is very svelte compared to other models, but still sometimes I would like a more sleek cover when relaxing in bed. Today, Logitech announces some new models of iPad cases, sans keyboard, and I am excited.

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Windows Phone 8.1: Microsoft finally gets it right

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 signals that Microsoft is now finally committed to turning its smartphone operating system into a powerful rival, and viable alternative, to Android and iOS. Gone are the days when essential features were demanded yet completely ignored in the next major update. No more apologies are needed. Users are now finally getting what they have long asked for, and then some. Yes, finally.

Coming from Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 feels like a huge improvement. When the software upgrade officially rolls out, I suspect many users will have a "wow" moment upon experiencing the new features, and the benefits they bring to the table, for the first time. I know I did. You can blame its unimpressive predecessor for that.

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Lightscreen screen capture tool adds previews, improved area capture mode


Christian Kaiser has released Lightscreen 2.0, a major new version of his open-source screen capture tool for Windows and -- as of version 2.0 -- Linux.

Also available in portable form, Lightscreen 2.0 debuts a number of major new features, including screenshot previews, support for uploading photos to with full history of uploaded shots.

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DrDoS attacks of more than 800 Gbps predicted by 2015

DDoS bombs

According to a new report by security company Black Lotus the average size of a DDoS attack in the first quarter of this year was 2.7 gigabits per second (Gbps).

But the company is warning that a new type of DrDoS (distributed reflected denial of service) attack will see the threat of 800 Gbps or more attacks in the next year to year and a half.

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BetaNews Exclusive: Try AirCover Security Premium for Android FREE for 3 months


AirCover Security can secure your Android device against malware and theft, help boost your privacy, optimize your system, block unwanted calls and SMS messages, and safeguard you on the web. The comprehensive app is free, with the option to unlock further premium features.

Upgrading to premium adds automatic virus database updates, advanced anti-theft and anti-surveillance features, and privacy advisor with vulnerability scan. The premium version usually retails for $2.99 a month, (or $19.99 a year) but BetaNews readers can try it absolutely free for three months -- saving $8.97. The only snag is that you have just 24 hours to take advantage of our exclusive offer, so act fast!

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Dell partners with DataMotion to offer email encryption

Secure email

When Dell acquired SonicWALL in 2012 it was heralded as a significant step in providing greater security to the company's enterprise customers.

It's now announced a partnership with email encryption specialist DataMotion to allow users of SonicWALL email security to encrypt their sensitive emails and attachments.

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Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3 and Google TV -- which is right for you?


I have just recently finished my review of the new Amazon Fire TV, a box I found tremendously likable and easy to use. However, that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Not all of us utilize Prime for our video content.

However, it’s not the only game in town. Other companies are making competitive boxes, though I can't say I've had occasion to try them all. For instance, I do not have, nor have I used, the offerings from both WD and Apple. However, for the three I have used, I have some early impressions to share that could, hopefully, serve as a bit of a guide towards your next purchase.

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NirSoft releases Wifi Collector -- for Android?


NirSoft has announced the release of Wifi Collector, its first Android app.

Yes: Android. NirSoft’s Nir Sofer may be best known as a prolific developer of Windows utilities, but he’s now decided to branch out into the mobile world.

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Amazon Fire TV -- the one box to rule your entertainment center? [Review]


The set-top box market recently grew a bit more crowded, as Amazon unveiled its offering, taking on stiff competition from Apple, Roku and Google. However, with a strong ecosystem for content, the retailer seems up to the challenge.

Like its Kindle Fire tablet line, the little box runs a highly customized version of Android, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the Play store will be there -- it isn't. You are living in the Amazon universe now, but the company doesn't force it wares on you, as there are other services you can also use.

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