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Angry Birds 2 launches for mobile gamers

angry birds

Today marked a major milestone for mobile gaming studio Rovio. The Finland-based company is releasing it's latest version of the Angry Birds, this one aptly named Angry Birds 2. It follows up on the success of many predecessors, from the original to Space, Star Wars and more.

Like all previous versions, it's the tried and true "birds versus pigs" formula. There are a few strange things about it. For one, early levels are intent on telling you where to aim. For another, some levels force you to choose a different bird, You have no choice -- you can't fire until you've done it.

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Windows 10 is already a success -- 14 million computers after 24 hours


Windows 8 was a disaster. While I learned to love it, I'll concede that the majority of consumers apparently disliked it. For Microsoft to wash the bitter Windows 8 taste out of consumers' mouths, it would need to deliver an amazing new operating system. Can Windows 10 be the success that Microsoft needs it to be?

Yes. In fact, it already is. After a mere 24 hours of being publicly available, there are already 14 million computers running the operating system. While this number includes the computers from the Windows Insider program, it is impressive nonetheless. Keep in mind, this number is going to explode as time marches on. The first 24 hours of Windows 10 has been magical, and Microsoft is sharing the details.

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Google Translate triples the languages it understands


Do you speak a foreign language? If not then Google Translate becomes your friend while travelling and today it's getting a bit better. Actually a lot better, going from seven languages to 27, which triples the amount it could handle -- okay that math is slightly off, but it's close enough.

Google announces the update to the app, which can be pointed at a foreign language and read the words in your native tongue. That's pretty essential for traveling. While it's good to know the language in any nation you're visiting, it's not always possible.

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Mozilla whines about Windows 10 -- writes misguided open letter to Microsoft CEO


When it comes to web browsers, I use many. Firefox is my go-to most of the time, but I also like Google Chrome and Microsoft's newly-released Edge. Mozilla's browser is extremely important to me, as I feel the world needs a truly open-source web browser. With that said, Firefox has been lagging behind lately and disappointing its core. The company only recently started developing a 64 bit Windows variant again -- it is insane that development stalled no matter what argument it gives. Worst of all, Mozilla started bundling the Pocket service in the browser. The service isn't bad, but it shouldn't be bundled.

Today, Mozilla chooses to whine about browser choice in Windows 10. Chris Beard, Mozilla CEO, pens an open letter to Satya Nadella (in full below), in which he argues that Windows 10 takes away a user's choice by "design". While I can understand his point, it is misguided and he comes off as petty and desperate. Do you agree?

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Joe Belfiore talks Continuum in Windows 10 Twitter Q&A


In an impromptu Q&A on Twitter, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has revealed more about how Continuum will work on Windows 10 for Phones. He started off by saying that it is a very high-end feature and will require new hardware as it uses dual screens.

Continuum is part of Microsoft's drive to make a uniform experience for Windows 10 users across a range of different devices -- from desktops and laptops, to tablets and smartphones. Belfiore shared pictures of a Xiaomi Mi4 showing how Continuum allows windows to be moved from a desktop to mobile display, giving a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come.

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Windows 10 Service Release 1 may launch next week


We know that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows ever -- and this is really another way of saying that Windows will never be finished. Over the coming weeks, months, and years, we can expect to see a near-endless stream of updates to the operating system.

But while a trickle of updates was anticipated, few would have expected that a huge update would be just around the corner. Despite having launched just 24 hours ago, it seems as though the first big update to Windows 10 -- and it's shaping up to be a huge one -- is already looming on the horizon. Windows 10 Service Release 1 (SR1) could be released as early as next week!

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Nokia unveils OZO: 360 degree VR camera

Nokia OZO 360 degree VR camera

Nokia’s event in Los Angeles wasn’t a smartphone, but instead a 360-degree film camera for virtual reality projects. Named OZO, it is intended for Hollywood and other video makers who intend to use virtual reality in the future.

The eight sensors that cover the spherical camera will collect film in 360-degrees, with playback stitched together within minutes. Nokia claims this is the first of its kind, with playback through VR normally taking hours in post production.

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Toshiba Encore 10 tablet, 10K 2-in-1 have Windows 10 -- made for school and business


Tablets are definitely hot products in the business world. Many executives embraced the iPad as a way to consume information; the lightweight and portable nature made it a popular choice. Keyboards, however, made it a passable way to create too. Even schools are getting in on the tablet action, equipping students with the touch-friendly devices.

Today, Toshiba announces a beautiful new Windows 10 tablet with a focus on both business and education. The Encore 10 and Encore 10k with detachable keyboard feature great specs, but more importantly, are aggressively priced too.

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Toshiba announces Windows 10-ready Tecra A50 laptops for SMBs


With Windows 10 now out of the starting blocks, a slew of hardware is beginning to appear to take advantage of Microsoft's latest operating system. Adding to its existing SMB lineup, Toshiba today unveils its Tecra 50 range of laptops.

Designed with small businesses in mind, the Tecra A50 can be customized with an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor, and features a 15.6-inch display. A user-replaceable battery provides almost 8 hours of power for those on the move, and security is offered by support for Toshiba Cloud Client Manager and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) v1.2. With a starting price of just $729.99, this is an inexpensive system that will appeal to SMBs with a budget.

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I bought a Windows 10 PC, but not for me

Inspiron 15 Touch

My brother-in-law's Dell laptop, so old it shipped with, and still had, 1GB RAM, died last week. He emailed asking my buying advice about a Windows 7 replacement. Reasoning: He would move up from XP. But his dad stepped in, offered to pay, and I, acting as agent (being the more knowledgable about computers), suggested $400 budget. By coincidence, shopping day coincided with Windows 10's launch.

Timing couldn't be better, with the rush of new 10s, discounts to clear out old inventory, and typical back-to-school season sales. I expected to grab good gear. Choosing for my brother-in-law is quite different than for myself. I prefer something smaller and lighter, with high-resolution screen. He wanted a larger screen (we agreed on 15.6 inches), full-size keyboard, DVD player, and WiFi. Meaning: Roomy and backward-compatible with what he has already. I confidently looked for something within budget.

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Help me, help you: Time management strategies for small businesses

The internet is a massive waste of time

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You’re managing your business’ value in the marketplace on a daily basis while at the same time striving to maintain superior customer service and employee satisfaction. There’s a lot on your mind and the minds of your employees, too. Some days, it feels like nine a.m. becomes five p.m. in a heartbeat. At times like this, you spend most of your time just trying to keep the ship afloat.

Of course, you also want your employees to feel accomplished and productive at the end of the day. Professional success is largely a mental game, after all. If you believe you are getting things done and doing good work -- then you will probably get things done and do good work! The following are steps you can take to ensure that your team is put in the best possible position to effectively manage their time.

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How shadow IT threatens the enterprise and what to do about it

Shadow IT

Increasing adoption of BYOD and use of mobile devices means that employees have the ability to access business data from anywhere. However, this can come into conflict with company security policy.

Policies are often seen as too invasive, hard to understand and not always in tune with how employees work. This can lead to workers finding their own alternative solutions. Companies need to come up with strategies that safeguard data in use, in transit and at rest to let employees focus on their work.

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Who is your IT outsourcing firm working for?


While the US Government has been remarkably opaque about the recently discovered security breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), we know that personal information on at least 21.5 million present, former, and prospective federal employees was lost. The Feds claim Chinese hackers are at the bottom of it, which is disputed by the Chinese government. This, to me, raises a number of questions, especially about the possible role of IT outsourcing firms and implications for organizations beyond OPM. Does IT outsourcing make your data more vulnerable? Yes, I believe it does.

It’s easy to blame the Office of Personnel Management for its own troubles. Oversight was lax. The agency failed a security audit and didn’t seem to do much in response. When shit hit the fan and it became clear that the identity of almost every living person associated in any way with Federal employment had been compromised, the agency lamely offered 18 months of identity theft screening but then didn’t have the money to pay for it. Pathetic. Both the Obama Administration and Congress are to blame, the former for mismanagement and the latter for "starving the beast" by limiting the OPM budget, pushing the agency toward cost-saving decisions that at least to some extent led to the current crisis.

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Facebook makes new security checkup tool available to everyone


A couple of months ago Facebook started to talk about a new security tool. It was initially only made available to a select group of users, but today it rolls out to all.

The aptly-named Security Checkup gives Facebook users the opportunity to double check the privacy and security settings they have in place, helping to ensure that private information is not shared with too large an audience. It can also be used to monitor logins and check for suspicious account activity, acting as a handy centralized hub for everything security-related.

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59 percent of consumers reuse passwords


We all know that we shouldn't reuse passwords across multiples sites, but that doesn't stop a majority of us from doing it.

A new survey for password manager Password Boss shows that 59 percent of consumers reuse passwords because it's too hard to remember them. Yet memory is the most common means of managing passwords, used by 63 percent, with only eight percent using some form of password manager.

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