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Nokia sells HERE to Audi, BMW and Daimler for €2.8 billion


It's finally official. Nokia today announced the sale of its HERE division to German car makers Audi, BMW and Daimler. The mapping and location services business is probably best known for powering products offered by major tech companies like Baidu, Facebook and Microsoft.

Audi, BMW and Daimler have agreed to pay €2.8 billion ($3.07 billion at the time of writing this article) to gain ownership of HERE, with Nokia expecting to receive "slightly above €2.5 billion", after factoring in "certain defined liabilities" coming in at just under €300 million. Not too shabby, but well below the rumored asking price of $4 billion.

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Windows 10 will be a great operating system -- when it's finished

work in progress

It could be said, with Windows now a service, Windows 10 will never truly be finished, but the truth is the version of the new operating system that’s out now is a long way from being polished enough for prime time. It’s like an Insider Preview build that’s been released entirely in error.

In an effort to wash away the stench of Windows 8, Microsoft has chosen to rush release Windows 10, and the result is an operating system that is clearly still very much a work in progress. The new OS isn’t anywhere near as half-baked as Windows 8 was when that launched, but there are still far too many issues to be ignored. Put bluntly, it's a mess.

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ISPs in India told to block access to 857 porn sites


Porn is big business online, but it's also at the center of many a debate surrounding decency, child protection, and censorship. The Indian government has ordered that ISPs in the country block access to more than 800 porn sites in a bid to stop children viewing unsuitable material.

Interestingly, while access to porn is being restricted, it is not being blocked outright. The aim is not to stop adults from viewing pornography but to "protect India's cultural fabric" in addition to protecting children.

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.NET check and repair tools now support Windows 10


Aaron Stebner’s .NET Framework Setup Verification Utility and .NET Framework Cleanup Tool have been updated to support .NET 4.6 and Windows 10.

The programs still support every release of .NET from 1.0 upwards, and although they’re mostly targeted at expert users, there’s something here for everyone.

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Why killing Flash may be a huge mistake

Warning Sign Sky Cloud Cloudy

Flash might be a buggy program with multiple holes in its system. Flash might also be extremely vulnerable and a potential risk to millions of users out there.

But Flash should not be discarded, believes Cisco security veteran John Stewart, saying it might in fact be the lesser of two evils.

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MODECOM FreePC is so small it can fit in your pocket [Review]

Modecom FreePC

A portable PC used to mean something the size of a suitcase, then it became a laptop or notebook. Now with the FreePC you get one that you can slip into your pocket with no need for specialist tailoring.

You’ll need to have an HDMI screen, keyboard and mouse available to be able to use it, but if you know they’re going to be available at your destination why take anything bigger?

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Why millennials want self-service solutions [Q&A]

Happy PC user

The millennial generation has grown up with the internet, so naturally they demand more from their business systems and online service providers. Product managers need to recognize this dynamic and ensure that their SaaS products deliver.

We spoke to William Colleran, CEO of online contextual help provider AnswerDash to explore this wake-up call for businesses.

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Paint.NET gains custom shapes


Popular freeware image editor Paint.NET has hit version 4.06 with new support for installing custom shapes.

As well as the arrows, callouts, and other basic shapes, you can now equip the program with 3D objects, vehicles, company logos or anything else you can find, then scale, rotate or fill them in the usual way.

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Free up space in Windows 10 by removing unwanted core apps

Clean Win 10

Windows 10, like previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, comes with a selection of bundled programs -- or apps these days -- which you probably have no need for.

Uninstalling apps is a pretty straightforward process, you can do this through the Start menu, but removing core applications isn’t as easy. The uninstall option is not available, meaning you’re stuck with a bunch of apps you don’t want. You can however, remove these using PowerShell.

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Recover webmail logons with SterJo Mail Password


SterJo Software has released SterJo Mail Password, a free Windows tool which recovers and displays webmail account details for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, GMX, Zoho and one or two more.

There’s no hacking or brute forcing involved. The program simply checks the credentials stored by your Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera setups, so if these aren’t saved locally then it won’t show anything at all.

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Warning: NVIDIA Shield Android tablets can catch fire -- company issues recall


One of the worst tragedies a person can experience is a home fire. If the flames themselves don't destroy your belongings, the smoke, and water from hoses probably will. In other words, it is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly.

Sadly, Nvidia's Shield tablets are a fire-hazard. If you own one of the affected tablets you should stop using it immediately. Do not charge it and do not power it on other than to verify if it is affected. Not sure if yours is impacted? Read on to learn more.

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Windows 10 gets enterprise services courtesy of HP


Windows 10 has been officially out for less than a week and the news it has generated doesn't seem to stop. From download numbers to new devices, things keep pouring in. Now HP is heading in a different direction, one aimed at businesses.

HP is announcing a full suite of products geared towards the enterprise market. "HP, a Preferred Provider of Microsoft cloud productivity and mobility solutions, now offers the most comprehensive portfolio of services available for the Microsoft enterprise ecosystem which includes Enterprise Services for Office 365Readiness Workshop for Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Skype for Business and the new Windows 10 enterprise suite of services", the company states in the announcement.

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Samsung slashes Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge price by €100

Samsung Galaxy S6 Verizon black

Struggling to return strong profits, Samsung has slashed the retail price of its flagship smartphones -- the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge -- by €100. After the deduction, the revised cost of the 32GB variant Galaxy S6 is €599, whereas its Galaxy S6 Edge counterpart will slightly break the bank at €699. The smartphones were launched just four months ago.

For now, the price reduction only seems to be visible in Netherlands, but as Samsung pointed out earlier during its quarterly earnings call, it will be “adjusting the price" of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge everywhere. The company is also rumored to launch two new smartphones, namely the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 in the coming days.

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Sound problems in Windows 10? Here are some workarounds

Sound problems in Windows 10 build 10041? Here are some workarounds

Windows 10 is now available to all. During the testing period, numerous preview builds were released, each bringing its own set of problems.  This post was originally written to help fix audio problems in build 10041, but the suggestions still work in the final release.

If you have problems with the installation of a Realtek driver, don’t get the full audio experience with VIA HD Audio, or have issues with Conexant audio, there's a workaround for you to try.

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The insane popularity of proxy site Unblocked shows the futility of web restrictions


Few people like to be told what to do, and this is certainly the case online. If you're told that you're not allowed to visit a certain website, it is only human that you question why -- it may well increase your desire to visit said site. Around the world, governments have taken it upon themselves to try to police the internet. It's something many would describe as an exercise in futility, and it seems they are correct.

The implementation of restrictions on access to certain websites can be seen in many countries, but it is something that the UK government has shown itself to be particularly keen on. So how successful have initiatives to block access to the likes of the Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrents et al actually been? Not very. One site that helps users to get around web restrictions is proving more popular than both Skype and Spotify.

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