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These are officially the 4 best cat videos on the entire Internet


While I love all animals, I probably love cats and dogs the most. Growing up, my family always had cats, so they have a special place in my heart. Seriously, what on earth is better than cuddling with a kitten or playing with a ball of string?

For whatever reason, cat videos have become very popular on the Internet. Whether nerds truly love cats, or it is enjoyed ironically, the videos are clearly here to stay. Amazingly, Friskies cat food has an annual awards show to find the best cat videos, called 'The Friskies". Here are the 4 best, according to public voting.

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Nero 2015: it’s all about the iOS/ Android extras


Nero has announced the launch of Nero 2015 Classic and Nero 2015 Platinum, a very mobile device-oriented update for its flagship digital media suites.

Nero MediaHome now streams files directly to all Android and ("coming soon") iOS devices (as well as TVs and media players) over wifi, automatically transcoding media along the way for immediate compatibility.

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Google to fund videos from top YouTube creators


Television and movies are so last generation. Nowadays, all the cool kids are crowded around their laptops and tablets watching online videos of cats and other nonsense. However, believe it or not, not all online content is frivolous. There's quite a bit of quality videos on YouTube, and I have a select group of content creators to which I subscribe. Who, you ask? Chris Pirillo, iJustine and Barnacules Nerdgasm to name a few.

Unfortunately, content creation is a huge job and even short videos can take a long time to create. While creators can get paid from advertisements, it probably is not enough to live on. Luckily, Google is going to step in and fund some of the content of its top creators.

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You can buy the past from Apple, or the future from Motorola

Woman Telephone Old Phone Talking

Moto X should be one of the most hotly-demanded smartphones on the planet. But Motorola lacks Apple's skill cultivating core groups of bloggers and journalists who swoon ecstatically and influence others to do the same. For example, I thought Stephen Fry's outrageously over-the-top adjective-rich iPhone 6 review was hilarious until reading The Register's parody, which is almost believably genuine.

Motorola bets on voice interaction over touch, making Moto X more like a device from Star Trek than the early 21st Century. Touch is oh-so 1980s -- what Apple pitched with the Macintosh 30 years ago -- whereas touchless is the next big thing. For people queuing up for iPhone 6 on September 19, welcome to the past. You should consider second version Moto X, which is available for preorder, if reaching to the future.

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Apple Watch could distract drivers more than smartphones

Apple announces its first wearable -- the Apple Watch

Apple Watch is off to a rather shaky start, as some folks feel it isn't as smart looking or svelte as we were expecting, and others don't believe it has enough functionality, and doesn't do anything different from existing smartwatches.

And now UK motoring organization the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is putting the boot in -- on all smartwatches, mind, although the organization’s press release highlights Apple's -- and the risks of using such a gadget while driving.

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Microsoft drops Windows Dev Center fee -- expect a crap app avalanche

Microsoft drops Windows Dev Center fee -- expect a crap app avalanche

Free's good, right? Who doesn’t like something gratis? Microsoft has -- sort of -- cottoned onto this idea and dropped the annual fee associated with the Windows Dev Center. The 'sort of' caveat remains because signing up for a Dev Center account is not completely free; there's still a registration fee of $19 to pay, but this is for a lifetime account -- no more annual charges. Announcing the move on the Windows blog, Todd Brix explains that "each of our 600,000+ registered developers will no longer need to pay any additional fees to maintain their account. It’s also a very good time for developers new to the platform to get a Dev Center account and start submitting apps".

Having paid the fee, developers are then free to submit apps to both the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store. But this is not the only change that's coming to the Dev Center. In what is becoming something of a trend, Microsoft clearly pinned back its ears and made it easier to promote apps and provide offers to users. Improvements to in-app advertising means that campaigns can be more easily run on a global scale and pay outs are made faster.

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Political infighting may stifle your Internet speed


New analysis shows that the increase in the average Internet speed over the past five years is generally much smaller in politically divided states than in states controlled by a single party.

Democrats and Republicans both have stats to point to when touting their policies about high-speed Internet, but just because America’s two biggest political parties have had individual success with their high-speed Internet policies, doesn’t mean they’ve learned how to work together.

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T-Mobile reveals Samsung Galaxy Note 4's US availability and price

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910 Black

When it announced Galaxy Note 4 in early-September, Samsung revealed everything we wanted to know about its new phablet, except the date of availability and price. The two missing pieces of information would tell prospective buyers when to prepare for its arrival and how much they should expect to shell out for it, and help paint the full picture about how Galaxy Note 4 stacks up against its biggest rival, Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus, which goes on sale tomorrow.

Those who were hoping to find out what Samsung left out weeks ago are in luck, as US mobile operator T-Mobile has announced when Galaxy Note 4 will officially hit its store shelves, and, just as importantly, also at what price.

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Simple Secure -- open source security organization backed by Google and Dropbox


Strong security is necessary nowadays. However, some solutions can be overwhelming to many users, so they are often not implemented or simply misunderstood. In other words, regardless of how strong a security implementation is, if users do not understand how it works or how to use it, it may be worthless.

Today, Dropbox, Google and the Open Technology Fund come together for a new organization called Simple Secure. This organization is designed to spread knowledge of open source security tools and empower people to use them properly.

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B1 File Manager adds streaming support


Popular Android app B1 File Manager has been upgraded to 0.8.7 with the addition of cloud streaming support.

As previously, the app can access Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and 4Shared accounts, as well as connecting via FTP, SFTP or SMB.

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Automate processes for a sustainable supply chain

Supply chain

Meeting twin goals of sustainability and efficiency is big challenge for supply chain professionals everywhere. Bill Leedale, Senior Advisor for Manufacturing and Engineering for IFS North America explains the situation: "For sustainability to take hold at many firms, management has to reconcile conflicting objectives all the way down the chain. Too often, the top-level message is about sustainability, but it is also about low cost, so you have to be really disciplined to reach both objectives, otherwise the lowest-cost option will win".

In fact, what may appear to be a low-cost option at one point in the supply chain may actually be more costly at later stages in the process, or expose an organization to increased risk over time. Sustainable processes maintained consistently across the entire supply chain are not only environmentally, socially and ethically beneficial -- they're economically wise choices, too. Deloitte says that "a green supply chain is good for society and the planet, but it's also good for your bottom line and brand". Top supply chain executives know that it's true. In a recent survey more than two-thirds of them said that sustainability is an important part of their strategy for the future. Still, the question remains as to exactly how they will apply it.

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Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the 4th best-selling smartphone -- in the world!

Xiaomi Redmi

Apple might be hoping to make big inroads in China with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it has some stiff opposition standing in its way.

Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone maker known for producing powerful yet affordable handsets. While its name might mean little to you, Xiaomi is now the world’s fifth largest smartphone vendor and the company’s devices are so popular in China that they account for 14 percent of the smartphone shipments in that country, easily beating the likes of Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei. One of its handsets, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, is so successful it now ranks as the world's 4th best-selling smartphone.

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The best CRM software as selected by business professionals


By allowing companies to track and manage customer interactions, CRM (customer relationship management) systems are key to the success of sales and marketing teams. There are a lot of alternative systems to choose from though which can present a problem when it comes to picking the best option for the needs of a particular enterprise.

In order to help with this business software user review site G2 Crowd has produced its regular Grid report ranking 27 different CRM systems.

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LG's efficient OLED light panels set to arrive in November


LG plans to bring OLED technology into the commercial lighting sector, challenging existing LED bulbs with a range of new products in November that are capable of matching the performance of current options.

The firm’s LG Chem arm has created OLED panels that have an efficacy of 100 lumens per watt and a life of 40,000 hours that is far greater than the 60 lumens per watt that current OLED panels can achieve.

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Mobile Internet use soars, but tablets suffer at the hands of larger smartphones

smartphone world map

How do you view BetaNews and other websites? While desktop browsers are still the most popular way of accessing the web for most of the world, mobile internet use is rapidly gaining in popularity.

According to independent website analytics company StatCounter, the use of mobile devices to access the internet has increased by 67 percent worldwide over the past 12 months, from 17.1 percent to 28.5 percent (as you might expect, with its tech-savvy audience, BetaNews has a higher portion of mobile users, but more on that later).

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