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For some Facebook users 'hide' may no longer mean hide


What do you do if a story appears in your Facebook that you're not interested in? You might just ignore it, or you might try to train Facebook about your preferences by selecting the 'hide' option.

But if you're the sort of person who hides a lot of stories, Facebook might start placing less importance on your dislikes. This might sound counter-intuitive, but Facebook is convinced that it makes sense, saying that for some people opting to hide a story "isn't as strong a negative signal". So who are these people?

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Should we all be as pissed as Mozilla about Edge taking over in Windows 10?


Microsoft is no stranger to controversy when it comes to web browsers. Internet Explorer has been the butt of jokes for many years, and the company also found itself in trouble in Europe as part of an antitrust case. With the release of Windows 10, history could be about to repeat itself.

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard penned a letter to Microsoft the other day expressing his disappointment that people upgrading to Windows 10 have their default browser choice overridden and changed to Microsoft Edge. While some may feel that Mozilla is whining, it could be argued that the company is right to be pissed -- and Windows 10 users should be just as pissed at the liberties Microsoft is taking.

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Windows 10 is out, but when will you get it?


You won’t have missed the fact that Windows 10 is now out in the wild. The wait is over! Or is it? This is something of a soft launch this time around; not everyone will be getting the upgrade at the same time as it is being staggered.

Microsoft is sending out emails to people who reserved their copy of Windows 10 reminding them that they might have something of a wait on their hands. The email starts by posing the question: "When will my free upgrade arrive?" The fact of the matter is that you might want to stick a pot of coffee on to brew and put your feet up.

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The LG G4: Will you get a better Android experience? [Review]

LG G4c color options

The smartphone market moves along at a fast pace, with a new device seemingly every day. Unfortunately for customers, upgrades from providers move at a much more sedate pace. You'll get one every two years unless you pay extra. That's generally fine, though most people end up longing for one before that magic date rolls around.

That brings us around to those who are set for that upgrade now. The latest flagship handset comes from LG, no stranger to this market. And, for the most part, it's an excellent piece of hardware. But let's take a closer look.

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Thermaltake goes green with Core V51 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis for gamers


With the release of Windows 10, many people are looking to not only buy new computers, but build them too. Building a new PC can be a very rewarding experience, as you can pick all of the components and customize it to your liking.

One of the most important parts of any build is the chassis, or case. Not only can the case design impact cooling performance, but it determines the overall aesthetics. Today, Thermaltake announces the all new Core V51 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis. Not only is it beautiful, but its green color scheme makes it unique too.

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The real price of Windows 10 is your privacy


Windows 10 is a free upgrade, right? Well, surely you know by now that there's no such thing as a free lunch. We're only 48 hours on from the launch of Windows 10 and already the complaining and criticism is underway. One thing that has been brought under the spotlight is privacy under the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.

Some people have been surprised to learn that Microsoft is utilizing the internet connections of Windows 10 users to deliver Windows Updates to others. But this is far from being the end of it. Cortana also gives cause for concern, and then there is the issue of Microsoft Edge, and ads in apps. Is this a price you're willing to pay?

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The essential collection of Windows 10 guides -- everything you need to get started, fix annoyances, and more

Win10 Thumbs-up

Here on BetaNews we’ve posted a wealth of how-to guides designed to help you master Windows 10. While the new OS isn’t difficult to get to grips with, certain elements are far from intuitive.

With all the news that’s been happening, you may have missed some of these guides -- especially ones from before Windows 10 launched -- so we've put together this one-stop shop for all the helpful information posted so far. Below you'll find out how to download Windows 10, get the ISO, create installation media, install Windows 10 on Mac or in a virtual environment, change the default browser or the default search engine, block automatic updates, and much, much more. As new guides are added, so this article will be expanded to include the latest content.

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HP rolls out a range of Enterprise Services for Windows 10


Businesses usually like to wait a while before rolling out a new operating system to allow any initial snags to be ironed out.

Of course systems providers have to be ready to support them when they do make the move and HP has announced the availability of a full suite of Windows 10 services designed to help enterprises control costs and smooth out the move to the new operating system.

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Yahoo! launches! LiveText! video! messaging! app!


Yahoo is making a first step in the messaging world, with the launch of LiveText for iOS and Android. The app will be available in North America and Europe, following a brief test in Hong Kong and Taiwan last month.

The messaging app is similar to Snapchat, with an image or video and superimposed text. When video streaming is unavailable, LiveText will offer a text only option. Interestingly, the video will be silent, meaning no audio playback between the two recipients.

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Turning Splunk data into pre-emptive breach detection

Breach detection

In case you haven't heard of it Splunk is one of the most popular machine data analytics tools, used to provide early warning of network and system issues.

IT teams often rely on access to this data for security information and event management (SIEM), but as malware becomes more sophisticated it can be difficult to spot what's important in time to prevent major breaches.

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Apple's iPad still rules the tablet market, despite declining sales


Apple is still first place in the tablet market, despite two years of solid decline in sales. The figures released by IDC earlier this week show Apple as the major vendor, with 24.5 percent of the market share.

This is a far cry from Apple’s performance three years ago, when it held almost 50 percent of the tablet market. The tablet has continuously lost market share since, dropping three percent since 2014 and shipping 2.4 million less units.

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Small but (almost) perfectly formed -- Inateck MercuryBox BP2101 [Review]

Inateck BP2101 speaker

A technology writer's world can often seem full of Bluetooth speakers, they have successfully colonized a corner of my office, so it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. In terms of build quality the latest from Inateck makes an immediate impression but does it live up in other areas?

The whole package has a premium feel to it, even the cardboard box is nice. The speaker itself is a neat design with an aluminum chassis that feels solid and weighty. There are rubber end caps, one of which has a fold-down flap covering the USB and Aux ports, and a rubber panel on top with buttons for power, pause, +/- and Bluetooth calls. It comes with braided USB and 3.5 mm jack cables both of which have Velcro ties to keep them tidy when not on use, another quality touch, a wrist strap and a soft pouch to carry the speaker around in. There's a well-produced instruction leaflet too.

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Half of all Internet users are on Facebook

Could Facebook at Work put the work back into social networking?

Approximately half of the world’s online population accesses Facebook on a monthly basis, the social media giant has reported.

By the end of Q2 2015, 1.49 billion people accessed the website at least once in a month, up 13 percent from the same period last year and representing half of the estimated global online population of 3 billion, Facebook said.

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Celebrating SysAdmin Day with a System Mechanic giveaway

Red Cake

The last Friday in July marks not only the beginning of a lovely weekend, but also the day when system administrators across the globe are celebrated. July 31, 2015 is the sixteenth System Administrator Appreciation Day, and we have prepared a BetaNews giveaway to mark this special occasion.

Just like last year, we will be giving away 10 System Mechanic licenses, courtesy of iolo, the software's maker. As always, every BetaNews reader is welcome to enter the giveaway. Here is what you need to know.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and thirty-nine in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows in the past seven days.

More than 14 million devices are running Windows 10 after the first day of release. We have covered the launch of the new operating system here on Betanews extensively and if you missed it, check out our Windows 10 topic to read up on that.

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