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ASUS RP-AC52 Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender: An affordable solution to patchy Wi-Fi [Review]

Asus RP-AC52

My home broadband connection is a speedy (up to) 152Mbps, and when I’m downloading on a PC connected to the router, I get impressive speeds. But because the router is in the basement (where my home office is), accessing the internet in other rooms via Wi-Fi is often flaky and unreliable. At times I can’t connect at all.

I’ve boosted the connection with multiple TP-Link 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extenders and while that’s helped, the truth is the end result is still far from great. ASUS’s RP-AC52, an 802.11ac concurrent dual-band wireless range extender, looks to be a suitable solution to my woes -- but is it?

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Logitech unveils the G303 Daedalus Apex gaming mouse


While many users likely don't give much thought to the computer mouse, there is a segment of the population that cares a great deal -- travelers want portable and gamers tend to look for fast response times, extra buttons to control things and a bit of bling to go along with it. After all, if you invest in a computer from, say, Alienware then you'll want a mouse that matches up with that tower case.

The mouse is an area of computing in which Logitech excels, designing several top products, including the specialty models. Now the company is introducing the latest member of its family, the G303 Daedalus Apex.

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Most consumers don't even know VR devices exist


It's easy to believe that consumers are paying attention to VR technology when the media loves to write so much about it. We read quite frequently about new headsets, new cool things they make possible, new players that join this space and the potential VR has to change the way we do certain things. It's virtually impossible to not stumble upon one of these stories these days.

Yet, according to a Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report, if you were to ask consumers on the street what they think about VR headsets most will tell you they don't even know such devices exist.

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Intronis simplifies cloud backup and recovery for service providers


Moving systems to the cloud presents new challenges when making sure that data is safely backed up. This is a particular issue for service providers who offer backup as an added value product for their customers.

Backup specialist Intronis is simplifying and accelerating real-time data backup and recovery for its channel partners with the launch of a new release of its Intronis ECHOplatform.

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List the contents of a folder with DirList


Windows Explorer makes it straightforward to view the files in a folder, but if you’d like to do something with that information -- share it with others, maybe save it for future reference -- then life gets more difficult.

If you only need to do this occasionally, a quick workaround will probably be enough. Take a screengrab, say, or use the command line for more control (dir "c:\program files\*.exe" /b /s | clip lists all executable files under C:\Program Files, sending the results to the clipboard).

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Hosted web apps could solve Microsoft's Windows Phone problems

Hosted web apps could solve Microsoft's Windows Phone problems

Despite my colleague Wayne Williams' eloquent suggestion that the naming conventions used for Lumia devices is part of the reason for the low uptake of Windows Phone, the platform still has a serious problem when it comes to apps. Whether there is a real problem or not, the perception is that Windows Phone -- or Windows 10 for Phones -- is rather lacking in the app department. Fear not... Microsoft has a solution.

Rather than pumping out a glut of new apps of its own, or encouraging developers to produce third-party apps, Microsoft is adopting a slightly different tactic. At MWC 2015 this week the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL were revealed, but Microsoft also announced that web apps will be permitted in the Windows store. Could this be what app-hungry consumers have been waiting for?

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WorksPad aims to streamline enterprise mobility

WorksPad iPad email with ribbon

Businesses are increasingly keen to turn to mobile solutions, but this often presents problems in terms of integrating functions and keeping corporate data secure.

Launched at this week's Mobile World Congress, MobilityLab's WorksPad combines enterprise file sync and sharing, a fully-featured office package (Polaris Office Enterprise core) and a corporate email client in one app.

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Apple hikes iPhone retail prices in India by as much as Rs 2,500 ($40)


Starting today, purchasing an iPhone in India will require you to pay more. The Cupertino-based company has revised the retail price of its entire iPhone range in the world’s second most populous nation. While the company is yet to officially offer an explanation behind the price bump, it is likely because of the changes introduced in the recent budget in the country. The new iPhones will cost Rs 2,500 ($40) more than the previous retail price.

First reported by FoneArena, the 16GB variant of iPhone 6, which was launched in India late last year for Rs 53,500 ($860) will now set consumers back by Rs 56,000 ($900). Similarly, the 64GB iPhone 6 is now available at Rs 65,000 ($1,045) while the top-of-the-line 128 gig edition costs Rs 74,000 ($1,188). The iPhone 6 Plus now costs Rs 65,000 ($1,045), 74,000 ($1,188) and Rs 83,000 ($1,132) for 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage-specced variants respectively.

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BitTorrent Sync 2.0 adds Pro version, easier folder sharing


File sharing tool BitTorrent Sync has been updated to version 2.0 with a new $40/ year PRO version.

Sync 2.0 introduces the "personal identity", which automatically gives access to every added folder on all of your linked devices (sync a folder anywhere, and it’s immediately available everywhere else).

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D-Link fixes the latest flaw in its routers, more patches on the way


You can't fling a rock these days without hitting a security vulnerability somewhere. From the Internet of Things to apps to Windows and even your own router. Yes, that D-Link box sitting on your desk can be a liability to you. That's a problem the company is attempting to clean up, after reports surfaced about the flaws.

The problems were discovered by a Canadian researcher and involve a remote access flaw that can leave users vulnerable. "Due to the nature of the ping.ccp vulnerability, an attacker can gain root access, hijack DNS settings or execute arbitrary commands on these devices [by] the user simply visiting a webpage with a malicious HTTP form embedded (via CSRF)", says Peter Adkins, who discovered the vulnerabilities.

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Sling TV introduces Hollywood Extra add-on pack


Sling TV is the new kid on the block when it comes to streaming video services. It's an increasingly competitive market that Sling finds itself in, and with stiff competition there is little room for error. The service is a bit pricey -- more than double that of rivals like Hulu Plus -- so it needs to differentiate itself in any way that it can. That's tricky these days, given all of the original content being produced by competitors.

Sling is moving in the right direction as it slowly marches towards new content, today adding a "Hollywood Extra" add-on pack. This brings more movies to subscribers, with titles from EPIX, EPIX2, EPIX3, EPIX Drive-In and Sundance TV. Titles include the runaway hit The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as well as old classics like Saturday Night Fever.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing and hands-on videos

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing and hands-on videos

Fresh from the unveilings at MWC 2015, Samsung has released official unboxing videos for its two latest Android devices -- the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Published on YouTube, the video clocks in at under three and a half minutes -- no epic-length unboxings here! -- and gives us a close-up look at the flagship handsets.

Both devices appear in fairly unassuming, plain white boxes, unadorned with imagery or other distractions, but it's the contents that everyone is interested in. It's the Galaxy S6 Edge that is unwrapped first, and fans of the Galaxy series are sure to be impressed by what they see.

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StarLeaf GTm 5220 is a Lync-compatible enterprise video-conferencing solution


Video conferencing can be essential in the modern office. You see, many modern offices are not in a single location, but spread out globally. There can be entire teams where employees are scattered across different states or countries.

Unfortunately, video-conferencing solutions in many offices are lacking, causing a decline in productivity and disorganized projects. Today, StarLeaf announces a solution designed to make video conferencing seamless, by working with Microsoft's Lync. While the product looks nice, the price is a bit high.

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Apple, Microsoft and Google need just one mobile improvement -- battery life

Apple, Microsoft and Google need just one mobile improvement -- battery life

Let’s face it, you’ve picked the mobile operating system you like. Whether you’ve opted for an iPhone, a Lumia handset or a device running Android, the chances are you’re not going to switch allegiances no matter what others may do or say to try to convince you otherwise. At the same time, few people would argue that their handset of choice is perfect.

You’ve picked your side when it comes to OS, but what about the handset itself? Apple, Samsung, HTC et al keep releasing slightly tweaked versions of last year’s handset, perhaps adding a faster processor, a larger screen and more memory. One thing is constantly overlooked, however -- battery life. And it’s time for things to change.

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen discovers Japanese battleship


Paul Allen is most widely known for two things -- co-founding Microsoft along with Bill Gates, and owning the Seattle Seahawks football team which won last year's Super Bowl. You may also hear about his yachts, but likely you will hear little of the many other endeavors that Mr. Allen participates in and funds with his fortune.

One is a mission of discovery that has found a long lost relic, in this case a Japanese battleship that disappeared back in World War II not far from the Philippines. According to Allen the search took about eight years.

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