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Apple's iPhones and iPads will work better with Cisco enterprise networks


Apple and Cisco have, through a joint statement, announced a partnership which will see Apple’s apps and devices become more productive in enterprise networks.

The goal of the partnership is to optimize Cisco’s networks for iOS devices and apps and integrate the iPhone with Cisco enterprise environments. That will create a "fast lane" for iOS business users, Apple has said in a press release.

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Lenovo ideapad MIIX 700 is a Skylake-powered, Surface-like, Windows 10 tablet


Microsoft's Surface computers are very innovative, mixing some of the the best aspects of both laptops and tablets into one device. Heck, with the docking station, the hybrid computers can serve as solid desktops too. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have largely failed to capture the magic of the Surface line. The HP Spectre x360 is the only machine to meet, and in many ways, exceed Microsoft's tablet for a high-quality Windows experience.

Today, however, this may change. Lenovo announces the MIIX 700, with integrated kickstand and optional keyboard cover. It is largely a Surface clone, and that is a good thing. The tablet features all-new Intel Skylake Core M processors, which should make it very attractive to consumers. Besides being offered solely in black, a beautiful gold version is available too.

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Lenovo Chromebook 100S is beautiful and affordable

Ideapad 100S Chromebook_02

Chrome OS is a wonderful operating system for what it is. Guess what? You can be a fan of Windows or OS X and still embrace Google's browser-focused Chromebooks. Sometimes you will be doing all of your computing in the web browser, such as email, social media, and web surfing. For that, a Chromebook might be the best tool for the job.

Choosing a model can be difficult, however. Why do I say that? Well, there are more duds than winners. Too often manufacturers release chintzy Chromebooks with poor specs or terrible build quality. Lenovo is hoping to change that with the upcoming 11.6 inch Chromebook 100S.

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Intel's 6th gen 'Skylake' Core processor family revealed! Will it power Surface Pro 4?


Both Intel and AMD produce amazing processors. With that said, the former is currently outperforming the latter in overall performance. Gamers, business users and home consumers are all gaga over the company's processors.

Today, Intel unveils its full family of 6th generation Core processors, codenamed "Skylake". Many consumers have eagerly been awaiting the release of the chips. Best of all, they should run the recently released Windows 10 like a champ. Of course, Intel offers wonderful Linux support too.

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SCOSCHE boomBOTTLE+ is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for an apocalypse


The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows. Not only are both the acting and stories wonderful, but the post-apocalyptic setting is exciting. For whatever reason, Americans seem to be obsessed with TV and movies that involve the breakdown of society.

If this type of scenario ever became real, you would want to stockpile guns, bullets, water and canned food. But how will you listen to music? If you are able to access electricity, and want to rock out to your favorite tunes, you will need a very rugged Bluetooth speaker. The SCOSCHE boomBOTTLE+ appears to be exactly that. It is durable, waterproof and serves as a way to charge a USB device. Oh yeah, it looks really cool, too.

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Amid Windows 10 controversy, Microsoft quietly releases privacy botching features to Windows 7 and 8


It's been roughly a month since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft's newest desktop operating system. It packs in several enticing features including the digital assistant Cortana. But despite all the interesting offerings, Windows 10 isn't sitting well with many. Privacy advocates have criticized Microsoft for introducing several features that are seemingly concerning to those who care about their privacy. To make things worse, the company has now rolled out some of these annoying features to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

First spotted by Ghacks, some of the recent updates that Microsoft rolled out to Windows 8 and Windows 7 set a computer to regularly send reports of a machine's activities to Microsoft. The update dubbed 3068708, for instance, introduces the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service on the computers it is installed on. "By applying this service, you can add benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights", Microsoft describes the purpose of the update.

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Microsoft releases Cortana to India, Australia and Canada for Windows 10 Insiders


Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it is bringing Cortana, the company's digital assistant, to several new regions, including Japan, India, Australia, and Canada. The feature is available for users as an optional download on Windows 10 build 10532 (to be also available in the later builds). If you're in any other region, sadly, there is nothing here to get you excited.

Back in July, Microsoft had announced its plan to bring Cortana to more regions. As promised, folks in Japan can now use the digital assistant in their local language. The headline feature comes as an optional download.

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Mozilla, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel and others form 'Alliance for Open Media'


Both open and closed projects have their place; there are arguments for each as to which is better. For standards, however, open is preferable. By preventing licencing fees and legal patent battles, the technology can continuously evolve without interruption.

Today, Mozilla announces a partnership with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, Cisco and Netflix to form the Alliance for Open Media. This partnership will create a royalty-free standard for playing media on the web which will be released under Apache 2.0 license.

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Google unveils a new, simple, sans serif logo


Google has come a long way over the years, but one thing has remain remarkably simple: its logo. There have been various designs for the six, colorful letters and today the company has taken the wraps off the latest version... complete with an uppercase G!

It's going to take a while for some people to get used to, but the clean, sans serif look of the new logo is simultaneously modern and retro. But today's announcement is about more than the main logo -- this is the launch of a new 'identity family'. In addition to the main logo, there's also a new four-color G icon, as well as similarly-colored imagery for other elements.

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Microsoft is the number one employer for Workforce Diversity


Diversity is the current weapon tech companies are using to bludgeon each other with -- Twitter has even gone as far as publishing its goals. Facebook fails in this department while Apple, ever the master of spin, is keen to present itself in the best possible light. For many on the outside looking in, diversity is little more than an exercise in PR, but that's not going to stop companies celebrating wins here and there.

The latest win is for Microsoft. For the second year running, the company has been voted the number one employer by readers of Workforce Diversity for Engineering & IT Professionals magazine. Clearly this is something of a niche publication, but given its specialization, it’s a crown that Microsoft is only too happy to wear.

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Birst wants to Transform analytics with networked BI

Neural networks brainwaves

Business intelligence has traditionally relied on centralized data, an approach which is not only time consuming but also represents a barrier to end-user self-service.

Now cloud analytics specialist Birst is launching a new Networked BI technology which aims to redefine the way BI is delivered and consumed by enabling global control with local execution.

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iHeartRadio launches a Windows 10 app


Windows 10 has been live for a few weeks now and is getting a lot of attention, deservedly so. Most users seem happy to either be away from Windows 8 or to have avoided it all together. Now it's a matter of getting the apps which are the lifeblood of any ecosystem, both PC and mobile.

To that end, music streaming giant iHeartRadio is announcing its Windows 10 compatible app. "iHeartRadio for Windows 10 will include its signature, customizable listening features known to iHeartRadio's audience of more than 70 million registered users as well as new innovations optimized exclusively for Microsoft Corp.'s most personal, productive and secure operating system yet", the company announces.

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Play Android games on your Windows desktop with Nox APP Player


Chinese tech startup Duodian Network has released an English version of Nox APP Player, an emulator which allows users to run Android apps on their Windows desktop.

The package took a while to download on our test PC, but installation was easy, getting us a virtual Android 4.4.2 tablet in a near full-screen window.

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New malware detection engine stops cyber threats sooner

Malware spy

Attackers are increasingly capable of modifying their existing malware to slip into a victim’s infrastructure undetected. Because traditional security solutions are reactive and can only protect against already known threat vectors this leaves a gap in defenses.

Security company Check Point is launching its new SandBlast product that uses CPU-level threat detection to uncover threats at the pre-infection level. It elevates threat defense with evasion-resistant malware detection and comprehensive protection, significantly reducing the risk of expensive breaches.

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Egnyte announces Office 365 integration

business handshake

Secure file sharing specialist Egnyte is releasing new integration between its product and Microsoft’s Office 365. These will allow business users to seamlesly access, manage and share their files.

Features include the ability to open Egnyte files directly from Microsoft Office Online for viewing and editing and changes are automatically saved back to Egnyte.

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