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Google street view goes across the US from coast to coast


Have you ever driven across the country? It's an adventure everyone should experience, going from the big city of New York to the majesty of Yosemite and even taking an opportunity to follow the path of Jack Kerouac. You obviously can't see everything so you need to plan the journey wisely.

If you miss things along the way then Google may be able to help. The company is boasting its Street View images that take you from the East to West coast and show you what is in between.

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Are you the ultimate System76 superfan? Win a trip to its headquarters in Denver!


OK, so you consider yourself a Linux expert. You are constantly promoting open source while trying to convert your friends and family from Windows and OS X. If you are really down with the Linux movement, you may have bought a computer pre-loaded with a Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu. If you did, there is a good chance you chose a System76 -- one of the best sellers of such machines.

I've got to ask you though, are you the ultimate System76 superfan? Do you love the company's computers? If so, you might be able to win a two-day trip -- including airfare and hotel -- to its headquarters in Denver. You will get to celebrate the launch of its Skylake-powered offerings (including playing with them). Sounds amazing, right? Here is how to enter.

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Acer brings Predator X34 34-Inch Curved IPS Gaming Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC to USA

Acer Predator X34 Front View Right Angle

PC gaming is in a really wonderful place right now. Both AMD and Intel have released respectable processors -- the former's APU's are a great value, the while the latter's Skylake offerings are powerhouses. AMD's discrete graphics cards are on another level -- the 300 series are powerful, while the Fury X and Nano are game changers. Nvidia's offerings are great too -- what a wonderful time to be a gamer!

If you are a fan of Nvidia's cards, you have no doubt heard of G-Sync -- its version of AMD's FreeSync. It allows the graphics card to transmit to a special monitor to reduce choppiness and tearing -- you should have smoother movement. Today, Acer announces its curved Predator X34 gaming monitor featuring G-Sync is coming to the USA. If you have a compatible card, you will want this 21:9 display!

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Facebook test drives new video-centric features


Facebook has become much more than just a social network; indeed, networking is fairly low down on the list of priorities for many users. The site is increasingly used for gaming, news gathering, and video consumption. Today Facebook announces a batch of new video features in recognition of the fact that videos are what people are looking for.

A small-scale test with iPhone users to try out a video suggestion feature is set to extend worldwide, ultimately spreading to the web and Android. Facebook is also borrowing some ideas from the likes of YouTube, including the ability to build up video playlists.

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Elon Musk changes tune of Apple talk


Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk has been dropping quite a bit of shade on Apple over the past few months, claiming the company is a graveyard for sacked Tesla employees and that he is not afraid of a car built by the same engineers that created the Apple Watch.

On Twitter earlier this week, he backtracked on those claims, saying he does not hate the company. Musk said that Apple had a lot of talented engineers, the Apple Watch has an excellent design, and he is glad they’re working on an electric car.

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OnePlus partners with Foxconn to ramp up smartphone production

Shaking hands

India is an important market for burgeoning smartphone operator OnePlus, but in the past 12 months the company has failed to deliver smartphones at a fast rate.

It plans to fix that with a Foxconn partnership to build 500,000 units per month at peak production in India. The phones will be manufactured at Foxconn’s Rising Stars factory, a 30,000 square foot facility located in Andhra Pradesh.

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Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 is world's-first 4K 12.5 inch convertible -- Surface Book killer?


While 1080p is probably "good enough" for many consumers, you never want technology to get stagnant. Manufacturers pushing the envelope benefits us all. Even if 4K isn't a need, it is surely an amazing luxury.

Today, Toshiba announces the pricing and availability of Satellite Radius 12. This svelte 2-in-1 Windows 10 convertible features a 12.5 inch 4K display, which the company claims to be the world's first. Amazingly, this Windows 10 computer is aggressively priced and chock full of the latest features. Is the Surface Book killer already here?

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US has no plans to impose encryption backdoors

Security Lock Circuit

US President Barack Obama’s administration will no longer pursue legislation which allows the government to legally spy on its citizens, Reuters reported on Monday.

A White House spokesperson confirmed the move, announcing a change in strategy for the US government, where it will go for a more patient approach.

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The prevalence of online porn drives Playboy to ditch nudity


Sex sells, there's no denying it. This is one of the reasons that such a huge proportion of web traffic is accounted for by porn sites. Just as the internet has changed the face of music, television, movies, and radio, so it has changed the face of print media -- including porn mags.

Magazine and newspaper sales have plummeted, and those that do exist have had to change dramatically. Stalwart of the top shelves, Playboy, is not immune. In an interview with the New York Times, CEO Scott Flanders said that people are now "one click away from every sex act imaginable for free", going on to announce that the magazine will no longer feature images of fully naked women.

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Intelligent APIs help protect businesses from cyber threats

Intelligent APIs

There are expected to be over 40 billion active wireless devices by 2020, opening up new opportunities for business. However, this rapid growth also opens up new vulnerabilities leading to operational disruption, intellectual property loss, brand reputation and financial fraud.

To help businesses protect themselves API management specialist Apigee is launching Apigee Sense, a data-driven security solution that uses a high volume of API call data and predictive analytics to continually identify bad bots.

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Apple refreshes iMac line with Retina displays, faster hardware, new peripherals

Late-2015 iMac 4K 5K Retina 21.5 27-inch

Apple has refreshed its iMac line for late-2015, making Retina 5K displays standard on 27-inch models and introducing a new 21.5-inch version with a Retina 4K screen. The new iMacs also get faster processors and graphics, new internal storage options and two Thunderbolt 2 ports.

The Retina 5K display was first available on a more-expensive 27-inch iMac, initially priced starting at $2,499, that Apple introduced a year ago, and is now being made available as standard equipment on iMacs costing as little as $1,499. Meanwhile, the Retina 4K display is available for the first time on a 21.5-inch iMac, be it as an option.

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Real user monitoring optimizes control of internet traffic


DNS is the backbone of the internet, but the growth in cloud usage and the Internet of Things is putting traditional approaches to traffic management under pressure.

Intelligent DNS and traffic management company NS1, today announced the launch of Pulsar, a cloud-based Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution that brings the power of user level data to a company’s advanced data feed and traffic management capabilities.

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AKVIS Draw converts digital images to gorgeous pencil drawings


AKVIS has shipped AKVIS Draw 3.0 ($49-), its powerful digital image > pencil drawing converter, with an enhanced ability to create both color and black and white sketches.

The new release also delivers improved contours and more control over line strokes and thickness.

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Toshiba rolls out dynaPad Windows 10 two-in-one


We already knew that there was a roll out of new Windows 10 devices coming in quick succession over a two week period. The latest announcement comes from Japan where Microsoft joined Toshiba, one of the flagship device makers, for a show.

The new device is called the dynaPad and is another hybrid tablet and laptop. Terry Myerson of Microsoft was on hand with Toshiba for the event.

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Satisfaction is better with a partner (when moving to the cloud)

Cloud handshake collaboration

Moving systems to the cloud is a big step and a significant investment. So it's important that businesses do all they can to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Cloud management company BetterCloud has released the latest set of data from its Trends in Cloud IT survey which shows that -- as with so many things in life -- cloud adoption is better with a partner.

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