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The economic cost of being hacked


We all know that hacking is big business, 2015 proved to be a record year for cyber crime, and it's predicted that 2016 could be even worse. But aside from the worry of putting customer and employee information at risk, what are the financial penalties of being hacked?

Cyber security specialist Praesidio has put together an infographic looking at just how expensive a cyber attack can be.

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IT security teams face increased pressures

Network security firewall

Security teams face threats from outside the organization but also challenges within to put protection in place and satisfy executive and regulatory demands.

Managed security company Trustwave has published its latest Security Pressures Report, compiling the thoughts of more than 1,400 IT security professionals around the world, addressing which emerging technologies pose the greatest risks, the top fears of post-breach repercussions, which security responsibilities are top priorities, and more.

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NetworkMiner 2.0 adds keyword filtering


NETRESEC has shipped NetworkMiner 2.0, the latest edition of its powerful network forensic analysis tool.

The update does a better job of interpreting your network traffic, with new parsers for SMB2 and Modbus/TCP, file extraction from SMB writes, and improved parsing for SMTP, FTP and DNS traffic.

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France orders Facebook to stop tracking non-users


Facebook is facing a great deal of heat in the European Union, where many countries are concerned with the ways in which the social network collects data and how it uses cookies to track Internet users.

The CNIL, France’s data protection authority, has issued a formal notice to Facebook, because it fails to comply with European data protection law. CNIL has given Facebook three months to make the necessary changes to comply with the EU’s laws. If the company is able to do this, it will not face sanctions from the data protection agency. Facebook is currently reviewing CNIL’s order which it is confident that it currently complies with.

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Copyfish extends its free OCR to the desktop


Copyfish is a free Chrome extension which can extract text from just about anything in a browser tab -- images, videos, documents, more -- and optionally translate it, too.

That’s great, but it’s just got even better, with new support for desktop OCR.

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Apple Music finally arrives on Sonos


Picking a streaming music service can be difficult as they are all largely the same -- listen to all you want for a small monthly fee. While Spotify is my current favorite service, Apple Music has been piquing my interest more and more. The problem? Lack of a web player makes Apple's offering unusable on Linux-based desktop operating systems, while iTunes on Windows and OS X is painfully slow and bloated. On iOS it is a dream, but Tim Cook and company have a lot of work to do elsewhere.

Today, however, Apple scores a major win with official Sonos support -- it is finally out of Beta. If you have invested in a Sonos wireless speaker system, starting tomorrow, you can begin using the Apple Music service with it in many ways.

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Your business is likely storing useless data

Box file image

Your company computer is probably clogged with unnecessary data, and your company’s cloud is probably filled with things no one really uses any more.

Those are the results of a Crown Records Management/Censuswide survey, released on Clean out Your Computer Day.

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Ford set to announce new in-car technology at Mobile World Congress

ford sync

Another big show is looming on the horizon, though it seems the last big electronics expo just recently wrapped up. Mobile World Congress, which runs February 22-25 in Barcelona, Spain, is thought of as strictly a show for handsets. In fairness, that's what it mostly is, but other things tend to premier there also.

This year, for instance, Ford plans to be there again with CEO Mark Fields giving a keynote address featuring the unveiling of new in-car technology, something the company has become known for.

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Lack of expertise passes security as top cloud challenge


The latest State of the Cloud report from cloud management specialist RightScale reveals that a lack of resources and expertise is now the top cloud challenge -- cited by 32 percent of respondents.

This means it has overtaken security, mentioned by only 29 percent. Even the most security conscious respondents -- enterprise central IT teams and security pros -- no longer see security as their main challenge.

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Looker brings business analytics to big data

Big data magnifier

We hear a lot about big data, but collecting lots of information is of no use unless you’re able to get some practical benefit from it.

Business intelligence platform Looker is expanding its support for big data with new products supporting SQL query engines Presto and Spark as well as updates elsewhere.

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Korora 23 'Coral' Linux distro is finally here -- Fedora for the rest of us

penguin megaphone

When you decide to embrace Linux on the desktop, it can be quite exciting. There is a good chance you started your computing journey with Microsoft Windows, but now you want something different. While choosing the open source route can be a smart move, it can, unfortunately, be confusing too. What operating system should you pick?

Many people choose Ubuntu, which is a solid choice, but some people prefer others. Linus Torvalds, for instance, famously uses Fedora. While that operating system can be quite rewarding, setting it up can be a frustrating experience for those new to Linux. Enter Korora. This operating system takes the best of Fedora and mixes it with user-friendly software and pre-configured RPMFusion repositories. Version 23, code-named 'Coral', is now available for download.

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Apple's CloudKit gets server API


Apple has made CloudKit much more appealing to developers by adding a server-side API to its framework. This will allow them to add much more functionality to apps that are powered by the service and to utilize it even when users have not interacted with iOS, Mac, or web apps.

Previously, CloudKit interaction was limited to the APIs that Apple provided in apps. It was useful for developers but did not give them the opportunity to implement more advanced features. Today’s modern apps make use of servers to perform tasks and collect information when a user is not using the app. With CloudKit’s new web API, developers can add these more advanced features into their apps using Apple’s tools instead of having to rely on third party services to do so.

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New platform helps techies discover their market value

Business recruitment

Not everyone is on the lookout for a new job, but it's always interesting to know what opportunities are available and what your worth might be.

San Francisco-based Woo is launching its platform for letting tech talent gauge their market value and find potential opportunities.

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CloudMagic is a great cross-platform email app [Review]

CloudMagic for Mac 1

Finding an email app that I can enjoy using has proven to be quite a challenge. I want an app that is available on multiple platforms, that works on smartphones, tablets and PCs equally well. I also want it to support all my favorite email services, and make it easy for me to sort all my messages quickly. Sounds simple, right?

Those are not outrageous requirements, yet, until recently, the only app that came close was Outlook. However, it is far from perfect, as it lacks an OS X version -- which forces me to either use a different app on my Mac or turn to the browser -- and it also has some usability issues, depending on the platform or the provider I am using. I said until recently because I now find CloudMagic to be a superior option.

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Covertly monitor PCs and Macs with ActivTrak


ActivTrak is a professional cloud-managed service which can help you covertly monitor activity on PCs and Macs.

The system is extremely easy to set up, very difficult for others to spot, and provides a range of usage reports which you can access from anywhere.

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