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Alternative finance -- New ways to spend your money


The days of paying for everything with cash are slowly drawing to a close, and if you borrow or pay back money, there’s a very good chance wads of notes won't be involved in the transaction. I personally do a lot of online shopping, pay for goods in real shops using contactless cards, and send money and pay bills via an app, and I imagine a lot of people do the same. I still carry a wallet, but it generally doesn’t have much, if any, actual money in it.

Foreign exchange marketplace has put together a very detailed, and great looking infographic covering the many different and innovative ways you can now make payments and exchange currencies -- from crowdfunding, through peer-to-peer payments, to cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin.

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Microsoft OneNote is a secret weapon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping


For many families, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are to be taken very seriously. You see, they actually make battle plans, so they can best maximize the savings. It is not uncommon for people to draw maps of the store interiors and assign products to each family member so they can target them once inside.

Unfortunately, many people still do their planning with old-fashioned paper and pen; the insanity! It is hard to blame them though, as specific technological solutions have not been popularized. Sure, you can use Excel to create a spreadsheet of desired products with associated prices, but there needs to be a better way. Today, Microsoft announces that OneNote is now a superb tool for the planning of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

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Are you scared to shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You're not alone


For many of us, online shopping is now second nature. We've been at it for years. Hell, I try to buy most of my stuff from retailers like Amazon.

With that said, many people are still afraid of online shopping, and it is not a phobia that is totally devoid of logic. When buying on the web, your credit card number could be compromised; especially if the retailer is not trustworthy, or simply not focused on security. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here, so the results of a new study are quite timely -- 77 percent of people in the world do not feel safe shopping online.

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How Apple is winning in the enterprise


Whilst PCs continue to be used in the workplace, the Apple collection of Macs, iPads, and iPhones are dominating the desk-space and pockets of the workforce. A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of US businesses are supporting more than 100 Apple devices and the UK seems to be following suit with Apple continuing to introduce features for the UK enterprise market -- such as the news that it will be expanding its Device Enrolment Program (DEP) to 26 countries, including the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany, highlighting Apple’s commitment to the enterprise. In addition, the program has also been opened up to devices purchased through third party resellers. This highlights the growing importance and demand for enterprise friendly software. So what is driving all this enthusiasm in the enterprise?

The take-up of Apple in the enterprise has been created by a series of drivers all coming together -- from growing popularity within the C-suite who wished to connect to the network, to millennials choosing to only work with their favorite consumer device and quite simply Apple’s decision to remove the pain of device management and application roll outs through its Zero Touch configurations and Volume Purchase Programs.

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Windows 10 Build 9879 hits Slow ring, ISO and BSOD fix also released

Windows 10 Build 9879 hit Slow Ring, ISO and BSOD fix also released

With Windows 10 technical Preview, Microsoft is delivering updates to Windows Insiders on two different schedules. People who have opted to join the Fast ring for preview updates already have Windows 10 Build 9879, but today the latest build starts rolling out to those who opted to stay in the Slow ring, or just didn’t know that the faster option was available.

After a couple of weeks' testing on Fast ring guinea pigs, Build 9879 is rolling out to the Slow ring. There have been no changes in the move from Fast to Slow ring, so we know what to expect but Microsoft has taken the opportunity to issue a separate update to fix an issue that caused a BSOD on some systems. But what will please anyone who has been waiting to perform a clean installation of this latest build -- the last public build we'll see until next year -- is the news that Build 9879 has also been made available as an ISO as the Windows Technical Preview November Update.

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New battery tech can charge your smartphone in just 30 seconds

charging battery

Fancy fully charging your phone up in just half a minute? Even with modern smartphones, a full charge from close to zero can take a good long wait and a major inconvenience, particularly when you’re having to plug the thing into a power outlet if you don’t have a handset with wireless charging.

While there are already "turbo charger" systems from, for example, Motorola, which can juice up a phone in just 15 minutes, an Israeli firm reckons it has a system which can charge a handset with a full day’s worth of power in just 30 seconds.

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BlackBerry is desperate -- will give iPhone 6 users up to $550 to switch to Passport

Blackberry passport

If you have an iPhone, the chances of wanting to switch to a BlackBerry handset anytime soon are pretty slim. After all, there are few reasons why you might want to do it. And BlackBerry knows it. So, in an attempt to make the switch appealing, the Canadian maker has introduced a new trade-in offer, where it will give iPhone users up to $550 to move to Passport.

The trade-in offer applies to iPhone 4S and newer, including iPhone 6. The most that you are able to get for an iPhone 4S is $240, while for one of Apple's latest smartphones BlackBerry is giving you up to $550. Of the aforementioned trade-in values, in each case $150 is made up by the so-called "BlackBerry Top-Up" (BlackBerry's added incentive).

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Select random files in Explorer with Random Selection Tool


Launch Windows Explorer and typically you’ll have some specific task in mind: a particular folder you need check, some files you’d like to open.

Occasionally, though, your requirements might be a little more vague. You want to watch a video, maybe, or play some music, but you don’t know and can’t decide which files to choose.

Continue reading and BBC punch uncensored news through the Great Firewall of China and BBC punch uncensored news through the Great Firewall of China

The Great Firewall of China is renowned for the restrictions it places on what Chinese citizens can access online. Free speech advocates have long called for the Chinese government to allow access to the wider web, so people in China can get a better idea of what is going on elsewhere in the world. Now, working with the BBC, has found a way to deliver uncensored Chinese language news to those on the wrong side of the firewall. is an anti-censorship group that monitors web blocking in China and campaigns against censorship. Various techniques for getting around the Great Firewall of China have been publicized in the past, but they have relied on VPNs and other tools that can be complicated to set up. The latest method requires no special tools.

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Philips launches full HD display with easy one-plug access

231P4QU_for leaflet_silver

Anyone who's tried to connect a notebook to a big screen for use in meetings or presentations knows it can be a process that's fraught with difficulty, particularly when it comes to finding the right connection and cable.

The latest release from electronics giant Philips solves this problem by offering simple, one-plug access to desktop equipment, networks, intranet and internet via a single, super-speed USB cable.

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Comodo Dragon gains controversial new Chromium-based look, tightens privacy tools


Comodo has unveiled a controversial new version of its Chromium-based browser with the release of Comodo Dragon 36.1.

The version number reveals that the browser is now based on version 36 of Google’s open-source Chromium browser, but the new release has already divided users with its major user interface changes. It also unveils an improved PrivDog privacy tool, plus fixes several issues with Adobe Flash.

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How content providers can take on piracy in emerging markets -- and win


The recent news that musicians in Europe are making more from Spotify royalties than via iTunes is a big deal for all content producers. It may be a defining moment in the ongoing competition between subscription services and pay-as-you go digital downloads in the West.

The same struggle is going on right across the film, TV, music and eBook industries. However, in emerging markets, subscription-based services are having a much tougher time.

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BitTorrent users more likely to pay for content, according to survey

music headphones laptop

One of the arguments often put forward in favor of online piracy is that those who illegally download content are more likely to purchase that content at a later date. Well now BitTorrent has some figures to back-up that assertion.

Following a survey of 2,500 of its users, the peer-to-peer network found that file-sharers are more engaged than the average consumer.

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CryptoLocker: the comeback -- malware reemerges ready to steal your money

cybercrime cyber terrorism hacker gun malware security

CryptoLocker has now been around the block a few times -- it's been locking people's data and demanding money for sometime. The threat finally (mostly) disappeared. However, it seems to be experiencing a resurgence, as a new strain of the virus has been detected.

If you aren't familiar, and honestly, you don't want to be, CryptoLocker encrypts the files on your computer and then holds you for ransom -- pay or lose your data.

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Batch rename your photos with Exif ReName


Everyone has their own idea of how digital photos should be named. This might change from time to time, cameras usually produce something entirely different, and the end result can be a hard-to-browse tangle of mismatched images.

It's a familiar story, but the open source Exif ReName tries to restore order by renaming and sorting your pictures based on the date and time they were taken.

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