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Microsoft's Xbox Onesie is real, and you can win one here

Xbox unveils its latest design… and it’s not what you might

When images of the Xbox onesie from Australia hit the web, people went wild. Yeah, it is a silly product, but many fans of Microsoft's gaming consoles expressed desire on social media and web forums. Heck, you can have your gamertag embroidered on it -- how cool is that?

Believe it or not, the article of clothing isn't a hoax, but a real product. While Microsoft isn't selling them to the public, the company will be giving some away. Want to win one? You've come to the right place. Keep on reading for details.

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Cyber criminals using insiders to carry out telecommunications attacks


Cyber criminals are frequently turning to insiders to gain access to telecommunications networks and subscriber data, according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab.

According to the report, 28 percent of all cyber-attacks and 38 percent of targeted attacks now involve malicious activity by insiders.

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Windows, Mac or Linux... Which operating system best suits your business?

operating system

With all the options out there, organizations may be having a hard time deciding which operating system to go with. The three most common are Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. But which is the best for your business?

An OS should have a robust set of characteristics to serve the diverse needs of a busy office. It should be reliable and secure, yet flexible enough to scale with business demands. The user interfaces should be feature-rich and easy to navigate for both end-users and IT administrators. Windows remains by far the most popular, used in around 85 percent of businesses, with Mac a distant second and Linux operating systems hanging in at over 5 percent.

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Grab your popcorn, AMC lands on Roku


AMC doesn't always show the latest films, but it does land some big names from Hollywood, and of course it's responsible for producing some excellent original content. It's become a go-to channel for surfers looking for something to watch. Now the entertainment network is coming to that tiny set-top box in your living room.

The channel debuts just in time for the mid-season launch of Fear the Walking Dead. If you're into zombie apocalypses then that's certainly for you.

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JixiPix's Sprektrel Art is free until 29 August


Spektrel Art is a smart Windows and Mac app/ Photoshop plugin which transforms images into digital works of art -- and it’s available for free until August 29th.

What does it do? The developer attempts to explain, saying it’s "an extravagant otherworldly display of undulating movement that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light". Umm, great.

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Latest Windows 10 update breaks PowerShell DSC and implicit remoting, but a fix is coming

Annoyed user

While mandatory updates mean Windows systems are kept safe from threats, the downside is if a bad update makes it through testing it gets pushed out to everyone.

This is a problem we’ve seen several times already with Windows 10, and the latest update, KB3176934, is another perfect example of this.

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Linux celebrates its 25th birthday today! But can it survive another 25 years?


Today, Linux celebrates its 25th birthday. This is certainly cause for celebration in the open source community. Surprisingly, however, after all this time, many people don't understand that Linux is simply a kernel, and not an operating system. Yes, it is used as a component of operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Android, Tizen, and more, but a kernel alone does not an OS make.

Linux's longevity is a testament to the open source community as a whole, and not just one man, such as Linus Torvalds. True, he invented the kernel back in 1991 and maintains it to this day, but if he didn't have help along the way, it would have died long ago. Speaking of death, how much time does Linux have left to live? Some folks wonder if the kernel could meet its demise at the same time Torvalds does (or shortly thereafter). In other words, does the man have too much control with no real contingency plan?

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You can now play games directly in Google Search


When you go to Google it's usually to search for something, but from today you'll also be able to play games like solitaire and tic-tac-toe there -- both on the desktop and in the Google app.

And that's not all. You'll also be able to settle arguments with a toss of a coin, and hear the sounds of your favorite animals.

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The self-driving car is old enough to drink and drive


Twenty-one years ago, when we were shooting Triumph of the Nerds, the director, Paul Sen, introduced me to his cousin who was working at the time on a big Department of Transportation research program to build self-driving cars. Twenty-one years ago! Yet what goes around comes around and today there is nothing fresher than autonomous cars, artificial intelligence. You know, old stuff.

As you can see from this picture, driverless cars were tested by RCA and General Motors decades earlier, back in the 1950s.

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One in four breaches in the financial sector are from lost or stolen devices

computer theft

New research from data protection company Bitglass into breaches in the financial services industry reveals that leaks nearly doubled between 2014 and 2015, and that lost and stolen devices are the most common cause.

While hacking remains a major fear, only one in five leaks were caused by it. Other breaches were the result of unintended disclosures (14 percent), malicious insiders (13 percent), and lost paper records (8.1 percent).

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Ransomware: 3 seconds to encryption


Imagine how you would feel if everything on your entire PC hard drive was encrypted, and somebody was demanding a large sum of money from you to make it accessible? This scenario is exactly what happens to thousands of people every day when they are infected with ransomware, and it is essentially a digital hold up. Though your life is not in danger, you face the imminent threat of catastrophic consequences from the loss of irreplaceable data.

Much of the attention in the industry is focused on the damage caused by ransomware. The common belief is that most ransomware infections are caused by human carelessness, so there is no guarantee that you will never get infected. So the focus really needs to be about how to detect and respond to a ransomware infection.

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Cloud platform lets marketers deliver personalized Google Ads

Personalized mail

Google Ads has proved itself an effective tool for gaining new business, but it's a rather less useful way of targeting existing customers.

Now though, marketing cloud specialist Optimove is launching a new integration with Google Ads. This allows businesses to target existing customers with personalized ads on and across the Google Display Network, based on recent and predicted behavior patterns.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update crashing when Amazon Kindles are connected


Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been causing problems for users in all sorts of ways. There have been reports of it freezing systems, and killing webcams.

Now owners of Amazon Kindles are reporting their PCs crashing when plugging in their devices via USB to charge them or transfer books.

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iOS device failures overtake Android for the first time

mobile frustration error

In the ongoing smartphone performance and reliability battle, Apple has lost its leading position to Android for the first time in the second quarter of 2016.

Plagued by crashing apps, WiFi connectivity and other performance issues, the iOS failure rate more than doubled to 58 percent, compared to a 25 percent failure rate in the previous quarter, according to the research by mobile device diagnostics company Blancco Technology Group.

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How the Industrial Internet of Things is set to change the world

Internet of things

We're all aware of the Internet of Things and its likely effect on our homes, but there's another side to it which is its impact on industry.

Electronics supplier RS Components has put together an interactive graphic looking at how the Industrial IoT is going to change everyday functions from streetlighting to agriculture.

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