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King Arthur is back on Facebook after falling foul of Real Name policy


For many, Arthurian legend is just that: legend. But for others, it is very real. One such person is King Arthur -- or Rev Arthur Uther Pendragon to give him his full title -- was recently kicked off Facebook as the social network did not believe he was using his real name.

But now the king is back. Having proved his identity, the once and future king (Rex Quondam Rexque Futuris) has had his account restored under his legal name of Arthur Uther Pendragon. King Arthur is not the first person to cross swords with Facebook's real name policy, and he certainly won't be the last.

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Pay for piracy? uTorrent's latest plan is banking on it


Believe it or not, people download movies and music illegally. This may not be earth-shattering news to anyone, as it has been going on for a long time, most famously with things like Napster and The Pirate Bay. These days it has become more sophisticated and turned into a real business for the torrent sites.

Now the popular service uTorrent is instituting a new pay plan. No, you don't have to pay, but the service hopes to give those who do a better experience.

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What I like about Apple iPad Pro [fourth in a series]

Cat and iPad Pro

Day 10, and it's difficult to wonder where nearly two weeks went. Yet here I am with iPad Pro, and more settled than last weekend, when griping about how the tablet frustrates me.

I want to start by discussing Apple's Smart Keyboard, which is a $169 accessory that I recommend for everyone who doesn't plan on using fingers and Pencil as primary, ah, utensils. Typing is amazingly smooth and accurate. The keys present terrific travel, without requiring too much force while still giving plenty of tactile response. Shocked best describes my reaction to the experience. Sometimes what's missing brings something more: Ommission of the trackpad, which either is brilliant conception or Apple chief designer Jony Ive and team getting goddamn lucky.

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Court rules it is not illegal for GCHQ to hack computers


Privacy International has lost a court case that questioned the legality of GCHQ's hacking operations. The UK-based privacy and human rights charity launched a legal campaign after Edward Snowden revealed the spying and surveillance that was being carried out by the NSA and GCHQ.

In the course of the case, GCHQ admitted for the first time that it was involved in hacking devices and computers not only in the UK, but around the world. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled that activities such as the installation of keyloggers, the remote activation of microphones and cameras, and the use of malware by the intelligence agency is entirely legal.

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Everything you need to know about SIM swap scams

SIM Card Phone Smartphone

In today’s mobile-centric world, using mobile phones for Internet banking is standard practice for most people, but do customers know they could be at risk of a new type of scam?

SIM swap fraud, where scammers cancel and re-activate new SIM cards to hack into bank accounts, is reportedly on the rise.

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PSA: Time to switch to Google Photos as Picasa shuts down

Google Photos shown on Chromebook, Android smartphone and tablet

It has been a long time coming, but when 15 March rolls around Google will no longer support the desktop Picasa app -- and this is just the start of the shutdown. Picasa is being gradually shuttered in favor of Google Photos as the search giant focuses its energy on a single photo service.

So what does this mean for Picasa fans? Well, the good news is that there's nothing to do in terms of migrating content from one service to another. Picasa Web Album content can be viewed, edited and shared through Google Photos, but if you don't want to migrate then it will be archived from 1 May.

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It's too easy to breach a bank


I arrived onsite to suite 102 -- the bank’s corporate headquarters -- around 9:40 am. I was impersonating a local utility worker -- with all the garments like a hardhat, clipboard, obnoxious yellow vest, and some old Timberland work boots. I played the part well.

When I approached the suite I saw a giant glass entrance into the main office of the bank with a secretary minding the entrance and questioning visitors. I also noticed employees were entering and exiting an unmarked door at the end of the hallway -- no cameras to be seen. I proceeded slowly past the main entrance and then ran to catch the secured door as it was closing behind an unsuspecting employee. I was in!

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Pedophiles are reportedly using Facebook to share images of children


An investigation by the BBC has found that secret groups on Facebook are being used by pedophiles to share images -- and Facebook doesn't seem to be doing much to control such activity.

The BBC reportedly unearthed numerous private groups which were both run by and for men with a sexual interest in children. One group was found to have a convicted pedophile as its administrator. Despite many of the groups and images being reported to Facebook, not all of them were removed, raising the question as to whether Facebook is doing enough to combat pedophilia.

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Exploring the structure of binary files can be very useful for identifying malware, and tools like PeStudio and HxD may help point you in the right direction.

But if you find they bury you in fine detail, when you’re more interested in the big picture, then you might like to try another approach.

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Samsung to plant Trojan horse in Apple's yard

Trojan horse a

Samsung already has a bunch of its apps on iOS, but this year the company plans to bring the majority of its apps to the App Store. In fact, it's quite possible that all of Samsung's apps will be available for iPhones and iPads soon.

To many, this decision comes across as counterintuitive considering Samsung's rivalry with Apple. However, there’s no reason for Samsung not to make money off of Apple. In fact, it’s a smart decision that will support its position on the market, while Apple will likely take a hit, which may not seem quite that obvious.

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Better customer experience can turn travel searchers into bookers

plane smartphone

When people are booking travel, companies like travel agencies, hotel chains and airlines have an opportunity to gain a loyal customer.

But a new survey of more than 500 travelers from data science specialist Boxever suggests that the window to turn searchers into bookers and beat the competition is a narrow one.

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Electronic toys maker wants to blame parents for data breaches

finger point pointing accuse accusation

Electronic toys maker VTech has recently been a victim of a cyber-attack, which has seen the data of more than 6.3 million children exposed. The hackers got access to chat logs and photos.

Following the breach, VTech has updated its End User License Agreement, saying the company can’t provide a 100 percent guarantee that it won’t be hacked. It also shifts the responsibility back to the parents:

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Get your legs moving, Asics buys RunKeeper app


As a society we tend to put an emphasis on being physically fit. There may be more diet plans out there than there are people to follow them. But honestly, there's no substitute for a smart meal plan and exercise, nothing fancy is needed.

If you exercise then you're likely familiar with the name Asics, a popular manufacturer of running shoes and clothing. To keep it all in the family, the company has now purchased FitnessKeeper, maker of one of the top running apps available in the mobile space. The app can track more than just runs, though. It handles walking and cycling as well, using GPS to calculate distance and pace.

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Samsung Gear S2 Classic smartwatch now available in rose gold or platinum


While Apple did not invent the smartwatch, it certainly pioneered the luxury-focused variants. Before the Apple Watch, many smartwatches were merely geeky extensions of smartphones -- now, they can be fashion statements (with premium prices).

Today, Samsung goes the luxury route too, with its Gear S2 Classic. The existing device is now being sold with beautiful 18k rose gold or platinum plating and genuine leather bands. Should you pay the premium?

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and sixty-seven in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows 8.x and Windows 10 in the past seven days.

Microsoft revealed information about the highly anticipated game Quantum Break this week. Initially thought to be an Xbox One exclusive, the company announced that it will also be made available for Windows 10 on the same day.

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