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Google finally gives up pushing Google+ accounts on Gmail users


New Gmail users will no longer have to sign up to Google's flagging social network Google+, after two and half years of mandatory social account creation. Users previously had to sign up to Google+ when signing up for Gmail, Google Docs and variety of other Google products.

Whilst the company still encourages users to sign up for Google+ it now has a "No thanks" button when offering the service during the sign up procedure for its products.

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Happy 10th birthday BitTorrent! What types of torrents do you download?


As far back as I can remember, the Internet has been a place for illegal downloads. Sure, the methods have changed, but the concept is the same -- getting something for nothing. While FTP servers, Newsgroups and services like Napster were very popular, they pale in comparison to the mighty BitTorrent. You see, torrents are very easy for the average person to use, and since it implements peer-to-peer technology, it takes the onus off of a single server from hosting content. In other words, Internet users are sharing the files among themselves.

Much like FTP servers and Newsgroups, piracy is not the only use for BitTorrent. The underlying technology is even used by reputable companies, such as Amazon and Facebook. Unfortunately, even though torrents can be used for good, the technology gets a bad reputation due to the illegal aspect. Today, BitTorrent is celebrating a 10th birthday and I want to know, what types of things do you download using the technology?

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Process Lasso 7.0 released, fine-tunes ProBalance Insights module, tweaks user interface


Tennessee software developer Bitsum has released Process Lasso 7.0 and Process Lasso 7.0 (64-bit), a landmark update of its PC optimisation tool.

Version 7.0 builds on recent releases, improving the newly added ProBalance Insights tool with the promise of improved accuracy for its embedded responsiveness meter, plus overhauling various user interface elements.

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AOC announces 24 inch hardcore gaming monitor (2460PG) with NVIDIA G-SYNC


When it comes to monitors, the brand does matter. Some people think that a monitor is a monitor and the manufacturer is inconsequential. There is some truth to this, as sometimes a lesser-known company can manufacture a monitor that exceeds the quality of some top-tier competitors. Unfortunately, this is the exception to the rule, and sticking with brands like Dell and Samsung is the safest way to have a positive experience.

However, there is a brand that I discovered years ago while working at CompUSA that manufactures high-quality monitors at an affordable price -- AOC. Sure, it may not be as well known as some of the big-names, but its monitors are wonderful and don't break the bank. Today, AOC announces a 24 inch gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC at an affordable price. Gamers should check this out.

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HTC One (M8) for Windows -- can it outdo the sexiness of Lumia? [Review]


Windows Phone is a very polarizing operating system to say the least. Many consumers refuse to give it a chance, and the ones that do, either hate it or love it. Despite the shortcomings of Microsoft's phone-focused OS, I find it to be a very rewarding experience. Of course, the biggest complaint is a lack of apps, and while there has been much improvement in that area, it is still a valid argument when compared against the iPhone or Android.

Apps aside, it is an intuitive experience that enhances one's life rather than take it over. Android and iPhone users are often in a zombie-like state while using the device, as if it is the sole-focus of their existence. Windows Phone is designed more to be glance-and-go. Unfortunately, while Nokia Lumia handsets have been wonderful, brand-diversity and selection has been severely lacking. Luckily, Microsoft majorly scored by getting HTC to produce a version of its One (M8) that runs Windows Phone. Can the sexy HTC handset outdo the sexiness of the popular Lumia line?

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How to thwart contactless pickpockets


Pickpockets targeting contactless payments are set to multiply following the decision by Transport for London to roll out the technology to London Underground stations and Bitdefender has outlined a number of precautions to take.

The company has detailed the different types of attacks that could take place including skimming, eavesdropping, hacked terminals, replay attacks, and cross-contamination.

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Are you a student or teacher? Here's how to easily get Microsoft Office for free!


There are many office suites available nowadays such as Google Docs and LibreOffice, but as fine as they are, none compare to the venerable Microsoft Office. When you send your son or daughter to school, you are hoping that they become equipped to handle the "real world" when they eventually graduate. Microsoft Office is what the business world largely uses.

Sure, you may be able to get by with an alternative to Office, but why would you want to? Oh right, cost; LibreOffice and Google Docs are free, while Microsoft Office costs money. Today, Microsoft announces that money is no longer an issue in this regard, as some students and teachers can now easily score a copy of Office for free.

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Product rumors are Apple's best friend

secrets shock surprise man woman

Apple's longstanding perchant for secrecy is legendary. It's also a myth. Granted, the company has a strict no-comment policy about future products, which isn't so much about keeping information from seeping out but controlling who disseminates it. Something else: Secrets are impossible to keep when a company produces physical products overseas and depends on so many third-party suppliers. Controlled leaks, or strictly managing those that aren't, lets Apple maximize marketing advantage.

The value cannot be understated, because Apple's business model in 2014 isn't much different from 2001 or 1995: Reselling to the same core group of loyal customers. The Mac faithful mattered when the company struggled to survive against the Intel-Microsoft duopoly and made the majority of profits from selling computers. Cofounder Steve Jobs wisely chose to expand into new product categories -- iPod (2001), iTunes Music Store (2004), iPhone (2007), iPad (2010) -- that freed Apple from monopoly bondage. But the core philosophy of selling to loyal customers, even while trying to grow their numbers, remains the same.

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iPhone 6 is Apple's least breakable iPhone to date

iphone6 breakable

Apple makes gorgeous looking and highly desirable products, but unfortunately for buyers, the iPhone and iPad are among the most breakable devices in the world. Back in February, SquareTrade tested a bunch of gadgets, and rated the iPad mini as the most breakable, with the iPad Air in third place, the iPhone 5c in fifth, and the iPhone 5s in eighth.

It was hoped by many that Apple’s new phones would have sapphire crystal screens, but in the end the tech giant went for ion-strengthened glass. There’s good news for Apple users though, and that’s new breakability tests conducted by SquareTrade show the new devices are Apple’s least fragile to date.

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Intelligent sales productivity platform from Base adds new features


Many businesses rely on CRM tools to store sales data, but the increased use of mobile devices has led to new demands for information to be available anywhere at any time.

Now Base which describes itself as an intelligent sales productivity platform, has added a range of new features to boost team productivity and make data available in real time.

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LG believes someone out there wants an Android clamshell

LG Smart Wine

Smartphone manufacturers are conservative when it comes to form factors. Virtually every new handset is of the bar (slate) type. That is because this allows the shell to maintain a thin profile and the touchscreen to take up most of the space on the front panel. Both are features relevant today. Unsurprisingly, clamshells and smartphones do not ever go hand in hand. But there are exceptions.

Among the few smart flip phones, or flip smartphones, is the newly-unveiled LG Smart Wine. The device runs Android 4.4 KitKat and packs decent hardware specifications for what could very well be the ultimate niche smartphone.

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Mobile security budgets aren't keeping pace with demand for devices


Although mobile devices are becoming essential in many workplaces security budgets are failing to reflect the growing numbers of devices that need protection.

This is among the findings of a new report by electronics and systems specialist Raytheon. According to the research around one-third of employees use mobile devices exclusively to do their work and this is expected to increase to an average of 47 percent of employees in the next year.

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Apple only manages to sell 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in opening weekend

Victory Winner Free

Expectations always run high when it comes to sales of new iPhones during launch weekend. There's an incredible frenzy in the media fueled by loyalists, long lines form outside Apple stores (immediately followed by the first inadvertent drop caught on camera), the reviews are raving across the board (and why wouldn't they be when only loyalists get review units?) and, finally, on Monday, Apple gives its fans the much-awaited reason to celebrate -- a new first-weekend sales record.

Needless to say, the 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units that Apple managed to sell during the first weekend exceed the 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units sold a year ago. Barely. Considering the appeal that larger iPhones seem to have -- we've been waiting for them for a couple of years, after all -- 10 million sounds a tad short. It really does.

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TEncoder 4.4 adds DVD ripper


Versatile video converter/ downloader/ editor TEncoder has expanded its range even further with the addition of a DVD ripper.

Point the program at your disc video folder (\VIDEO_TS, probably), and you’re able to choose the title, start and end chapters, audio and subtitle track you’d like to rip.

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Intel set to release a wireless charging bowl later this year


Intel’s wireless charging bowl is on track to be released by the end of the year with the company still tight-lipped on how much the revolutionary device will end up costing.

CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed as much during a speech at MakerCon in New York when he said that the device will be "on the market right around the end of this year," according to CNET.

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