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Send To Toys extension now compatible with Windows 10


After years with no activity at all, Gabriele Ponti’s classic Explorer extension Send To Toys has been updated to version 2.71 with improved installation, various bug fixes and Windows 10 compatibility.

That’s good news, as it’s still a time-saving tool, extending the right-click Send To menu with options to copy a file’s contents to the clipboard, open them in the command prompt, enter their name in the Run box, copy or move them, send them via email, and more.

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Ha-ha! Windows 10 is already twice as popular as Windows 8

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The last lot of desktop OS figures released by NetMarketShare showed that Windows 10 had doubled its usage shared in a matter of days, but it wasn’t exactly an exciting number. Upon release the new OS managed to go from 0.16 percent to 0.39 percent.

But now that Windows 10 has had a month to settle in, we can finally see exactly how well it’s doing. Microsoft has said that there have been over 75 million installs, but what does that equate to in terms of usage share? NetMarketShare’s figures for August always promised to be exciting, and they definitely don’t disappoint now they’re here.

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The most-used passwords are still terrible choices


There’s no excuse for having a ridiculously weak account password, and yet many folks continue to make no effort at all on the security front in this respect, according to a new piece of research. highlighted a government survey, which was part of the Cyber Streetwise campaign, and found that three quarters of UK citizens used passwords which weren’t secure.

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Bing can help you win your NFL fantasy football league

football woman

September is officially here. For students, this means the end of summer vacation. Luckily, the month is not all doom and gloom, as it also means American Football! Yes, fans of the NFL will finally have games to watch on Sundays.

For many people -- myself included -- this also means fantasy football is here. If you aren't familiar, this is a highly-competitive game where you select NFL players and have their performance ranked against an opponent's players. Whoever has the most points each week between the two people wins -- real money can be involved too. Today, Microsoft announces that Bing can help you win in fantasy football as well as provide other helpful NFL information. Will you leverage Bing to win?

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Lenovo refreshes ThinkPad E Series laptops -- Windows 10, new AMD and Intel chips


When it comes to laptops, there is probably no name more prestigious than ThinkPad. That branding is a symbol of quality and durability. Just as Nokia phones have a reputation of being indestructible, so too are many Lenovo ThinkPad machines.

Today, Lenovo announces a refresh to the popular E Series of ThinkPad laptops. Not only are the machines attractive and competitively priced, but they offer incredible specs, like Intel Skylake, AMD FX and AMD A-Series APUs.

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Samsung Gear S2 is a beautifully circular Tizen-powered smartwatch


The wearable market is not very mature. We are only starting to scratch the surface of what the future holds. For the time being, however, we pretty much have alerts and fitness tracking. Let's be honest, many computer and gadget nerds don't bother with exercise (prove me wrong, people), making the wearables a glorified alert screen. In other words, as fun as Apple Watch and Android Wear can be, they are very much version 1.0 of smartwatches.

While Samsung embraces Android Wear, its Tizen-based models, such as Samsung Gear S, have more functionality. Today, the company officially announces the beautiful successor -- the Gear S2. Users can even opt for a 3G model so they do not need Wi-Fi or to be tethered to a phone. Android Wear and Apple Watch can't do that...yet.

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What you need to know about cybersquatting [Infographic]


As the internet has expanded in recent years to become a vital part of practically everything, companies have been scrambling to get their hands on the best domains in order to leverage their business potential to the maximum.

But, this has been made tricky by a growing phenomenon known as cybersquatting, which is where companies of individuals register a particular domain with the sole intention of selling it on at a later date.

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Sling TV comes to Amazon Fire tablets


Sling TV has become the un-subscription model, bringing you TV over an internet connection and eliminating contracts. You'll need a box -- both Roku 3 and Amazon Fire TV will work just fine and put video on the big screen just like cable or satellite. The company motto is "take back TV", and it does so. You can get channels ranging from ESPN to HBO to Food Network.

But what about on the go? Well, you can use your phone, but now the screen gets a bit bigger. Sling is announcing the debut of its service on Amazon Fire tablets.

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The common user experience mistakes on mobile

business mobile

Since the infamous mobilegeddon -- the latest update from Google that means websites are now penalized for failing to be mobile friendly -- many businesses have been rushing to improve the experience of their mobile website for their users, and avoid being penalized in SERPS (search engine results page).

With a lot of information out there about all of the things you can be doing to make a user’s journey better, what about the things that you really should be avoiding? Below are the top five things NOT to do when it comes to UX on mobile:

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Android Wear now supports iPhones -- is Apple Watch's dominance threatened?

Android Wear for iOS

With just 11.3 percent market share, Android Wear is not exactly a strong competitor for Apple Watch, which dominates the smartwatch space with 75.5 percent of all shipments. One of the reasons why Android Wear adoption is not as strong has been the lack of support for iPhones. This, however, should not be a problem any more.

Google today announces that Android Wear devices are now finally, and officially, compatible with iPhones, releasing the much-awaited iOS companion app on Apple's App Store. Here is what you need to know about it.

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Microsoft announces Xbox One Elite Bundle -- should existing owners be angry?


When the Xbox One launched, many people -- myself included -- chose to wait before purchasing. I finally jumped into ownership this year when I bought the white 500GB model for $349. Soon after, Microsoft released a 1TB model, which bummed me out.

Now, I am even more disappointed. Why? Today, the company announces yet another model, the Xbox One Elite Bundle, and it looks amazing. This console features a 1TB SSHD -- a combination solid state drive and hard disk drive -- plus the all-new Elite controller. Since this drive will provide faster load times, the experience will be better than on previous models. Should existing owners be angry?

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CloudPhysics helps manage virtual environments

Businessman Connected Virtual Touch Button

In the modern world of virtual servers, infrastructure can be complex and changes come fast. This also means that the potential for change-related risk to applications is greater than ever before.

IT administrators don't always have the ability or time to study all the known or unknown configuration issues in their vSphere infrastructure. They can therefore struggle to understand whether changes -- intended or accidental -- result in performance disruptions and availability issues in waiting.

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Are consumers starting to lose interest in wearables?


The wearables market in the US from 2014 through the first half of 2015 has shown fast growth in year-over-year volume of consumer feedback, however after peaking post-holidays in January 2015, demand growth has slowed significantly, according to a new report from Argus Insights.

Over the last 18 months, the wearables market has started to mature and has grown considerably with new players entering the market with numerous products such as fitness bands, smartwatches, smart glasses, and other sensor-enabled devices.

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T-Mobile going after unlimited data 'violators'


T-Mobile just announced that a small number of its customers has been abusing its unlimited data plan, circumventing limitations imposed on tethering to steal data. The "violators", as they are referred to by T-Mobile, have allegedly used various methods to use as much as 2 TB of 4G LTE data in a month, without paying for the extra traffic.

Customers who opt for the unlimited data plan have the option to use the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot feature, which includes 7 GB of 4G LTE data that they can use for tethering, free of charge. Those who exceed this limit have to pay to continue to take advantage of tethering at 4G LTE speeds for the excess data, otherwise transfers "slow down".

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Document your desktop activity with StepsToReproduce


Whether you’re asking for help with a PC problem, or trying to explain a point to someone else, it’s often important to clearly document a series of steps.

StepsToReproduce is a free application for Windows Vista and newer which makes it easy to record, annotate and share a sequence of screenshots.

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