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Apple: Beats Music to live on, could be swallowed by iTunes

Apple: Beats Music to live on, could be swallowed by iTunes

When Apple acquired Beats Music earlier in the year, there were obvious fears that the service would shut down. While this type of rumor is often well-founded, it seems fears were misplaced on this occasion: Apple has no plans to shutter Beats Music. A company spokesperson made a statement to the Guardian making it clear that suggestions that the subscription music service is to close down are "not true". But could the brand end up being eaten by iTunes?

Beats Music has not been a runaway success. It has subscribers, but not all that many. With Apple's backing there is a chance that its popularity could increase, but it can be difficult to shake off the reputation of an old name -- Beats Music has singularly failed to reach the celebrated heights of Beats Electronic's headphones. Having spent $3 billion on Beats Music and Beats Electronic, it would be strange if Apple just gave up on a portion of its investment.

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The global supply chain behind the iPhone 6


We all know that the majority of our technology gadgets are produced in China, but the supply and manufacturing process isn't quite as simple as it might appear.

Apple more than most is a master at using the supply chain to its advantage, sourcing suppliers that can turn out parts in the most cost effective way whilst still adhering to the company's quality requirements.

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Adobe snaps up cloud image editor Aviary to fast-track SDK development


Seven years after its inception, online image editing service Aviary has been acquired by Adobe. The Photoshop stalwart is no stranger to the cloud, but this latest purchase seems to indicate that the company is looking to expand further in this arena. Pay a visit to the Aviary website and the Adobe branding is already in place -- there's also a new entry on the Aviary company timeline that has been updated to reflect the acquisition. The Adobe-branded Aviary website makes clear the thinking behind the move: "accelerating delivery of mobile apps that integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud".

It seems that the main reason for Adobe's interest in Aviary is the fact that the ornithologically-named firm has developed a number of mobile SDKs. Aviary is already a popular tool, and Adobe is understandably keen to monetize the popularity of cloud apps and mobile services: Aviary is a ready-made package that encompasses both of these ideas perfectly. An announcement by Adobe explains that "the acquisition accelerates Adobe's strategy to make Creative Cloud a vibrant platform for third-party apps, through a new Creative SDK".

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Clustrix releases specialist database for reliable ecommerce

eCommerce global

Performance is vitally important in ecommerce applications as customers won't wait around for a slow site to respond, they'll simply surf away and shop elsewhere.

This need for performance is as much about the back office systems handling inventory and orders as it is about the site itself. Cloud database specialist Clustrix is announcing the latest version of its ClustrixDB, purpose-built and optimized for fast growing ecommerce sites.

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Can't afford an iPhone 6? Rent your girlfriend on eBay


One Apple fan has taken his efforts to acquire the new iPhone 6 to the next level by offering rentals of his girlfriend to raise the necessary funding to get hold of the brand new handset.

The Shanghai man held up a sign near Songjiang University saying he is "sharing" his girlfriend Xiao Ai for "pocket money" to the sum of $1.64 per hour, $8.19  per day and $82 per month with UPI reporting that he has already stipulated that no "funny business" is allowed.

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Axway expands operational intelligence capabilities

decision decide IT flowchart

All sizes of organization increasingly expect their employees to deliver against measurable objectives and part of the key to achieving this lies in providing accurate data.

With the launch of its Decision Insight product, data flow specialist Axway aims to supply the numbers needed for productivity by offering insight and intelligence into real time and historical information.

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IT Systems Resiliency 101: What it means and 5 ways SMBs can adopt it

Broken chain

As overused as it may be, the old mantra still holds definitively true: you're only as strong as your weakest link. This goes for sports teams, business divisions, vehicles, and most anything else in life where multiple links make up the entity at large. It shouldn't be surprising that IT systems and networks follow the same logic.

Yet this very notion is what causes me to cringe when in discussions with new and existing clients. There is a large disconnect when it comes to the average small business owner, as to what technical improvements will actually lead to better stability and resiliency -- all encompassing what they truly care about: uptime.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus has the best smartphone LCD display, but Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still reigns supreme

winner victory

The good news keeps on coming for Apple. After it announced that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales exceeded the 10 million units mark, therefore breaking the previous record established last year, DisplayMate, a company dedicated to testing the quality of displays, has proclaimed iPhone 6 Plus as having the best LCD screen that has ever crossed its labs.

Apple's other new flagship, the smaller iPhone 6, has also registered impressive results, but its 4.7-inch panel is let down by the low resolution of just 750 by 1,334, which is inferior to that of its bigger brother -- which boasts a 1,080 by 1,920 resolution with its 5.5-inch panel -- as well as competing flagships from other manufacturers.

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The lights that guided Lewis Hamilton to victory at the Singapore Grand Prix


For those of you who tuned in to the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday, you would have undoubtedly been delighted to see Lewis Hamilton storming to a first place finish and leapfrogging teammate and arch-rival Nico Rosberg in the drivers' Championship standings.

What you may not have noticed, however, was the flag signal system that was in place.

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Evernote for Mac 5.6 improves note editor and search tools, speeds up sync and startup


Evernote Corporation has rolled out Evernote for Mac 5.6, a major update of its cloud-based note-taking client for Mac users. Version 5.6 comes with a rebuilt -- and improved -- note editor, as well as faster sync performance.

The update also comes with the promise of more relevant searches, integration with Spotlight and has been optimized to both launch faster and reduce its energy demands.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 rolls out for Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930

Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 is now rolling out for Nokia Lumia 930, just shy of two months after it introduced the latest version of the tiled operating system. The flagship is the first Nokia-branded handset to be officially updated to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and among the few that officially run this installment.

Even though, on Nokia's support forums, the software update is described as being "minor", it actually offers quite a few notable improvements over the previous firmware release. Contrary to expectations, it does not bring the Lumia Denim enhancements along with it.

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Social media becomes a critical marketing channel for holiday sales

Social marketing

Driving sales and increasing the reach of their brand is seen as key to the marketing success of companies, and many are turning to social media to pursue their strategy.

New survey data from marketing software platform Offerpop shows that brands are increasing their investment in social media and focusing on using it to drive sales in the run up to the holiday season.

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Google finally gives up pushing Google+ accounts on Gmail users


New Gmail users will no longer have to sign up to Google's flagging social network Google+, after two and half years of mandatory social account creation. Users previously had to sign up to Google+ when signing up for Gmail, Google Docs and variety of other Google products.

Whilst the company still encourages users to sign up for Google+ it now has a "No thanks" button when offering the service during the sign up procedure for its products.

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Happy 10th birthday BitTorrent! What types of torrents do you download?


As far back as I can remember, the Internet has been a place for illegal downloads. Sure, the methods have changed, but the concept is the same -- getting something for nothing. While FTP servers, Newsgroups and services like Napster were very popular, they pale in comparison to the mighty BitTorrent. You see, torrents are very easy for the average person to use, and since it implements peer-to-peer technology, it takes the onus off of a single server from hosting content. In other words, Internet users are sharing the files among themselves.

Much like FTP servers and Newsgroups, piracy is not the only use for BitTorrent. The underlying technology is even used by reputable companies, such as Amazon and Facebook. Unfortunately, even though torrents can be used for good, the technology gets a bad reputation due to the illegal aspect. Today, BitTorrent is celebrating a 10th birthday and I want to know, what types of things do you download using the technology?

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Process Lasso 7.0 released, fine-tunes ProBalance Insights module, tweaks user interface


Tennessee software developer Bitsum has released Process Lasso 7.0 and Process Lasso 7.0 (64-bit), a landmark update of its PC optimisation tool.

Version 7.0 builds on recent releases, improving the newly added ProBalance Insights tool with the promise of improved accuracy for its embedded responsiveness meter, plus overhauling various user interface elements.

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