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Say goodbye to invites -- OnePlus One will go up for pre-order

OnePlus One

OnePlus has announced that it will soon be launching a pre-order system for its elusive smartphone, the OnePlus One.

The handset, which offers a premium Android experience for just $299 (£230) is currently only available via a random invite system.

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Buy your next Dell computer using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn


Social media is a necessary evil for many. Even if you want to stay away from services like Facebook, staying in contact with friends and family may keep you tethered. I have tried to get away from Facebook many times, but much like Al Pacino in Godfather 3, "Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!" However, I do rather enjoy services like Twitter and Google+.

Regardless of your opinion of social media, there is one thing you cannot deny -- accessing other sites with your social media login credentials is very convenient. The idea of creating a unique username and password for every site you visit is foreign to many younger internet users. Today, Dell announces that it too is jumping on the bandwagon, by letting customers sign in and buy computers with their social media credentials.

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Samsung will introduce a soundbar to match its curved TVs


Samsung is unveiling the world's first TV-matching curved soundbar, the HW-H7500/H7501.

The device is being introduced for this year's IFA event, and is designed to complement the firm's range of curved television sets.

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Google Enterprise becomes Google for Work -- all workers now welcome!


When you hear terms like "Enterprise" and "Corporate", you immediately think of large office buildings, fancy men in suits and billions of dollars in revenue. However, we do not all work under such naming constraints. Hell, we do not even always work in the traditional sense. Whether you babysit, contribute time at a local church or develop a home budget, you are working -- even if you do not get paid. In other words, work gets done outside of the enterprise.

So, to name a product "Enterprise", really limits the appeal. Quite frankly, that word is very intimidating to the average person, so it makes sense to not use it. Today, Google wisely rebrands Google Enterprise as Google for Work. Believe it or not, sometimes a name change makes all the difference.

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Apple confirms that celebrity accounts were compromised in targeted attack

Apple confirms that celebrity accounts were compromised in targeted attack

Since a cache of nude photos of celebrities appeared online, Apple has remained fairly tight-lipped about what may or may not have happened. Right from the start rumors were flying around that Apple's iCloud service may have been comprised or that Find My iPhone may have been to blame. The company said that it was "actively investigating" the suggestions but then things went quiet again. The FBI became involved, but it has been a frustrating 48 hours for anyone trying to find out what happened. Now Apple has issued a statement making it clear that a security attack did indeed take place.

Entitled Update to Celebrity Photo Investigation the statement reads:

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Office 365 gains new themes option, monthly subscriptions come to iPad

Office 365 gains new themes option, monthly subscriptions come to iPad


Seemingly refreshed after a day off yesterday, Microsoft now hits us with two snippets of Office-related news. iPad users will now be able to sign up to a monthly Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home subscription from their tablet. Nothing has changed about the subscription model itself, but now if you try to do something in the free version of the Office apps that require a subscription, you can upgrade there and then without having to scuttle off to your computer. You may be reading a Word file free of charge, but if you decide you want to edit it, you can upgrade with a few taps.

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NETGEAR announces the Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router


In my home, I use the Apple Airport Extreme router for all of my Wi-Fi needs. It's a great performing router, but in typical Apple fashion, it is limited and proprietary. While most modern routers have four wired connections, Apple's offering has two. While most routers offer a web-based settings configuration, Apple forces the user to use special software that is only available for Windows, OS X or iOS. As someone who uses Linux often, it is frustrating that I cannot configure the router from any distro, including my favorite, Fedora. Quite frankly, I'd rather not have Apple software on my Windows install, either.

I've been keeping my eyes open, looking for a possible replacement for the Airport Extreme and today, I may have found it. NETGEAR announces a very intriguing model, called the Nighthawk X4 Smart WiFi Router. Not as fast as its other Nighthawk router, it is loaded with features and connectivity.

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Cloudfinder for Box free for business users until January 2015

Cloud box

As the market for storing and sharing files in the cloud has grown, Box has become one of the most popular solutions. As a result lots of other add-on products have grown up around it offering added security, compliance and more.

The latest to join the Box ecosystem is backup specialist eFolder with its Cloudfinder product, a multi-platform cloud-to-cloud backup service.

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I'm anti-censorship! I won't try to silence those who criticize me

I'm anti-censorship! I won't try to silence those who criticize me

A week ago I wrote about my feelings of ennui towards the iPhone 6, asserting that there was just nothing to get excited about. Some people agreed, but many didn't -- it was to be expected really. What was particularly interesting was not just the discussion that started here in the comments on BetaNews but also that the article spread further afield. It was picked up by Macworld whose resident columnist The Macalope, er, disagreed with what I had to say. You'll notice that I've provided a link to the Macworld article which, despite quoting 46 percent of my post, The Macalope failed to do initially.

If you take the time to read the Macworld article you'd be forgiven for thinking that I was hurt at having my work pulled apart. Not a bit of it. No, I'm not concerned about being criticized. I've been writing for approaching 15 years now, and I know I'm going to piss people off from time to time. That's not to say that this is necessarily my intention -- in addition to news, I like to share my opinion and there will, of course, be some collateral damage that follows. Despite The Macalope's suggestions to the contrary, this was not designed to be a "link-baity" piece. Like Joe Wilcox, I've written about the importance of writing for the reader rather than writing for Google, and this is an ideology I firmly subscribe to.

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cloud computing backup

The ConnectWise system management platform is popular with managed services providers, with more than half of MSPs worldwide using it to enhance efficiency and control for their clients.

Now cloud backup company has announced that it's integrated its enterprise-grade cloud backup and disaster recovery platform with ConnectWise to allow MSPs to offer an extra layer of service.

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Find out more about your favorite artists with Song Buddy


Some music players are smart. Not only will they play your tracks, but they'll try to tell you more about them, perhaps downloading and displaying the lyrics.

Windows Media Player and iTunes aren't quite so clever, but that's where Song Buddy comes in. This free app for Windows, iPhone, iPad and Mac detects the "now playing" artist and displays other releases, concerts, images, a biography, links and more.

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New Nanoleaf LED bulb dims without a dimmer switch


In a strange twist, lightbulbs have become a part of today's technology world. It's all part of the Internet of Things -- home devices that aren't computers, but still utilize the home network for control. We've seen this being a bad thing, but mostly it seems to be good. After all who doesn't want to turn on the lights when getting close to home.

The latest is a Kickstarter project, the Nanoleaf Bloom, which is now ten days away from closing. The goal has been reached, but there is still time for buyers to secure one of the early models.

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What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 teaser

Samsung will announce the successor of the popular Galaxy Note 3 tomorrow, at a press event dubbed Unpacked 2014 Episode 2. This is the second most important unveiling of the year for the South Korean maker, after Galaxy S5. Naturally, that means that our expectations are high for what will arguably be the Android phablet to beat in the second part of 2014, if the success of its predecessors is of any indication.

So far, Samsung has officially disclosed little about Galaxy Note 4, only revealing the silhouette of the new phablet, in one of its most recent teaser videos, and not much else. That is far from a complete picture, so here is what else you can expect from Galaxy Note 4.

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Tired of privacy breaches? How to remove yourself from social networks


The leaking of celebrity photos which may have come from iCloud is just the latest in a series of high profile security and privacy breaches that are leading many people to question how safe their data is online.

For those who have decided enough is enough, secure transaction specialist Imprima has produced an infographic guide to "unfriending the internet" which covers how to take your personal profiles off the main social networking sites.

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Opera 24 FINAL adds new tab preview, offers Hi-DPI support in Windows


Opera has released Opera 24 FINAL, a major new release of its web browser for Windows and Mac. It comes with three changes of note, two of which are restricted to Windows users only.

The headline new feature, which covers all platforms, sees Opera gain tab preview. By rolling the mouse over any non-active tab, users will -- after a short pause -- see a pop-up thumbnail of that tab's current contents.

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