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Why hackers are after your private information

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Cybercriminals are a motivated bunch that continually change up their approaches to evade traditional detection-based security. Rather than continuing the insane circle of identify and respond security, it’s time to flip your cyber script and focus on gaining situational awareness of the real risks your organization actually faces.

Once you know what hackers are after and how they are getting in, you can shift your defenses accordingly. To that end, let’s take a look back on the first half of 2015.

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Is there a reason to be concerned about your kid's apps and websites?

Google sets its sights on kids with child-friendly versions of YouTube and Gmail

We worry about our children, or at least we should. Stranger danger is everywhere in today's world, unlike the one we grew up in. You may have wondered around town on your own, rode in a car with no seatbelt and probably asked the question "what's a bike helmet?"

Well, things are not that safe anymore, and in fact they can be downright scary. Websites and apps are trying to sell things to kids (it will be your money that they spend). But worse, predators lurk in the shadows looking for information for potential targets.

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8GadgetPack brings gadgets back to the Windows 10 desktop


Windows gadgets made their first appearance in Vista as a convenient way to install tiny desktop tools like clocks, system monitors or weather applets.

The technology was retired in 2012 due to security vulnerabilities, but these days any danger is minimal, and if you were a fan then 8GadgetPack provides an easy way to run more than 50 gadgets on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PCs.

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View, search, edit, repair and convert CSV files with CSVed


Download a large dataset from just about anywhere and there’s a good chance it’ll available as a CSV file, which you can then open in just about any spreadsheet or database.

And if you don’t have access to any heavy-duty data processing packages right now, you could always try CSVed, a tiny free Windows tool for browsing, editing and generally processing CSV files.

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Ten reasons threat intelligence is here to stay

Tightrope sharks threat

Over the past couple of years, the volume and frequency of new malware and its variants has exploded. But it takes considerable time, effort and expertise to sift through data and transform it into pertinent information. So out with old and in with the new. To alter traditional approaches, threat intelligence emerged as a way to gather data about vulnerabilities and alter approaches based off that intel.

Threat intelligence has drastically transformed the industry. In fact, it's hard to go to a security conference without hearing about threat intelligence. However, recent articles have turned threat intelligence into quite the controversial debate and many touting that threat intelligence will do very little to improve cybersecurity. Well no offense to those individuals, but the fact of the matter is threat intelligence is not going away anytime soon.

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Apple Watch selling well in China

Apple Watch

Following an initial strong performance out of the gate, Apple Watch sales have been widely regarded as on the slump according to several pieces of analysis we’ve seen -- although the latest snippet concerning the Chinese market is more optimistic.

As you may be aware, the iPhone 6 models have been doing very well over in China, and Apple’s smartwatch has also shifted a considerable amount of units.

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PowerColor taking PC gamers to hell with Devil 13 Dual Core AMD R9 390 16GB GDDR5


AMD is on fire lately. The company's latest family of 300 series graphics cards have the gaming community excited. The Fury X is a top-of-the-line card, while the R9 Nano is a diminutive marvel of engineering.

Today, PowerColor announces an AMD-powered card that is so insane the company has given it the 'Devil 13' moniker. This demonic masterpiece is essentially dual R9 390 cards in a 3-PCI case slot configuration. It only utilizes a single pci-e 16x card slot, however. Not only is it a powerhouse, but it looks beautifully evil too.

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Google Calendar is getting a new URL for security reasons

Calendar delay

Google Calendar is used by many people to track (seemingly) their every activity. That's a good thing, as it keeps users organized and calendars can be shared with family and co-workers so they also know what's going on. But what about its security? It doesn't seem a huge issue, given the nature of the service -- it isn't your bank, after all.

Google is ever vigilant, however, and has been thinking this part through and is now making some changes. The update brings a new URL, but it's really about security.

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5 ways API management impacts daily life


Whether it’s news feeds, online shopping, or navigation systems, the variety of new cloud, mobile and internet of things (IoT) solutions are changing how we work, play and shop. Businesses also benefit from increased visibility and productivity, as well as from new opportunities to lower costs and streamline operations. It’s no wonder companies in every industry are rushing to participate by "opening" their applications (news feeds, laboratory results, manufacturing lines, etc.) to allow other systems to interact with them.

There’s just one problem. If organizations don’t adequately manage how they open their systems, the interactions will eventually fail, wreaking havoc on the hybrid solutions they create. The technology enabling this interaction is the application programming interface (API). One use of an API is to help developers build larger applications, including the inputs, outputs and basic operations. Very simply, if a health management system (HMS) wants to be able to pull the results from a laboratory application, the HMS needs to understand how to connect to the laboratory application, input a medical record number, request a test result, and receive the output. The API tells the HMS how to do these things.

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Insanity! Get Nexus 6 for $350

Nexus 6 Back

What the frak? Is it because of the presumed, imminent launch of Apple's successor to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Are rumors about Google launching new Nexus devices near month's end true -- and it's better to clear out excess inventory now? Or is Amazon being Labor Day weekend Amazon?

Motorola-made, Google-branded Nexus 6 is on big sale today from the retailer's U.S. store. Last night, I oogled at the phablet for $499.99, which already was a hefty discount. This morning I rolled out of bed to see $349.99. Both prices are for the 32GB model. Double the memory and pay $399.99. Yesterday: $549.99. Surely the price and supply can't last. That's helluva good deal -- and for both colors: Cloud White and Midnight Blue.

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Attackers bundle an old version of TeamViewer to exploit vulnerability

Lurking virus

We're used to seeing malware that exploits unpatched vulnerabilities in software. But in a new twist attackers are bundling an old version of remote access package TeamViewer with their malware in order to take advantage of a flaw.

The malware known as TVSPY has been uncovered by researchers at security company Damballa. While the current version of TeamViewer has fixed this vulnerability, the bundled version works independently of any existing TeamViewer installation on the target PC.

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IFA 2015: Huawei announces new Mate S flagship smartphone

Huawei Mate S

Focusing on touch technologies, the now-third largest smartphone supplier Huawei has unveiled its new 5.5-inch handset at IFA in Berlin.

The Huawei Mate S, the maker’s new flagship smartphone, features some impressive touch-based innovations.

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Time to have a cloud clear out as Google Drive bonus storage expires


Google is just one of many companies to offer free cloud storage, and over the years the amount of space given away has crept up. There have also been plenty of opportunities to boost cloud storage for free -- if you've bought a Chromebook, you'll have been given a bunch of extra space, and there have been various other special offers out there.

You may well have received a mysterious email from Google in the last day or so, warning you that you are about to lose 10GB of space. The email rather unhelpfully refers to an "Unknown promotion". What's it all about, and what do you need to do?

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and forty-four in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows 8.x/10 in the past seven days.

Application of the week is the excellent Lara Croft Go game. If you prefer "real" apps, you may want to take a closer look at Duolingo, a language learning application which was finally released for Windows.

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Sony reveals prices for Xperia Z5 family, and they're a bit insane

secrets shock surprise man woman

Sony has captured the attention of smartphone fans worldwide with its new Xperia Z5 Premium flagship, the first smartphone with a 4K display. Since the company is not doing exactly well in terms of sales, offering this very intriguing device at a price that undercuts its main rivals looks like a great opportunity to attract more new customers and gain some market share. It would be the logical thing to do.

Sony, however, went with a different strategy, which is to sell Xperia Z5 Premium and its less-premium sibling, Xperia Z5, at some pretty insane prices. The only device that is more reasonably priced is Xperia Z5 Compact, but even so it still seems to cost too much. And it is likely not to be as relevant to consumers given the smaller screen it packs -- a larger screen is an important feature to those who shop in the high-end segment, after all.

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