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Post Deletion Stress Disorder: Is it real?

Google's latest Transparency Report shows a drop in Government data removal requests

A recent study, which asked 1,000 UK consumers about their digital device habits, has revealed that more than half of them (56 percent) delete things from their devices to make room for something else, and then regret doing so.

The move is called Post Deletion Stress Disorder and, according to a press release from the study’s maker WD, is only set to continue.

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5 things for which Google can give thanks

Google Logo

Another Thanksgiving is upon us, as Americans stuff their bellies with turkey and vittles, before falling asleep during the afternoon football game. It's the day of family feuds, too much food, and setting the mood for the holiday season ahead.

We also count our blessings and give thanks for the year behind. I got to wondering what Google can be grateful for and compiled a short list for you. Perhaps you would like to add to it in comments or lash out at my lack of sensitivity on this special day. Please do. With that brief introduction, I present 5 things for which Google can give thanks, served in no particular order of importance.

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The tech item I'm most thankful for in 2015 [Brian]


Ahh, Thanksgiving. One of the few days of the year that we fat people get to shine. Many Americans are over-eaters on this gluttonous day. Actually, I am only half-joking about the gluttony; in reality, obesity is no laughing matter. Sadly, the true meaning of the holiday is getting lost more and more each year.

Holiday shopping, fueled largely by technology items, often takes precedence to the more important things in life. I'm most thankful for friends, family, my health and my home. Oh, and of course, the awesome BetaNews readers! With that said, I do love technology too. This year, there is a clear-cut favorite tech item, that has changed my life for the better. It is the...

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The tech item I'm most thankful for in 2015 [Wayne]

Giving thanks

I’m lucky I get to try out a lot of tech and, like my colleagues here at BetaNews, I buy a fair amount of shiny new products too. 2015 has been a good year for new hardware and I have a long list of items that have become essential to my daily life.

I picked up a trio of new Apple products this year -- an iPhone 6s, an iPad Air 2, and an Apple Watch -- but as much as I love them all, not one of those is the product I’m most thankful for in 2015.

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Do dropped phones really always land screen side down?

Cracked phone

It always seems to be the case that if you drop your phone it lands screen side down and gets cracked.

A survey by Motorola suggests that one in three of us in the UK is using a smartphone with a cracked screen so this would seem to be true, but can it be proved scientifically?

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UK banking customers believe PIN will soon be obsolete


A grim future awaits the PIN code, if Brits are to be believed. According to a recent survey, a majority of Brits believe PIN will be a thing of the past, and soon.

In a survey of 2,000 UK banking customers, financial technology company Intelligent Environments has found that two thirds of Brits (67 percent) believe the PIN will soon be obsolete. When those respondents were asked to predict how quickly this might happen, the average response was just under five years.

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The tech item I'm most thankful for in 2015 [Alan]

Instagram Happy Thanksgiving

The year is winding down, but the tech world is winding up with Black Friday deals already appearing and CES heading our way in early January. As always a lot came out this year, and most people will have differing opinions on their favorite product, which is fine. To each his own. I'm just throwing in my two cents.

While I tested and reviewed many products during the course of this year, there was one that stood out. One that I use every single day. What is it?

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Security tips for Black Friday shoppers

Black Friday

More than a quarter of UK and US-based online shoppers would proceed with a bargain purchase without first checking if the website is secure, a new survey has shown.

Moreover, shoppers in the US are more likely to put themselves at risk than those in the UK, with more than a third of US-based respondents admitting that they wouldn’t check the website’s security before purchasing. This is particularly worrying given that more than half of shoppers are expecting to use their credit or debit card to purchase goods this Black Friday weekend.

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Fake Amazon app targets Black Friday shoppers


Hoards of shoppers hunting for the best Black Friday deals and perhaps not paying full attention to online safety makes this a time of year when cyber criminals are also keen to cash in on moneymaking opportunities.

Internet security company Zscaler has uncovered a widespread malware campaign whose authors are scamming large numbers of people by creating fake Android apps offering early access to Amazon's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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Huawei unveils new Mate 8 flagship

Huawei Mate 8

Huawei has slowly but surely been strengthening its position in the smartphone market, taking the last place on the podium in the third quarter of the year. It may not be a threat to Apple in the near future, but Huawei has a significant advantage in terms of unit shipments over fourth place holder Lenovo.

Part of the company's success can be attributed to its flagship Android devices, which offer similar specs to premium competitors but at a price which is considerably more attractive in the eyes of a wider range of consumers. And its latest flagship, Mate 8, promises to be even more appealing, especially for phablet enthusiasts.

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Share from PowerPoint to Facebook and Twitter with Microsoft's Social Share


Build a great presentation and PowerPoint gives you various ways to share it with the world: by email, as a OneDrive link, individual slides, an online presentation, and more.

Social Share is a free Office add-in which also enables PowerPoint to directly share presentations via Facebook and Twitter.

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BullGuard Internet Security 2016 offers good value for home users [Review]


Recent reports have highlighted that it’s security at the endpoint which often leaves businesses exposed. This applies not just to machines in the office but also to mobile and BYOD devices, so some sort of security solution is essential.

BullGuard has released its latest Internet Security suite this month which is fully Windows 10 compatible and includes a number of things that make it an attractive option for business users. New features like Dropbox compatible backup and storage ensure that business data is properly protected.

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Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 computer -- seriously -- buy it today!

Pi zero featured

The various existing models of the Raspberry Pi aren’t exactly expensive. The top of the line device -- the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B -- costs just $35. But if that’s a little too rich for you, how about a model that costs just $5?

If it was the beginning of April, you might expect this to be an April Fool, but the Pi Zero is real, and available now, although it may well have sold out by the time you read this because, at just five bucks (the cost of an over-priced flavored large latte), demand is bound to be high.

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Windows Phone hacked! Unlock Lumia bootloader, get root access, flash custom ROMs


If you are the type of person that likes to tinker, Linux-based operating systems are for you. You would probably have many hours of fun playing with an Android device or Raspberry Pi. With that said, Linux is not the only game in town.

Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile are probably the last operating systems you would expect to be hacker-friendly. After all, despite its occasional embrace of open source, Microsoft is largely a closed company. Today, this perception could begin to change, you see, as a new tool rocks the mobile community. Called "Windows Phone Internals", it allows Lumia owners to unlock their bootloaders, gain root access and even flash custom ROMs. Whoa.

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Black Friday shopping and beyond -- Here are the hottest deals in tech right now!


Shopping on Black Friday can be a great way to save money with amazing deals. With that said, why wait? There are plenty of amazing online deals that are live now. Seriously, forget about waiting on long lines and fighting with other shoppers on Friday; you can get all of your Christmas shopping done now while wearing pajamas.

Of course, not all deals are created equal. Actually, some online deals are straight-up wack. Don't worry, your friends at BetaNews have got your back. For the next few days, I will be updating this article with the hottest tech deals I find online. There are no sponsored links; it is just our way to say "thank you" to our readers. If you find any good deals, please share them in the comments and I might add them to the list!

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