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Track & edit video objects with Sensarea


Most video editors provide various effects you can apply to a movie, maybe tweaking its brightness, contrast or colors. But typically these filters work with the entire frame only, which seriously limits their usefulness.

Sensarea is a free video editor for Windows which allows you to select objects, then tracks them in the frame, automatically applying your chosen effects. If you wanted to conceal someone’s identity, say, you could set up the system to pixelate their face with just a few minutes work.

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Facebook for iOS gets new photo-editing tools

Facebook rides roughshod over privacy laws

The 2013, Facebook’s failure to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion went across the world like a forest fire. Since then, it seems that the social networking giant has adopted some of the best features of Snapchat and has simply started including them in their apps.

The Facebook Slingshot app is one example of the social networking giant’s attempt to imitate Snapchat. The app lets users send colourful drawings and text to friends similar to Snapchat. Other features such as filters, text, and stickers are now added to the list.

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O&O DiskImage Professional 10 promises faster file-based backup, adds support for Windows 10


O&O Software GMBH has unveiled a major new update of its Windows drive-imaging and backup tool with the release of O&O DiskImage Professional 10 64-bit. Also available for 32-bit versions of Windows, the new release adds support for the forthcoming Windows 10 release.

It also debuts a completely rewritten file backup engine, the ability to trigger multiple tasks with portable devices and support for integrating drivers into the program’s rescue boot medium.

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PagerDuty backs its product with Downtime Insurance

Reliability meter

The IT services industry revolves around service level agreements (SLAs) but they don't often provide adequate compensation for damage caused to business by an outage of providers' systems.

Operations and performance management specialist PagerDuty is so confident of its product that it's putting its money where its reliability is and introducing Downtime Insurance, the IT operations industry's first reliability service-level agreement to be backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy.

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OpenDNS to be acquired by Cisco -- will you still use it?


While you can use the DNS servers provided by your Internet Service Provider -- and the majority of web users do -- switching to an alternative DNS can deliver speed and reliability improvements, as well as additional features like phishing protection, parental controls, improved security and more. It might also help you bypass Geoblocked and censored content.

OpenDNS is the go-to DNS service for millions of people around the world. It is, in OpenDNS’s own words, "the world’s most loved and trusted DNS service". Today, however, Cisco announces intent to acquire OpenDNS. Will that change your mind on how you view the service?

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Kyvos aims to change the big data analytics landscape

Big data

Big data can provide many benefits for businesses, but the complexities of dealing with systems like Hadoop can make it expensive and time consuming to roll out projects.

California-based Kyvos Insights is launching a new product specifically designed for big data that enables business users to easily and quickly derive powerful insights from their data for more informed decision-making, with no programming required.

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When in Istanbul, Uber lets you hail a boat

UberBOAT Istambul

Uber is planning to add boats to its growing list of travel services, which now include all variety of cars alongside a growing delivery service for merchants and food.

Named UberBOAT, the service will be available first in Istanbul, Turkey. The city is famous for the Bosphorus, the connection between Asia and Europe, split by a strait.

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Head up displays 'are a threat to safety' -- but aren't we better off with them?

BMW Head up display

Car makers offer some interesting equipment options that are said to increase driving safety. One of those features is a head up display, which shows the driver essential information, such as the speed and turn-by-turn directions, without having to take the eyes off the road. This is a benefit that is commonly pitched by car companies, as, in theory, it would allow the driver to be more focused on what's ahead rather than be distracted by a smartphone or navigation system.

However, a University of Toronto report contradicts this assertion, claiming that, in practice, HUDs are distracting and "a threat to safety" because they force drivers to focus on two different things at once: the road ahead and the windshield.

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Network visibility solution harnesses the power of big data

Network switch

Thanks to the Internet of Things and the growth in the use of mobile devices, network traffic is growing faster than ever. But the tools used to manage and monitor that traffic haven’t kept pace.

Network visibility specialist Kentik (previously known as CloudHelix) is launching a SaaS platform to enable full visibility into networks of any size giving real-time, actionable insights into network traffic activity, DDoS attacks and peering efficiency.

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Huddle launches updated iOS collaboration app


Businesses need their employees to be able to collaborate on projects but the increasingly mobile nature of the workforce and the pressures of BYOD use can make that hard to achieve.

Collaboration software specialist Huddle is updating its iOS apps to provide iPhone and iPad users with a simple and secure way to collaborate on content and manage projects while on the move, as well as delivering a more social experience by focusing on team activity around content.

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 released


Xara Group has announced the release of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11, its one-stop photo editor, graphic design and publishing tool for Windows Vista+.

Art Brushes are a highlight, a new technology which smoothly stretches bitmap or vector brushes in real-time along a freehand path. There are new brushes to emulate paint, chalk or watercolours, or you can create your own as required.

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Acer XR341CK is a curved 34 inch QHD gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync

XR341CK Monitor Right Angle feat

What an exciting time to be either a PC gamer or system builder (or both!). We are getting ever so close to a new version of Windows -- what could be the best version yet -- which is always a great excuse to upgrade hardware. Also notable, however, are the amazing new AMD 300 series graphics cards, including the Holy Grail Radeon R9 Fury X.

If you are upgrading your rig and moving to a new version of Windows, you should probably consider upgrading your monitor too. Gamers picking up a new AMD graphics card will want to consider a display with FreeSync technology for smoother gameplay. Today, Acer announces one of the most impressive such gaming monitors -- the XR341CK. This curved 34 inch QHD gaming monitor not only offers great performance, but it is totally sexy too. Feel free to drool.

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It's not just you, Sling TV is down

businessman thumbs down angry suit cell phone iPhone

I plopped onto my sofa tonight to watch a show using Sling TV. I love the service, despite it being a bit pricey. The one time I've called I got quick and courteous customer service. Tonight was different -- the service told me there was a problem with the login. I called and received endless messages that there were "higher than normal call volumes".

The sense that something was up popped into my head. Indeed it was, as the eventual customer service rep informed me that there was a big problem.

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Windows 10 Build 10158 for PC featuring dark theme-laced Microsoft Edge, cooler Cortana available to download


Another week, another Windows 10 build. Microsoft today announces that it is releasing a new Windows 10 build -- which might as well be the last build before RTM -- to Insiders in the Fast ring.

With this new build dubbed 10158, Microsoft aims to bring stability to the desktop operating system and make things smoother and pleasant to look at. In addition, the company is also finally bringing the Microsoft Edge branding while also introducing some new features. Cortana is becoming cooler than ever, too. Below is a brief summary of everything you get from the new build.

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Microsoft and AOL agree to monumental advertising and Bing search partnership


When consumers think back to the 90's, there are two companies synonymous with personal computing -- Microsoft and AOL. People bought Windows computers and connected to the web with the AOL ISP. Hell, I begged my dad for my first computer when I learned I could talk to girls in AOL chat rooms. In hindsight, I was probably talking to old men pretending to be girls, but I digress.

Both Microsoft and AOL are still quite successful -- the former much more than the latter -- and today, they announce a decade-long extension and expansion to existing agreements. Microsoft is handing over the keys to a large portion of its advertising business, while AOL search will begin using Bing.

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