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Malware targeting Microsoft Outlook Web App is after your password

attack mac keyboard security malware virus

A newly discovered malware targets Microsoft’s Outlook Web App, the company’s web-based email client. The news was unveiled by security firm Cybereason, which said the advanced persistent threat (APT) can enable patient attackers to steal an organization’s email passwords over time.

By using this approach, the hackers managed to collect and retain ownership over a large set of credentials, allowing them to maintain persistent control over the organization’s environment, Cybereason says.

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Beats Pill+ is an elegant Bluetooth speaker with Apple Lightning connector


As someone who just bought an iPhone, I find myself investing in Lightning cables. I needed one for my car, one for my backpack, one for my office and one for bedside charging. Apple's cables are well-designed, so I don't mind it, but many accessories, such as mobile keyboards and speakers, charge with micro USB. it would be nice if more things used Apple's connector.

Today, Beats by Dr. Dre, an Apple-owned company, announces the Beats Pill+. This Bluetooth speaker looks elegant, and should offer wonderful sound. The really cool aspect, however, is that it charges using a Lightning cable.

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Sony to spin off semi-conductor business


In an aim to grow its image sensors business, Sony Corp has said that it will be splitting off its semiconductors operations, the strongest business unit for the electronics maker.

In its announcement, Sony said it will be establishing Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp and will begin operations in April 2016, a move that was part of the company’s undertaking to give autonomy to its business units in picking up speed in its decision-making and making it more accountable for its profitability.

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Pandora buys Ticketfly, plans to bring artists to the fans

Pandora 200 pix

Regardless of what genre of music you like, concerts are a fun way of enjoying the sound first hand. Studio albums are great, but there's something to be said for the live experience. Pandora seems to agree and wants to begin making this connection between fans and artists.

The streaming service has announced the acquisition of Ticketfly, which is one of the leading ticket sellers online. It claims to have booked "over 16 million tickets to more than 90,000 events".

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Google will crank the mobile web up to warp speed with Accelerated Mobile Pages


Google today announced a project which has the aim of speeding up the web for mobile users -- Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. While there are clearly benefits for users in speeding up the web, Google is pushing the benefits that advertisers could reap: if a page takes too long to load, visitors may give up and not see any ads at all.

The AMP project is an open source initiative that gives publishers the ability to optimize their site code for mobiles so it will "load instantly everywhere". The aim is to be as platform independent as possible, allowing for optimize-once workflow. The result of a collaboration between Google, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and others, a new open framework called AMP HTML has been put together from existing web technologies.

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Qualys launches customizable security assessment questionnaires


With ever increasing regulatory requirements, guidelines and standards it's hard for businesses to ensure that they're following everything correctly. Add in the need to ensure compliance from third-party vendors too and it can become a major headache.

Cloud based security specialist Qualys is about to help streamline things by announcing the general availability of customizable questionnaires as a new addition to its suite of integrated services.

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People rating app Peeple disappears


The, uhm, app for people rating, has disappeared from the web. This is news because, as you might imagine, it is very hard for something to completely disappear from the internet.

The app, called Peeple, gained a lot of media attention recently, as it was dubbed "Yelp for People". Yelp is an app where people can rate restaurants, hotels and stuff like that. A lot of feedback was negative and threatening, as the app was seen as a huge platform for online bullying.

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90 percent of companies have suffered at least one cyber attack

cyber attack

According to the latest survey by Kaspersky Lab, 90 percent of companies have suffered a cyber attack and for larger businesses the cost could be as much as half a million dollars.

Of the 5,500 companies surveyed nearly half, 46 percent of businesses, lost sensitive data due to an internal or external security threat.

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event

Windows 10 devices

Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event has been an impressive tour de force, as we have seen the company reveal a significant number of exciting new products. The focus has been on Surface and Lumia devices, but we have also seen Band and HoloLens pushed into the spotlight. And we cannot forget about the news surrounding Windows 10.

Since it can be hard to keep track of everything that Microsoft has talked about, we have crammed everything you need to know about its Windows 10 hardware event into a single article.

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Can your heartbeat be hacked?

Hack heart

It’s human nature to want to ensure the safety and security of our loved ones, financials, and health. From more complicated tasks such as selecting the safest car seat for a child to simple safety routines like looking both ways before crossing the street, security in every sense is always top of mind for individuals.

The same goes for businesses, which not only have to secure intangible assets such as business-critical information, but are also focused on protecting physical assets like products and employees. As the shift toward a more mobile workforce continues, the influx of connected devices -- or the Internet of Things (IoT) -- is making it more difficult for businesses to protect and secure their assets. This is especially true for the healthcare industry, where the hype around the IoT overshadows the focus on implementing security protocols for connected devices.

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Large organizations struggle with end-user mobile computing

business mobile

Large organizations are unsure of how to approach the concept of end-user computing as a cohesive strategy, and manage the proliferation of devices and their associated security risks.

This is among the findings of the 2015 Mobile Workforce Report published today by global ICT services company Dimension Data.

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Easily transcribe media files with Listen N Write


If you need to transcribe a media file then you could just open it, click Play, launch Notepad and start typing.

That’ll work well, too, for about five seconds, until you have to start hitting Play/ Pause, stepping backwards or forwards, and generally spending more time switching between the apps than transcribing.

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Why buying a used mobile could get you more than you bargained for

Mobile data spy

If you buy a mobile device or a hard drive second hand are you buying the previous user’s data along with it?

A new study from data erasure company Blancco Technology Group and recovery specialist Kroll Ontrack suggests that in a high percentage of cases the answer is yes.

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YouTube Kids is a friendly, safe(ish) video browser


YouTube can be a great resource for young children, but there’s also a vast amount of adult content that you probably won’t want them to see.

The regular YouTube app and even the website can place some limits on what you access (Manage Subscriptions > Restricted Mode > On), but if that’s not enough then you might like to try Google’s official YouTube Kids app for Android.

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Windows 10 sees people ditching IE -- but Chrome wins out, not Edge


Launching a new web browser was always going to be a risk. Microsoft used Windows 10 as a launch pad for Edge, shedding the shackles of Internet Explorer in a bid to take on the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

Sadly for Microsoft, new figures show that Edge is failing to make inroads into Google's and Mozilla's market shares. Analysis performed by Quantcast shows that in the US just 12 percent of Windows 10 users are using Edge, while Chrome is sitting pretty with a greater than 70 percent share.

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