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Google brings app invites to iOS and Android devs

Google bring app invites to iOS and Android

You've just discovered an incredible app or game and want to tell everyone you know about it... what do you do? Email your friends with a link to the relevant app in the App Store or Google Play? Make an announcement on Facebook to your contacts? With the introduction of App Invites, Google is bringing this sharing right into apps themselves.

Launched in beta at I/O 2015, App Invites is a feature that does very much what it says on the tin: it enables users of compatible apps to invite their contacts to install an app by sending out notifications via SMS or email. It's a feature that will be welcomed by developers as it opens up one of the most valuable forms of advertising -- word of mouth.

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EFF fights abuse of court orders to close sites in the wake of Grooveshark

EFF fights abuse of court orders to close sites in the wake of Grooveshark

The EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) has involved itself in lots of online battles -- including the fightback against NSA surveillance, and the drive for net neutrality. The latest fight sees the organization joining forces with web performance and security firm CloudFlare in tackling the site blocking activities of the record industry.

The digital rights group is battling record labels which it says are forcing web firms into becoming the "copyright police". The move was prompted by the closure of Grooveshark, a music website run by one of CloudFlare's clients. It re-opens the question of who is ultimately responsible for the content that appears on sites -- those posting it, those hosting it, or any other company involved in the delivery?

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130


Early on in the Windows 10 preview program, things looked a bit grim. While I was confident Microsoft would pull it all together eventually, I was dubious that the company could meet its self-imposed summer deadline. Not only were there many bugs, but some baffling design choices.

A lot has changed since then. Since build 10122, I am totally convinced that not only will Windows 10 be ready by the summer, but it will be exceptional too. Today, Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10130. The company is wisely putting the major focus on tightening up the experience instead of introducing new features. Don't worry though, there are some new features in the build. Sadly, there is one major bug too.

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The truth about Google Photos

Secret Tell Surprise Shock

Google Photos is more than an exciting -- and hugely transforming -- new product. The app/cloud service is a metaphor for an escalating mobile business model that, with perhaps the exception of Facebook, no competitor has the capacity to match.

Users gain tremendous time-saving utility, such as the ability to meaningfully search using innocuous terms like "dog" or "Washington", all without the need to manually add metadata tags by way of applications like Photoshop. Meanwhile, Google gets access to quantifiable information, in the image and accompanying metadata, around which to sell advertising and related contextual content or services.

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Life imprisonment for Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht

Life imprisonment for Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht

There are lots of online services and sites that quickly become notorious; the Pirate Bay and Napster to name but two. But Silk Road was something in a completely differently league. Found on the dark web, the site acted as a portal to drugs and other illegal goods. It started life back in 2011 and today its founder, Ross Ulbricht is sentenced to life in prison, a year and a half after his arrest.

Ulbricht was found guilty at a jury trial three months ago and today Judge Katherine Forrest said that Silk Road demonstrated he believed he "was better than the laws of this country". She said "this is deeply troubling, terribly misguided, and very dangerous" before handing down the harshest sentence available.

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G.SKILL sets world record -- air-cooled DDR4 Memory at 4062MHz


When you are building a computer, selecting the right brands for the components matter. In other words, you should do your research, read reviews, and find out which manufacturers have the best quality and reliability. This is how I discovered G.SKILL RAM years ago. Through my own experiences, I found the high marks its hardware receives are very much warranted.

Today, G.SKILL announces that it has set a world record. Get ready to drool folks, as the company has achieved 4062MHz on air-cooled DDR4 memory. Whoa.

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Android Wear support for Spotify arrives


It's a big week for Google, as the company holds its I/O event. We've seen the next version of Android, for the moment simply known as M, and users can install a preview version of it now. There was Brillo, which aims to take Android into the growing Internet of Things market and many other announcements.

As for Android Wear, Google's foray into smartwatches, there are improvements coming there as well. Spotify is also announcing support for the wristwear.

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DDoS attacks spread to more countries


A total of 23,095 DDoS attacks were carried out on web resources located in 76 countries in the first quarter of 2015, up 15 percent from the 66 countries affected in the final quarter of last year.

This is one of the findings of a new study by cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab into the botnet-assisted DDoS attack landscape. But although the geography is expanding the overall number of botnet-assisted attacks is down by 11 percent and the number of unique victims down by eight percent.

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The benefits of 3D printing in healthcare

Heart straight out of a 3D printer

It may not have made major headlines, but earlier this month a story broke that demonstrates how 3D printing is making a huge impact in the medical industry. A sea turtle that had been injured colliding with a motor boat had its beak replaced with a 3D printed prosthetic. Providing the part is not rejected, the turtle could even be allowed to return to the sea.

However, 3D printing has potential health benefits to humans too, many of which we are currently discovering. Earlier this month, for example, cosmetics firm L’Oreal announced a partnership with Organovo to 3D print human skin. Although the collaboration is for use in the beauty industry, the overlaps of biology and 3D printing could provide benefits for burns victims and those suffering from skin conditions.

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Adware makers turn their sights on OS X


Hot on the heels of news that OS X topped the vulnerabilities charts in April comes Dr. Web's virus activity review for May which shows increasing quantities of adware and unwanted applications targeting the Apple operating system.

The company reports several programs aimed at OS X that either install adware, install other applications or inject JavaScript code into webpages.

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How the modern IT team should look

business mobile

IT teams need to evolve in order to meet new challenges -- make sure you have got the right in-house and outsourced resource with this analysis.

IT teams are evolving. The old model of a Finance/IT director supported by Infrastructure and Application managers, with a host of network engineers and developers, is changing to meet new challenges.

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How a growing cyber attack industry is good news for investors

cyber security

Whilst cyber attacks continue to make the news, a new report published by Capital News Desk suggests that around 70 percent of organizations choose to keep their security incidents quiet.

It also reveals that around 73 percent of large organizations have been infiltrated by attacks. It's newer technologies like BYOD and the cloud that are seen as the biggest threats along with cyber crime.

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Best Windows apps this week


One-hundred and thirty-two in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps and games released for Windows in the past seven days.

Microsoft revealed plans this week to improve the Windows Store user experience by enforcing new policies to remove low-quality apps from the store. It is however, not the first time Microsoft promised to improve the quality of its Store and it remains to be seen if the new attempt will have a positive effect on user experience.

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ExeWatch warns you of new executables


There are many ways an attacker might try to compromise your PC, and one common option is to download and run an executable without your knowledge. If your antivirus engine doesn’t recognize the threat then that could leave you with a serious problem.

Run ExeWatch and it might be a different story. The program watches your local drives, looking out for new executable files, and raises an alert the moment anything appears -- downloaded, extracted from an archive, written by some other program, whatever it might be. It has no malware-removal abilities, but that early warning may still save you a lot of pain.

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Making it easier for small businesses to create a professional online presence

uKit screen grab

It's becoming almost essential for businesses to have an online presence today, but for smaller companies or one-man operations employing a professional designer may be prohibitively expensive and basic template-based design tools don't always produce quality results.

Russian website specialist uCoz is about to make life easier for small businesses with the launch of the open beta of its new website creation platform, uKit.

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