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Clean up after a Windows 10 upgrade and regain loads of disk space

Clean Win 10

Windows 10 itself has moderate hard drive requirements -- around 16 GB for the 32-bit OS, and 20 GB for 64-bit version -- but the upgrade process can leave behind loads of temporary files that can really impact on your free space.

Browse the root of your system drive, and you’ll probably find two sizable directories -- $Windows.~BT, and $Windows.~WS, as well as a Windows.old directory created during the upgrade. Wondering if you can, or should remove these? It’s a question of lot of people are currently wondering.

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New OnePlus smartphone to launch around Christmas


With the OnePlus 2 officially announced, the Shenzhen-based startup is starting work on its third smartphone, set for launch near Christmas. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei confirmed plans to launch the smartphone around that time in an interview with USA Today.

Pei said it may or may not be higher spec than the OnePlus 2, and did not branch off into any more details. Rumors of the OnePlus Mini, Plus and Ultra have all been published, but we have yet to see any concrete proof of a size change.

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Microsoft announces Windows 10-optimized PC accessories


Windows 10 is off to a very successful start. All around the world, users of Windows 7 and 8 are upgrading to the new version at a furious pace. This is a very smart move, as for the first time ever, a major update to Microsoft's operating system is being offered to the masses at no charge.

While Windows 10 should run absolutely fine on existing computers and current accessories, that doesn't mean there can't be improvements. Today, Microsoft announces updates to its well-respected line of mice and keyboards, with a focus on Windows 10. Will you upgrade your keyboard and mouse to its new offerings?

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Siri might be able to transcribe your voicemails in iOS 10


The future is here. Apple is now preparing to launch a voicemail service that will use Siri to transcribe your messages. And since we all know what a pain it is to listen to those voicemails again, you will then receive a message from iCloud of the transcribed voicemail, although this is due in 2016.

Here’s the theory that Apple is using: people like to leave voicemails because it is much easier to leave an oral message as opposed to typing it all out in a text message. But, on the other hand, people don’t like to receive voicemails because it is much easier to read a message, than go through all the voicemails someone has left.

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Bringing the power of analytics to performance management

Performance meter

Smooth management of IT systems relies on being able to spot issues early and resolve them before they have a major impact on performance.

Infrastructure analytics specialist Virtual Instruments is launching a new version of its VirtualWisdom solution, a vendor-agnostic platform that ensures performance for enterprise applications spanning physical, virtual and cloud computing environments.

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Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 now come with Windows 10 preinstalled

Surface Pro 3 Win10

If you’ve been thinking of buying either Surface 3, or Surface Pro 3, but have been waiting for Windows 10 to arrive, now is the time to get your wallet out.

Microsoft has started shipping both of its slates with Windows 10 preinstalled. Surface 3 comes with Windows 10, while Surface Pro 3 has Windows 10 Pro onboard.

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Microsoft selects Interana to improve Bing performance

Bing screengrab

Bing is the second largest search engine in the US and in order to maintain its position the team behind it needs to make constant improvements and for that they need insights into how it gets used.

Microsoft has chosen behavioral analytics solution Interana to analyze the massive volumes of clickstream event data generated daily on Bing.

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Control your PC with a webcam via Camera Mouse 2015


Some Windows applications are keyboard-oriented, others built for touch, but the vast majority are still designed to be controlled by a mouse. And that’s a problem if you don’t have reliable control of a hand.

Camera Mouse is a free tool for Windows XP+ which allows users to control their mouse with head movements, instead. It’s been around for years, but developer Boston College has recently released an update with a couple of new features.

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Web isolation platform adds threat intelligence to improve accuracy

Internet security

We reported on the Menlo Security Web Isolation Platform, which aims to eliminate threats before they reach the desktop, earlier this year.

Now Menlo Security is beefing up its offering, announcing a partnership with threat intelligence specialist Webroot. The link up will deliver granular threat intelligence for the Web Isolation Platform through integration with Webroot's BrightCloud Web Classification Service.

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Why can't Amazon Echo handle this seemingly basic feature?

Amazon Echo

Since receiving Amazon Echo, Alexa, the name Amazon gives these devices, and I have grown to know one another. We mostly get along, but occasionally argue. It (she?) has learned my habits, but began playing the news the other night while I was watching TV, rather annoyingly. I'm looking forward to testing its home automation features with Nest thermostat and GE Link bulb in the near future. Hopefully Alexa won't decide I no longer need heat or lights!

But what can't Echo do? That's an open-ended question with many answers, depending on what the user wants. However, I'm only asking for one small thing, at least for now.

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Slack shows off beta Windows Phone app

Slack is tardy to the two-factor authentication party

There is nothing more frustrating about Windows Phone than finding out that one of the services that I have to use on a daily basis does not have an app in Store, nor is there a third-party offering available. The poor developer support is one of the main reasons why I switched to iPhone 6 Plus late last year, after using Windows Phones exclusively for nearly two years straight.

However, in the case of some services, at least there is hope. Slack, the communication tool that we use at BetaNews, does not currently have a Windows Phone client, but the company behind the service is actively working on one, showing off an early build on Twitter.

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Monetizing mobile apps without harming the user experience [Q&A]

Mobile graph

In the past making money from a mobile app has usually involved signing up to an advertisement network and allowing the app to display banner ads.

The problem with this is that it doesn't make for a particularly good user experience and may actually turn people off using the app. For some time now the buzz around the industry has been about 'native' ads within apps. But exactly what is a native ad and what are the benefits? We spoke to Yannis Dosios, VP of Yahoo Publisher Services to find out.

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Enterprises should adapt to Windows 10, not work around it


Microsoft’s move to continuous updates is a fundamental change. Most significantly, those components traditionally shipped as part of a major release will now be available as independent apps.

This means innovations within these apps can be made available when they are ready, not held up for the next big operating systems (OS) update.

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New intelligence tool aims to make enterprises smarter

artificial intelligence

Businesses are constantly on the look out for information to support their decision making processes. But they need to understand industry and market trends as well as what’s happening internally.

Today enterprise services platform and marketplace provider blur Group is launching an online business intelligence tool that provides a comprehensive industry overview on specific trends in business services -- including insights into geographical focus, technology and more.

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Acer Aspire One Cloudbook is a Windows 10-powered Chromebook killer


When Google's Chromebooks came onto the retail scene, consumers were dubious, and rightfully so. After all, for the most part, the operating system appeared to be nothing more than a web browser. While Chrome OS is actually a full-fledged Linux distribution, the focus is on the web browser, so consumers aren't far off -- perception is everything.

While Chromebooks can be a great option for people with limited computing needs, Windows 10 offers so many more possibilities. Despite limitations, what kept Chromebooks semi-popular, was the low cost. Unfortunately for Google, that benefit is short-lived. Today, Acer announces its Aspire One Cloudbook line. With super-low prices and Windows 10 Home, these are sure to be wildly popular; consumers may forget about Chromebooks altogether.

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