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Millennials lose faith in organizations' cyber security

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New research suggests that millennials in the US and UK have lost trust in the ability of enterprises and governments to protect their personal data online.

The survey comes from digital identity and credentials specialist Intercede and questioned around 2,000 16 to 35 year-olds. It indicates a widespread state of mistrust that has the potential to change the nature of online interactions with public agencies and corporations and points to a need for action to avoid a future backlash.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565 arrives on the Fast ring, includes Skype integration, Edge improvements


If you’re a Windows Insider on the Fast ring, Microsoft has a new Windows 10 preview build for you try. Build 10565 has quite a lot of changes and new features, including integrated Skype messaging, calling and video, tab preview in Microsoft Edge, some new icons, and Cortana enhancements.

There are also improved context menus on Start, more vibrant title bars, and the ability to sync favorites and reading list items in Edge. A lot of annoying problems have been fixed in this build too.

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HyperX announces Cloud Mav Edition Headset for gamers

HyperX Cloud Mav Edition_HX_Cloud_Core_Mav_hr_25_09_2015 13_14

If you are a PC gamer, you should invest in a quality headset. Not only can you achieve immersive audio to enhance the gameplay, but a microphone too so you can communicate with teammates during online matches.

One of the most popular gaming headsets comes from HyperX -- the gaming division of Kingston. Its Cloud headset (and subsequently, the Cloud II) is sort of a cult classic -- gamers love it for its reasonable price, solid build and exceptional sound quality. Today, it announces the Cloud Mav Edition Headset, and it looks awesome. Apparently, it is designed for those with a "maverick gaming personality" -- will John McCain buy it?

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Missing your favorite football team? Now TuneIn Radio will broadcast the audio


The National Football League season is in full swing and there have already been some surprises. Teams expected to compete have floundered, while those considered underdogs have managed to thrive. But what if you can't watch your team? Some folks live "out of market" and some have cut the cord. Well, there's radio right? No, not if you aren't in market.

Now TuneIn Radio aims to change that, bringing broadcasts of all 32 teams right online. You can listen to the play-by-play call from home, even if your favorite franchise is a thousand miles away.

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EE: UK will need more than 2 million IT workers by 2020

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If you thought the story about Europe needing 800,000 workers in the IT security industry by 2020 was insane, you’ll be blown away with what O2 claims.

According to its research, the UK alone will need 2.3 million workers with IT skills by the same time. The research also predicts 766,000 new jobs will be created over the next five years, with London and the south-east being the main targets.

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Device detection might be the answer to ad-blockers' popularity


What strikes me most about the reaction to Apple’s decision to allow iPhone and iPad Safari browsers to block advertising via third-party software extensions is its reason for doing so.

According to the BBC an Apple spokeswoman claimed the decision was made "for an improved mobile browsing experience". Some users support this view with one such comment from Peter Steinberger -- "Ad blocking on iOS 9 makes such a big difference in page load times, it’s not even funny".

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GameStop values family over profits -- will be closed on Thanksgiving


America is a very materialistic country. After all, we are built on capitalism. This isn't a bad thing -- making money and working are wonderful things. Being a contributor to society is honorable. Unfortunately, as shifts get longer, and people work harder, family life can suffer.

One of the saddest attacks against the family is forcing people to work on Thanksgiving. What used to be "Black Friday", has crept into the prior Thursday, Thanksgiving, ruining many family moments. This is due to many people's love for tech, and getting a great deal. This year, GameStop is putting its foot down. Its retail employees will not be working on Thanksgiving, as it puts a focus on families, rather than profits. Amazing.

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Is your IT department ready for continuous Windows 10 updates?


Windows 10 might be the last time IT does a major OS rollout across their organization. Here on in, rather than releasing a new version of the Windows operating system (OS) every few years, there will be regular and continual updates to Windows 10 in perpetuity.

For enterprise IT departments, this new business model and Microsoft software release strategy requires a whole new level of vigilance and support.

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Acer unveils Aspire R 14 convertible laptop and Z3-700 all-in-one PC

Aspire R 14 - R5-471Tfeat

Today is Columbus Day in the USA, so many Americans are off from work. This is not a holiday in Taiwan, however, so today, Acer is showing-off some new Windows 10 computers there. While Microsoft's new operating system is no longer fresh and new, it is still exciting to get new computers pre-loaded with it.

Acer is a value-focused manufacturer, so not only does it offer great designs, but affordable prices too. In other words, the company makes it possible for people on a budget to buy a solid PC. Today, Acer announces a new convertible laptop and all-in-one desktop PC. Both machines are competitively priced.

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Manage advanced Firefox security settings with ConfigFox


Firefox is a supremely configurable browser with an array of useful settings, but many are so deeply buried in about:config that you may never even realize they exist.

ConfigFox is a free portable tool for Windows which makes it easier to view and manage Firefox’s more advanced privacy and security-related options.

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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS gain more new features


Microsoft has released new versions for the three core apps in its iPad and iPhone Office suite. Word for iOS 1.14, Excel for iOS 1.14, and PowerPoint for iOS 1.14 all gain minor improvements and new features as part of the suite’s ongoing evolution.

All three apps gain the ability to rename files, while there are improvements to font accessibility and a number of app-specific improvements too.

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Dell buys EMC and gets the corporate cloud for free


The Wall $treet Journal carried a story last week about Dell Computer possibly buying EMC, the big storage vendor, and this morning Dell confirmed it, pinning a price of $67 billion on the deal. There’s a lot to wonder about in this combination, which I think is pretty brilliant on Dell’s part even if I’m not generally in favor of mega-mergers. But it seems to me most of the experts commenting on the deal have it ass-backwards as Wall Street once again proves it doesn’t really understand technology business.

EMC has this large but aging storage division and a valuable subsidiary in VMware, of which EMC owns 80 percent. Activist investors have been rumbling that EMC should spin-off VMware to EMC shareholders because that’s the best way to realize the value of the asset and share it tax-free. Michael Dell appears as something of a white knight except he is expected, too, to get rid of VMware to finance the deal. The only thing wrong with this picture is that all the people who want to spin-off or sell VMware don’t seem to realize that’s where the value of this EMC deal lies for Dell.

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How to find out if your iPhone 6s has a 'good' or a 'bad' chip

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

As you may have read, there are two different versions of the A9 processor powering Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. One chip is made by Samsung (fractionally smaller), and the other by TSMC.

Apple says there’s no real difference between the processors (it used two different manufacturers to avoid supply issues), but it’s reported that devices with the TSMC processor run cooler and can give users up to 2 hours of additional battery life. There’s no way of knowing which processor your iPhone has simply by looking at it, but there is a simple trick you can use to find out what’s inside.

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How to protect your network in the BYOD era

laptop tablet smartphone

The consumerization of business technology is picking-up speed. This trend towards the introduction of consumer technology within the corporate environment for the use of work activities is best reflected in policies like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

These policies have become prevalent in most corporate environments, and have kept many network administrators awake at night worried about the potential data breaches that could occur.

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Buy OnePlus 2 without an invite today!


OnePlus has announced that its sought-after Android flagship smartphone will be available to purchase without invite today, October 12. Consumers interested in getting their hands on OnePlus 2 will have a one-hour window to complete their purchase before the company goes back to its invite-only system.

This is the first time that OnePlus 2 is officially sold without an invite, so, to avoid any issues with the ordering system, the one-hour window will start at noon in every major region. Outside of it, consumers will need to have an invite to snap up a OnePlus 2.

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