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Flash storage adoption is on the rise in UK

Storage Server Hot Swap Racks

A new survey carried out by data management company NetApp reveals the trends in flash storage adoption throughout various industries in the UK.

The legal industry is currently leading the way, with (50 percent) of respondents having already adopted it. This is followed by finance and manufacturing (both at 46 percent), education (42 percent) and IT and telecommunications (40 percent).

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Oops! Apple leaks photo of new MacBook Pro with OLED Magic Toolbar


The release of macOS 10.12.1 was a fairly unremarkable affair... apart from one thing. In addition to the expected fixes and changes, hidden in the code are images relating to Apple Pay that appear to show off the new MacBook Pro -- the updated model that's not due to be announced until the upcoming event on 27 October.

The images are very revealing too, showing off a few surprises that Apple would probably have liked to have kept secret until the big day. Gone are the function keys at the top of the keyboard, replaced instead by a touch sensitive OLED panel presumed to be called the Magic Toolbar. There's also -- it appears -- built in support for Touch ID, and a few other changes.

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Google declares war on Microsoft Surface Hub with 'Jamboard' enterprise whiteboard


Businesses can never go wrong choosing Microsoft. Between Windows, SharePoint, and Office, a company should see much success in both productivity and collaboration. One place where Microsoft was pretty much unchallenged in the enterprise was with Surface Hub -- its big-screen collaboration device running the wonderful Windows 10. Today, however, this changes, as Google unveils something of a Surface Hub competitor.

Called "Jamboard", the search-giant's digital whiteboard features a beautiful 55-inch 4K display, HD camera, and integrated speakers. Yeah, it seems very impressive. With that said, Google services like G Suite are unproven in the enterprise; an IT decision-maker would be taking a huge risk by spending company funds on Jamboard. After all, it costs $6,000.

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Apple fiscal Q4 2016 by the numbers: $46.9B, $1.67 EPS


Two days before Apple's next media event, where long-overdue new laptops presumably arrive, the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant released fiscal fourth quarter and closed full-year 2016. You could feel the anticipation after the Bell closed on Wall Street today—and, honestly, it had been palpable for weeks. Shares closed $118.25, up .51 percent.

The drama is a TV thriller: Release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus set against a backdrop of saturated global smartphone sales; launch of Apple Watch Series 2 into an already declining market for smart timepieces; analyst data showing calendar third quarter to again be bad for PC shipments—with even Macs losing momentum. So everyone wants to know: What was the quarter's financial crop?

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Productive and satisfied employees can live inside BYOD containment


When employees started bringing their devices to work with the rise of the smartphone, companies in all industries feared what that would mean for productivity and security. Nowadays, personal devices in the workplace are a given -- so much so that Bring Your Own Device programs (BYOD) are being implemented across the enterprise at an increasing rate.

Unfortunately, those programs come at a price. Organizations that have attempted implement a BYOD program, however are largely failing as employees don’t want the company to control their entire device.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14955 for PC and Mobile arrives on the Fast ring

Windows-10 key

Microsoft is hosting a big Windows 10 event tomorrow, which you’ll be able to watch live here. It will be showcasing some new Surface hardware, and also revealing more about the future of the operating system.

In advance of that happening, the software giant has pushed out a new build for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring.

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What you need to know about Internet of things

IOT Internet of Things

The Internet of things is predicted to revolutionize the way in which we live our lives, with many industry experts tipping it to have the biggest technological impact since cloud computing.

The reason behind such a bold claim is that IoT devices have the potential to be more pervasive than any other form of technology. By embedding Internet connectivity into everyday objects we can open every facet of our lives to technological innovation. In truth, it is impossible to say with certainty what the future impacts of this will be, and there are just as many Internet of things doomsayers as there are enthusiasts.

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Avira ships all-in-one Avira Free Security Suite 2017


Avira has released Avira Free Security Suite 2017, a comprehensive bundle of its antivirus, antiphishing, VPN and speedup products.

The package includes four products. Avira Free Antivirus keeps malware at bay, Avira Browser Safety blocks dangerous links, Avira Phantom VPN encrypts web traffic and masks your IP address, and Avira System Speedup optimizes your PC’s performance.

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Dyn DDoS attack used Chinese firm's unsecured IoT devices

DDoS keyboard

Following the large scale cyberattack that took down a number of high-profile sites last Friday, a Chinese electronics component manufacturer has admitted that its products were used by the attackers behind the disruption.

Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, which produces DVRs and internet-connect cameras, has come forward to acknowledge that its products were exploited and that the attackers had taken advantage of security vulnerabilities resulting from weak default passwords.

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Logitech Harmony remotes gain Amazon Alexa voice controls when connected to Echo


We are currently in the golden age of television. Not only are shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones excellent, but there are so many ways to consume it all. Of course, you can watch TV live on cable or satellite, but thanks to DVR and streaming, you can watch on your schedule too. It is all quite glorious.

For those serious about their television watching, an investment in a quality remote control can be very wise. Logitech's Harmony line is arguably the best, and today, it gets even better. Owners of hub-compatible models can now link their Amazon Echo to the Harmony app, enabling voice controls for their AV equipment. Yes, fellow couch potatoes, we can now be even lazier when watching TV!

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Canonical explains Ubuntu Advantage benefits -- could your business switch to Linux?


Linux-based desktop operating systems are better than Windows because they are free, right? Whoa there, folks. Neither are necessarily better or worse -- it really depends on your needs. Cost-free operating systems, such as Ubuntu and Fedora, are definitely great for home consumers looking to breathe new life into old machines. With that said, the benefits of Linux extend beyond money and cost-savings.

Linux being free is sort of misleading when it comes to business use too. While a small business with a few employees can sometimes get by without paying for support, larger companies would be crazy to go it entirely alone -- paid support is a necessity for success. Today, Canonical releases a well-designed infographic that explains the benefits of its paid support, called 'Ubuntu Advantage'.

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WinZip 21 adds direct email support, makes individual file sharing easier


Fresh off the production line comes WinZip 21, a major new release of perhaps the best-known zip utility in the world. Version 21 introduces a number of new features and improvements, including more cloud connections (Pro only), enhanced MP3 file compression and streamlined sharing.

The update builds on WinZip 20, which introduced a new ribbon-based user interface. Version 21 continues to expand its flexibility with additional file and folder interactions.

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Millennial behavior puts federal IT systems at risk

Federal government

The security habits of the millennial generation could be putting federal IT systems at risk, if agencies don't adjust their cyber defenses in time.

This finding comes from a new study by cyber security company Forcepoint, which examines how members of the millennial generation use technology.

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Looking for a case for the new Google Pixel? Incipio has some choices


Google recently released two new flagship Android phones -- the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Designed to be serious iPhone rivals, these handsets represent a large investment and one that any buyer would certainly wish to keep safe. To that end, Incipio is releasing a lineup of cases to keep your Pixel or Pixel XL protected.

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The seven IoT devices that could be putting your business at risk

Risk dial

We've already seen concerns about the threats Internet of Things gadgets may pose in the home, with hackable Barbie dolls and snooping Smart TVs. Not to mention that the latest Dyn DDoS attack was carried out using unsecured IoT devices.

IoT devices are starting to become commonplace in businesses too so the potential for problems can only grow. Security company ForeScout, along with leading ethical hacker Samy Kamkar, has been investigating the risks these devices pose.

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