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Application-defined WAN improves remote cloud working

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Moving applications to the cloud and distributing work to remote offices places new strains on networks. According to Microsoft's guidelines for Office 365 adoption, enterprises should plan for up to four times increase in WAN bandwidth, and enable direct-to-cloud access from the remote office to avoid sub-optimal performance.

Software-defined WAN pioneer CloudGenix is addressing this problem with the launch of its Instant On (ION) 3000v application-defined fabric, an SD-WAN platform for virtualizing remote offices.

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Ahead of iPhone 7 launch, Apple faces $14.5 billion bill for 'illegal tax benefits' in Ireland


Apple is facing a bill of €13 billion (around $14.5 billion) after the European Commission ruled that Ireland granted the company illegal tax benefits. Ireland permitted Apple to pay "substantially less tax than other businesses", and the Commission has decided that not only is this illegal, but the money must be recovered.

A three-year investigation concluded that Apple was paying corporation tax of just 1 percent in Ireland. The tax arrangement meant that Apple's tax bill was "artificially lowered" -- down to as low as 0.005 percent in 2014. Ireland is used by many technology companies for its favorable tax rates, but the European Commission's ruling could have implications not just for Apple, but for its rivals and contemporaries.

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OpenShot adds animation tools, extends audio support


OpenShot Studios has shipped OpenShot 2.1.0, the latest release of its cross-platform open-source video editor.

The big news this time is the addition of many animation features, including layers, transparent image sequences and keyframe support.

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New Google app wants to crowdsource your help... for free


On all mobile platforms -- and, indeed, desktop ones -- there are no end of apps and websites that can be used to earn money and other rewards in return for providing feedback. Google, however, has a different idea.

The company has released a new app for Android called Crowdsource. The idea is to improve the likes of Google Maps and Google Translate with input from the likes of you and I. But rather than paying contributors -- or even offering any kind of incentive -- Google is rather cheekily looking for help completely gratis.

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Passwords are dead


If someone told you passwords were a thing of the past, you might well laugh in disbelief.

Undoubtedly, passwords have been the cornerstone of digital security for a long time. As technology has improved, however, passwords have become increasingly easy to hack, forcing the IT community to search for new solutions. Most people regularly use weak passwords -- in fact we’re getting worse at this -- but with the constantly expanding list of websites and services, the demand for us to remember unique usernames and passwords for is growing all the time.

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Latest Surface Pro 3 update fixes battery problems


If your Surface Pro 3 has been plagued with battery issues, Microsoft has some good news for you -- there's now a fix available. Not that there was actually a problem in the first place, you understand...

While many people were under the impression that their Surface Pro 3 had developed a physical battery problem, an issue with the firmware was preventing it from being fully charged.

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SBGuard Anti-Ransomware is a one-click malware blocker


Australian backup vendor Sydneybackups has released SBGuard Anti-Ransomware 1.3.0, claiming it "protects your Windows PC against all known Ransomware malware, such as CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt, CryptoXXX, CTB-Locker, Zepto and many others".

How does it work? According to the developer, the program "injects a large number of restriction mechanisms and modifies some core Windows components to prevent malicious behaviors and executions".

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Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing will be 'live' streamed on YouTube


Kit Dotcom has never been a man to shy away from the public eye, and his upcoming trial is not going to see that change. Facing extradition to the US where he faces numerous charges, Dotcom has won the right to have the hearing live streamed on YouTube.

It's fair to say that there will be good deal of interest in the content and outcome of the hearing, but the judge who agreed to the live streaming has insisted that a few restrictions be put in place. Firstly there will be a 20-minute delay (so not technically a 'live' stream), and comments will be disabled as well.

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Microsoft Back to School Deal: Buy Huawei MateBook Windows 10 PC, get free keyboard!


If you are looking to buy a new computer for college or high school, there are many great options. In my shopping guide, I listed some choices, with one being the Huawei MateBook. Like the Surface Pro, it is technically a tablet, but when the keyboard attachment is connected, it is functionally a laptop too.

Unfortunately, having to buy the Portfolio Keyboard adds $129 to the overall price. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue. You see, for a limited time, Microsoft will give you that keyboard for free when you buy the Huawei Matebook. Best of all, this promotion includes the base model, meaning you can get the full Windows 10 experience for a steal!

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Samsung unveils curved Quantum Dot gaming monitors with AMD FreeSync


When buying a gaming monitor, there have historically been many things to consider, such as brand, budget, size, and resolution. Nowadays, however, there are even more features to investigate, like whether or not to buy a curved screen and deciding if you need AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC.

Today, Samsung announces some new gaming monitors that check many of the marks -- curved screen, AMD FreeSync, plus respectable resolutions and refresh rate. Stepping things up further, it also has Quantum Dot technology, which should produce remarkable colors.

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Security experts want passwords to be put out to pasture


Russian internet giant has been hacked once again, and some 25 million accounts associated with forums run by the company have been compromised.

Among the data that was stolen are usernames, passwords (easily crackable, according to Secure CloudLink), email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and IP addresses.

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Verizon switches on LTE Advanced in 461 cities -- is your phone compatible?


Verizon Wireless is what I consider to be the best cellphone carrier in the USA. Yes, it is expensive comparatively, but you get what you pay for. Both coverage and speed is top notch across the country, meaning you should have a solid experience in many places where you travel.

Today, the carrier announces that its LTE is getting much faster. In 461 cities across the USA, it switches on the speedier "LTE Advanced" (LTE-A). Best of all, many existing devices are compatible. Wondering if your phone, tablet, or hotspot can take advantage? Read on for the list.

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Intel unveils 3D NAND SSDs for data centers, IoT devices and PCs

Intel 3d NAND

Intel has just announced a series of new 3D NAND SSDs, aimed at PCs, data centers and Internet of Things devices. The company says the new array offers a "cost effective replacement for traditional Hard Disk Drives".

From the consumer side, there are two new devices: Intel SSD 600p Series, and Intel SSD Pro 600p Series. It uses PCIe Gen3x4, NVMe interface, resulting in a 17 times faster performance over HDD, and three times faster performance over SATA SDDs.

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Back4Sure is a versatile PC backup tool


At first glance, Back4Sure might not seem the best choice of file backup software. First released back in 2009, the developer still hasn’t tested it on Windows 10, it doesn’t look promising -- right?

Well, maybe, but don’t rule it out just yet. Older applications might not use toast notifications or display their status in a live tile, but they may still have many advantages.

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Iran starts to roll out its own 'domestic internet'


Iran, much like China, is not a country that has the best reputation when it comes to granting citizens unfettered access to the internet. Now, a new initiative is underway, which sees the roll out of its own 'domestic internet', dubbed the National Information Network.

The country is rolling out its own national internet in a bid to provide affordable internet access to people, but there are concerns that there will be severe limits placed on online activity. Iran already blocks access to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and a government-controlled internet, it is feared, could lead to a further erosion of privacy and individual control.

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