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Sony unveils Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet 1

Two flagship smartphones a year is one too many. Consumers who buy those top-of-the-line handsets do not like seeing their new purchase being outclassed in the same year it launches. Thankfully, Sony has learned its lesson, as there is no Xperia Z4 at MWC 2015. However, it's a bit strange that we're seeing Xperia Z4 Tablet. It's like the tablet division didn't get the memo, naming it after a device that's not here yet.

For those of you not keeping track of Sony's flagship tablets, Xperia Z4 Tablet is the successor to Xperia Z2 Tablet, announced at last year's MWC. The more-recent Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact that made its debut at IFA 2014 features a much smaller display, targeting iPad mini -- instead of full-blown iPad -- buyers. Let's take a look at Xperia Z4 Tablet.

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Microsoft's Universal Foldable Keyboard loves iOS, Android and Windows equally

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard loves iOS, Android and Windows equally

Every mobile operating system would have you believe that it has the best built in keyboard. It's clear that plenty of people disagree judging by the number of alternative keyboard apps that exist in the Windows Phone, Apple and Android stores. Sometimes even the best software keyboard isn't good enough, but few people are enamored with the idea of carrying around a full size Bluetooth keyboard.

There are numerous mobile keyboards that are particularly suitable for use with smartphones and tablets, and today at MWC in Barcelona, Microsoft threw its hat into the ring with the Universal Foldable Keyboard. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to a large money wallet, this svelte device connects via Bluetooth to whatever mobile device you happen to be using -- including the newly announced Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

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Mobile users face risks on multiple fronts

virus malware infection mobile

A new report from security company FireEye, based on analysis of over seven million mobile apps during 2014, reveals that mobile users are being targeted from a number of directions.

Risks on the Android platform include malicious apps that steal information once installed, legitimate apps written insecurely by developers, legitimate apps using insecure but aggressive ad libraries, malware and aggressive adware that passes Google Play checks and is assumed to be safe, identity theft, and premium rate phone and SMS fraud.

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Xiaomi goes after GoPro with Mi Pro Action Camera

Xiaomi Mi Pro Action Camera

Xiaomi may be best known for its smartphones, but the company is exploring other markets as well. On top of its Android phones, its lineup also includes a tablet, activity tracker, TV, router, external batteries, headphones and much more. One might say that Xiaomi is looking to sell a lifestyle, not just gadgets.

Today, Xiaomi is entering another market with the announcement of Mi Pro Action Camera. The company's first action camera offers exactly what you might expect out of a Xiaomi device: decent hardware and great value. It's not up there with the best that GoPro has to offer, but it's also not as expensive.

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Twitter investigates alleged ISIS threat against its founder and employees


Twitter is investigating an alleged threat by the terror group ISIS against both its founder Jack Dorsey and its employees. The author of the threat indicates anger by the recent banning of Twitter profiles belonging to either members of ISIS, or its sympathizers. A translated version of the threat says that Twitter employees could find themselves murdered due to the removal of the profiles.

BetaNews obtained a quote from Twitter stating, "our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials". Surely this is a difficult balancing act for the social network; are terrorists and their sympathizers worthy of free speech protection?

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The earphone's connected to the head bone - DIGICare bone conduction headphone [Review]

Digicare headphones

Bluetooth headphones are pretty common place but these from DIGICare are a bit different because they use bone conduction technology -- as does Google Glass and some hearing aids.

That means instead of sitting in or over your ears they rest on the sides of head and feed the sound into your inner ear via your skull.

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Microsoft launches Windows 10-ready Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL

Microsoft launches Windows 10-ready Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL

It was something of a poorly kept secret, but this morning at MWC Microsoft announced the two latest additions to its range of Lumia handsets. News of the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL had already crept out over the weekend thanks to a slightly premature news release that was later pulled, but now the handsets are official and "keeping you prepared for anything".

These may be fairly low-end phones, but there's one thing the handsets are prepared for -- Windows 10. The 5-inch Lumia 640 and 5.7-inch Lumia 640 XL will arrive with Windows Phone 8.1, but are in line for a Windows 10 upgrade. To increase the appeal of the phones, Microsoft is throwing in a one-year license for Office 365, 60 minutes of international Skype calls each month, and 1TB of OneDrive storage. But what about the specs?

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Watch Microsoft's Mobile World Congress 2015 press conference here live

Does a deleted Microsoft blog post show it's about to buy mobile email firm Acompli?

As you’ll already know, the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) is going on right now, and most of the big players are announcing and launching new handsets. Samsung and HTC have announced new versions of popular phones, and Microsoft (in the form of Stephen Elop, Julia White and Neil Broadley) is set to take to the stage imminently.

Thanks to a premature news posting on Sunday we already know some of what to expect. A headline that made its way into feeds tells us the tech giant will be revealing the Lumia 640 and 640 XL, devices which, the company says, will keep "you prepared for anything".

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Lenovo announces A7000 and VIBE Shot Android smartphones


Lenovo is not a company that many people associate with smartphones. While the company is not new to this segment, its phones are absent in the USA. With that said, Lenovo is the now-owner of Motorola, making future phones in this country more possible.

Today, the company announces two beautiful new Android smartphones; the A7000 and VIBE Shot. While the former looks like your standard smartphone, the latter looks more like a camera than a phone.

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Upgrade your remote with the Logitech Harmony trade-in program


For those with a fair amount of entertainment gear in their home there's perhaps no better solution than a universal remote control. Several are on the market, but for "bang for the buck" most choose Harmony Logitech now owns the company and recently it has begun doing some upgrades of the product line. The handheld devices don't come cheap, so getting a deal is important to many users.

That deal is now out there waiting for buyers. Today Logitech announces a deal spanning the month of March that will allow customers to bring in old remotes and get a discount on an upgrade.

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Forget that cloak Harry Potter, AVG announces invisibility glasses


Let's be clear right off the bat, you won't be slipping these glasses on and disappearing from the people around you, though there are times you may want to. However the name of the new product from AVG lends itself to these comparisons, though the actual glasses are a bit different from what the imagination conjures up.

So what does this product from AVG Innovation Labs actually do? The security firm claims it can protect your identity in this new era of cameras everywhere. It's not as tin-foil hat as it sounds -- we've seen malware that can activate cameras on phones and computers, security cameras in public abound and we'd be hard-pressed to leap to any conclusion that says the NSA and others aren't also doing this.

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SanDisk announces 200GB Ultra Premium Edition microSDXC card at MWC 2015


Slowly but surely, microSD is replacing SD. While most consumer and professional cameras use the larger SD format, smartphones, tablets and other electronics are embracing the smaller. This makes sense, as a smaller card meanss a smaller reader, which in turns means less of a footprint when manufacturing an electronic device.

Today, SanDisk sets the world's collective hearts aflutter with the 200GB Ultra Premium Edition microSDXC card. If you are planning to pick up the new HTC One M9, this should probably work with it. Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? Not so much.

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Microsoft says Windows Phone experiencing 'impressive growth' -- wait, what!?


Windows Phone is a failure. Of course, the term "failure" is subjective, so let me explain. Very few consumers are buying them compared to Android and iPhone, and very few developers are creating apps for it. Yes, some people are buying them, and some talented developers are developing, but "some" does not make a success.

Ultimately, on all platforms -- desktops, mobile devices, game consoles, etc. -- it is the apps and games that move the hardware. Right now, there are no killer apps on Windows Phone compared to Android or iOS. In other words, what is the benefit of using Windows Phone to the average consumer? There arguably is none. Today, Microsoft chooses to proclaim that the platform is seeing "impressive growth". Like "failure", the word "impressive" is subjective, but I think everyone can agree, nothing about Microsoft's mobile platform is currently impressive.

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Smartphones hit 7 inches as Huawei announces MediaPad X2

Smartphones hit 7 inches as Huawei announces MediaPad X2

The announcements are coming thick and fast from MWC 2015 in Barcelona. As well as the Huawei Watch, Huawei also announced the MediaPad X2. As you might guess from the name, this is a tablet, but dual SIM support means that it is essentially a gigantic smartphone with no less than 7 inches of screen to play with.

And it's more than just the dimensions that are supersized -- the 2.0 GHz Kirin930 64 bit octa-core packs quite a punch. Being a brand new device, it's little surprise that Android 5.0 Lollipop is found pre-installed, and this is supplemented by the third version of Huawei's own Emotion UI. But there is much more to this phone/tablet crossover -- perhaps the first device to genuinely justify the horrific portmanteau phablet.

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HP takes on Apple Macbook Air with new Spectre x360


Ever since Apple introduced it's ultra-thin and light laptop competitors have been popping up with efforts to trump the notebook. While this competition has been good for the market, and hence consumers, there's little doubt that Apple's offering continues to be the standard for many people. The latest to step up to the plate is HP, announcing its version of an ultrathin device.

The company is touting a wealth of statistics, though how it all works will be for the consumers to decide. However those interested don't have long to wait -- in fact it can be purchased direct from HP today and will hit Best Buy shelves on March 15th.

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