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IObit releases Advanced SystemCare 9


IObit has unveiled a new edition of its all-in-one PC maintenance suite, Advanced SystemCare 9.

A new "Speed Up" section includes modules to control Windows startup programs, close resource-hungry apps or processes, remove unwanted browser add-ons and optimize Windows and application settings.

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How to monitor Registry changes


Configuring and optimizing a PC takes some thought, a lot of experience and, usually, a great deal of time. So it’s all the more annoying if your carefully tuned settings are altered by something else, without your permission.

Sometimes you’ll have an idea when this happens. You might install something, carry out a particular action, and the setting changes. If you can’t see when or why a change happens, that could be even worse, especially if it’s something security-related -- perhaps malware was involved. Whatever your situation, you need to investigate further, and a good first step is to monitor the Registry, find out more about what’s being changed, and when. The best way of doing this depends on your precise needs, but here are five possible options.

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VirusTotal adds OS X sandbox reports


VirusTotal has announced the availability of sandbox execution for OS X apps, including DMG files, Mach-O executables, and ZIP files containing a Mac app.

Users may submit files via the website, OS X uploader app or API, but reports now contain a "Behavioral information" tab which lists details like the processes launched, DNS queries made, and any files opened, read or written.

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VertrigoServ is an easy-to-manage WAMP server


Setting up a web server can be a lengthy and complicated process, with so many components to download, set up and manage.

A WAMP server (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) like VertrigoServ makes life easier by bundling together everything you need, and adding its own centralized management tools.

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Markdown Edit is a distraction-free editor for Windows


Markdown is a lightweight and readable markup language which makes it easy to create rich text documents with a plain text editor.

How easy? Grab a copy of the open source Markdown Edit (for Windows 7 or later) to find out.

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Watch YouTube as you browse the web


You’re watching something great on YouTube, but you’ve also got real work to do elsewhere. Which do you choose? Decisions, decisions…

Sideplayer is a free Chrome extension which enables you to do both, watching YouTube clips in a floating player window while also carrying on browsing elsewhere.

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware 11 ships with native 64-bit build


Emsisoft has announced the release of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 11 and Emsisoft Internet Security 11. Scanning has improved with better detection of ransomware, file-less malware, and threats which try to exploit script parsers and other host processes.

The products are smarter, too, and are now able to block many intrusion and exploitation attempts without annoying alerts.

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My Family Tree 5 now available


Chronoplex Software has released a major new version of its free genealogy tool, My Family Tree 5.

Tree building is simpler than ever, with a new Relationships view making it easy to browse and edit an individual’s relationships from one place.

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Uncover hidden PC activity with Mft2Csv


Wondering what other users might be doing on your PC? Checking browser or application histories might give you some clues, and monitoring software can also help.

But the simplest route is probably to build a file timeline, something which shows you when files were created or modified on your PC.

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Restyle the web with Stylish


Websites often go through redesigns to keep them looking "fresh", changing colors, backgrounds, layouts and more. Which is fine, if you wanted something new -- but not so great if you were happier before.

Stylish is a free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari which uses custom CSS code to restyle websites, changing colors, replacing fonts, dropping content and generally improving their look and feel.

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BullGuard Internet Security ships with Dropbox-compatible backup


BullGuard has shipped the latest version of its comprehensive security suite, BullGuard Internet Security.

The online backup tool now offers direct backup to your Dropbox account, great news if you don’t want to spread your files across multiple cloud accounts.

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Secretly record desktop activity with Hidden Capture


Finding out what others are doing on your PC can be difficult. You might spend an age exploring various histories -- browsers, applications launched, documents opened -- and still not be entirely sure.

Hidden Capture is a free tool which can help by automatically taking screenshots of your desktop at regular intervals.

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How to easily access Google Drive files from Microsoft Office


Hit File > Open in any modern edition of Microsoft Office and all your OneDrive cloud files are just a couple of clicks away.

That’s less than helpful if you keep your files on Google Drive, of course, but fortunately there’s a simple solution.

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REXPaint is an amazing ASCII art editor


ASCII art is a graphics design technique dating back to the 1960s, where pictures are produced entirely from text characters.

The results are, well, basic. But they can have plenty of retro appeal, and producing them is a whole lot easier than you think.

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Block access to thousands of online threats with Hosts Block


Most internet security suites include some kind of browsing protection which blocks access to known malicious websites.

But if you don’t have anything installed -- or you’d just like to add a second layer of protection -- then you might be interested in the Windows freeware Hosts Block.

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