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VSUsbLogon: Log in to Windows with a USB device


Windows 8 supports several ways to log on to your PC: password, picture password, PIN number, or of course automatic logon with no password at all.

VSUsbLogon is a free tool which also enables you to log in via a USB storage device, like a key, camera, phone and more. This is faster, arguably more secure, and you can also use the key to automatically trigger certain actions, perhaps shutting down your system as soon as it’s removed.

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Advanced SystemCare 8 ramps up its security tools


IObit has announced the release of IObit Advanced SystemCare 8, a major update for its comprehensive PC maintenance toolkit.

A new "Protect" module includes tools to clean and manage your browser toolbars, customize Windows security settings, block access to malicious sites and keep your Chrome, IE and Firefox home and search pages safe from unauthorized changes.

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Brainstorm at speed with Edraw Mind Map


In theory, mind mapping software should help you generate ideas, then organize and arrange them for easier sharing with others.

But then you launch your chosen package, stare at a blank screen, and are left wondering exactly how to begin. The end result is you’re wasting time dealing with the mechanics of the program, rather than thinking about the core issue you’re trying to address.

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LinuxLive USB Creator 2.90 arrives

Linux live

Thibaut Lauzière has announced the release of LinuxLive USB Creator 2.90, his one-stop distro download and Live USB key builder.

As usual, there’s support for the latest distributions: CentOS 7.0, Ubuntu 14.10, Debian Live 7.6.0, KNOPPIX 7.4.2 and more. The program now offers OpenMandrivaLX, CDLinux, even ReactOS if you’re interested, and Lauzière says there’s "improved support for 64-bit variants" for whatever you choose.

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Clipbor is a very configurable clipboard manager


If you’re frustrated by the Windows clipboard and its one item limit then you’ve probably already tried a few clipboard managers, and we’ve covered plenty in the past (CopyQ, Clipboard History and Remembr, for instance).

Looking at yet another example probably isn’t high on your list of priorities, then -- but Clibor just might be worth the effort.

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Sensor Sense monitors all your Android device sensors


Light levels, position, sound, acceleration: your Android device knows a lot about its environment, and this data can be very helpful in adjusting how it behaves.

Individual apps might access one or two of these sensors, but Sensor Sense displays them all, and in real time.

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Office apps for iOS now iPhone-friendly, editing is free


Microsoft has released major updates for its iOS apps, Word 1.2, Excel 1.2 and PowerPoint 1.2.

All three have been redesigned for smaller screens, and run on your iPhone and iPod as well as the iPad.

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XMind 6 adds 'export to Evernote'


XMind has released XMind 6 (aka v3.5.0), a significant update for its popular mind mapping application.

The Free, Plus ($79) and Pro (currently on special offer at $99) editions can all now save maps to Evernote -- images, attachment and text -- making it easy to access them on different devices.

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Dub Music Player + Equalizer is a great looking Android audio player


There are a huge number of Android music players around, most of them competing for your attention with their vast and ever-extending lists of features. That’s great news if you’ll use all their functionality, but otherwise it may just get in your way.

Dub Music Player + Equalizer seems relatively simple by comparison, but it delivers the core basics most people need, and comes wrapped in a great looking, easy-to-use interface.

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Avast Internet Security 2015 [Review]

avast logo

Avast is famed for its free antivirus, which the company claims "offers the most-trusted security in the world", protecting "more than 220 million people, businesses and mobile devices".

If you need more power, the commercial Avast Internet Security 2015 extends the package with a firewall, spam filter, secure browser, antiphishing tool, sandbox and a software update checker.

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TeamViewer 10 beta adds cloud storage support


TeamViewer has unveiled TeamViewer 10 beta, the latest edition of its popular remote access and control tool.

New integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box makes it quicker and easier to share files in meetings or remote control sessions.

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BullGuard Internet Security 2015 now available


BullGuard has announced the release of its all-in-one security suite, BullGuard Internet Security 2015.

Additions since the 2014 release include an "unwanted application" tool which detects and blocks browser hijackers.

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PingHurry is a free visual Ping tool


Ping is the most basic of networking troubleshooting tools, and easy enough to use, but its standard text output is, well, a little limited. Endless tables of figures make it more difficult for you to spot issues, and to convey them to someone else.

PingHurry could make your life easier by displaying ping results in graphical, as well as text form. It’s a simple visual ping tool for Windows 7+, portable and entirely free.

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O&O MediaRecovery 10 now repairs corrupt data


Berlin-based developer O&O Software GmbH has announced the release of O&O MediaRecovery 10, its media file recovery package for Windows Vista and later.

The most interesting addition appears to be the ability "to repair corrupt data prior to recovery". We’ve yet to test that -- and it’s going to be hard to benchmark anyway -- but If you’ve lost files due to hard drive corruption then it may significantly increase your chance of recovering something usable.

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FireFTP is a great FTP/ SFTP client for Firefox


First proposed in its basic form more than 40 years ago, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an archaic networking technology which should have been ditched long ago.

Remarkably, though, it’s still useful in some areas -- when accessing your own web server, maybe -- and as a result there’s still a strong demand for FTP clients. Normally this might involve installing something like FileZilla; it’s fast, reliable, packed with features, and a great choice for heavy-duty FTP users.

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