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ChrisPC DNS Switch 2.0 brings a new Pro edition

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ChrisPC has released ChrisPC DNS Switch 2.0, a significant update for its free DNS selection tool.

The core DNS list has been updated, and in a click or two can set your PC to use OpenDNS, Google Public DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Norton, Yandex, BlockAid, DynDNS and many more. There are 34 servers in total and you can add another 15.

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Chrome 39 Beta brings new developer features


Google has released Google Chrome 39 Beta to the Beta channel with some major developer-oriented additions.

Web Animations support has been enhanced with a playback control. This supports methods like play(), pause(), and reverse(), as well as adding the ability to jump to a specific point in a timeline, greatly expanding its usefulness.

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OpenClonk 5.0 adds Worlds League, new scenarios, music, more


OpenClock.org has announced the release of OpenClonk 5, a major new version of its open source Worms/ Settlers/ Minecraft/ Terraria- like action game.

The new release adds two missions targeted at new players, two more "which can provide a challenge for the more experienced Clonkers”, and “an action-packed, cooperative scenario where you defend against waves of attackers".

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My Family Tree 4 extends GEDCOM support


Chronoplex Software has updated its free genealogy tool My Family Tree to version 4.0 with various small improvements.

The program’s relationship calculator -- which displays the connection between any two individuals in the tree -- now supports marriage (in law) and step relationships.

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FixWin 2 for Windows 8 solves 50+ PC problems


The Windows Club has released FixWin 2.0 for Windows 8, a Windows 8/ 8.1-specific edition of its portable PC troubleshooting tool.

As before, the program lists 50+ common problems and symptoms across a range of categories: "File Explorer", "Internet & Connectivity", "Modern UI" and so on.

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Lightweight Twitter client Tweetz Desktop goes open source


Developer Mike Ward has announced that his lightweight Windows 7+ Twitter client Tweetz Desktop is now open source.

The program is essentially a desktop gadget, a simple tool with various timeline views, optional audio alerts for updates, a search tool and a compose window where you can drag and drop images and shorten links.

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NirSoft's OpenSaveFilesView displays recently opened and saved files


NirSoft has released OpenSaveFilesView, a tiny portable tool which displays files opened and saved by the standard Windows Open and Save dialogs.

This has various potential applications, from reminding yourself where you saved that document last week, to getting an idea what someone else might be doing on a PC.

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O&O SafeErase 8 gains smart Explorer integration


Berlin developer O&O Software has unveiled O&O SafeErase Professional 8 ($29.95), a new edition of its commercial secure deletion tool.

Version 8 delivers enhanced Explorer integration. If you spot files or folders you need to delete permanently, right-click them, select SafeErase, and there’s no waiting for the full program to load: a simple dialog now quickly appears with the core options you need.

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Get Google Chrome working again with this tool


Your browser's misbehaving? It's a common problem, and you've probably got your own quick fixes: delete the cache, scan for malware, remove the last add-in you installed, whatever it might be.

Now Google is offering a little extra assistance with Chrome Software Removal Tool (CSRT), a Windows beta which scans for programs known to cause problems with Google Chrome and offers to remove them.

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Lightworks 12 brings new content manager, color correction


EditShare has announced the release of Lightworks 12, its powerful non-linear video editor for Windows, Linux, and -- at last -- Mac.

The hugely extended Content Manager is a highlight. Everything is immediately accessible, there’s easier searching and filtering to help you find what you need, you can even drag and drop files directly into open bins as required.

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Acronis True Image 2015 brings new interface, faster online backups


Acronis International has unveiled Acronis True Image 2015, a significant update for its popular PC (and Mac) backup tool.

An entirely new interface makes it easier than ever to run basic backups. Choose your source – which can now be "Entire PC" -- and destination, and it’s ready to go immediately.

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IObit Uninstaller 4 fully removes Windows 8 apps


IObit has announced the release of IObit Uninstaller 4, an interesting extension of its freeware program uninstaller.

The program now has the ability to completely remove Windows 8 apps. A "batch uninstall" option ditches as many as you like in a single operation, and the "Powerful Scan" tool ensures there's no hard drive or Registry junk left behind.

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Terminals: A remote desktop client for (almost) anyone


Windows remote desktop, VNC, telnet, SSH -- there are many ways to access a remote computer, and using them all can require a whole library of networking tools.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. The open source Terminals not only handles a lengthy list of protocols -- RDP, VNC, ISA, SSH, Telnet, RAS, HTTP, HTTPS -- but a tabbed interface means you’re able to open and manage multiple connections simultaneously.

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CCleaner's free edition gains Active System Monitoring


Piriform Ltd has released CCleaner 4.18 and CCleaner Portable 4.18, the latest versions of its popular Windows cleanup tool.

This time the big addition is a limited version of Active System Monitoring, a smart feature previously reserved for the commercial CCleaner Professional. Turn it on and CCleaner monitors your system, checking for junk, and lets you know when it’s time to clean up.

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ACDSee 18 and Pro 8 deliver smarter, easier photo editing


ACD Systems has unveiled the latest versions of its flagship photo editors, ACDSee 18 ($79.99, $39.99 upgrade) and ACDSee Pro 8 ($199.99, $59.99 upgrade).

Both editions include a new Explorer extension, PicaView, which previews an image from its context menu and launches ACDSee with a click.

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