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VClip is a quick and easy desktop recorder


BahraniApps has released VClip 1.0, a freeware tool for recording video and audio of your desktop.

The program has a strong emphasis on simplicity. Which means: it’s basic. Very basic. There’s no option to capture the full screen, for example, or a specific window -- you can record a freehand rectangle only.

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PDF Multitool extracts audio, video from PDFs


ByteScout’s do-everything freeware PDF Multitool has been updated to 6.20 with new options for extracting embedded audio and video from PDFs.

Smarter text extraction means the program does a better job of auto-detecting document tables and saving their data to CSV or XML.

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Soundnode is a stylish Soundcloud app for desktops


Music discovery website Soundcloud has some great mobile apps, but desktop users aren’t so lucky: it’s the browser, or nothing at all.

Fortunately there’s now an unofficial alternative in Soundnode, an open-source Soundcloud client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Malwarebytes ships Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta


Malwarebytes has released the first public beta of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware, a stand-alone ransomware blocker for Windows XP or later.

The application is lightweight, and designed to run alongside other security products without conflict, looking out for ransomware-like behaviour and blocking the process before it can encrypt your files.

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TreeMapFs is a versatile disk space analyzer


Storage space may be cheap these days, but wasting it is still a bad idea: the more you fill a drive, the longer file searches, antivirus scans and other system-wide operations will take.

TreeMapFs is a Windows application which provides various ways to analyze drive space usage, highlight resource hogs, and generally help keep your system running efficiently.

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FBackup 6 debuts cloud backup


Softland has shipped FBackup 6.0, a major update of its freeware file backup tool for Windows.

The new release finally brings support for cloud backups, with an option to save your data to Google Drive.

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chrlauncher is a free Chromium updater for PCs


If you like Chrome, but aren’t so keen on Google’s tracking code and other extras, then you could switch to Chromium, its open-source browser engine.

Sure, you’d lose the integrated PDF viewer, various codecs, the Flash player (actually, that might be a good thing).

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Calculate file hashes instantly with fHash


It wasn’t easy to work up much enthusiasm for fHash, at least initially. It's only an MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and CRC32 hash calculator, after all -- how interesting can it be?

But then we tried it, and… Okay, fHash is "only" a file hash calculator, but nicely implemented, with a lightweight, easy-to-use interface that makes it well worth a few minutes of your time.

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O&O RegEditor is a handy free REGEDIT alternative


O&O Software has shipped O&O RegEditor, a powerful freeware Registry editor for Windows Vista and later.

The package extends RegEdit with enhanced search tools, full copy and paste support, improved editing and more.

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KillEmAll 5 instantly closes everything on your Windows desktop


Foolish IT has released the first beta of KillEmAll 5.0, a portable tool designed to close all non-essential applications at the click of a button.

The program could be very useful in emergencies -- maybe to close all open browser windows if you’ve got a malicious popup -- but is also a handy timesaver whenever you need to clear your desktop in a hurry.

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How 'fake' video downloads can install malware


It’s been a common Windows malware trick for years: you download some dubious video, it claims it won’t play unless you install a "codec", but the file you’re offered is a Trojan or virus. Oops.

You might think you’d never be caught out by something so obvious, but it only takes a moment, you’re not paying attention, and -- too late.

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3 Screen Recorder extensions for Chrome


From tutorials to troubleshooting, game walkthroughs, presentations or just sharing desktop activity, everyone can use a screen recorder occasionally.

This used to mean tracking down and installing some low-level native application, but there are now some surprisingly capable Chrome extensions which just might do everything you need.

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Disable those 'Get Windows 10' pop-ups with GWX Stopper


While it’s great that Microsoft is offering free upgrades to Windows 10, it’s maybe less impressive that they’re using regular pop-up ads to tell us about this. Over, and over, and over again.

If you’re happy with Windows 7 or 8 then there are various ways to get rid of these alerts, but GWX Stopper is probably the simplest of all.

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Doro PDF printer adds color conversion, page rotation controls


Lightweight virtual PDF printer Doro has been updated with new color conversion and page rotation settings.

If the default "UseDeviceIndependentColor" color conversion strategy doesn’t work, then you can now convert to RGB, CMYK or grayscale, or just use the colors in the source document.

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Sophos Home: super-simple free antivirus for Windows and Mac


Avira, Avast, Baidu: plenty of developers offer free antivirus these days, and it can be as reliable as the commercial competition.

It’s tough for a new product to stand out from the crowd, then -- but the new Sophos Home has found a way.

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