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EssentialPIM 6 for Windows, and EssentialPIM 3.5 for Android arrive


AstonSoft has announced the release of EssentialPIM Pro 6.0 and EssentialPIM Free 6.0 for Windows, and EssentialPIM 3.5 for Android, the latest editions of its popular information manager.

The Android build sees significant improvements, including Contacts support and the ability to set start and due times, as well as dates, for to dos.

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O&O DiskImage 9 brings redesigned interface, Windows 10 support


Berlin-based developer O&O Software has announced the release of O&O DiskImage 9, its one-stop drive imaging and file/ folder backup tool.

The most obvious change this time is the completely redesigned Start screen, where the program’s core backup and recovery functions are accessed via six chunky icons.

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Open General and OpenPanzer are classic turn-based strategy games


If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy games -- or just very old -- you might remember Panzer General 2, the 1997 classic which tested your tactics across a range of brutal World War II battles.

Its varied campaigns, scenarios and engrossing gameplay ensured that Panzer General 2 is still remembered fondly today, but it’s not just about memories. The game has also been remade and reimagined in various forms, and old fans and newcomers can try them out for free.

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Yovo: Snapchat plus screenshot protection


If you’d like to share personal photos, but only briefly, then a service like SnapShot can help. Images are visible for only a set period of time before they disappear forever. (In theory, anyway.)

Yovo for iOS is based around the same idea. Take an image, add a caption or blur, set an expiry time and select your recipients. But it also includes "D-fence", a clever technology which prevents users taking clear screenshots.

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SyncBack 7 adds cloud backup support


2BrightSparks has unveiled SyncBackSE 7 ($39.95) and SyncBackPro 7 ($54.95), a major update for its powerful backup and file sync application.

The Pro build now supports cloud backup to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Glacier via S3.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware improves multitasking, adds keyboard navigation support


Malwarebytes Corporation has released Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.03, a significant update for its anti-malware tool.

A new option to run scans at a lower priority (Settings > Advanced Settings > "Reduce priority…") may reduce their impact on other applications. This is a good idea in principle, although we noticed it had no effect whatsoever on our test system, with both process and I/O priorities remained stubbornly unchanged.

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Three ways to repair a malware-damaged PC


Malware causes all kinds of PC problems, and they don’t always go away once the threat has been removed. You might still find you can’t run certain programs, web browsers don’t work properly, there are network issues, and more.

You can’t simply turn to System Restore or your last backup, either: restoring old files might reinfect your PC, and make your problems even worse.

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Run multiple programs in one desktop window with TaskSpace


Running multiple PC programs side-by-side isn’t difficult, but can require a little preparation as you move, resize and reorganise each window.

TaskSpace offers an interesting alternative, running multiple programs in a single desktop window, and so making them much easier to manage.

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ChrisPC DNS Switch 2.0 brings a new Pro edition

DNS-Switch-200-175 (1)

ChrisPC has released ChrisPC DNS Switch 2.0, a significant update for its free DNS selection tool.

The core DNS list has been updated, and in a click or two can set your PC to use OpenDNS, Google Public DNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Norton, Yandex, BlockAid, DynDNS and many more. There are 34 servers in total and you can add another 15.

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Chrome 39 Beta brings new developer features


Google has released Google Chrome 39 Beta to the Beta channel with some major developer-oriented additions.

Web Animations support has been enhanced with a playback control. This supports methods like play(), pause(), and reverse(), as well as adding the ability to jump to a specific point in a timeline, greatly expanding its usefulness.

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OpenClonk 5.0 adds Worlds League, new scenarios, music, more


OpenClock.org has announced the release of OpenClonk 5, a major new version of its open source Worms/ Settlers/ Minecraft/ Terraria- like action game.

The new release adds two missions targeted at new players, two more "which can provide a challenge for the more experienced Clonkers”, and “an action-packed, cooperative scenario where you defend against waves of attackers".

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My Family Tree 4 extends GEDCOM support


Chronoplex Software has updated its free genealogy tool My Family Tree to version 4.0 with various small improvements.

The program’s relationship calculator -- which displays the connection between any two individuals in the tree -- now supports marriage (in law) and step relationships.

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FixWin 2 for Windows 8 solves 50+ PC problems


The Windows Club has released FixWin 2.0 for Windows 8, a Windows 8/ 8.1-specific edition of its portable PC troubleshooting tool.

As before, the program lists 50+ common problems and symptoms across a range of categories: "File Explorer", "Internet & Connectivity", "Modern UI" and so on.

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Lightweight Twitter client Tweetz Desktop goes open source


Developer Mike Ward has announced that his lightweight Windows 7+ Twitter client Tweetz Desktop is now open source.

The program is essentially a desktop gadget, a simple tool with various timeline views, optional audio alerts for updates, a search tool and a compose window where you can drag and drop images and shorten links.

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NirSoft's OpenSaveFilesView displays recently opened and saved files


NirSoft has released OpenSaveFilesView, a tiny portable tool which displays files opened and saved by the standard Windows Open and Save dialogs.

This has various potential applications, from reminding yourself where you saved that document last week, to getting an idea what someone else might be doing on a PC.

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