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TeamViewer 12 brings up to 20x file transfer speeds


TeamViewer has just released TeamViewer 12, the latest edition of its popular remote control package. Major performance improvements include up to 20x faster file transfers, and frame rates of up to 60 fps.

Connection settings can automatically adapt to network connections, giving you the best possible quality at all times.

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Dropbox Lepton compresses JPEGs by 20 percent or more


Earlier this year, Dropbox open-sourced Lepton, a lossless image compression algorithm which can reduce the size of JPEG images by an average of 22 percent. The technology converts your target JPEGs into the compacted LEP format, and restores the original version on demand.

Dropbox is using Lepton right now to save bandwidth and storage space, and if you grab a copy of the Windows build then you can try it, too.

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VLC Media Player previews 360-degree video support


VideoLAN has released a technical preview of VLC Media Player 3.0 with 360-degree video support. The new build handles videos following the Spatial Video format, and photos and panoramas following the Spherical spec (the official test page has sample files).

The files play back just like any other video, but you can now left-click and drag within the screen or use the numeric keypad arrows to look around.

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Sure, it's easy to criticize software -- but can I write it?


It’s easy for me to poke holes in other people’s software, at least some of the time: oddball interfaces, missing functions, horrible performance, whatever it might be. But does that mean I have enough understanding of software to do any better myself?

That was an interesting question, I realized, and there was only one way to find out: I had to develop something of my own.

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VirusTotal adds WhiteArmor to its lineup


VirusTotal has announced the addition of WhiteArmor’s engine to its antivirus lineup. The Chinese developer explains:

WhiteArmor is [a] mobile antivirus engine armed with artificial intelligence and machine learning. WhiteArmor offers enterprise Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions as complementary to EMM [Enterprise Mobility Management] for securing enterprise mobility.

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Process Lasso spin-off CPUBalance gets a beta release


Bitsum Technologies has released a beta of CPUBalance, its intelligent tool for optimizing PC responsiveness. The program uses the same ProBalance technology as Process Lasso to monitor running processes, detect CPU hogs, and instantly adjust priorities to keep your system running smoothly.

CPUBalance runs stand-alone, and you don’t need Process Lasso to try it out. Just install and launch the program and it works immediately.

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NirSoft releases GUIPropView


NirSoft has released GUIPropView, a developer-oriented tool which displays extensive details on your system’s open windows.

The program lists all top-level windows, along with their handle, title, state (normal/ maximized/ minimized), visibility, position, size, class name, style, process ID, thread ID, parent handle, process name, instance name, class module filename, and more.

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BullGuard updates BullGuard Internet Security with extended cloud backup, multi-device license


BullGuard has released the latest version of its all-in-one anti-malware suite, BullGuard Internet Security.

The new package extends its cloud storage abilities with enhanced support for Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Simplified backups enable users to copy files to the cloud directly from the program, without having to manually transfer them to a provider’s virtual drive first.

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SoftwareOK unveils MultiClipBoardSlots


Freeware developer SoftwareOK has released MultiClipBoardSlots, a lightweight clipboard extension for Windows.

The program extends Windows with up to ten clipboards. You’re able to copy to any slot with Ctrl+<slot number> without overwriting anything else, and paste from it with Alt+<slot number>.

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Sysinternals ships Sysmon 5.0, Process Explorer 16.20


Microsoft Sysinternals has released updates for some of its best tools, including Sysmon 5.0 and Process Explorer 16.20.

Sysmon gets a major update, with new support for recording file creations, Registry create and delete options, value sets and key and value renames.

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Prevent forced system shutdowns and restarts with shutdownblocker


Shutdownblocker is a simple tool which intercepts and blocks shutdown, restart, logoff and related commands.

The program offers some protection from user mistakes or poorly designed software which forces a restart, as well as preventing forced Windows 10 Update restarts.

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Combine clipboard text snippets with clipLogger


If you’re researching online, or maybe browsing a collection of local documents, you might sometimes want to copy chunks of text elsewhere for later reference.

Sounds simple, but most solutions are either bulky (use a web clipping service or clipboard manager) or tedious in the extreme (copy text to the clipboard, Alt+Tab to Notepad, paste and Alt+Tab back).

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Betternet is a simple, free and 'unlimited' VPN


Connecting to a virtual private network can shield your IP, maintain your privacy on insecure wireless hotspots and perhaps help you access websites you couldn’t reach normally.

VPN’s usually require paying a chunky subscription fee, but Betternet promises an unlimited service for absolutely nothing at all.

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Malwarebytes 3.0 beta is now available


Malwarebytes has unveiled a beta of its next-generation, do-everything product, Malwarebytes 3.0.

The package combines anti-malware, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and web blocking technologies for the maximum all-round protection.

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Protect your privacy with SafeErase Professional 11


O&O Software has released the latest version of its commercial secure-deleting privacy protector, SafeErase Professional 11.

The interface has been revamped for ease of use, while the core engine is even faster at wiping every trace of your confidential files.

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