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Comic Seer is a one-stop comic viewer and manager

comic seer

Viewing comics can be easy. Really, really easy. If you have a CBZ file, say, rename it to ZIP, open it in Explorer, and browse the images it contains -- simple.

That works well for occasional viewing, but if you’re a big comic fan, or just want the best reading experience, it’s worth installing a specialist tool like the free Comic Seer.

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InPixio Photo Editor is a 1-click photo enhancer


Photo editors for the Windows desktop typically compete on the length of their feature list: file formats support, range of selection tools, layer handling abilities, whatever it might be.

InPixio Free Photo Editor ignores almost all of that, and instead focuses on app-like ease of use, just providing a quick and easy way to tweak an image and share it with others.

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Add motion animations to your videos with Express Animate


Freeware developer NCH Software has released Express Animate, a key frame-based animation tool.

The program can import videos, images, text, shapes and audio tracks. Objects may be moved, resized or rotated, while key frame support gives smooth, high quality results.

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How to display Windows 8 toast notifications from your own scripts


Scripts and batch files are great for automating complex tasks, but they’re not so good at keeping you informed about their progress. Typically you’re forced to Alt+Tab back to the command prompt window to try and figure out what’s going on.

ToastNotification is a tiny console tool which offers an alternative, at least for Windows 8 users. It allows you to display toast notifications -- pop-up status messages which disappear after a few seconds -- from your own scripts.

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 10 now available


Emsisoft has announced the release of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 10 and Emsisoft Internet Security 10.

The headline news is a dramatic cut in scan times, with a typical "Malware Scan" (aka the "Smart Scan" in previous editions) dropping from 13 minutes to 24 seconds.

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Get location-based photo sharing with Snaptivity for Android


There’s no shortage of ways to share your photos with the world, but the free Android app Snaptivity does it differently: by time and location.

What does this mean? Imagine you’re taking a picture of a group of friends. Use Snaptivity, and it only takes a tap to share the shot with everyone in the photo (as long as they also have the app).

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Lakka is a DIY retro games console emulator


If you’re a retro gaming fan then installing something like MAME gives you access to a host of classic arcade games on your PC.

You don’t need a modern PC to run some 25-year-old game, of course, but that’s where Lakka comes in. It’s a lightweight OpenELEC/ RetroArch-based Linux distribution which transforms small computers into retro games consoles.

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Extend PowerShell’s command line with PSReadLine


Let’s be frank: Microsoft’s command line environments are terrible. When we’re having to wait until Windows 10 to get proper Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V copy/ paste support -- something which the GUI has had for as long as many PC users have been alive -- you know there’s a problem.

Moving to PowerShell doesn’t in itself improve the situation, but at least you get access to PSReadLine, an excellent PowerShell module which does a lot to improve the command line editor.

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Share files on 50+ hosting services with Image Uploader


Image Uploader is a free Windows application which uploads your chosen selected files (not just images, despite the name) to any of 50+ image or file hosting sites: Flickr, Imageshack, Imgur, Picasa, Twitpic, Dropbox, Google Drive, SendSpace and generic FTP servers, amongst many others.

Getting started is easy. Once you’ve set up a default service, you can upload files or folders by dragging and dropping them onto the program window, or right-clicking them in Explorer and selecting Image Uploader > Upload…

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Arq cloud backup app debuts on Windows


Popular Mac cloud backup app Arq ($39.99) is now available on Windows 7 and later.

The program makes it easy to back up your chosen folders to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive/ Nearline, Amazon S3 and Glacier.

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NirSoft announces SimpleWMIView


NirSoft has announced the release of SimpleWMIView 1.0, a compact portable tool which uses Windows Management Instrumentation to uncover a vast amount of information about your PC.

If you’re familiar with WMI query generators then you’ll have no problems here. Choose your target computer, namespace, query and query type (synchronous/ asynchronous) and the results are displayed in the usual NirSoft table.

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SSH client SmarTTY 2.0 adds in-place file editing


Sysprog’s free SSH client SmarTTY has been updated to version 2.0 with in-place file editing for your remote files. There’s no need to try to find your way around a Linux tool, just hit File > Open and work on your files in a Windows-style editor.

The program now supports accessing multiple sessions from the same window, each with its own set of tabs and file transfers.

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Who needs the cloud when you've got Sunshine?


Sunshine is a free app for sharing files directly between any Android, iOS, Windows or OS X device. No upload/ download hassles, no concerns about who else can access your files, just quickly transfer whatever you need from one system to another.

The process starts by creating a Sunshine account. Oddly, you can only do this from iOS or Android apps, but it’s simple enough -- just the usual "email, password" dialog -- and you’re ready to go.

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Generate amazing fractal art with Mandelbulb 3D

Mandelbulb 3D

Talk to mathematicians and they’ll do their best to explain how beautiful their chosen field can be, but it probably won’t make any difference: if you’re not quite so expert, you won’t have the faintest idea what they’re talking about.

3D Fractals have the power to change all that. Some will appreciate the way they shift the geometrical properties of the complex plane and shift them into 3D space. But the rest of us can enjoy spectacular fractal art which is a mix of H R Giger’s sketchpad, old sci-fi novel cover art, and the weirdest dreams Terry Gilliam has ever had.

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Wappalyzer uncovers the technologies powering a website


If you’re a web developer, interested in security, or just trying to troubleshoot a server problem, then it can sometimes be useful to see exactly what’s powering a website.

Wappalyzer is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which identifies servers, content management systems, eCommerce platforms, analytics tools, advertising frameworks and more.

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