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Chrome 34 supports responsive images, extends password manager


Google has released Chrome 34 FINAL for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The headline addition is support for srcset, a new HTML attribute which allows web developers to specify multiple copies of a single image, with a range of resolutions. The idea is that the client device then requests the most appropriate version, so you might see a high-res image on your desktop, but a smaller, more bandwidth-friendly copy on your phone.

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CyberLink PowerDVD 14 adds HEVC support, cloud storage/ sync


CyberLink Corp has launched PowerDVD 14, the latest edition of its universal media player.

The top-of-the-range PowerDVD 14 Ultra now includes a free year’s subscription to 10GB of space on CyberLink Cloud. There’s new support for syncing media between PC and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows 8), while auto-transcoding of videos, photos & music from PC to Cloud should improve performance.

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CopyQ: a seriously powerful clipboard manager


The Windows clipboard is useful, but limited, not least because it can hold only one item at a time. Copy in something else and the first has gone forever.

Clipboard managers can help, though, and at first CopyQ seems like a very typical example. It lives in the system tray; in a click or two you can be viewing a list of recent clipboard items (text or images); and any of these can then be selected or pasted into the current document.

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Run more accurate benchmarks with NonCompressibleFiles


Benchmarking data storage or transfer speeds can seem straightforward, at least in theory. Assemble a group of test files on your PC; store, copy, upload or download them, and measure how long this all takes. Easy, right?

Well, not necessarily. Compression could be an issue. You might measure how long it takes to save a bunch of files to an SSD, for instance, but if the drive uses compression -- as many do -- then the speed you see will vary according to your test data.

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Lurch lets you enter math in a document -- and check it, too


Lurch is an open source math word processor which allows you to create documents, insert a full mathematical argument, and validate it, too.

This isn’t just a matter of checking that "2+2=4", either. The program also supports and "understands" algebra, calculus and proofs.

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Convert .REG Registry data into BAT, VBS or AU3 scripts with Reg Converter


REG files can be a very convenient way to import Registry data. Double-click them, Regedit launches, reads their contents and adds them to your Registry, all in just a few seconds.

There can still be problems, though. Your system may have blocked REG files for security reasons. You might want to import the data as part of an unattended installation, or maybe you just need more control of the import process.

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LightShot: capture, edit and share your screengrabs online


LightShot is a simple free tool which makes it very easy to take, edit and share your screengrabs online.

The program doesn’t force you to learn new hotkeys, for instance. To launch it you’ll just press PrtSc, as usual.

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Automatically move, copy, upload or download files with LimagitoX FileMover Lite


Moving a few files around your system is simple, and you’ll probably just do it yourself: drag/ drop, copy/ paste, whatever it might be.

When you regularly need to process a lot of files, though, it might be quicker to automate the task with LimagitoX FileMover Lite.

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jAlbum 12: adds embedded web browser, drops ad-supported free build


jAlbum AB has released jAlbum 12, a major update of its popular web album builder.

A major interface revamp sees the program now include an embedded web browser (Chromium), enabling you to preview changes as soon as you adjust your project settings.

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Detect and monitor Wi-Fi networks with Homedale


Homedale is a straightforward portable tool which detects local wireless networks and tells you more about them: name, channel, MAC address, encryption type and so on. It’s great for troubleshooting various wireless conflicts, or just finding out more about what’s going on around you.

The Homedale interface is, well, basic -- just a single tabbed dialog box. Click "Access Points" first and you’ll see a table with details on all your network neighbors, including their name, MAC address, vendor, signal strength, encryption, country ID, mode, frequency, band, first and last seen times, supported bitrates, model and adapter.

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Quick Review: Baidu PC Faster


Baidu PC Faster is a free suite of tools to clean, optimize and maintain your PC. Yes, we know: we’ve heard this before, too. But PC Faster could be different, not least because it comes from Baidu, the company behind China’s largest search engine. Will this extra corporate power ensure it really delivers? We took a look.

Setup was easy, a small downloader fetching and installing the rest of the program. It’s also a little more intrusive than most of the competition, though, leaving two new services and some extra processes running permanently in the background.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 adds Game Booster, User Rights Manager


Ashampoo GmbH has unveiled WinOptimizer 11, the latest edition of its PC cleanup, optimization and maintenance suite.

The new release introduces Game Booster, a tool which frees up valuable system resources by temporarily shutting down non-essential services and processes.

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aria2 is an HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent downloader for the command line


Downloading a file is usually very simple -- just point your browser at the appropriate URL, and wait -- so it’s hard to imagine why you might want to use a command line tool, instead.

Take a look at the open source aria2, though, and you might change your mind.

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O&O Syspectr debuts new email notification system


O&O Software has announced a major update for Syspectr, its remote PC monitoring and management service.

A new email notification system makes it much easier to define which events you’d like to track. A panel lists the event categories ("Security", "Updates", "Software", more), and you can choose whether you’d like to be informed of problems, warnings or "information" alerts with a click.

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Discover and manage network devices with Advanced IP Scanner


As you’ll guess from its name, Advanced IP Scanner is a network scanner for Windows, which checks your network for connected devices and tells you more about them.

That doesn’t sound particularly interesting, especially as there are already so many similar tools around. But wait -- Advanced IP Scanner does have some advantages which help it stand out from the crowd.

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