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Map Puzzle is a versatile Google and Bing map downloader


Map Puzzle is a portable freeware map downloader for Windows. This isn’t just another Google and Bing app. It can also grab data from Arcgis, MapQuest, OSM, ToolServer, various government and specialist sites, and with many variations: satellite images, regular maps (with or without labels), transport maps, artistic maps and more.

Download and launch the single tiny executable (<500KB) and you’re presented with a cluttered mass of boxes, buttons and lists. It looks intimidating, but don’t be put off -- basic operations are very simple.

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Sysinternals updates Autoruns, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, more


Following yesterday’s Sysmon 6 release, Microsoft Sysinternals has announced new releases of Autoruns, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, AccessChk, LiveKD and BgInfo.

Autoruns now lists print monitors, the DLLs responsible for sending data from the Windows print spooler to the kernel mode print driver. We tried this on a Windows 10 laptop and found 10 installed monitors, mostly relating to PDF and other virtual printers.

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Detect and block Mac ransomware with Little Flocker


Windows ransomware may make all the headlines, but other platforms are vulnerable too. The first Mac ransomware was uncovered last year, and it’s only a matter of time before the next one strikes.

Little Flocker ($19.95) protects your Mac with a firewall-like file system monitor, enabling you to decide which apps have access to confidential files and system resources.

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Sysinternals unveils Sysmon 6.0


Microsoft Sysinternals has shipped Sysmon 6.0, a powerful system monitor for Windows.

The new release can log processes which are accessing other processes, a simple way to detect automated Mimikatz-like credential dumping.

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Transform photos into arty masterpieces with Painnt


Painnt is a Prisma-type app for Windows 10, Android and iOS which transforms your favorite photos into works of art.

Yes, yet another one. But wait -- the app has some interesting extra touches which could make it worth your time.

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Hyper is a JavaScript, HTML and CSS-based terminal


Hyper is a very configurable open-source Electron-based terminal. On Windows it uses the regular command prompt by default, but can be tweaked to support PowerShell or whatever shell you’d prefer.

Launch the program and it just looks like a regular command prompt with a slightly different font and window style. But wait: Hyper is powered by Chromium, and some familiar Chrome-type features are just a tap or two away.

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Calendarscope 9.0 brings Outlook import


Duality Software has released Calendarscope 9.0, a major update for its flagship scheduling application.

New Outlook support enables importing calendars and tasks directly from an Outlook .pst file.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard 10 extends GPT, exFAT support


Free-for-personal-use partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard 10 has shipped with extended GPT and exFAT support.

The new build adds handy migration features, including the ability to convert system disks from MBR to GPT, or copy an MBR disk to GPT.

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Safely eject almost any drive type with HotSwap!


Finished with that USB key? Unplugging it risks losing data, so in theory you should click the Windows "Safely remove hardware" icon, choose the drive, and wait to be told it’s safe to unplug.

Unfortunately, the Safely Remove Hardware system is very strict about the drive types it supports. SATA or eSATA drives, fixed drives with a USB connections, even some USB keys won’t appear on the list, and the only guaranteed safe way to swap them out is to grind your way through Device Manager.

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View, hash, split, join and wipe files with PeaUtils


PeaUtils is a simple suite of file processing tools from Giorgio Tani, the developer of PeaZip.

The program can create hashes, process checksums, analyze and report on files, split and join files, display files in a hex view, securely delete confidential data, wipe drive free space, and more.

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Lavasoft rebrands to adaware, launches antivirus 12


Veteran security vendor Lavasoft has announced that it is rebranding to adaware.

The flagship adaware antivirus was just updated to version 12, gaining a redesigned interface, enhanced protection and faster scans.

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Quickly find Unicode symbols with SymbSearch


Need to enter a Unicode symbol on your PC? Then launch the Character Map, find what you need to the clipboard and copy it to the clipboard. Sounds easy, right? Until you try it.

The reality is the Character Map gives you hundreds of characters to examine, organised in a way which doesn’t always match their purpose, and displayed in such a small font that you’ll barely be able to see some of them at all.

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TCP Monitor Plus is a portable network toolkit


Portable network toolkit TCP Monitor Plus has had its first update since 2015, adding a snapshot feature and some handy display tweaks.

The program opens with a scrolling graph of network traffic, and assorted low-level stats on bandwidth, speeds, and packets sent and received.

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Upload videos to Facebook, YouTube, FTP, S3 with Movavi Share Online


Movavi Share Online is a free application for quickly uploading images or video files to Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte, S3 and FTP.

Choose your upload destination and you’re able to set up authentication as usual: sign in to Google or Facebook, provide your FTP host name, user name and password, and so on.

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Check your PC for malicious shortcuts with Shortcut Scanner


Shortcut Scanner is a free tool which scans your PC for potentially malicious shortcuts.

The program looks for multiple indicators. Does the shortcut point to PowerShell, cmd.exe or some other command prompt? Does it include dangerous keywords, have unusually long commands, is larger than 4KB in size?

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