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Create strong passwords and software keys with SterJo Password Generator


Freeware developer SterJo Software has unveiled SterJo Password Generator, a free tool for creating strong and random passwords.

A simple interface enables choosing the length of each password and the type of characters it should include: upper or lower case letters, numbers and/ or special characters.

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temps is a gorgeous weather app for the desktop


temps is an open-source Electron-based weather app for just about every desktop: Windows, Linux and Mac. There’s no installation required, just unzip and run, and in a few seconds you’re looking at temps’ stylish, app-like interface.

An icon represented our current weather; there are background rain, snow and thunder animations; a temperature, four-day weather forecast, and status information including location, date and time.

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Tabby Cat generates a feline friend for every new Chrome tab


There are endless Chrome extensions which replace your new tab page, typically to give you gorgeous photo wallpaper or equip your browser with productivity-boosting tools.

Tabby Cat has a simpler aim: it generates and displays a cute new cat on the background of every tab you open.

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WayBack Machine's official Chrome extension gets a major update


It’s barely a week since we looked at the WayBack Machine’s simple Chrome extension, but it’s just had a major update which makes the add-on much more useful.

Clicking the WayBack Machine icon now displays buttons to show the first or most recent archived copies of the current URL, as stored in the WayBack Machine -- perfect for seeing how a site has changed over time.

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View Chrome, Firefox, Edge log-ons with SterJo Browser Passwords


Freeware developer SterJo Software has released SterJo Browser Passwords, a simple tool which finds and displays passwords stored locally by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

There’s no configuration required. Simply launch the program and your logins are displayed with details including the browser, URL, user name and password.

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Customize and convert icons with Axialis IconGenerator


Axialis Software has unveiled Axialis IconGenerator, a free tool for customizing and generating icons from a database of icon sets.

The program is mainly aimed at professional developers and designers, who might use it to purchase one of Axialis’ commercial icon sets and adapt it to suit their needs.

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Analyze active network connections with Process Network Monitor


Process Network Monitor is a free tool which highlights the network activity of the processes running on your PC.

The program opens with a table telling you more about any running process which has a network connection open: process name, description and file details, PID, session ID, TCP count, UDP count and the total number of connections.

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GameRoom is an all-in-one game launcher for Windows


GameRoom is a Java-based game manager and launcher with support for Steam, Origin, UPlay, GOG and Battle.net.

The program finds and imports your existing games automatically, no setup or folder selections required, then downloads and displays their cover art.

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RawTherapee 5 ramps up its RAW processing power


Open-source raw image processor RawTherapee has hit version 5.0, its first major release in more than two years, with some important new features and functionality.

The Wavelets tool provides a smart way to perform some action -- sharpen, denoise, colorize -- on one detail level, without affecting other levels. This could allow reducing noise in one part of an image, while sharpening other areas.

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How to set the Windows 10 lock screen photo as your wallpaper


The Windows 10 Lock Screen offers an ever-changing display of top quality photos, but if you decide you like one in particular, there’s no easy way to keep it around.

Lock Screen Reflection is a tiny Windows 10 tool which can help fix this by automatically setting the current lock screen image as your desktop wallpaper.

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Bypass annoying 'Error 404' web pages with WayBack Machine for Chrome


You’re busy online, browsing your way through some old web site, when you find a critical link, click it, and: Error 404 -- Not Found. Annoying, isn’t it?

WayBack Machine is a free Chrome extension which detects HTTP 404 and other "missing page" error codes, checks to see if an archived copy is available at the WayBack machine and offers you a "click here to see the archived version" link.

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MComix is an easy-to-use cross-platform comic viewer


MComix is a configurable, cross-platform comic and image viewer. The open-source program is a fork of the old Comix project, and has been under development since 2010.

The core of the viewer is much like any other. Point it at your target files or folders, or drag and drop them onto the MComix window, and image thumbnails appear in a left-hand sidebar.

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Acronis True Image Next Generation brings anti-ransomware, blockchain-based features


Acronis has unveiled Acronis True Image Next Generation, a new premium subscription option for Acronis True Image 2017.

The product debuts Acronis Active Protection on the Windows edition. It’s a real-time behavioral monitoring system which looks for ransomware-like activity on your PC, detecting and blocking any attempted file encryption.

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Create stylish product mockups with Mockuuups Studio


Mockuuups Studio is a simple tool which makes it easy to create professional product mockups. These are photos where your design appears on a phone, tablet, watch or other device, sometimes as it’s apparently being used.

The program doesn’t require any design skills. Just import a file and it’s instantly cropped and rotated to fit around 250 mockup templates, which are all then displayed in large preview thumbnails.

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Screeny is a versatile desktop capture tool


Screeny is a comprehensive free-for-personal-use screen capture tool for Windows. It’s a competitive market and there are a host of free screenshot and desktop recorders around, but Screeny manages to stand out anyway with its sheer weight of features.

The program isn’t just about full-screen and active window captures, for instance. It can also grab rectangular, circle, region or freehand selections, scrolling areas, DOS windows, menu structures, Windows objects (regions, windows, controls) and more.

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