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Bitdefender Home Scanner checks your network devices for vulnerabilities

Bitdefender has released Bitdefender Home Scanner, a free tool which scans your wireless network, identifies connected devices and checks them for vulnerabilities.

The program claims to spot devices with poorly encrypted or insecure authentication, weak login credentials and "hidden back doors."

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LXtory shares screenshots to Imgur, Gyazo, Puush, Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP

LXtory is an open-source tool for capture screenshots, saving the results locally or uploading them to Imgur or other sites. It’s a familiar idea, and the program interface didn’t impress us, either. Calling it "unfinished" would be a compliment -- it’s so basic that it barely looks started.

Despite its lack of visual appeal, LXtory does have some interesting features. There’s support for capturing the complete desktop, specific windows or a chosen window. It also captures windows using Direct3D, and can record what happens in a selected area as an animated GIF.

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Build your own video surveillance system with ContaCam

The freeware video surveillance system ContaCam has been helping PC users monitor their video feeds since 2010, and it’s grown to be one of the most capable and configurable systems around. We haven’t checked out the program for a while, but after the recent release of ContaCam 7.0, we grabbed a copy and took a closer look.

The program has always had wide device support -- webcams, WDM and DV devices and IP cameras -- and the latest release improves that further. ContaCam 7.0 now features native RTSP camera support, and is able to record audio from a custom source.

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Draw, paint and optimize your pictures with NPS Image Editor

NPS Image Editor is an unusual freeware tool which aims to provide the simplicity of Microsoft Paint with far more functionality, including custom brushes, filters and transparency control.

The program looks much like a stripped-back version of Paint.NET, no surprise as it was also a Paint-inspired project: tiny drawing toolbar on the left, palette on the right, menu bar at the top, details of the current image on the status bar.

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How to migrate your passwords from LastPass to 1Password

EasyBCD developer NeoSmart Technologies has released LastPass to 1Password, a simple automated tool for converting exported LastPass CSV files to the 1PIF format used by 1Password.

If you’re wondering why, check out the official method for transferring data from LastPass: export from Firefox (other browser export options don’t work properly), install Strawberry Perl, run custom Perl commands to export individual data types, manually import each exported file later...

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Split and join MP4 videos with MP4Tools

MP4Tools is a cross-platform collection of tools for the lossless splitting and joining of MP4 files. The package is the project of Alex Thuering, the developer behind DVD authoring application DVDStyler.

Installing MP4Tools gets you two applications, MP4Splitter and MP4Joiner. Despite the single "MP4Tools" brand, they’re separate programs with no integration.

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mStream Express is a music server you can set up in seconds

MStream Express is an open-source Chrome-based music server. The program is built for simplicity and can be set up in seconds, without having to install anything.

Basic configuration is as easy as selecting your music folder, and entering a user name and password. Click "Boot Server" and you’re done. To test the program locally, type localhost:3000 in a browser and enter the credentials you’ve just created. MStream Express displays your files and folders and you’re able to select and play whatever you like.

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Detect, block and even undo ransomware damage with AppCheck

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a free-for-personal-use Windows application which aims to detect ransomware-type behavior and blocks any threat it finds.

The program includes an unusual file protection component which automatically backs up at-risk files before they can be encrypted, enabling AppCheck to undo most damage. These backups are held in a special driver-protected "RansomShelter", ensuring they can’t be encrypted as well.

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QuickLook is a speedy, simple file previewer

QuickLook is an open-source Windows version of the OS X "Quick Look" file preview feature.

There’s no installation required. Run QuickLook, select a file in Explorer, hit the space bar and a window appears with a preview.

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Bitdefender reveals first public beta of Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Bitdefender has announced the availability of Bitdefender Total Security 2018, the first public beta of its next generation security suite.

New features include a Webcam Protection module which notifies you when apps try to access your webcam, and blocks unauthorized usage.

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Find out who shut down your PC and when, with Shutdown Logger

Security developer NoVirusThanks has released Shutdown Logger, a free Windows service-based application which records details about every shutdown event.

The package logs the time and date of each shutdown, the system uptime to that point, and the names of any logged-in user accounts.

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FreeDriveC is a simpler, safer drive cleanup app

As you’ll guess from the name, FreeDriveC is yet another Windows application for freeing up space on your system drive. We’ve seen more than enough of these already, and we’ll bet you have, too.

But wait -- FreeDriveC isn’t all about emptying your TEMP folders or wiping browser history. Instead it’s more like a simple Control Panel applet, providing easy access to relevant Windows tools.

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Jarte 6.0 Plus adds Autohotkey scripting and automation

Carolina Read Software has unveiled Jarte 6.0, a major update for its Windows WordPad-based word processor.

The $19.95 Jarte Plus 6.0 build now supports running custom AutoHotkey scripts when you open a document, hit a hotkey or click a custom toolbar button. The system allows automatically entering text, replacing existing text, changing highlighting, colors and more, and you’re able to work with files, run programs, open websites, or do anything else AutoHotkey can normally do.

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Two ways to check your PC is patched against EternalBlue

Exploits linked to leaked NSA hacking tools have been causing havoc recently, with the WannaCry ransomware infecting more than 300,000 systems.

WannaCry made use of the previously unknown SMB exploit EternalBlue, but the leak included details of several others. Microsoft has released patches, but are they in place on all your PCs?

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Stop users copying PDF text with PDF Anti-Copy

PDF Anti-Copy is a free tool which protects PDF content by preventing users selecting or copying its text. There are similar programs available, but they typically work by applying the standard PDF security restrictions. This can easily removed with the right software.

PDF Anti-Copy takes a more unusual approach, using GhostScript and its -dNoOutputFonts switch to essentially replace the text with vector graphics. The page looks the same, but the text selection options stop working because the text has gone.

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