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Future ransomware will be scary-dangerous


Here is a scary prospect. Ransomware that hides in a corporate network, analyzing it and multiplying itself until it is found on every machine in an organization. Only after it has contaminated every machine in a network will it activate, in a coordinated attack, bringing an entire company’s business to a screeching halt, until a large sum of money is paid to the attacker.

Such an idea is not yet reality, but it’s not far from it, either. Cisco’s Midyear Cybersecurity Report says it is only a matter before we hit this milestone, mostly because ransomware has become the most lucrative malware type in history.

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Apple revenue and iPhone sales are down


Apple today announced its financial report for Q3 FY2016 (Q2 CY2016), revealing a drop in revenue and falling iPhone sales compared to both the previous quarter and this time last year.

Apple posted quarterly revenue of $42.4 billion and a net income of $7.8 billion, with the bulk (nearly $18 billion) coming from the Americas. This revenue is compared to $50.5 billion in Q2 FY2016 and $49.6 billion in Q3 FY2015, drops of 16 percent and 15 percent respectively.

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Using culture to empower IT organization

Busy office

Over the last decade, enterprise companies have experienced a complete IT evolution. The nature and techniques of companies are transforming to empower new shifts in technology, rapid innovation, and expansion. Culture is at the center of this strategic shift and it’s dramatically changing the way IT organizations operate.

Whether it's the cultural shift in collaboration that’s elevating the rise of DevOps, now predicted by Gartner as a mainstream enterprise strategy for 2016; social communication encouraging shadow IT; or diversity creating more inclusive decision making, culture has truly restructured IT. And, it’s done so for the better. For enterprise organizations who have not reached digital maturity, or lack an integrated digital IT strategy, there are three ways cultural influence can structure a smarter, more innovative IT organization -- hiring, communicating, and establishing purpose.

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Teradata buys Big Data Partnership

business handshake

US-based data analytics company Teradata has acquired UK-founded Big Data Partnership. Maria Wagner, investment director at Beringea hopes the deal will serve as an inspiration to British startups that the global market is still open to them, despite Brexit results.

Founded in 2012 by Mike Merritt-Holmes, Pinal Gandhi and Tim Seears, Big Data Partnership’s goal is to help businesses use the power of complex data. Two years ago, they got £1.2 million in a Series A funding, which was led by Beringea, transatlantic venture and growth investor. In a Series B round, in May 2015, Beringea again led to a total of £3.1m investment.

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Total iPhone sales will exceed one billion mark

iPhone smartphone mobile apps

Just days after it was reported that Facebook has a billion people using Messenger, a similar thing will happen with Apple.

The company has either already, or will very soon, sell its one billionth iPhone. In the last reported quarter (Q1 2016), it was unveiled that the company had sold a total of 987 million iPhones in the seven years since its inception. Some 40 million had been sold in the quarter alone, and according to Financial Times, analysts expect at least another 40m quarter ahead.

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Europol's No More Ransom website helps ransomware victims unlock their files

Keyboard unlock open lock button pin

To help curb the global rise of ransomware, the European police agency Europol has decided to launch a new initiative and website to put victims of an attack in touch with the police.

The initiative will be called "No More Ransom" and will be coordinated by Europol, but will also be receiving help from the Dutch national police, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab.

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Hackers steal 1.6 million Clash of Kings forum accounts

steal_password hacker

The official forum for the popular mobile game Clash of Kings is the latest to fall victim to a cyberattack after a hacker broke through its defenses and managed to obtain the user data of around 1.6 million accounts.

The hack occurred on July 14 and the security breach was made known to the website by a hacker who wished to remain anonymous. The database of user account details taken from the forum contained the usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, device identifiers in addition to Facebook data and access tokens from those who signed in using their social accounts.

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What you need to know about two factor authentication

Two factor authentication

Picture this: you open your laptop to begin checking online sales for your business. You log in with your email address, only to receive an uncharacteristic error message: "Your Password is Invalid". You type in the password again. "Your Password is Invalid". You try again. "Your account has been temporarily locked. Please contact support".

You quickly grab the phone and begin to dial. As you wait on hold, you decide to check your business’ website and are stunned to see a "Web Page Not Found" error. A technical support specialist answers your call and begins to explain that the website and linked email account have been hacked.

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US government could save billions by modernizing its technology

Piggy Bank table cash coins

The US government could save $5.8 billion in technology cost, and at the same time modernize and improve the efficiency of its systems. This is according to the Information Services Group, a technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company.

Today, at the headquarters of the General Services Administration, it released a report, together with the Commission on IT Cost, Opportunity, Strategy and Transparency (IT COST).

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One in ten UK computer science graduates don't have a job

Sad girl Windows 10 laptop

According to the latest figures compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), computer science graduates are still at the top of the UK’s higher education unemployment rankings.

During the academic year of 2014/2015, 10 percent of computer science graduates were unable to find a job six months after graduation. This figure is even higher than the 7.7 percent for students, who studied Mass Communications and documentation, Physical sciences, or Engineering and technology, that had difficulty finding work after graduation.

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DDoS attacks are getting worse

GitHub hit by biggest DDoS attack ever

Just a couple of days after a horrendous DDoS attack took down Pokemon GO servers for a day, Arbor releases its new report on the state of DDoS around the globe, which basically says things are only getting worse.

The reasons are still the same -- DDoS attacks are simple to launch, cheap and easy to obtain, for anyone "with a grievance and an internet connection".

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Intel's Q2 2016 by the numbers: $13.5 billion in revenue, $1.3 billion profit


Intel has certainly made progress on its restructuring initiative to focus on the cloud and the internet of things (IoT), but these key businesses have failed to deliver significant enough growth to boost slowing chip sales.

The company reports revenue of $13.5 billion for Q2 2016, which is a three percent increase from the previous year. However, profit for the latest quarter is down by more than half (51 percent) to $1.3 billion, which is primarily a result of high restructuring costs of $1.4 billion.

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Apple patches Stagefright-like vulnerability on iOS, OS X


An equivalent to Android’s Stagefright vulnerability has recently been spotted on iOS and OS X devices. It has since been patched, and security experts from Sophos are urging all Apple users to patch up as fast as they can to protect themselves from the serious flaw.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Stagefright (in its multiple version) allowed a hacker to take over a victim’s Android smartphone by sending a message with an image or a video file. Long story short, it had something to do with the way Android managed images, and pretty much every Android version you can think of was vulnerable (many of them may still be).

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Consumer online storage has an Achilles Heel (and an opportunity)


The last several years have revealed enormous opportunity in consumer online storage -- numerous companies, led by Dropbox, have shown tremendous growth and opportunity in the consumer market. Unfortunately, the most recent few years have seen many, if not all, of those companies pivot their focus from consumer to enterprise.

The main players that remain focused on consumer online storage are the big boys: Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple. These companies do this via incredible low pricing with little apparent concern for profit (which is easy when you make lots of money via other products and services). Considering massive pent-up demand in the consumer world, why has this happened?

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7 information security trends currently dominating the market

security device work office Mac unsecured

Protecting your information, especially if it’s information you’ve collected about your customers that includes things like their address or their credit card number, is absolutely vital to your business. Even if the information you lose isn’t customer-related, it can still lead to the loss of thousands, even millions, of dollars if it’s related to a trademark or other intellectual property.

If you’re concerned about your company’s information security, you may be interested in learning about these seven different information security trends that are currently dominating the market.

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