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Bitcoin prices rise after Greece referendum


A crisis to some is an opportunity to others, and Bitcoin seems to be taking full advantage of Greece’s current situation.

IBTimes reported on Monday how the price of Bitcoin rose to a four-month high this past Sunday. The price rose after Greece voted "No" in a referendum regarding the international bailout.

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Malware-as-a-service is cyber criminals' new lucrative business

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Organized criminal gangs (OCGs) are increasingly using software services of the type more usually associated with legitimate corporations to grow their operations. By offering malware-as-a-service, OCGs are employing business models similar to those developed by legitimate companies in order to extend their global reach.

The companies providing the software used by OCGs to break into organizations’ IT systems, commonly called malware, now employ business models frequently comprising a revenue stream, a budget, market researchers, a global pool of developers, software quality assurance and testing, help desk support, and even money-back guarantees. This process is now being referred to as the industrialization of cyber crime.

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Police: Don't buy a gun-shaped iPhone case


There are a lot of novelty iPhone cases out there, but here’s one which really isn’t a good idea: a gun-shaped case.

Yes, as you can see from the image above, this is essentially a replica gun built to be a holder for your iPhone, and as you can imagine, that’s really not a bright idea -- particularly not over in the US where it’s on sale, and gun crime is rife in one form or another.

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How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook


Ever wanted to know when one of your Facebook friends deletes you? Well now there’s an app that’ll tell you that and more.

Unsurprisingly named "Who Deleted Me on Facebook", the app shows you which accounts have unfriended you, which have become deactivated and who is online.

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Vodafone Smart ultra 6 review


Not so very long ago each new mobile phone that launched would be smaller than its predecessor whilst packing in more features. In recent years though we’ve come full circle and phones have started to get bigger again, offering more screen real estate for apps and improved image quality for multimedia use.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive though and the Smart ultra 6 from Vodafone appears to offer a lot of phone -- both physically and technically -- for just £125 on pay-as-you-go. Let’s see how well it delivers.

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Google discounts Nexus 6

Nexus 6 and Cat

Google has decided to significantly reduce the price of its Nexus 6 models in the UK. The devices are now available on Google Store for as low as £399.

The 32GB model of the Motorola-made handset comes in at that price, while the 64GB version is down to £479. The devices' initial prices were £479 and £549 respectively.

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UK businesses risk data loss with BYOD policies


By allowing you to bring your own, unprotected mobile devices to work (BYOD), UK businesses risk losing data, a new research report suggests.

Forty percent of UK businesses have no security or policies in place to prevent unauthorised employees from accessing what they shouldn't, the research by Arlington Research and Acronis found.

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Facebook in talks with music labels

Facebook at Work unleashed to cater for the office

Social giant Facebook has been in talks with music labels for the past few months, although nobody is quite sure what the company is planning.

Reports say Facebook has met with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, three of the big music licensing labels. Since this doesn’t seem to involve indie labels, we can assume it isn’t a music streaming deal, but instead a licensing and content protection deal.

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5 common Wi-Fi problems -- how you can resolve them


Say it’s up to you to pick a Wi-Fi solution. If the Wi-Fi experience is great -- fast and dependable -- you’re a hero. But if performance is slow or connections drop, people get grumpy.

Here, in plain English, are five culprits behind bad Wi-Fi and how to avoid them.

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The world's smallest drone can be had for just $35

Word's smallest drone SKEYE Nano Drone

Drones are a much talked about technological development, but they have yet to really take off with members of the public.

There is a whole host of factors holding them back, regulations being chief among them, but it seems size certainly isn’t going to be an issue. Particularly when drones are being made that can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

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Prince pulling music from popular streaming services

prince-2014 streaming music

One of the most prominent skeptics of digital music, Prince has surprisingly been off the radar on the whole music streaming debate, until now.

The Minneapolis sound pioneer removed all of his songs from Deezer, Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music earlier this week, while keeping music on Google Play and Tidal.

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Minecraft sales exceed 20 million copies


The extremely popular sandbox game Minecraft has now sold more than 20 million copies on PC and Mac.

According to the statistics on the official Minecraft page, at the time of writing, 20,007,577 people have bought the PC/Mac version of the game.

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Practical step-by-step guidance for after your company has been hacked

skull death security malware hack threat

Everybody tends to think that hackers will never ever target them or their company/organization until a breach occurs. I've already written several practical examples explaining why hackers target you and your data.

Here, I will try to concentrate on post-incident actions and provide some brief advice on what to do after you have been hacked.

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Make your signature style a consistent close

Thumbs up

How risky is your signature style? According to the report, "CFO Narcissism and Financial Reporting Quality," a CFO's signature style can predict misreporting. The study suggests that large signatures are linked with "earnings management, less timely loss recognition, weaker internal controls, and a higher probability of restatements".

The report found that the connection between signature size and accounting misstatements is narcissism. Large signatures appear to characterize people who believe that they can "talk their way out of anything". This is clearly not the best characteristic for any CFO responsible for financial reporting.

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Smartphone porn consumption will explode


A wise man once said our phones started getting bigger when we realized we could watch porn on them. If you had the slightest doubt in your mind about these wise words, then the latest research from Juniper should put it to rest.

According to that research, each "each smartphone user (who access adult content) is expected to watch an average of 348 videos this year". That means, more than 136 billion porn videos will be watched this year alone. But don’t worry, it will grow. By 2020, estimates say that number will hit 193 billion, which is a growth of almost 55 percent.

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