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Apple Pay to launch in Europe this summer

Apple Pay on iPhone 6

Apple Pay is still a US-only service, despite it being available for seven months, but the European launch is reportedly coming as soon as this summer.

That’s according to Belgium’s KBC Bank, confirming on Twitter that Apple Pay support will be available this summer. Even though KBC Bank removed the tweet after a few hours, it suggests that the Apple Pay European launch is coming sooner than expected.

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Apple may have leaked its upcoming iPhone 6c

Apple leaks iPhone 6c with Touch ID on UK listing of Lightning Dock

There has been another leak of an Apple smartphone -- far from an unusual event in itself, except this time Cupertino itself is responsible for spilling the image.

The Guardian spotted the picture which popped up on the Apple Store, advertising a new charging dock with a lightning connector. Inside the dock was an iPhone 5C with a difference – rather than a home button, it appears to have a fingerprint scanner.

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Why businesses should embrace the hybrid cloud

cloud hosting

When cloud technology started to gain traction with businesses the main concerns expressed were over data security and control. Customers questioned what compromises they would have to make with their on-premise infrastructure to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

However, the cloud has developed significantly over the past few years, and the emergence of hybrid cloud has allowed businesses to reap the benefits of lower cost public cloud offerings whilst keeping control of their most prized and sensitive data on-premise. Hybrid cloud is any combination of public and private computing combined with existing on-premise infrastructure which is tailored to fit each individual business’ needs. With hybrid cloud, organizations are able to invest in both public and private cloud offerings from different vendors, giving them more flexibility and control.

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Facebook Messenger video calling is now available worldwide

Facebook Messenger Windows Phone Logo

Facebook has announced that its new addition to Messenger, namely video calling, has now rolled out across the globe.

The video calling capability was bolted on to Messenger on both iOS and Android at the end of last month, but obviously rolling it out to every market worldwide takes some time.

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The big problem with unlimited cloud storage

Warning Sign Sky Cloud Cloudy

By 2017, iHS iSuppli predicts there will be more than one billion personal cloud storage users around the world. Considering the purchasing power of these digital consumers, it’s no surprise that cloud storage’s biggest players are improving their systems to gain a competitive edge. The most recent upgrade -- unlimited cloud storage space.

In March, Amazon announced its own unlimited cloud storage system, situating itself as one of the market’s most affordable solutions. However, like most shiny things, the megalith’s offer is not quite as spectacular as it first appears. Why is that? Because it, like its competitors, is not truly unlimited.

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SURE turns your Android device into a universal remote

SURE for Android turn smartphone into universal remote

You can turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote and control every smart device in your home, thanks to a new app available worldwide now.

Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things, has announced it launched SURE globally.

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New vulnerability affects millions of routers -- update yours right away!

Wi-Fi router

A vulnerability that leaves millions of routers and other Internet-connected devices open to remote hacking and similar cyberattacks has been discovered.

Stefan Viehbock of SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab explained in his blog that a piece of proprietary software developed in Taiwan, called NetUSB, is the root of the security flaw.

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Microsoft to launch new iPhone messaging app

iPhone in Red leather case held in left hand, tapped on the screen

Microsoft is reportedly planning another messaging app for the iPhone, this time utilizing Outlook contacts without all of the formalities on email.

Spotted by Twitter user @h0x0d, Microsoft has named the app Flow and is preparing to launch it in the coming months. Instead of sending an email with titles and signatures, Flow will allow Outlook contacts to chat like they would on Facebook Messenger or any other messaging platform.

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Which companies are lining up to buy Nokia's HERE?

Nokia's HERE seen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in a BMW car

Ride-sharing company Uber and Chinese search giant Baidu have teamed up to acquire Nokia’s Here Maps division for £2.2 billion. The partnership is the second of its kind, with Baidu investing £387 million in Uber late last year.

The two will look for an all-cash acquisition, but Uber and Baidu are not the only partners trying to acquire Here Maps. Tencent Holdings, NavInfo and EQT Partners have partnered as well, bringing a Chinese rivalry into the mix.

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Facebook could allow businesses to contact you through WhatsApp

Messaging service smartphone WhatsApp

Facebook said it might allow businesses to contact users through their chat app WhatsApp, Bloomberg said in a report on Tuesday.

This might be the first hint on how the social media giant plans on making money off the app that it bought for $22 billion (£14 billion).

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Tech giants asking Obama to support effective encryption, block backdoor requests

Data encryption

Several huge technology firms have come together to urge US President Barack Obama not to pass legislation demanding backdoor access to encrypted devices.

More than 140 companies and prominent figures in the tech industry, including the likes of Apple and Google, have sent an open letter to the White House proclaiming that "strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security".

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What every small business needs to consider when buying a PC


Today’s small business requires PCs that drive productivity and collaboration without the premium price tag. Whether it’s the clarity from visualizing data, the smoothness of streaming media or the responsiveness of modern apps, every detail matters to effectively run a small-to-medium-size organization.

When searching for a PC that best suits a small business, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, be sure to consider the following features and capabilities.

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Security researcher allegedly takes control of airplane, demonstrates security risks

Man holding an iPad tablet on a plane next to the window

A security consultant is at the centre of a media storm following claims that he hacked into the computer systems on board airplanes on a number of occasions, and during one of those he allegedly managed to take partial control of the craft.

Chris Roberts was picked up by the FBI last month following tweets about hacking into the plane’s systems on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Syracuse, and upon landing he had his kit -- a MacBook Pro and iPad Air -- seized in order to be scrutinized by their techies.

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The 10 countries with the fastest Internet speeds -- is yours on the list?

Internet Worldwide Globe Connections

The Internet has become such a necessity for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, it is hard to believe that billions still live each day without scrolling through a Facebook feed or watching a YouTube video.

That said, a lot of the people that have Internet connection do not enjoy the speed offered by Internet service providers, especially in parts of the world where oligopolies rule the web pipes.

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Is someone stealing your Wi-Fi?

espionage hacker thief black hat

Wi-Fi access is growing all the time and that’s hardly surprising considering the amount of time we spend online and the need for employees to be increasingly mobile. The number of public hotspots are on the up, but that’s not the only way to get online.

Unauthorized access to your personal Wi-Fi can occur if the right precautions are not taken. One of the first things to do is to check the list of connected devices using your network. There are dedicated software packages that will help you do this, or alternatively, you can usually access your router’s settings by entering your IP address into your web browser search bar.

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