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Does it boil? Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 in hot water


The Galaxy S6 has been subjected to a number of different stress tests since it hit shelves, including full-on bend tests, and simple drop tests -- plus being run over by a car in one case, which it survived and still remained usable.

And here’s another -- this time, the Galaxy S6’s foe is boiling water, which it’s being dipped into alongside an iPhone 6. So which handset will be able to stand the boiling heat for longest?

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US electronic voting machines incredibly easy to hack


Electronic voting machines used for US elections between 2002 and 2014 would have been extremely easy to hack, according to reports.

The AVS WinVote machines were used during three presidential campaigns in the state of Virginia and would receive an "F-minus" for security, with many using "abcde" or "admin" as passwords.

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Huawei P8 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Which should you choose?


Huawei has officially announced the P8, the flagship for 2015. It is the Chinese company’s attempt to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6, two of the biggest devices this year.

Even though Huawei won out against Samsung last year in China and some other markets, the Galaxy S6 is a formidable smartphone and shows the South Korean giant is back in business -- but which flagship is better?

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Microsoft Band goes on sale in the UK


The Microsoft Band has been available over in the US for quite some time now, and fitness band fanatics have had to wait patiently for the device to become available over here -- but the good news is, you can now buy one in the UK.

Yes, if you scoot on over to the official Microsoft web store, there’s a big "buy now" button you can click to get your fitness wristband. And how much will it set you back? £170 including VAT.

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ViewSonic introduces affordable 27-inch 4K monitor for professionals

ViewSonic UHD 4K VP2780-Left-Pro-900x506

ViewSonic has announced a new 4K monitor designed for professional work. The Ultra HD VP2780-4K, to give the monitor its full name, is a 27-inch LED panel offering a resolution of 3840 x 2160. It uses SuperClear IPS panel tech and is a 10-bit color panel.

Accurate colors are promised, with 100 percent sRGB, and 80 percent Adobe RGB high color coverage, meaning pinpoint colors for CAD work, serious photography and video editing and the like.

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Apple releases first iOS 8.4 beta with new Music app in tow

16GB iPhones and iPhones quake in fear as Apple increases maximum app size to 4GB

Apple has released the iOS 8.4 beta and with it, the upcoming revamped Music app.

The new music app features a stylish design (as we would expect from Apple), and a well thought-through interface, which includes a mini-player that remains visible while you’re looking around the app.

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Europe faces shortage of 800,000 IT workers by 2020

Jobs Job

New trends such as machine-to-machine communications and cloud computing are opening great new opportunities, and Europe is in serious danger of missing out if it doesn’t produce enough experts in the field.

During a speech in Belgium, European Commission (EC) Digital Single Market chief Andrus Ansip said Europe might face a huge deficit in skilled ICT workers, V3 reports.

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Companies should embrace change, not fear it


Let’s face it, for most change is daunting. It’s human nature to revert to your comfort zone. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, change is the acceptable norm.

A recent survey found that 68 percent of marketers feel their role has changed more in the last two years than the previous 50! It’s hard to believe now that 10 years ago nobody had heard of the cloud, the iPhone didn’t exist and 20 years ago most people didn’t have an email address. Therefore the question companies now need to ask is "are we geared up for change?"

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Online leaks like Game of Thrones have become the norm


Last month, it was Kanye West and now it’s HBO’s award-winning medieval drama Game of Thrones that must suffer the dreaded online leak. However, these are just two examples from countless others -- it seems as though in the digital world online leaks have become the norm.

The Internet, which has vastly improved global communication by enabling ideas to be shared and projects to be collaborated on, has also led to information being leaked with increasing regularity.

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You need Good Data before you can have Big Data


Businesses are beginning to understand the need for Big Data, the large and often disparate information generated by staff, systems and websites.

Across all industries, big data enables companies to analyze their information and interactions to improve customer or supply chain engagement and of course, operational performance.

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APIs can help deliver the vision of self-managing our health


The digital health imperative is upon us. With advancements in technology, the opportunities are bound only by our imagination. Recent investments in digital health are telling signs of the disruptive forces at play and the future that is just waiting to happen.

With the advent of arrays of sensors that track a myriad of bio-markers ranging from activity, nutrition, heart rate, cholesterol level, glucose levels, sleep to those that can even detect a stroke, consumer technologies have ushered in a new era of health management.

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Symantec is wrong -- antivirus software isn't dead

Security alert

Each time someone reports that antivirus is dead, a hacker gets his wings (and I get furious). With our industries becoming increasingly data-driven, the need to protect our networks, devices, and archives has become more important than ever.

In a world of weaponized emails and polymorphic, self-replicating malware, entertaining the idea that endpoint antivirus protection is dead is both ignorant and dangerous.

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The majority of Brits are worried about online security

Data privacy

For every ten British adults, seven are seriously concerned about the privacy of their online data and fear it might get stolen by hackers, a new study has revealed.

The study, conducted by international internet-based market research firm YouGov, surveyed more than 2,000 British adults and found that 72 percent are concerned about their private online information, while 32 percent are willing to pay someone to keep their data safe.

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9 reasons to get excited about the cloud

2015 cloud

You could be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing more to say on the subject of cloud computing.

After all, the technology has been available and widely adopted for some years now, with businesses of varying sizes moving their data and infrastructure to the cloud. In fact, the recently published State of the Cloud report by RightScale found that 93 percent of organizations are using the cloud in some capacity. However, whether it’s a move towards a hybrid cloud approach or analyzing why some businesses have not yet made the transition, there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about the cloud.

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Apple has brand loyalty that most companies can only dream of

Apple wins

The iPhone 6 release in September of last year marked yet another successful product launch for Apple. Both the regular and "Plus" models combined exceeded 4 million pre-orders within 24 hours and sales of more than 10 million units in the first three days following release. Both were Apple records.

Considering that the regular iPhone 6 retailed for $649 at launch and the Plus model for $749, it would seem fair to assume that such premium-level prices would be reflected in premium specifications. After all, the iPhone 6 comes in at slightly more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy S5 which was released a few months previous.

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