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SAP's customers are tired of hearing buzzwords

Tired, Exasperated, Frustrated man at mac

SAP customers are growing tired of vendor buzzwords and hype, desiring more practical advice on digital products, according to a recent survey.

Research conducted by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group found that 80 percent of respondents were skeptical of terms such as "digitalization" and "digital transformation". Fifty-eight percent of SAP customers also believe that vendors over-hype their terminology.

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Adware uses Android's accessibility features to install malware

Aggressive Android app ads annoy and interfere

There’s an adware out there which uses features for the visually impaired to install malicious apps on an Android-powered device. The worst part is that it doesn’t use a vulnerability in the system, but instead abuses a service’s legitimate features.

Researchers from mobile security provider Lookout have spotted the abusers and published a blog post about it.

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The cost of cybercrime in UK reaches £1.6 billion

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Norton by Symantec has released the findings from its Cybersecurity Insights Report. This online survey was conducted across 17 markets and took into account the responses from 17,125 consumers over the age of 18.

Norton’s report has revealed how heavily British consumers have been affected by cybercrime and the stark differences between the ways in which Baby Boomers and Millennials protect themselves online.

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EE might block ads at cellular network level

no ads ad block

EE is looking to start a debate on a particularly sensitive topic -- online ads on mobile platforms. According to a news report by Tech Radar, the British mobile network operator and internet service provider is weighing its options on the idea of blocking advertising on a network level.

Chief executive Olaf Swantee said it’s an important debate about customer control.

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Choosing an enterprise search tool

Data search

Having the right enterprise search tool is essential if you want to get the most use of your content and databases. However, many companies have no idea what they should be looking for with these tools.

In this article, we'll be covering some of the most important capabilities that the software you choose should contain. We'll also be covering what each of these capabilities does and why it is important.

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The rise of subscription software licensing


Recently, Apple announced a new subscription service whereby customers can pay a monthly recurring fee to get an annual phone (hardware) upgrade.

Similarly, all Autodesk software will only be available on a subscription basis beginning August 1, 2016. These announcements yet again signal that the dominance of perpetual licensing in the market place is on decline.

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Europe should set up its own cybersecurity agency

Boardroom security

Europe is being urged to set up its own international cybersecurity agency to tackle the growing threat posed by cyberattacks. Jose Luiz Gilperez, security chief at Telefonica, said that cyberthreats have developed in recent years to pose just as significant a danger as physical threats.

Of particular concern is a fundamental change in the types of individuals perpetrating cyberattacks. While the stereotypical image of the lone hacker may have held true in the past, cyberattacks are now being carried out by hacking collectives, gangs of organized criminals or even national governments. Gilperez stressed that in order to counter this new threat, cybersecurity must become "a matter of business, and a matter of states".

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As Excel turns 30, it's time to take spreadsheets to the next level

Office for Windows 10 - Excel

Excel was born in 1985, and the business world has never been the same. This fall, the program celebrated its 30th birthday, giving spreadsheet users everywhere the chance to reflect on its success, its drawbacks, and its importance in the corporate marketplace. Rather than allowing this major milestone to pass us by, businesses should use the remainder of 2015 as an opportunity to consider their ongoing relationship with Excel.

Microsoft’s dominant spreadsheet software has claimed an unparalleled share of the corporate market, which is an outstanding achievement in itself. However, even though many businesses feel like they can’t live without it, some larger organizations have realized that they can’t live with it particularly well either.

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HP unveils Elite x2 Windows 10 hybrid for enterprise customers

HP Elite x2 Windows 10 hybrid tablet laptop replacement keyboard stylus

HP today announced the HP Elite x2 -- a hybrid it says is perfectly designed for the mobile professional.

According to HP, it is an "incredibly versatile" device that offers the "productivity of a full notebook with the convenience of a tablet".

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Is your website ready for Black Friday traffic?

Web Traffic Internet

Conventional wisdom has dictated for millennia that planning well in advance will put you in good stead for success. What this means for IT departments is to prepare for the worst -- and for online retailers that means November 27 and 30.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching fast and now is the time for IT professionals to ensure their IT infrastructure capacity will not leave them sitting on the side-lines.

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Banking trojan Dyreza goes after Windows 10, Microsoft Edge users


The Dyreza banking trojan has (unfortunately) been updated, and now can target users sporting Windows 10 and its internet browser, Microsoft Edge.

The new version of the banking trojan was spotted and analyzed by EU-based security firm Heimdal Security, which claims that Dyreza will now also seek and find security products, terminating their underlying OS processes.

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Zerodium reveals price list for zero-day exploits


Exploit acquisition platform Zerodium has just published a price chart for different classes of digital intrusion techniques and software targets that it buys from hackers and later resells in a subscription service to its clients.

This is important as it is the first time someone has publically put a price tag on hacking.

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Anonymous releases guides to help anyone hack Islamic State


Hacktivist group Anonymous, which has recently declared "war" on ISIS, has released a guide on how to find and take out ISIS-related websites and social media accounts.

The group posted three different guides, to be used within #OpParis, the online campaign against the Middle-Eastern militants.

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LG announces its own mobile payments service

LG logo sign

Korean tech giant LG has announced it will soon be launching its own mobile payment service. The service, which will be a direct competitor to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other mobile payment systems, will be available in South Korea and the US, for starters.

According to IB Times, LG has registered the trademark LG Pay in South Korea and United States, so it’s very likely that will be the service’s name.

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Laptop Buying Guide: What NOT To Do

woman frustrated frustration angry argh laptop notebook

Shopping for a new laptop can be fun and exciting, but the wide array of mobile PCs to choose from, along with the assortment of screen sizes and task-specific features, can make the process rather confusing.

To avoid winding up with a laptop that costs too much, weighs too much, and does too little, be sure to consider your options ahead of time. Here are five suggestions.

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