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Cisco will cut 5,500 jobs

Job Jobs Cut Cuts

According to reports, Cisco Systems is planning a mass jobs cull with 5,500 jobs in danger -- or around seven percent of its global workforce.

Cisco, the world’s biggest networking equipment company, is expected to announce more details of any potential cuts in the next few weeks a part of an ongoing transition to a more software and cloud-orientated strategy.

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Finance organizations rely too much on spreadsheets


Pretty much every finance organization in London (97 percent of them) is worried about how reliant it is on spreadsheets. These are the results of a new research by finance function solutions provider, Accountagility.

The worry stems from faults experienced when using it for both planning and reporting, as four out of five (80 percent) of organizations have had such experiences. Just under half (49 percent) also consider a problem the fact that manual effort is needed to both validate and analyze Excel data.

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Finding the right tools to manage data in today's modern world

Cloud storage

A common concern among companies is if their resources are being used wisely. Never before has this been more pressing than when considering data storage options. Teams question the inherent worth of their data, and often fall into the trap of viewing it as an expense that weighs too heavily on the budget. This is where wisdom is needed with respect to efficient resource use and the task of successful data storage. Companies must ask themselves how storing particular data will benefit their business overall.

Incorporating a data storage plan into a business budget has certainly proven to be easier said than done. Many companies fail at carrying out their desires to store data once they recognize the cost associated with the tools that are needed. You may be wondering why the failure to follow through on these plans is so common. After all, who wouldn’t want to budget in such an important part of company security? The truth of the matter is that it can all be very overwhelming once the VAST amount of data that actually exists is considered, and it can be even more stressful to attempt to manage it all.

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Advancing call center technology: The importance of integration

Call Center

Cloud-based technology is becoming a universal means for storing data across various fields of IT, and it is no different within the call center industry. Cloud-based call center solutions are transforming customer service, while at the same time helping companies become even more efficient. The introduction of the cloud has also allowed small and medium-sized businesses to compete with larger enterprises while also providing these larger corporations with the bandwidth to expand globally.

Cloud-based call center technology has created a more effective and efficient solution for call centers. However, that’s not where the efficiency should end. It would benefit companies to use the cloud-based technology in collaboration with other platforms to establish a long-running, favorable impact. Here are a few ways that call centers can leverage other tools and integrate them into their existing cloud-based call center technology.

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Ransomware: How to identify the threat and protect yourself against it

Angry PC user

Ransomware has affected over 13.1 million US citizens. That’s 4 percent of the entire US population. Half of those people will pay a steep ransom of up to $500 to retrieve their information.

Do not let this be you. Arm yourself against the epidemic and read on to find out how keep yourself from being a part of the statistic.

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Users know the risks, but connect to Wi-Fi hotspots anyway


People are risking a lot when they connect to a free Wi-Fi, which is particularly important knowing how many people use mobile devices for work. According to a new report by NordVPN, a company selling VPN services, Wi-Fi networks can be hacked easily and attackers could steal valuable data, including corporate information, credit card information or identities.

"Hackers often position themselves as Wi-Fi hotspots and easily steal personal information of each individual that logs in", says NordVPN. "In addition, identity thieves have lately been using wireless sniffers, a software designed to intercept and decode data when it is transmitted over a network".

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Cisco Meeting Server enables Skype for Business users to connect with other platforms

Cisco Meeting Server

Skype for Business users have had a pretty rough time connecting with other platforms (like Cisco or Avaya), but that’s no longer the case as the Cisco Meeting Server gets released.

Cisco's new product will allow Skype for Business users to easily connect to users on other platforms by clicking a link. The company believes its product will completely reshape office collaboration, and the impact will be "huge".

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Blockchain startups raise $290 million worldwide


Blockchain and bitcoin start-ups have raised almost $300 million in funding in the first half of 2016, Juniper Research claims. This goes to show just how important the new way of doing business and paying for goods and services is.

There are more than 30 startups in the world which Juniper looked at for this research.

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Failing to attract security experts may prove costly for businesses

Security lock

A new report from Kaspersky Lab has found that large businesses that struggle to attract sufficiently skilled security experts end up paying up to three times more to recover from a cyber security incident.

The much talked-about skills gap in the security industry continues to cause problems for businesses, as increasing wages, a general shortage of expert availability and the need for more specialists are all prevalent.

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The trouble with open source research on the web

open source keyboard button

Every open source research project -- no matter how simple or complex -- starts with browsing the internet. But researchers should know that their identity can be obtained through a number of basic techniques, which could have consequences ranging from modified data to directed cyber attacks or worse.

Even the simplest of website visits will expose significant details about your location and your device, and pretty much any site you visit will drop code on your computer to track what you’re doing as you traverse the internet. Most of the time, this exchange is benign, but there can be times when content will be modified or attacks launched based on the identity of the user.

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Salesforce acquires data analytics startup BeyondCore


Salesforce has announced it is buying data analytics startup BeyondCore. In a tweet posted earlier this week, Marc Benioff says: "I am thrilled announce @Salesforce has acquired @beyondcoreinc to enhance the AI capabilities of Analytics Cloud".

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but we do know that BeyondCore will integrate into Saleforce’s Analytics Cloud, and will leverage its AI knowledge.

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Oracle has a database of 400 million business profiles -- and it's now for sale


Oracle is now the third of the big technology companies that is selling business profiles. The company just announced on its website that it is selling a database containing 400 million business profiles.

"Oracle Data Cloud today launched the largest business-to-business (B2B) audience data marketplace to help make programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing easier", says Oracle. What does this actually mean? You can use the database to "reach buyers and decision makers at specific companies to align B2B marketing and sales efforts" or "build audiences based on companies that have purchased a specific enterprise solution in the past".

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GM tried to buy Lyft

Lyft logo

General Motors (GM) currently holds some nine percent stake at Lyft, the US ride-sharing startup. However, according to new reports, firstly coming out of The Information, GM was interested in purchasing the other 91 percent, as well.

How much money would that be? Well, if nine percent is $500 million, the entire company would be around $5.5 billion. Lyft, apparently, turned the offer down and instead wants to go for another round of funding.

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US businesses slowly embracing Privacy Shield agreement

Data protection

The new program that replaces the Safe Harbor agreement is being picked up by US companies, but very, very slowly.

In the first two weeks since the US Department of Commerce started accepting applications for the Privacy Shield transatlantic data transfer program, just 40 companies have been certified.

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Keeping a clean backup environment when chaos abounds


Around the globe, IT directors are experiencing a common problem. What is that problem, you ask? The fact of the matter is backup environments worldwide are becoming increasingly challenging to manage. You might be asking yourself how this assertion could possibly be accurate, especially with the sudden boost in technology. Truth be told, the increase in technology is part of the problem.

Many directors in the IT world are finding themselves with less support, but are not asked to do any less. Things can quickly get chaotic when staff is not replaced, IT budgets shrink, service-level expectations continue to rise, and ROI-based business cases are created for purchased hardware even though storages spaces are completely maxed out. Sounds like a mess, right?

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