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Lack of IT skills is hindering cloud and BYOD deployment

Warning Sign Sky Cloud Cloudy

Utilizing the power of cloud technology and mobilizing the workforce are two key interests for most organizations, but several issues are currently affecting progress in the field.

In a survey conducted by NaviSite and Time Warner Cable on migration to the cloud and BYOD (bring your own device) support, several key points were brought up on the reasoning behind the slow progress.

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Predictions: Top ten mobile trends for 2015

crystall ball

It takes a brave man to make technology predictions in this day and age. Well, never one to shirk a challenge, I’ve been looking into my crystal ball, and with 2015 looming large, I’m putting my head above the parapet to make my top ten mobile predictions for the next 12 months.

Every year, competition in the smartphone space becomes more intense than ever. But we have reached a tipping point. Even the big guns, such as Samsung, are under massive pressure. All vendors will be looking for a killer new differentiator and this means things can (and probably will) get crazy. So, expect to see some wacky concepts making it to the front line of vendor’s product offerings.

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Content caching: Why the CTO is the CMO's new best friend

Shaking hands

Digital media content plays an important role in today's mobile, social, and web environments for global enterprises. The enterprise that delivers quality content the fastest wins the lion’s share of business. The enterprise that delivers digital content the slowest gets left in the dust.

Because content quality is now determined by substance and delivery speed, a strong connection must exist between two leaders in the company -- the CMO and CTO.

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Working remotely? Always ensure your data gets onto the network


Can you keep data safe while on the go? You know your company network is a safe storage option. So why isn’t your data in there? When was the last time you went a week without reading about a new data breach? It has become an almost daily occurrence in the media and has brought compliance and regulation to the forefront of many modern businesses.

A good way to guarantee critical business data remains secure and accessible is to ensure it is stored on the company network -- but changes in the way we work mean that very little business data is now being kept on the network. As more employees at SMEs start to work remotely -- either at home or on the go -- so too is the business’s data being stored in a wide range of places such as inboxes, phones, tablets, PCs and laptops. When data is kept in these places as opposed to the company network, some major problems are set to arise…

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GCHQ spy agency releases code-breaking app on Android


The UK’s history of cryptography is fascinating, with famous cryptanalysts like Alan Turing, Dillwyn Knox, and W. T. Tutte deciphering different code machines used in World War I and II.

To celebrate the achievements of the past and reinvigorate students on cryptography, the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) has released a code-breaking app on Android, named Cryptoy. An iOS version is set to see a 2015 release.

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Google's new design language will add functionality across devices


Google wants to get all of the platforms updated to Material Design -- the new design language first previewed at Google I/O this year.

Android Wear has been waiting for the Lollipop update for quite some time, after Nexus, Google Play Edition and some OEM (original equipment manufacturers) gained early updates to the new OS update.

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Raspberry Pi to blast off into space


Two Raspberry Pi computers are going to be sent into space as part of a competition to get children inspired by coding and space exploration.

The Astro Pi project will take place from the middle of January and will see the devices sent to the International Space Station (ISS), containing code written by primary and secondary school children.

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Google working hard to improve its Cardboard VR headset


Google Cardboard, when compared to big virtual reality names like the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, might seem like a bad joke. The tech giant, however, is prepared to show the world it’s serious about its cardboard-based headset.

The company has launched a new web page for the low-cost VR, one which collects the best apps for download as well as showcases new SDKs for Android and Unity devs to play around with.

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Ofcom finds social network use declining most in the UK


Media regulator Ofcom has found that the use of social networks is on the decline across a number of countries, but most prominently in the UK.

The International Communications Market Report 2014 found that the number of UK weekly visitors to social networks fell from 65 percent to 56 percent between September 2013 and October 2014.

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The challenges all enterprise app developers need to overcome

Enterprise apps

Consumerization of IT is gaining hold and customers are looking to deliver user-friendly enterprise applications to employees who are accustomed to a "there’s an app for that" mentality.

So application producers are realizing the need to alter their monetization models so that they can cater to an "appified" enterprise -- capturing revenue from customers who want task-specific applications and the flexibility to pay based on how they are actually using an application.

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Facebook and YouTube responsible for over a third of mobile traffic

Teenage tablet users

Ever wondered how much mobile traffic those two behemoths of the mobile (and indeed desktop) world, Facebook and YouTube actually use?

Well, as far as North American traffic goes -- as measured by a Sandvine report compiled by BI Intelligence for Business Insider -- in September, Facebook accounted for 19 percent of mobile traffic, and YouTube snagged almost as much at 18 percent.

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McAfee: 2014 will be remembered as 'the Year of Shaken Trust'

hacker attack

Intel Security has released the McAfee Labs Threats Report for November 2014, which includes an analysis of the threats which hit in Q3, and the upcoming specters we’ll be facing in 2015.

So, during the third quarter, McAfee detected some 307 new threats every minute, with overall levels of malware up a worrying 76 percent year-on-year. Mobile malware grew as well, up 16 percent.

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German and UK Internet users most likely to quit web services over privacy concerns


Internet users from the UK and Germany are more likely to stop using or delete an account for an online service than those from the United States, according to research into data privacy concerns.

The report by German software firm Open-Xchange, called Crossing the Line, investigated how online behavior has been affected by Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding government surveillance programs.

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Apple Watch to kickstart wearables in 2015


Another report has emerged pointing to 2015 as being a massive year for wearables, with the gadgets expected to explode in popularity.

In particular the smartwatch is expected to finally take off, with the Apple Watch helping to drive that category forward when it’s released next spring. Thus far, fitness bands have easily topped the wearables category, but smartwatches are expected to accelerate rapidly now they’re shedding the geeky image with the likes of smart-looking Android Wear devices, as well as Apple’s effort.

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Blackphone launching a privacy-focused app store next year


Blackphone, the handset that claims to be able to protect users against surveillance and other security threats, is set to launch its own app store.

The service will be available from January 2015 and will offer privacy-focused apps and software that have been selected to provide the highest level of security available.

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