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Demand for Linux developers on the rise


The demand for Linux developers has jumped seven percent in comparison to last year, a study has shown.

The 2014 Linux Jobs Report shows that hiring managers at tech-powered companies are focusing more attention on Linux talent, and that’s reverberating in the market, with stronger than average salary increases to those working with the OS.

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Neptune Duo turns the smartphone/smartwatch relationship on its head


Neptune Duo is an interesting smartwatch/smartphone concept that flips our traditional view of the wearable tech on its head. Ask yourself: What’s a smartphone, and what’s a smartwatch?

Most of us (I dare say almost everyone) thinks of a smartphone as a mobile computer, small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to watch videos, even movies on it, write emails, chat, talk to your friends, all that jazz.

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Uber bringing food delivery to Barcelona


Uber, the taxi-hailing company from Los Angeles, has announced a food delivery service for Barcelona.

The same service is already available in Los Angeles under the name UberFresh, while in Barcelona it’s called UberEats.

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Top 10 Chinese smartphones


China’s smartphone market is the largest in the world, but some of the country’s major players including Xiaomi and Lenovo have found that, with the domestic market reaching saturation point, they need to look internationally for further growth.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year we’ve taken a look at ten of the best handsets to emerge from the Asian country.

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Smartphones just as accurate as wearables for tracking fitness


Fitness trackers have become all the range and over 3 million were sold in the second half of 2014, making up over three quarters of the total wearable sales, but it looks like the benefits of a fitness tracker might be minimal.

That is according to a new study by the University of Pennsylvania, which measured the amount of steps on a treadmill with two smartphones and three wearables.

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The Internet of Things will change your life

Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) -- you may have heard of it in discussions around wearable devices or perhaps just know it as one of the top technology trends of 2014. If you aren’t familiar with the term, be prepared to hear about it a lot this year.

As much as the Internet of Things has become an extremely hot topic for businesses and consumers alike, there is still a chance that you are unsure how it will impact you personally. While items such as "smart" thermostats and coffee makers sound cool, it’s tough to determine how these products will change the way we live.

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How to breathe new life into an old PC [Beginner’s guide]


With today’s rapid pace of technological change and consumer-centric culture it’s easy to throw out your laptop or PC as soon as a shinier, flashier model comes along. The problem is: there’s always a faster, more up-to-date version waiting just around the corner.

However, you can save the environment, and your bank balance, from taking any extra strain by following these tips to get some extra life out of an older computer.

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IBM launches new storage software portfolio


Tech giant IBM unveils IBM Spectrum Storage, a new storage software portfolio designed to address data storage inefficiencies. The portfolio is aimed to change the economics of storage with a "layer of intelligent software".

The software creates a "data footprint", which stores data at the optimal cost, thus maximizing performance and security. The Spectrum Storage incorporates more than 700 patents to help users move massive amounts of data fast and easy, from a single dashboard.

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Using video games to close the 'engagement gap' in corporate wellness programs

Businessman in sneakers

Even though nearly 90 percent of companies offer wellness incentives, more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Studies abound on the adverse health effects of excessive sitting; most recently, researchers from Toronto found that sitting more than eight hours per day can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by ninety-one percent, dying of cardiovascular disease by eighteen percent and dying of cancer by seventeen percent.

The silver lining to those bleak statistics is that many of the negative effects of prolonged sitting can be reduced simply by finding ways to move throughout the workday -- for example, a brisk walk around the block during lunch or a few chair squats at your desk. Given sitting’s bad rap -- not to mention longer workdays -- it’s no surprise that companies are striving for more effective ways to incentivize and reward healthy employees to reduce absenteeism and insurance costs.

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Why data quality is essential to your analytics strategy

bad data

Analytics can be worthless, counterproductive and even harmful when based on data that isn’t high quality. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. So when Salesforce Analytics Cloud hit the market, vendors rushed to announce plugins that would load high-quality data into the solution.

The painful truth is that without high-quality data, it doesn’t matter how fast or sophisticated the analytics capability is. You simply won’t be able to turn all that data managed by IT into effective business execution.

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VAIO makes a comeback with two new hybrid laptops


VAIO might not have the market presence it did ten years ago -- especially with the recent sale by Sony -- but it is still an exciting brand to look out for in the laptop market.

The two new hybrid laptops are the first from Japanese Industrial Partners (JIP), the new owners who acquired the VAIO brand late last year.

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Security concerns will determine which Internet of Things products come to market


The Internet of things (IoT) will overhaul the way in which we use technology and its proliferation will offer endless advantages from being able to turn on your washing when you are in the office to alerting your doctor that your heart rate has risen.

However, the premise of connecting all things to the Internet carries with it a corollary statement; everything that can be connected to the Internet can be hacked which raises a host of security questions.

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How data privacy is turning into an Orwellian maze


The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruling that GCHQ’s access to information intercepted by the NSA breached human rights laws is feeding a growing and increasingly heated global debate regarding the whole issue of digital privacy.

Earlier this month, the tribunal held that the British intelligence and security agency had been in breach of articles 8 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, referring to the right to private family life and to freedom of expression. But hard on the heels of the UK ruling came news that the US government is creating a dedicated agency to monitor cybersecurity threats, pooling and analyzing information across a spectrum of risks. The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC)’s mission will be to 'connect the dots' between various sources of intelligence.

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Is Apple really worth $1,300,000,000,000? Activist investor Carl Icahn believes so

Apple pulls out of Russia as rouble collapses

A major Apple shareholder and activist investor, Carl Icahn, believes Apple is worth much more than it is currently valued.

He believes the American company’s stock should be valued at $216 (£140), which is far more than the current price of $124.92 (£81.32). At $216, the company would be worth $1.3 trillion (£845 billion), which is about the size of South Korea’s gross domestic product, Reuters writes.

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Facebook now lets you buy and sell stuff in Groups

Facebook apologizes for miserable, automated Year In Review posts

Step aside, eBay, Facebook is here. The social media giant announced it’s rolling out new features for Groups, allowing users to buy and sell stuff using Facebook.

People posting in groups on Facebook will now have the option to add whether they're buying or selling a certain item, and include prices and shipping methods.

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