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Samsung smart fridge might leak your Gmail credentials

Gmail app running on Google Nexus 5

Your smart fridge might be good for storing cold beer, but it definitely isn’t good for storing your Gmail credentials, as those can be easily stolen. During the recent DEF CON hacking conference, the vulnerability was unveiled at the IoT hacking challenge run by Samsung.

The fridge that got owned was the RF28HMELBSR smart fridge. It downloads Gmail Calendar information and displays it on an on-screen display. The device does implement SSL, but it fails to validate SSL certificates, thereby enabling man-in-the-middle attacks against most connections.

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NSA wants to future-proof encryption standards against quantum computers


The NSA is concerned that current methods of cryptography, used to encrypt data and ensure that if it does fall into the wrong hands it’s not readable or usable, are going to be woefully inadequate and easily broken when quantum computers come into play.

Of course, this isn’t going to be something that happens in the near future, as quantum computers -- which instead of bits, use qubits that can hold three states instead of the usual binary 0 or 1 -- are still merely conceptual in nature, and won’t be fully realized for many decades yet.

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Most Android lock patterns are easy to guess

Android Unlock Pattern

Your Android lock screen patterns are so predictable, it almost makes no difference if you use one or not.

According to a study by a woman named Marte Løge, a graduate of Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a vast majority of Android users use lock patterns which are easy to guess.

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Travel tips for mobile employees

man beach summer

Long days, warm weather, the lure of travel, if only to a nearby park or beach -- many employees, naturally, are thinking of escaping the office for time away.

For the past year, since the passage of home working legislation in the UK, employees who have been on the job at least 26 weeks have had the right to request flexible working hours.

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What to consider before cutting the cord


Today’s technologically advanced society offers consumers a multitude of ways to view their favorite programming. The most common and traditional way of watching the news, entertainment, sporting events and many other types of programming is of course through your cable television package.

However, every day, thousands of consumers are figuratively cutting the cable cord and choosing another less expensive and more convenient option: Internet TV.

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Summing up BYOD advantages, disadvantages and alternatives

business mobile

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is certainly something that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. By 2017, Gartner predicts that half of all employers will require staff to provide their own work devices.

But before organizations ultimately decide to embrace or reject BYOD, they must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages at the heart of this mobile dilemma.

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The best enterprise firewalls based on user reviews [Infographic]

Security Lock Circuit

A good firewall will keep your company’s and customers’ private information secure in order to prevent issues such as identity theft, hackers and viruses by shutting off access to your network where necessary.

With recent data breaches like that of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and at Harvard, firewalls are gaining increasing importance in business.

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Greece plans to roll out Bitcoin ATMs across the country


Greece might be settling for a deal with the European Union, but inside of the country big changes are happening to the economy to deal with sanctions and lack of funds.

The most expensive and popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has shot up in popularity. The popularity has risen to the point BTC Greece is planning a 1,000 Bitcoin ATM rollout, available in stores, banks and tourist locations.

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Sony unveils SmartBand 2 fitness tracker

Sony Smartband

Sony has unveiled a new fitness wearable called SmartBand 2. The device is a successor to the first SmartBand, and its key feature is an advanced heart rate sensor.

Even though it is a common feature on most fitness wearables today, the heart sensor was absent from the first SmartBand. This time around, Sony has upped the game. It also features a smart notification system, which works through a set of vibrations and colored LEDs.

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Your Uber driver might be a convicted felon


Even though Uber prides itself on the extensive background-checking of its drivers, it is now being accused that some of its drivers are convicted felons.

According to a report by Sky News, a complaint was filed by the San Francisco district attorney’s office, in which it was said that one of the drivers is a convicted murderer who spent 26 years in prison before being released on parole in 2008.

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Android devices and iPhones make up 96.8 percent of the smartphone market

Samsung Android Galaxy S5 iPhone 5s Apple iOS

When we think of smartphones, two platforms come to mind: Android and iOS. For some, Windows Phone is there as the third, but as Gartner’s second quarter smartphone sales results show, Microsoft is losing even more ground.

Combined, Android and iOS own 96.8 per cent of the smartphone market. Android actually dropped market share from 83.8 last year to 82.2 percent this year. Apple managed an increase from 12.2 to 14.6 percent in the same time period.

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Most Apple Watch users embrace Apple Pay

Apple Watch Sport on wrist

New research has found that almost 80 percent of Apple Watch owners are using the tech giant’s contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

The research was carried out by Wristly, which is an independent research platform. It asked 1,000 people whether they were using Apple Pay or not and almost 80 percent of them answered affirmatively. Nine percent said that they preferred to pay through their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (these are the only two compatible iPhones as of now).

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With Marshmallow, Google is hoping Android can catch up with iOS


Google might have a greater market share when it comes to mobile operating systems, but it is behind Apple on some of the essentials, and it shows.

That is the opinion of Wall Street Journal’s Dan Gallagher, who reflected on the Google vs Apple, Android vs iOS battle, as Google prepares the launch of Android 6.0, named Marshmallow.

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Aston Martin is working on Tesla Model S electric rival

Aston Martin Rapide S

Tesla might face some real competition in the premium electric car market soon, with Aston Martin planning to launch an electric version of the Rapide and the DBX crossover.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said an all-electric, 800 horsepower version of the Rapide would be available within two years. The car would have a 200-mile range, a bit lower than the current Model S.

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Vaio laptops return to US, but are consumers interested?


Vaio, the computer business formerly owned by Sony, is taking its first steps outside of its native Japan.

Sony sold the PC business back in February, and although it does retain a minority five percent stake, as a result of the declining laptop market, it opted to focus on smartphone sales.

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