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BlackBerry, Samsung and IBM join forces to create a secure tablet


BlackBerry, IBM and Samsung have all partnered to create a new enterprise tablet, named the Secutablet, in cooperation with BlackBerry’s subsidiary Secusmart.

The tablet is focused on the business sector, taking the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and fitting a ton of new software inside to make it accessible for business and government bodies.

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Most consumers don't care about Apple Watch


Is the Apple Watch not going to make the impact Apple is hoping for over in its home turf of the United States? This is the case according to a fresh poll of Americans.

The Reuters survey, carried out by Ipsos, took in the opinions of 1,250 US citizens, and found that 69 percent said they are not interested in buying Apple’s smartwatch.

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Advancements in car technology and the risks that can come with it


Over the years there has been a large investment in car technology due to how life changing it will be. Currently there are a number of factors that put people off learning to drive, including tricky parking and busy traffic. But these issues may be distant memories if the following technologies are introduced in everyday vehicles.

It’s important to remember that these technologies aren’t expected to be added anytime soon. There are both major and minor risks which need to addressed before the public will ever see an official release. We will focus on a number of different car technologies that are being worked on extensively, but with difficulties that still need to be ironed out.

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How to neutralize 2015's most dangerous security threats

security padlock

Recent speeches by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and US President Barack Obama demonstrate that cyber security is still a huge concern for national governments. We should be in no doubt that another raft of counter-measures is being considered at national and international levels.

However, those in charge of IT security in the business community are not necessarily taking their cue from world leaders to re-evaluate their own policies and ensure they are still offering protection from the kind of cyber attacks that are likely to occur in 2015.

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Cloud Expo 2015: How the '3rd Platform' is set to disrupt industry


The rise of the "3rd platform" is set to cause huge disruption across a wide variety of industry sectors, according to the opening talk at the second day of this year’s Cloud Expo event in London.

Bernard Golden vice president of strategy at ActiveState Software, claimed that the growth of the 3rd platform is another example that the "pace of change is accelerating remorselessly".

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Network monitoring: A Day in the Life of an IT Pro


Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the network administrator.

End users who don’t really know much about technology always lay their problems at their door first -- "I can’t access my emails, is the network down?", "My Word document is typing really slowly, is the network down?" "I’ve forgotten my password, is the network down?"

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Apple's App Store outage cost $25 million in lost revenue


Apple’s App Store went down for over 11 hours on Wednesday, alongside iTunes, iBooks, iCloud and even its Mac App Store.

It is the single largest outage Apple has faced, and happened due to an internal issue with its DNS [domain name system].

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Apple Pay is the reason Apple Watch won't fail

Apple Watch launches

If you watched the Apple keynote, then you got a great view of the Apple Watch. While I’m definitely not one of the few who will buy the $10,000 version of the watch, I do believe it will be a success, largely due to one feature: Apple Pay.

Samsung, Motorola, and Pebble already have watches with similar features to the Apple Watch. In fact, I thought it was funny to listen to Apple employees talk about how they can’t live without their Apple watch because of all the notifications the watch sends to their wrist.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best smartphone display ever


The Galaxy S6 is getting a strong reception from critics, and another tick in the box is the latest rating from DisplayMate, the screen testing experts.

Indeed, DisplayMate has just crowned the Galaxy S6’s display as the best in the smartphone world -- albeit tied with Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 4.

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LG: Apple has it right -- smartwatches should be a fashion item first, gadget second


During the Wearable Technology Show in London, LG’s head of business development Justin Jungsup Lee spoke about smartwatches, early adopters and sales.

Speaking in front of a packed out room in the LG keynote, Lee said that smartwatches should be more of a fashion item, and less of a gadget. And least of all, a smartphone accessory.

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Nest looking to make a move into home audio


Nest, the home automation company that designs and manufactures sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled, self-learning, programmable thermostats and smoke detectors, is making a move into home audio.

A recruitment add appeared on the Nest website, seeking a "highly technical Head of Audio to lead the development of Nest Audio across hardware and software, present and future".

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The future of Ethernet looks brighter than ever


Ethernet has become not just the dominant standard, but the universal technology of local area networking. If you plug a networking cable in at work or at home, it’s almost certainly going to be using Ethernet. Over its 40-year history, Ethernet has risen from contender to unopposed winner in the LAN.

But its abilities now stretch well beyond the building at hand. In this feature we look at how Ethernet is far from having a mid-life crisis now that it’s past 40, and could be about to enter an even more dominant era than it has enjoyed over the last few decades.

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Why Apple Watch could be doomed


"The most advanced timepiece ever created". This is how CEO Tim Cook described the Apple Watch at his firm’s official launch event.

However, will the device’s flashy exterior and high-tech internals be enough to ignite the wearable market? Will it even be enough to tempt consumers to pay the $349 for the basic edition, let alone the $10,000 for the 22-carat gold model? These are the questions that Apple execs will surely be pondering, even with the launch event being well-received for the most part. There are many hurdles that Apple will have to overcome if its first foray into the wearable market is a successful one and we’ve listed a few of them below.

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The next generation of CryptoWall malware emerges


After a short-lived hiatus, the creators of CryptoWall have re-emerged with the next generation of the devious malware, coined "CryptoWall 3.0". Just as security experts thought they had a handle on the original threat, the emergence of version 3.0 sparks debate as to what signals to look out for and how to protect against the rise of ransomware variants.

So what's new? Since making its debut last fall and wreaking havoc on thousands of businesses and individuals globally, CryptoWall is the biggest name in ransomware threats. Its predecessor, Cryptolocker, started the snowball effect in 2013 as one of the first ransomware strains to enter the marketplace.

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How to thwart spear phishing attacks

Spear fishing

Many of the recent, large data breaches such as Target, Anthem, and Sony started with a sophisticated spear phishing attack: an email targeted at specific individuals within a corporation that is engineered to look legitimate and fool even tech-savvy users. The email either has a malware-laced attachment or a malicious link that when opened installs malware in order to attempt to gain system access and steal data.

Unfortunately, since stealing data is lucrative nowadays, these spear phishing attacks are often very sophisticated and hard to spot since they have been composed with considerable effort and target only a small number of individuals. The emails look legitimate so regular spam filters cannot identify them and not all anti-malware engines will always be able to detect the malware in the attachment. So what can companies do to protect themselves against spear phishing attacks?

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