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AWS now powers VMware Cloud

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware have announced a strategic partnership in the cloud computing business. It will create new technology allowing customers to use VMware's datacenter management software on Amazon’s cloud. Basically, VMware's infrastructure software (vSphere, NSX) will run on Amazon Web Services.

"Our customers continue to ask us to make it easier for them to run their existing data center investments alongside AWS", Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS, tells Tech Crunch.

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How large can GDPR fines get in UK?

Google to cough up $19 million in kids' in-app purchases case

When GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force in 2018, businesses not adhering to cybersecurity best practices risk either €20 million in fines or four percent of their annual global turnover, whichever is bigger.

The media has been buzzing about this a lot lately, but how much is four percent really, at least among UK organizations? According to PCI Security Standards Council -- that could be up to £122 billion. Here’s how PCI SSC came to that conclusion.

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UK banks underreport cyber attacks


British banks are afraid that if they disclose the full picture of the cyberattacks they're under, they might suffer public backlash resulting in reputational damage and loss of customers. That's why they never fully report when they're under cyberattack. And the attacks are getting more frequent.

This is all according to Reuters, which cites Israeli-based cyber security firm Illusive Networks, Barclays, and others.

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Hackers selling NSA hacking tools for 10,000 bitcoins

Hacker laptop

It seems as no one wants to buy NSA’s exploit tools. Or maybe ShadowBrokers, the group selling the tools, overpriced the deal.

The group, allegedly formed by Russian, state-sponsored hackers, decided to pull the auction on the tools. Instead, it turned it into a crowdfunded sale, aiming for 10,000 bitcoin, or slightly over $6 million.

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When is a private cloud cheaper than a public one?

Cloud money man

According to new research, a private cloud can be much cheaper than using a public cloud service, though only when it's running on a large scale.

The analyst firm 451 Research has released a new report exploring the costs of private, public and hybrid cloud services, revealing that when a private cloud is large enough, it can actually be cheaper than public cloud services. There are, however, upsides and downsides to both approaches.

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Google Glass: Not the failure it's made out to be?


Failure. Disaster. Flop. These are just a few of the words used to describe Google’s foray into wearable and augmented reality technology known as Google Glass. When the first videos of Google Glass were released to the public, they sparked the imaginations of millions. Many began to dream up fascinating new applications for this innovative technology. Just think of how it would impact businesses! How would our everyday lives change with this powerful device going with us wherever we went? The possibilities were staggering, and a revolutionary change in how the world works appeared to be right around the corner.

As we now know, Google Glass is little more than a footnote. From the way most tech blogs describe it, Google’s amazing new device failed to live up to expectations. It never caught on with businesses or the public at large, and the result was a disaster the likes of which Google isn’t familiar with. In fact, many websites are urging companies pushing similar devices to do everything they can to avoid Google Glass’s mistakes. If there’s one thing to learn from the Google Glass phenomenon, it’s that Google struck out with this attempt.

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Peanut butter budgeting for cyber security -- and why it doesn't work.


The economics of cyber security are completely lopsided. There are a seemingly infinite number of cyber security risks out there, with more and more popping up every day. Hackers appear to have unlimited resources, and cybercriminals are literally reinvesting their lucrative profits into new and innovative ways to exploit, extort, and steal from your organization.

But... in order to foil, frustrate, and impede the nefarious schemes of these very well-equipped and well-funded adversaries, we as cyber security professionals are grudgingly allocated a hopelessly limited budget. The meagerness of which we are then asked to stretch ever so thinly across every conceivable threat vector out there in order to assure the business (management, executives, and the board) that, "We’re doing everything possible".

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What you need to know about product lifecycle management

PLM Product lifecycle management

In any kind of production process, whether the end product is a washing machine or a piece of software, there are a number of stages to go through. From the initial idea, through design to manufacturing, service and support, and end of life and disposal, all products go through a similar lifecycle.

Product lifecycle management is about integrating the staff, data, processes and business systems that go to produce a product. This in turn provides a fund of information surrounding the creation of the product which can be used to streamline the development of future products. PLM software allows this to be done cost effectively across the entire lifecycle of a product.

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Microsoft introduces compliance guidance for Azure Government users

Microsoft Azure

In an attempt to assuage concerns regarding how its cloud software and services designed for government agencies work, Microsoft has released new documentation for potential customers of Azure Government.

Microsoft Azure Government has already earned quite a few certifications acknowledging that it meets the strict requirements of the US federal government. However, for customers that believe this is not enough, the software giant has created its new Azure Blueprint program to help users use its cloud platform in a way that is compliant with government guidelines.

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HP will axe up to 4,000 jobs by 2019

hp logo

HP Inc will cut around 3,000 to 4,000 jobs over the next three years as demand for its PCs and printers has slowed in recent months. The company originally announced the job cuts in February as part of its restructuring program which will see some 3,000 jobs cut by the end of this year.

Dion Weisler, the president and CEO of HP Inc, spoke out regarding how these cuts will affect every department of the company during a conference in New York. He argued that the restructuring plan would work out in the company's favor in the long run.

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What you need to know about fintech


Fintech is certainly mentioned a lot in business circles, but without a clear understanding of what the term actually means it risks becoming just another technology buzzword. Not only that, when you consider that investment in fintech had grown from $4.05 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion by the start of 2015, it’s clearly something that is worth having an understanding of.

As a portmanteau of financial technology, it is hardly surprising that fintech refers to any kind of technology that relates to the financial sector. More specifically, however, the term has gained much greater traction in recent times due to the rapid adoption of the Internet, smartphones and mobile applications. So many aspects of our lives have been disrupted, enhanced and revolutionized by digital technologies, and the financial services sector is no different.

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What you need to know about martech

Marketing technology martech

We’ve already covered fintech, and now it’s time to have a look at another technology portmanteau: martech. Short for marketing technology, it refers to innovative new approaches to campaigns and other marketing tactics, driven by software and hardware developments.

It is an area that is experiencing rapid growth, with worldwide martech spending expected to reach $32 billion by 2018, up from $22.6 billion in 2015. Because many of the tools behind the growth of martech are relatively new, such as customer relationship management software and big data analytics, they are generating both opportunities and challenges for many marketers. The test facing businesses is whether they can remain agile enough to harness these new martech solutions to gain a competitive edge.

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How you can save money by storing data in tiers

data tier

Most people in the world of IT understand what a chaotic mess data storage can be and often is. In fact, even the thought of trying to retrieve information that is valuable from these storage locations can cause nothing but frustration and headache.

The truth is, if administrators in the IT world want to get the most out of their storage centers and extend the lifespan of their data, they must get serious about the organization processes. In other words, the act of sorting data is a vital task that must occur in order to preserve precious data and store away the less critical data.

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Microsoft officially releases Windows Server 2016

rack room servers IT

Microsoft has made the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) versions of Windows Server 2016 and System Centre 2016 officially available to enterprise customers.

As revealed at its recent Ignite conference, Windows Server 2016 customers will also receive the commercial version of Docker at no additional cost.

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New hacker collective targets SWIFT system

Hackers laptops

Following the $81 million cyberattack in February, a second hacking group has emerged with the intention of exploiting the SWIFT money transfer system to rob banks.

A report from the security firm Symantec has revealed that these cyberattacks have occurred since January and have targeted companies located in the US, Hong Kong, Australian and other countries. The firm has detected 74 different computer infections that suggest that around 100 organizations have been affected by these attacks so far.

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