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UK government wants to fine companies for data breaches

Google to cough up $19 million in kids' in-app purchases case

Even though the TalkTalk hack happened last October, it’s still sending ripples through the cyber-security world. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has given a number of recommendations, following the breach.

Among the recommendations is the idea of fining companies that fail on cyber-security, as well as the idea of linking the CEO’s pay to effective cyber-security.

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Majority of consumers will embrace digital assistants like Google Now and Siri

Google Now Samsung Galaxy

Like it or not, we’re all going to have Batman’s Alfred Pennyworth soon. In a digital format, that is, but nonetheless an assistant.

This was concluded by research specialists Gartner, which said that by 2019, at least a quarter of households in developed countries will use the services of a digital assistant, either on a smartphone, or in a standalone device.

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The top three ways to learn from data

Data analytics

For as long as I’ve been involved with the field, the hard-headed school of "we need a cost benefit analysis" or "build me an ROI justification" has defined the business-benefit of BI as mainly its ability to "speed up and improve decision making".

With the rise of self-service BI, the first part of that aspiration has been successfully satisfied. People are getting decision-relevant data quickly. However, the second outcome -- improved decision making -- is a less certain result (and also much harder to model in an ROI calculation than is agility).

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Oracle's cloud business skyrockets, but software sales dip


The success of Oracle’s cloud computing business this year allowed the company to post better than expected results during the fourth fiscal quarter.

The company’s cloud business is made up of two parts: software as a service and platform as a service. Oracle’s customers pay to access its applications online as well as to have access to tools that allow them to program and manage apps and analyze data. Its software as a service segment added 1,600 customers and its platform as a service segment added 2,000 customers during Q4.

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CCleaner Business Edition: A useful tool for companies with limited support resources [Review]

CCleaner Business

You’re probably familiar with the free version of the CCleaner system clean up tool. What you might not know is that there’s also a Business Edition aimed at ensuring small and medium business endpoints run efficiently.

Like the standard version it can remove unneeded files, recovers hard drive space, speed up Windows, reduces crashes and helps protect privacy and security. Business Edition adds the ability to clean multiple user profiles, it updates itself automatically, supports scripting, and comes with priority technical support.

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Hackers selling more than 70,000 compromised servers

hacker username password login

Pssst! Hey, kids, wanna buy a remote desktop protocol server, cheap? I guess I should say "Вы хотите купить сервер?"

Security researchers from Kaspersky Lab say they’d found a global forum, run by a Russian-speaking group, where hackers could buy access to compromised servers for as little as $6 (£4.25) per server.

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Microsoft Azure will get blockchain through Project Bletchley


While many companies have been hesitant to adopt the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the blockchain technology that made it possible is now being sought after by a number of companies due to the way it acts as a decentralized ledger that can be used to store data and keep track of how assets are exchanged.

Microsoft has just released the first details into how it will use blockchain in its upcoming Project Bletchley, which will add the technology into Azure services through some new middleware.

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Samsung buys cloud company Joyent

Samsung logo building

In a continued effort to strengthen the software and services behind its mobile division, Samsung Electronics has decided to purchase US cloud services company Joyent for an undisclosed sum.

The company plans on integrating Joyent into its own mobile business, but it will continue to operate independently with its top management remaining in charge of its day to day business. This is Samsung’s third major acquisition of a US-based startup over the last two years after acquiring SmartThings for its connected home technology and LoopPay for its contactless payment service.

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Hackers steal 45 million forum account credentials

Hacker desk laptop hoodie hacking hooded

The Canadian media company VerticalScope, which operates a number of support forums on a range of topics, was targeted by hackers who were able to obtain user information from around 45 million accounts.

Although news of the massive security breach has just surfaced thanks to LeakedSource, which collects information on data breaches, the actual hack took place in February when over 1,000 support forums and websites on tech, sports and other topics were infiltrated by unknown attackers.

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The app generation wants to work in an office

group young business it network server room solving help support

A new report by business communications provider Fuze challenges everything we think we know about the office of the future.

While there’s been much talk about mobile and flexible working, and how the office is essentially dead, Fuze’s research states the exact contrary -- office will remain strong, if not stronger than before.

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Average data breach cost rises to $4 million

sad woman calculator

The average cost of a data breach has jumped 29 percent since 2013, a new report by IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute says. This brings the figure up to $4 million per breach.

The number and the severity of these incidents keeps on growing, the two companies said in the report.

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Nokia launches Internet of Things management platform

Nokia could boomerang back into the mobile market with Alcatel-Lucent purchase

Nokia has decided to unite all of its connected-device technologies and products to form a new Internet of Things (IoT) management platform called Impact.

Impact, which stands for the Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things, is the company’s new tool for managing all of the devices powered by IoT technology. During its unveiling this week, Nokia pointed out the platform already supports 80,000 different device types.

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Most of us rely on social media for news

Social media news coffee man office PC

In the lives of many consumers, social networks have begun to replace traditional news outlets as their primary source of news, making it much more difficult for publishers who still rely on a more traditional business model to earn revenue from their stories.

In its annual report on digital news, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) highlights the rise of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and how they transformed the way news media is consumed today. The institute conducted a study across 26 countries that found that over 50 percent of all the Internet users turned to social media to get their news.

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App collusion is not a myth anymore

smartphone man magic

Up until today, app collusion for malicious purposes has been in the domain of myths and urban legends, but according to a new report by Intel Security, no more.

The security firm released its latest security report, entitled McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2016, in which it says that it had found some apps capable of app collusion.

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AT&T fends off 200,000 malware attacks every day

Google stops developers and Mac users installing unofficial Chrome extensions

AT&T has revealed that its network is constantly under the threat of attack by cybercriminals looking for ways to breach its security.

Each day the company detects over 30 billion malicious scans being deployed to find weaknesses in its network. Cybercriminals often use such scans to detect security vulnerabilities that could be exploited in future attacks. Researchers at AT&T also noted how the number of ransomware attacks increased significantly, with as many as 1.5 million new attacks occurring between 2013 and 2015.

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