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Meet the 3rd generation Moto X and Moto G: Hands-on first impressions from Motorola’s launch event


In August 2013, Motorola Mobility -- which was owned by Google at the time -- released a beautiful phone called the Moto X that focused on providing a flagship user experience instead of trying to be the best Android phone by offering the best technical specifications; in other words, it wanted the Moto X to be the iPhone of the Android world.

This first generation of the Moto X was a great hit with the bloggers and journalists who reviewed it, but it did not sell in huge numbers. In order to compete with the flagship phones from Samsung (with its huge marketing budget), which typically came with removable batteries and microSD card slots, the Moto X had to have an amazing battery life and a really great rear-facing camera. While the cameras and battery life of the Moto X were good, they were not best-in-class, and consumers voted with their wallets accordingly.

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Apple and BMW may team up to make electric car

Boardroom handshake

Apple may be in talks with BMW about building an electric car together, which would serve as the first in a long line of cars with Apple logos on the front.

Manager Magazin (German) reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with BMW officials in Leipzig, Germany. The topic of these discussions was not officially disclosed, although it appears to be a periodic meeting between the two companies.

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Samsung will focus on Galaxy S6 edge Plus instead of Note 5


Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus on the same day, August 13, but only one of the devices will reach the international market.

Instead of focusing efforts on the Galaxy Note 5, as Samsung has done in previous years, the Galaxy S6 edge Plus will be the primary device. The Galaxy Note 5 will only be in select markets, where the Galaxy Note series has performed strongly before.

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How Anonymous stole US government data

Faceless cyber criminal hacker

Fresh details have been released related to the US Government data that was stolen by hacking group Anonymous.

According to the reports, data for more than 4,200 employees was compromised during this hack but fortunately, the hackers were shut down within 90 minutes of detecting the intrusion.

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Microsoft should quit making hardware

Stop street line road

Microsoft is good at making software and it should stick to it, analysts say, adding that exiting the hardware business could see the company’s share soar.

According to a recently published report by Reuters, Microsoft’s hardware division, comprising of mostly Xbox and Surface tablets, is showing great sales. However, they contribute less than a 10th of the company’s revenue and they’re barely profitable.

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5 features to expect from Samsung's Galaxy Note 5


If you’ve been following the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaks for a while, you might already be able to get a clear idea of what you should expect. We still think that there might be some changes to the exact details of the upcoming flagship, but reports suggest that the next Note device might be released as soon as next month.

So, to set our expectations and also be able to get some surprises from the smartphone giant, here are the five things that you (and we too) should expect from Samsung’s new Note device.

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Huawei P8: The best flagship smartphone you've never heard of [Review]


Huawei is not, perhaps, a name that springs immediately to mind when you think about smartphones. But with this latest model the Chinese manufacturer is making a bid for a slice of the top end market dominated by the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

You get the impression of quality from the moment you receive it. It comes in a smart, black plastic box with a cardboard slip case; the phone sits in this with a shiny edge uppermost so it’s like opening a piece of jewelry.

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Apple Watch and Android compatibility: Should it happen?


The Apple Watch has only been available a few months, but it has already captured a sizable portion of the wearable market. Selling 4.2 million units throughout the second quarter of 2015, it has stolen an early march on its rivals, particularly the many wearables that use Android Wear as their primary operating system.

The question remains, however: how much longer can Apple continue to dominate the market with its self-imposed restrictions? The Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone 5 and later models running at least iOS 8.2, cutting off a huge proportion of consumers who use Android handsets. If Apple wants its new smartwatch to have genuine mass appeal, it will struggle under these terms.

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EU wants to remove geo restrictions for TV content

European Union flags

Six major US film studios, and Sky UK have been charged by the EU on the basis of unfair restriction of content across the European Union.

Competition chief Margrethe Vestager said that the European consumers want to watch the pay-TV channels of their choice regardless of their location in the EU. But according to their investigation, the film studios cannot restrict the content because of the licensing agreements. They believe that these studios might be in breach of the EU competition rules.

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Google offers lots of free cloud storage to take on Amazon Web Services

Cloud storage

The launch of Cloud Storage Nearline brings Google firmly into the battle against Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and all the other cloud platforms currently available, but, unlike search, Google is way behind the competition.

To gain some early customers, Google is offering an enormous 100 petabytes (100 million gigabytes) of storage for free. To a single customer, that is enough to last a lifetime, but for a medium sized business it may last a few months.

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Cloud security myths busted


The benefits of cloud are vast and significant. Cloud enables rapid deployment, provisioning, and scaling of IT resources and data. It also shortens development time, reduces waste, and lowers costs. But despite increasing cloud adoption rates, some companies still do not rush to move its workloads and applications to the cloud due to some common myths and delusions that are more fluff than fact.

When organizations are considering moving to the cloud one of the first questions asked is, "Is it secure?" It’s a reasonable question, since there have been a lot of fears and doubts circulating across the industry around this point -- particularly with some high profile breaches in 2014. While security is always a priority when it comes to business, several of these concerns are much more bark than bite. So, let’s demystify those concerns and give peace of mind for organizations looking to move forward with a transition to the cloud.

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Twitch.TV dumps Flash for HTML5


Twitch.TV is the most popular platform for professional and casual gamers to livestream, but it has always run slower than the competition. This is partly due to Twitch’s server support, but also due to the Flash video player it built being a clunky mess for users on slow connections.

This has been worked on over the years, but retaining Flash support is starting to become a burden for Twitch.TV, so much so the company has announced HTML5 and JavaScript support will be coming in the next few months.

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Sony unveils PlayStation 4 remote


Sony is set to release an officially-licensed remote control for the PlayStation 4 in the fall, which is intended to provide easy navigation and media playback functionality.

The PlayStation’s remote will work through Bluetooth and will allow the user to control up to four devices including the PS4, TV, set top box and audio receiver.

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Should Apple keep making iPads?


When Apple released its Q3 report for FY2015, it revealed that its iPad sales continue to fall. This was the first quarter when the iPad’s revenue was lower than Mac sales. The past quarter reported that the revenue was lower than a couple hundred million dollars, but this quarter shows that the difference is nearly $1.5 billion.

This is quite a substantial drop in revenue, but still, the iPad in terms of units sold is still higher than Mac sales.

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This is what OnePlus Two looks like

OnePlus Two Leak

OnePlus has been dropping hints on the OnePlus Two for a few months now, but one part we haven’t seen is the design. Chinese wireless regulator TENAA fixed that, by showing all four sides of the OnePlus Two.

We are not sure if TENAA meant to upload the images or if there was an issue internally. Usually, phone manufacturers make sure regulators don’t publicize images of the phone before release, a request usually granted.

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