Dell Likes Win2000 More Than Last Week

Dell Computer Corp. Chairman Michael Dell said today that
Windows 2000 represents "a leap forward," just five days after he told
reporters he believed businesses would warm up to the new operating
system slowly.

Last Thursday Dell said at a news conference that his company was
seeing healthy demand for the low-cost Linux operating system and
predicted businesses would migrate to Windows 2000 slowly. But today
Dell said in the keynote address at the Windows 2000 Deployment
Conference that the company is experiencing significant improvements
from the new capabilities offered in Windows 2000.

Gartner Group vice president and research analyst Michael Gartenberg
told Newsbytes, "Maybe he's making up for comments he made last week,"
even after the Gartner Group suggested businesses ought not be hasty about
installing Windows 2000.

Today Dell said Windows 2000 has made advances in providing the
higher levels of reliability, flexibility, scalability and manageability
businesses need to succeed in the Internet economy. And Gartenberg
was upbeat about Windows 2000, saying, "This is probably the best job
Microsoft has ever done. We think many organizations will be able to
adopt it from day one."

Dell also said the Internet economy - increasingly dependent on e-mail,
e-commerce and e-support - soon will be as vital to businesses as
electricity. "Businesses will need an information technology
that possesses the same attributes of systems that provide electricity
whenever and wherever needed, at the click of a switch, to power
anything from a small store to an entire city."

That's true, said Gartenberg. "I guess for a certain segment of the
population, that day is already here. If you're a computing-defined
enterprise, your entire business is dependent on being (Internet)
connected," he said.

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