Microsoft's New "X-Box" Game Powered PC

The new Microsoft Corp. video game
console expected to be unveiled Friday reportedly will be powered by the same features that drive state-of-the-art personal computers.

The system, which is expected to be rolled out at a conference
keynoted by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Friday, will contain hard
drives, microprocessors and memory components similar to what's
found in high-end PCs, according to an Associated Press story today.
The consoles will also be able to access the Internet, enabling users
to engage in multi-player games.

Yesterday the San Jose Mercury News reported that the consoles
would contain a 600 megahertz processor, 128 megabytes of
random-access memory - the same stuff found on current high-end
PCs - and a new version of the Windows operating system.

The system, referred to in the game community as the "X-Box,"
would be priced to compete with the Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation2
and Sega Dreamcast and would not be in stores until next year,
the AP said. Microsoft had no immediate comment on the report.

While Microsoft has said little in the way of particulars about the
X-Box, one thing is sure: The company would not be developing a
product unless it fit Microsoft's image as an industry leader - and
involved great amounts of money.

In January, DFC Intellegence, a research group, said that video game
systems will be the main driver of the rollout and demand for broadband,
and are of prime strategic importance in the race to provide such
services. The upcoming fight to establish next-generation video
game platforms could become the key consumer electronics battle
over the next decade, the report said.

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