AT&T Offers Flat Rate Wireless Internet For Businesses

AT&T [NYSE: T] today launched its new PocketNet
flat-rate pricing plan to provide businesses with all-you-can-use
Internet access using a wireless telephone.

PocketNet accesses corporate databases, e-mail, schedules and
contact information via the AT&T Wireless IP (Internet Protocol)
network and a new, large-screen wireless phone made by Mitsubishi.
Packet-based technology allows multiple users to share the network
at the same time. The offer is good in 3,000 US cities.

"One of the things the industry was pushing for was to have wireless
access to a company database so people on the road could have the
same functionality they do in the office," AT&T spokesman Ritch Blasi
told Newsbytes.

At the Wireless 2000 convention in New Orleans earlier this month,
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates unveiled the MSN Mobile 2.0, a two-way
e-mail and online services system for mobile phone users. Said Gates:
"In the next few years, thanks to the growth of the wireless industry,
consumers will be able to connect to the Web in new ways."

Under the PocketNet system, corporate customers pay a flat monthly rate
of $14.99 per user for unlimited Wireless IP use with the AT&T Digital
One Rate or AT&T Group Calling voice service. Combined with other
AT&T Digital PCS (personal communications services) rate plans, the
monthly cost is $19.99.

"Many of our competitors use a circuit-switched network and charge
by the minute. That can mean high, unpredictable monthly bills, and
forces a business person to constantly think about how much time
they are using their wireless data service," said AT&T Wireless
President and CEO Mohan Gyani. "With our flat-rate, all-you-can-use
pricing, our customers don't have to worry about that and can reduce
their costs with AT&T PocketNet service."

The Mitsubishi MobileAccess T250 Internet telephone, priced at $199,
is a multi-network wireless phone providing voice service on both 850
megahertz (MHz) and 1900 MHz wireless networks, as well as 850 MHz
analog service.

AT&T Wireless Services can be found on the Web at

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