AOL Releases New 6.0 Build

America Online released a new build of its 6.0 Beta today, version 4097.45a.
This build fixes many of the previous problems with the 6.0 Beta, including
connectivity issues, problems with the new HTML mail feature, incompatibilities
with Cyrix and AMD processors, and Address Book issues. AOL 6.0 is the next
generation AOL client, improving on AOL 5.0, which offered few additional features
over the previous version. Also in the latest build, the Welcome screen has
been redesigned removing Britney Spears, whom AOL's beta testers have been complaining
about in message boards for weeks.


New features in AOL 6.0 include a redesigned toolbar, improvements in AOL Calendar
which allow it to be viewed and edited offline, and numerous enhancements to
e-mail. In the e-mail department, AOL 6.0 allows users improved sorting of their
mailbox, auto-completion of e-mail addresses, fully HTML compatible e-mail,
and improvements in the look and feel of the file attachment system. The address
book is now stored on AOL's server, allowing you to access it when signed on
as a guest on someone else's computer or syncing addresses across multiple computers
used for accessing AOL.

AOL 6.0 also offers much-needed enhancements to the Buddy List system, something
AOL users have been clamoring for since AOL Instant Messenger offers more features
than the AOL client does, for free. These improvements include the ability for
AOL users to set themselves as "away," to see which users on their Buddy List
are away without having to message them first, and user interface changes when
editing their Buddy List.

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