Windows Whistler Advanced Security Features

Jim Ewel, Vice President of IT infrastructure and hosting for Microsoft, told reporters in London that the next build of Windows codenamed Whistler, will feature several new security options. One such feature, set to prevent the onslaught of viruses and other scripting problems, prevents Windows from executing any single application lacking a digital signature.

The new security measure was first instated to prevent worms such as the Love Bug from spreading across the Internet, but according to Ewel, has been extended to "every piece of code executing on the machine."

Some analysts question the new measure, saying it could make software development more difficult for the Windows operating system, as every developer would need to acquire a digital certificate. Some fear it could increase the Redmond giants power over those developers, though Microsoft itself has no control over who may or may not receive certificates.

Those certificates are issued through companies such as VeriSign, a long trusted mark on the Web for security and safety.

Other analysts say the difficult process of obtaining a certificate could significantly impact the market, but overall analysts seem pleased with the new measures being taken by Microsoft to ensure security.

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