McVeigh Death Broadcast Still Fighting

As many of you may know, just a short while ago Timothy McVeigh was found guilty for the destruction of the federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After waiving all appeals in the case his death sentence is quickly approaching, which was set for May 16th. Now an Internet firm is attempting to broadcast the execution over the Web at a cost of $1.95 per person, but is facing a heap of legal troubles to proceed.

Yesterday a judge denied the company's request, which it plans to appeal in coming weeks. Another net firm has stated it plans to attempt a broadcast of the execution should Entertainment Network be allowed to do so.


Attorney General John Ashcroft decided last week to allow the families of victims and survivors of the horrible ordeal to watch the execution on closed-circuit television in Oklahoma City. The execution is set to take place in Terre Haute, Indiana, where McVeigh has been imprisoned since the incident.

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