AMD Chips Away Intel Market Share

Slowly but surely, AMD has been working its way up the PC ladder and onto the motherboards of businesses and consumers alike. With new notebooks sporting AMD processors and distribution deals in place with leading desktop manufactrers, rival Intel's once veritable monopoly is now a past remembrance. AMD today stated goals to achieve a 30 percent global market share by the end of this year, in what the company's President and COO, Hector Ruiz, calls "modest revenue growth."

Set to give chip giant Intel a run for its money, AMD unveiled two new Athlon processors last week which not only offer inexpensive multi-processor configurations, but also virtually destory Intel's top-level Xeon in benchmark comparisons. AMD began the year with a 17 percent market share, and currently holds around 21 percent.

Despite a recent downturn in the industry, AMD's Ruiz believes "the personal computer market is stabilizing and will return to normal in the fourth quarter of this year." Both Intel and AMD have been busy cutting prices these last few months, offering processors discounted by up to 38 percent.

BetaNews wants to know your take. Will a Pentium 4 power your next system, or do you fancy the new supercharged Athlon MP?

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