The Show Goes On

September Eleventh, Two Thousand One. A day that will forever bring tears to our eyes and sadness to our hearts. A day that the sanctity of our great nation was destroyed in a single moment so incomprehensible that millions of Americans continue to search for an answer; an explanation. Scouring the television, Internet, and newspapers, we look for a shred of hope that morality will prevail.

As you probably noticed, BetaNews has sat mostly dormant this last week. In both New York and Washington DC, many friends, family, and even staff of BetaNews witnessed the terror unfolding in our own back yards. Our time and focus centered upon those we love and not our work, which at times like this seems almost inconsequential.

But, as a wise man once said: The show must go on.

We have used the time off to re-evaluate where things are headed with the site and regroup as a team. BetaNews will be back in full swing very shortly, with many changes appearing in the near future. The response to our contest survey has been unbelievable, and has provided us with important direction needed to take the next steps. Contest winners will be contacted within the next day.

The BetaNews staff would like to thank everyone for their continued help through these trying times. We extend our deepest condolences to all the victims of this horrific tragedy and pledge to do whatever we can to support the ongoing relief efforts.

God bless America.

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