Be Puts History Up for Auction

With the now defunct Be, Inc. closing its doors forever, the three remaining board members announced plans to liquidate all remaining office equipment in a public auction to be held January 16. While the sale of BeIA and BeOS to Palm was a disappointing end to a long journey, Be enthusiasts now have the opportunity to own a piece of the history they helped create.

Up on the auction block will be numerous Be Web tablets and prototypes, and even three BeIA-based e-Villa computers from Sony that never reached the market. But perhaps most intriguing is the chance to own one of twenty BeBoxes, seemingly ancient PowerPC computers that were the foundation for BeOS.

A multitude of computer hardware, including printers and laptops, will be sold to the highest bidder at Be's headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Even Herman Miller desks and chairs, or Cisco routers may be fetched for pennies on the dollar. More information and pictures of available equipment can be found on Be's auction site.

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