Become an Xbox Live Beta Tester

Set to debut in Fall of this year, Xbox Live will enter beta testing this summer and a select few will be chosen for the trial. Xbox Live is Microsoft's upcoming online subscription service for the Xbox gaming console, which is slated to feature services that potentially go beyond online gaming. Testers will be given early access to Xbox Live services and pre-release Xbox games. Microsoft has opened sign-ups for those interested in being involved in the beta test program.

Making heavy use of broadband, Xbox Live will utilize a headset, dubbed the Xbox Live Communicator, not a keyboard or mouse. Match-making will be a prominent feature, allowing gamers to make friends and find other players with similar interests. The ability to instantly switch between games is also rumored to be a key inclusion.

Microsoft reminds applicants that not everyone will be selected for the Xbox Live Beta. Only those who match certain criteria in their user profile may become testers. To sign up, cross your fingers and visit Xbox Live Beta page. For more information on the service, visit

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