Mozilla 1.0 Hits the Streets

An announcement that has sent many venturing outside to look for the passing pig, today released the final version of Mozilla 1.0. In development for over four years, the open source cross-platform browser suite was built by a community of thousands of programmers. At the core of Mozilla lies Gecko, a powerful rendering engine that is already used in many third party applications. A notice on the Mozilla Web site summed up what the masses have been waiting to hear: "Stick a fork in it. It's done."

Mozilla includes a Web browser, e-mail reader and chat client. It additionally serves as a cross-platform toolkit that can be utilized by developers to create Internet-centric applications - from Web browsers to anything that uses HTML or XML. Netscape, the company that founded, has based its own browser around the open source project and Netscape version 7.0 will mark the commercial release of Mozilla 1.0.

"As the browser has become the main interface between users and the Web over the past several years, the goal of the Mozilla project is to innovate and enable the creation of standards-compliant technology to keep content on the Web open. As more and more programmers and companies are embracing Mozilla as a strategic technology, Mozilla 1.0 signals the advent of even further dissemination and adoption of open source and standards-based software across the Web," said Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler at

Like many browsers these days, Mozilla prides itself on standards compatibility. It currently features the self-proclaimed best support for CSS2, DOM2, and XHTML. SOAP 1.1, XSLT, XPath 1.0, MathML and FIXptr are supported for XML data exchange and manipulation. JavaScript 1.5, the most popular scripting language, is also supported in Mozilla 1.0.

To celebrate the gigantic accomplishment, a party will be held at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on June 12. Additional parties for Mozilla 1.0 are being planned at 126 locations worldwide.

Downloads are available for many platforms and languages. Mozilla 1.0 for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD is available on FileForum. For more information and to review the Mozilla 1.0 Guide, visit

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