U.S. Army Threatens Game Cheaters

"The Army is angry, and we're coming for you," America's Army executive producer Phil DeLuca warned cheaters in a notice on the computer game's official forums. Seemingly enraged at some players taking advantage of problems in the game, DeLuca said that those not playing by the rules were "misusing Army property" and akin to the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor.

The announcement came as a shock to many America's Army players, and further enraged those who feel the free game is used as a recruiting tool for the United States Army. The forums posting has since been removed from the game's Web site, but not before news of its contents began to spread.

DeLuca went so far as to say the Army has been tracking cheaters and "using them to collect more data, track down their friends, and their friends." He said those tampering with the game were not only breaking the EULA, but also committing a cyber crime by "misusing US Army computer programs and equipment."

"In the early 1940's, Japan learned an important lesson - "let the sleeping giant lie." We may not react swiftly, but when we do it's with unstoppable force," wrote DeLuca. "The Army has partners that deal with cyber crime as a matter of course. These include not just various Army IT departments, but also the Department of Justice, the Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations."

DeLuca ended his post with an ominous warning to anyone caught cheating: "Allow me to speak directly to the bad guys for a moment: When you get banned, know that we know and have records showing you were doing something that's a violation of terms of service, breaks your EULA, and also happens to be against the law. We know who you are, and can track down where you play from."

"We have incontrovertible proof you did something illegal. The Army is angry, and we're coming for you," he said.

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