Nintendo to Game with Wireless Router

The Nintendo fanboys have good news for DS and would-be Revolution owners that are bounded in the fact that they are not tech savvy: Nintendo is releasing an easy-to-use wireless router as an accessory to its gaming products.

Online gaming is set to play a big role in Nintendo's future. During the 2005 E3 trade show, it was announced that Nintendo would introduce free Wi-Fi Internet connectivity to jumpstart its online gaming initiative.

Likewise, the company's forthcoming 'Revolution' console will also feature built-in WiFi connectivity. Wireless support will allow Nintendo to open up its vast archive of titles for download on-demand. Games will be playable on the Revolution regardless of what platform they were originally designed for.

While Nintendo has been sketchy about the specifics, Revolution's internals contain custom hardware from IBM and ATI and each console will ship with a wireless controller.

The router accessory will plug into a USB 2 port on any PC, sharing its connection with the Nintendo hardware.

BetaNews could not reach a Nintendo representative by press time to confirm the report.

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