In Memoriam: CNET's James Kim

Oregon authorities, who had been searching for lost CNET editor James Kim, said Wednesday afternoon that they have discovered Kim's body in the wilderness in an area known as Big Windy Creek. The news came as a shock since just two days earlier Kim's wife Kati and his two children were found in good condition near their car. He was found at about 12 noon local time (3pm ET).

The Oregon State Police this afternoon released the following statement: "Josephine County Undersheriff Brian Anderson confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the body of James Kim was found by searchers deceased at approximately 12 noon. His body was found within the area of focus in the Big Windy Creek drainage."

In breaking the news to reporters in person, Anderson wept.

Earlier today, rescue teams had been dropping survival packages in the vicinity of an area where bits and pieces of Kim's clothing had been spotted. Apparently he had wandered into a drainage that leads to the Rogue River, where there were steep cliffs.

The Kim family Web site, which may have aided earlier in the rescue of Kati Kim and her two young daughters, is now accepting donations in James' memory for his surviving family. CNET has posted further details.

All of us at BetaNews grieve for the loss of our colleague and fellow journalist in the technology press. The competitive spirit among us does not run so deep that we fail to recognize we are brothers and sisters at heart. I did not have the good fortune to know James Kim personally, though I know and work with many who did, whose spirits were brightened by his joy, optimism, and his curiosity and interest in the obscure, as evidenced by the wonderful things you'd find at his and Kati's apothecary shop.

For everyone who knew James, for his colleagues at CNET, for his family and friends, and for all who will feel the impact of his loss, I weep also, and pray that a greater rescue has found his soul. My hopes and thoughts are for his daughters, Sabine and Penelope, who I hope will know their father even in his absence, a man of honor who would give his life for them.

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