TiVo Introduces 'Swivel Search' Feature

TiVo on Tuesday unveiled a new feature to help customers navigate through the hundreds of channels they receive and find programming that actually interests them. Named "Swivel Search," the new option will begin rolling out to Series2 and Series3 TiVo users Tuesday.

Dubbed the first "TV-centric on-screen search tool," Swivel Search (view a demo) starts on a program itself rather than requiring the user to type in keywords or titles. TiVo customers can select "More options" on a program to access the feature, which pulls up detailed information on the show or movie.

Swivel Search displays upcoming showings and programs the viewer might also enjoy. In addition, a list of the program's cast are displayed, enabling the user to see what else each actor or actress has starred in. TiVo has also included tags for each program, which enables users to find other programs with the same topics or terms.

"We know that as broadband video continues its rapid growth, and broadcast and cable programming continue to proliferate, consumers are finding it more and more difficult to find the content they want, when they want it. Now there is a fun and easy new way for TiVo subscribers to explore the few degrees of separation connecting content that they enjoy," remarked TiVo CEO Tom Rogers.

Swivel Search is also compatible with TiVoCast programming, as well as titles from Amazon's Unbox service, which lets TiVo customers download movies and other content over the Internet directly to their DVR.

TiVo subscribers can sign up at www.tivo.com/priority to ensure Swivel Search is delivered to their set-top boxes as soon as possible.

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