Linux mobile developer releases Web 2.0 platform suites

The mobile Linux company Azingo announced a new line of open source software it hopes can satisfy new phone applications developers' needs to offer Web 2.0 technology to mobile phone users.

Azingo's software package includes Mobile Communications, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Internet and the Mobile Productivity software suites. The company hasn't publicly named which manufacturers are interested in using its technology, but promises fireworks when new partners are announced next week.

"Open source technologies are created and developed in a collaborative method by individuals and companies comprising a vast range of global developers," an Azingo spokesperson told BetaNews. "This collaboration and sharing makes it possible for mobile phone makers to spend less time and money in R&D and more of their resources creating innovative products that use these technologies. And, unlike a proprietary operating system, open source means that no one vendor 'controls' something fundamentally important like the operating system used throughout a product portfolio of a company."

The company has the support of the LiMo Foundation, an organization designed to creating open Linux source technology for mobile phones.

The open source mobile market received a strong push from Google, when the Mountain View company chose open source technology for its Android platform. Both manufacturers and phone service providers have taken a stronger interest in open source technology due to lower costs for development and its flexibility for customization.

While there is a large amount of open source technology available on the market now, Azingo Mobile is the first to offer the software, kernel, development tools and documentation to developers. Azingo Mobile will initially launch on 13 hardware platforms and seven silicon providers, with partner announcements expected to begin next week.

Azingo Mobile is available to developers immediately.

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