Sony limits 'Fresh Start' to certain SKUs, for now

The controversial "Fresh Start" option --the option to pay Sony $50 to not include superfluous programs on new computers-- which was made free after an immediate consumer backlash, may expand to more Sony units, but for now will remain with its TZ series.

Currently, only two Vaio notebooks in the TZ series offer Fresh Start. The configure-to-order TZ2000, and TZ2500. however, the SZ, CR, FZ, NR, and AR series do not.

Sony senior strategist Jon Piazza told BetaNews this afternoon, "We are looking to make Fresh Start available to other Vaio Platforms, but the company does not currently have any plans to expand this offering beyond the TZ units."

As it appears now, however, Vaio customers seeking to qualify for the Fresh Start option must purchase the full Vista Business edition -- a $100 upgrade.

As "looking" turns into "planning," expect an updated list of Fresh Start products from Sony.

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