MySpace cuts the ribbon on its third-party App Gallery

A popular feature on social networking site Facebook, the ability to adorn a profile with multiple mini-applications, was unveiled today on MySpace in its Application Gallery.

In February, the MySpace Developer Platform was created, allowing original applications to be integrated with MySpace. To test these third party apps out, MySpace rolled out a beta of the Application Gallery, which facilitated over 2 million installs of the over 1,000 third-party applications posted there.

Now, all users have access to the Gallery through an icon on their home pages, which links to a splash page of featured applications. The effect is similar to MySpace's home page, which has become a very desirable place for products, musicians, comedians, and even politicians to be seen.

Types of applications range from Job Searches to Windows Live Messenger in-profile applets. The most popular by far is one called the "Truth Box." Developed by a user named Suren, the app claims the user can "find out what people REALLY think about you, discover the TRUTH about yourself!" This application was added on March 18 and has been installed almost half a million times. The next most popular, a music video playlist generator, has less than half the amount of installs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the least popular application this afternoon is a Toronto Blue Jays Fan community trivia application with a meager 25 downloads.

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