Microsoft extends the lifespan of Outlook Express, Hotmail anyway

The Windows Live Mail team recently announced the phase-out of the legacy DAV protocol would draw to a close on June 30. That date, however, has now been postponed.

Like the extension of XP's lifespan, Microsoft says the extended date to the Outlook Express DAV Deprecation has been the result of customer feedback. The transition away from the protocol would end Outlook Express' access to a user's Hotmail inbox, and customers were originally encouraged to switch to Windows Live Mail. Instead of using the Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol, Live Mail uses Deltasynch, which is ultimately more efficient.

Microsoft representatives told BetaNews that customers will be able to continue accessing their Hotmail accounts through Outlook Express beyond June 30 so they may have more time to "evaluate alternative solutions such as Windows Live Mail and to migrate their e-mail and contacts to them."

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