To push sales, AMD unveils new branding for gaming PCs

AMD has launched a labeling campaign that differentiates PCs capable of supporting the latest in high-end gaming and media from the rest.

The labels AMD Game! and AMD Game Ultra will act as easy identifiers for systems that can handle the more demanding games.

Acer, Alienware, Logitech and Microsoft are all participating in the AMD program to ensure that consumers get the intended experience from the latest games.

PC gamers as a whole are more apt to know what's running in their system and how well it performs under load than the average console gamer. By eliminating the need for "enthusiast-level knowledge of PC hardware" to actually provide a full gaming experience, the market for PC games begins to actually open up a bit.

AMD Game! labelNPD research for 2007 showed that of the $8.85 billion in total video game sales, a scant 14% came from PC games. The top selling PC game, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade from Blizzard entertainment sold 2.25 million copies in the US (1.2 million were reportedly sold on the first day).

While this is an admirable feat, it is far from the norm. The PC gaming consumer base is smaller than the console market, and AMD looks to be trying to change that by applying these labels.

Much like television manufacturers labeling their products with big "1080p HD" stickers in stores, so too will gaming computers be labeled "GAME!" such that the less-informed consumer can know what system to purchase.

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