BitTorrent teams with Orb to stream content anywhere

Orb Networks, who produce remote PC access/place shifting software naturally called Orb, have announced a partnership with BitTorrent which will bundle the filesharing client into the free Orb PC application.

Since Orb makes users' PCs accessible through most Wi-Fi connected devices equipped with a browser, the new partnership looks to expand the BitTorrent experience. Perhaps in doing this, it will also expand the consideration given to the protocol by content providers.

In North America, there is a dualism between ISPs and content providers regarding BitTorrent, and it was never highlighted better than it was in March of this year. ISPs Bell Canada and Rogers Yahoo have both openly engaged in traffic shaping to control the bandwidth consumed by users, with apparent prejudice against those using BitTorrent and other P2P services. Despite this fact, the CBC took a risk and became the first television network on the continent to make a full television show both ad- and DRM-free available for download through BitTorrent.

The broadcaster hazarded an offer of legitimate content in an arena regarded as a haven for illegality, and many users suffered because of it. While some users claimed downloads took about 2.5 hours, those who were throttled were quoted 11 to 12 hour download times. However, many feel it was a step in the right direction.

BitTorrent was shown to be blocked or throttled by Comcast, Cox, and Starhub in a recent study, yet more content continues to made available under the protocol legally.

Norwegian film director Erik Sollheim told German daily news site why he made his popular TV series "Nordkalotten 365" available through BitTorrent: "We gave up control of our content the day we started broadcasting. For years our most popular content have been available on BitTorrent and on sites like YouTube anyway. DRM doesn't work. The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it."

With its Orb collaboration, BitTorrent makes its downloads streamable to practically any connected device, like the PS2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

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