Role-playing game leads to Xbox 360 shortage in Japan

According to an apology Microsoft has issued to Japanese consumers, the demand for Xbox 360 consoles has far outstripped supplies in Japan, and inventories will remain totally sold out until new shipments arrive in September.

Reports began surfacing early this month of major consumer electronics retailers such as Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera running out of Xbox 360s at metropolitan locations.


According to ASCII MediaWorks research, 28,116 units sold during the week ending August 10th, while Media Crate reports from the previous week listed just 4,941 units sold.

The unprecedented leap in console sales has been attributed to the excitement surrounding Namco Bandai's role playing game Tales of Vesperia, which was launched in Japan on August 6.

Lines almost 200 customers long were reported on the game's launch date, consisting of people waiting to buy a special Tales of Vesperia-themed console bundle. The game is scheduled for launch in the United States on August 26; an EU launch date has not yet been specified.

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