ASA: EA can't pass off 360 graphics as Wii

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has asked EA to cease broadcasting its commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09 for Wii. Although Woods himself "plays" the Wii, the graphics shown were from the Xbox 360.

In the commercial, professional golfer Tiger Woods is shown using the Wiimote to play his signature PGA Tour game, yet the corresponding game actions displayed behind him are from the Xbox 360 version. Though the message "Available on all formats" appears in the commercial, the ASA determined the implication was that a Wii game being played, augmented by the Wii logo at the end of the spot.

Electronic Arts claimed it had to use gameplay videos from the 360 in the commercial because the Wii's were not "broadcast definition," and that advertising agency Clearcast preferred to use 360 footage rather than alter Wii footage to meet broadcasting standards. Clearcast said it was working under the belief that the footage was from Wii gameplay.

Citing what it described as a breach of advertising standards by EA, the ASA's order states that the ad cannot be broadcast again in its current form.

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