Samsung shows slimmer LED TVs, slimmer Blu-ray console

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In an era when HDTVs are being measured in terms of pinky-width, Samsung promises to squeeze that figure even more, while adding new interactive features to its displays' built-in IPTV functionality.

JE, 2:39 pm PST: On to camcorders: Samsung is announcing a flash-based camcorder that can record up to 12 hours of HD video.

Also, the model HZ10W can capture both still and motion videos in HD or standard resolution.

"This is the year we use our leadership mantle in high-definition to redefine the TV experience," Baxter remarked.

JE, 2:34 pm PST: Next comes a plasma model called the PDP 850. Because some consumers find plasma to be a good deal economically for large format TV.

Next, there's a 3D monitor for gamers.

Other announcements include Blu-ray players, including one we've been expecting. It's Wi-Fi-ready, and that can access Pandora and Netflix online.

Baxter is calling it the world's slimmest Blu-ray player, making it wall-mountable.

The HT-BD8200 is a home entertainment center for Blu-ray HD with a wireless subwoofer.

JE, 2:27 pm PST: Samsung Executive VP of Sales Tim Baxter is speaking next, bringing out an LED-based TV display that's just over one inch thick.

The Samsung LED 5000 defines perfect picture, Baxter says. "The perfect TV," he added, "is also green." There's 20% less power consumption (presumably over other Samsung LED models), without the use of cadmium or lead.

The LED 7000 model, shown next, has wireless Internet connectivity and includes those Yahoo interactive widgets. Its slim design won't be fattened by a wall mount, Baxter said, because the distance has been lessened from 2 inches to 0.6 inches "so the TV now hangs like a picture."

It also has a fast refresh rate to virtually eliminate motion blur and jitter. "We think it's an absolutely beautiful, beautiful TV."

JE, 2:24 pm PST: Now we're being shown video interviews with consumers about what kinds of "digital experiences" they say they want. One person says, "It'd be kind of cool if you could hook up your computer to the Internet and it would do what you want it to."

Angela Gunn, 2:27 pm PST: Samsung has already this week announced a solid-state drive for the data-center crowd, and Wednesday it was the camcorder team's turn. Leading the announcement pack was the world's first 64 GB camcorder, which the company tested at handling over a million writes and erases thanks to "Wear Leveling" technology, which arranges data to distribute activity evenly across the medium.

JE, 2:22 pm PST: Samsung uses all eco-friendly components, the company made clear. For instance, its washing machines use less water, and its computers are EnergyStar-compliant.

Jacqueline Emigh, 2:17 pm PST: Samsung has just announced its Luxia LED TV, its slimmest TV yet with a built-in tuner. It plans more in the series, according to a Samsung representative speaking at the company's press conference at CES 2009 Wednesday afternoon.

Samsung is also announcing what it calls a "Unified UI," which is presently included in its camera line, and will be expanded throughout its various CE devices. This UI will be customizable through the use of widgets, though it's unlikely from the present description that these widgets include the Yahoo widgets being integrated specifically into the company's IPTVs, announced earlier this week.

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