CompUSA makes light of Circuit City closure

Systemax Inc, the company which owns TigerDirect, purchased nearly defunct computer retailer CompUSA's remaining assets at the beginning of the month in January 2008. The acquisition swept up the remaining CompUSA stores (around 16 of the formerly 104) and the ever-important brand name into Systemax's portfolio.

However ironically, CompUSA this morning issued a press release offering shopping tips "in light of recent big box electronics store closings," which cautioned consumers not to succumb to the pressure of buying from "disorganized sales" because of their closeout prices.


In addition to advising consumers to check products and boxes thoroughly, the retailer naturally suggests comparing prices at other stores both physical and virtual. Coincidentally, that happens to be the new strategy of CompUSA, calling it Retail 2.0, where customers are invited to comparison shop directly in store.

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