Palm releases SDK for webOS

Today, Palm finally made its Mojo SDK available to the public more than a month after the release of the Pre, and more than five months of the Early Access Program, a sort of beta program for devs.

Now, Palm's app store is open to submissions from all developers, and apps submitted after today's SDK launch will start to appear in the app catalog this fall. In the meantime, submissions from the Early Access Program are "already in the pipeline" for release, according to Palm.

With the launch of the SDK, Palm has also launched the WebOS Developer Portal, and the Pre Virtual Device Lab. In the portal, developers can acquire the SDK, read reference guides, help docs, and associated FAQs, or post in the developer forums and blogs. With the Virtual Device Lab, developers can load their app onto a virtual Pre for remote testing.

It's fantastic news for owners of the Pre, who have up until now only had a very limited number of apps to play with.

Virtual Palm Pre

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