Report: DirecTV to partner with Comcast, Time Warner in 'TV Everywhere'

In June, cable operator Comcast and media company Time Warner announced that they would begin working on the new distribution model known as "TV Everywhere," a Web-based streaming service akin to Hulu that would give Comcast subscribers on-demand access to cable content at a premium. Ideally, the service will help cable companies make more money off of streaming content than syndication sites currently do.

Now, satellite television network DirecTV has reportedly entered into discussions with Comcast and Time Warner about joining TV Everywhere.

The current trial of TV Anywhere involves 5,000 Comcast subscribers who are authenticated online and given access to content from 23 networks like HBO, Cinemax, TNT, TBS, CBS, AMC, A&E, and Starz. The test attempts to prove that there is a method where the content can be securely accessed only by authorized parties.

"[We] will be prepared to launch a similar product around the same time, if not before, others in the industry." DirecTV spokesman Robert Mercer told Advertising Age. Unfortunately, Mercer did not specify whether a deal has actually been made with content providers or what DirecTV's On Demand online program will be called.

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