Labor day nears, MMS and Tethering for iPhone still absent

iPhone 3GS users have grown increasingly agitated that they still do not have MMS functionality and the ability to tether their phone to their laptop as a 3G modem despite the fact that these abilities were expected to arrive "at the end of the summer."

Yesterday, New York Times reporter Jenna Wortham called the iPhone "the Hummer of cellphones," burning through bandwidth like the oversized SUVs burn through gasoline. Because of this, AT&T has gotten a reputation for being an inadequate network. Nearly one third of potential iPhone owners are passing on the popular device because they don't want to deal with AT&T. The public has placed the blame for lack of MMS and tethering squarely on the mobile network operator.

This, coupled with the nearly constant stream of apps that users cannot have being dangled in front of them, iPhone owners have turned into a real disgruntled bunch.

But there is always sanctuary in hope (read: rumors).

Because the symbolic end of summer in the United States is Labor Day (Monday, September 7th this year), and Apple has an event scheduled for September 9th, some have begun to speculate that the event dedicated to unveiling this year's line of iPods will be used to also unveil MMS and Tethering for iPhone.

However unlikely it is, at least users can use this rumor to tide them over until September 22, when summer officially ends, and time will be up for Apple and AT&T's promises.

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