CES 2010: New Sharp HDTVs will be the first with four-color optics

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It's a busy morning before the CES show floor opens, and it's the one day of the year when you're guaranteed lots of exciting news from the biggest names in consumer electronics. Tim Conneally reports live from Sharp's press conference.

12:40pm PT: lower budget version of the Quad pixel Aquos comes out in spring as well in sizes ranging in 60in, 52in, 46in, and 40in

12:36pm PT: Quad Pixel Aquos tvs come out in spring and will range from 68 in, 60 in, and 50 In.

12:34pm PT: color graph of the range color gamut of the new quad pixel HDTV

12:27pm PT: Quad pixel technology difference to that of traditional three color RGB

12:23pm PT:

12:21pm PT: New Aquos Quad Pixel LED HDTVs, RED, GREEN, BLUE, and YELLOW pixels now for super bright and rich colors.

12:20pm PT: Sharp President & COO Mikio Katayama introduced Sharp's next-generation LCD TV.

12:11pm PT: Sharp at the podium for the Sharp Press Event

12:08pm PT: Introducing the new AQUOS line for 2010...

12:03pm PT: Sharp will have 3 speakers today, the stage has 7 TVs under black drapes, so we're expecting some innovation there.

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