Beta test a new massively-multiplayer online game

Centercode is accepting applications for a new online game and world beta test. Inspired by a successful film franchise, and based on the timeless art of kung fu, the game is designed for the whole family. This new MMO includes character customization and the ability to battle others. Centercode notes that it is "an engaging and exciting environment with beautiful music, excellent scenery and fun yet challenging games."

The next testing stage of this project will be conducted on: Wednesday February 3, 2010 - 3PM and 6PM PST (6PM to 9PM EST), however testing will continue over the next few weeks and even if you do not get into todays event, there will be many more opportunities to participate.

The testing will be conducted during set times and you should be available to participate between the stated hours. Centercode will provide login credentials for people just prior to launching the load test. Once connected, you will have three hours to have fun and play the game.

Once on the project, testers will be able to have an exclusive opportunity to be a part of future releases, including more load tests and eventually the full beta test. The company also develops many other games and this can lead to more game test opportunities with Centercode.

Click here for more details and to sign up for the beta test.

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