Windows Embedded Standard 7 released, is it ready for TV yet?

First announced just two weeks after Windows Embedded Standard 2009 was released, Windows Embedded Standard 7 has at last been released to manufacturers, Microsoft announced today. The company says that new devices built on the platform should be arriving soon, and that we should expect to see some "exciting developments" in Windows 7 consumer devices at Computex in June.

Though Windows Embedded Standard 7 can be used in dozens of different environments such as digital signage, thin clients, and industrial control systems, Microsoft has emphasized the value of this version to connected set-top boxes, TVs, and media players.


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"The addition of the Windows Media Center feature in Windows Embedded Standard 7 is driving the set-top box, connected media device and TV markets by providing OEMs with opportunities to develop uniquely branded experiences and service providers with capabilities to explore additional revenue streams with unique content through a centralized media hub in the home," Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft said in a statement today.

While the video shown above does present a compelling user experience, Microsoft's list of Windows Embedded Standard 7 partners today included: AOpen Inc., C-nario, DT Research Inc., Micro Industries Inc. and YCD Multimedia (for digital signage) HP and Wyse Technology (for thin clients) and Heber Ltd. for industrial control systems. There were no home entertainment product partners even mentioned today. Microsoft's Embedded Group lists 28 different companies as OEM partners for set-top box production.

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