Sony Ericsson LiveView: Part Android Watch, Part Android 'Nano'

Sony Ericsson LiveView for Android

Sony Ericsson today announced a unique new accessory for Android, a Bluetooth-connected 1.3" screen called LiveView which can be used to control and interact with applications on your phone remotely.

Similar to the new iPod Nano, LiveView is a small square screen with a clip on the back. Unlike the Nano, however, the tiny 1.3" OLED display is not touch-enabled. Instead, the border of the screen acts as the touch pane, and the chassis has action buttons on it. It is not a standalone device, and must be paired with an Android 2.0+ smartphone (not necessarily just with the X10 series.) Once paired, it can then access dozens of applications.

LiveView can control the Media Player (Play, Pause, Fwd, Back, Volume +/-,) it can access Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, display incoming text messages, show caller ID and mute ringer on incoming calls, display call list, provide calendar reminders, or simply show the time. Select markets will also have access to an "Experience Pack" which includes exercise-specific functionality for LiveView later this year.

Sony Ericsson has developed an app manager called LiveWare Manager that scans the Android Market for applications compatible with LiveView, and lists them for the user.

LiveView will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, and pricing will be announced at that time.

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