Alongside the Chrome 10 public beta, Chrome 11 moves up to the dev channel

When Google's Chrome browser moves up the ladder in the public beta channel, the dev channel gets an upgrade too, but a full generation ahead of what the public is playing with. So with Chrome 10 beta now available in public beta, the Chrome 11 developer beta (11.0.672.2) can now be downloaded as well.

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Even though this is the first official release of Chrome 11, its open source Chromium counterpart has been available since January, and even that doesn't contain many outward signs of change.

Google's Dev Channel Update contains a short list of changes in this build, which includes an update to the V8 Javascript engine to version 3.1.4.o, and a newly redesigned Cross-site scripting Auditor, which is now turned on by default. Google says it's still experimental, and that there are known bypasses, but the development team is still looking for feedback about false positives. The remaining updates are all fixes to either crashes or compatibility issues.

In the Mac-specific version, unspoofable infobars have been added, tab overview mode has been left on by default, and accelerometer data has been tightened up to be more reliable.

As usual, the full list of changes can be at

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