iTunes 10.3 -- now available! Redownload past purchases to all your Apple devices

iTunes 10.3 download options

The latest version of Apple's flagship software iTunes has been released. The big news in iTunes 10.3 is support for the new iCloud service that can be used to automatically download apps, music and other purchases -- this is being labeled as iTunes in the Cloud. There is also newly added support for iBookstore which enables users to purchase ebooks from within iTunes.

iCloud is the replacement for MobileMe and will be made available to users completely free of charge. Once content, such as an app, has been purchased it can then be re-downloaded on any other compatible device without the need for payment. The purchasing options available in iTunes have been extended with the introduction of iBookstore that can be used to browse and buy a selection of ebooks that can be downloaded and synchronized in the same way as apps and music.

An extension to the iCloud service, iTunes Match, can be purchased for $24.99 per year. This can be used to improve the synchronization of music between devices -- and this is not limited to music that has been purchased through iTunes. iTunes Match will scan music libraries, included music that has been ripped from CDs, and providing it is available in the iTunes database, 256Kbps AAC versions of the tracks can be downloaded to other devices without the need to manually upload files first.

iTunes 10.3 is available for Mac and Windows, and can be downloaded by paying a visit to the review pages for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software; alternatively, the update option in your existing iTunes installation can also be used to grab a copy of the latest version. The iTunes in the Cloud element of iTunes is currently in beta, so there may be issues that need ironing out in the early stages.

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