Dropbox 1.5.34 experimental previews new menu, Retina Display support

The desktop client for the ever-popular cloud storage service Dropbox has been updated with a new experimental build. There are a number of new features to explore in this latest release, but the most obvious is the newly redesigned menu. This is a neater affair than in previous versions, providing an overview of the latest activity as well as access to additional options.

These extra features include pausing files transfers, as well as sharing and restoring files. The new menu is only available to OS X and Windows users -- anyone running Linux misses out for the time being -- and Mac users also benefit from new Retina Display support as well as a new batch of great-looking icons.

Other changes in this latest experimental build also include a number of other changes that are pertinent to Mac owners. In addition to Retina Display support, there is now also support for Mountain Lion’s Notification Center and the use of Python 2.7 means that performance has been improved; there are also faster startup times for anyone working with a large number of files in their sync folders.

The Windows version of the client benefits from a range of fixes including problems with the tray icon and camera uploads in Windows 8. Many of these new features and changes will eventually find their way in to the official, stable version of the software, but for now they are only available anyone willing to test the waters of the experimental release.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Dropbox Experimental Edition v1.5.34 review page.

Photo Credit: RAJ CREATIONZS/Shutterstock

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