That was fast -- Dropbox 1.6.2 is available

“It happens to the best of us” was Dropbox’s explanation for this, the swift appearance of Dropbox 1.6.2 for desktop, less than a week after Dropbox 1.6.0 made its first appearance. ” You test a build but when you finally put it out there for tons of people to use it they find more bugs. So here we are with a quick bug fix release”.

Version 1.6.2 fixes four major bugs reported since version 1.6.0 first appeared, including install failures in older versions of Windows and blank selective sync windows in OS X after updating.

In addition to resolving issues with installing in Windows Vista and XP as well as the blank window in OS X, version 1.6.2 also fixes issues with Italian translations (the Italian language was added to version 1.6.0 for the first time) as well as an issue whereby the web login refused to work when Dropbox was not in English.

Dropbox 1.6.2 does, of course, include all the major new features and improvements added in 1.6.0, which included new icons for all platforms, specifically designed to take advantage of higher resolution displays including Retina. It also promised better overall performance through the switch to Python 2.7 and claimed faster startup times on Macs working with a large number of files in their sync folders.

Despite the new release, users continue to complain about other unresolved issues, including problem installing the software in newer versions of Windows -- fix this issue by ensuring the installer runs with full administrator rights. Other glitches with the user interface, including the Preferences dialog being lost behind other windows in OS X, have also been reported.

Dropbox 1.6.2 is available now as a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Users of 1.6.0 wishing to update now should download this version manually as automatic updates won’t appear until after the Holiday weekend in the US.

Photo Credit:  Inq/Shutterstock

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