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IObit Driver Booster 10 expands driver database, promises faster scans and updates

IObit has released major new version of its Windows driver and game component updater tool. IObit Driver Booster 10 simplifies the task of finding and updating drivers across Windows PCs, and comes in both ad-supported free and paid-for versions.

Version 10 sees the tool expand its driver database to now include more than 8.5 million device drivers and game components.

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Firefox 105 promises improved stability in low-memory situations, touchpad improvements

Mozilla is rolling out Firefox 105 for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Key takeaways from this new build include improved stability and efficiency in low memory situations in Linux and Windows, as well as an option to print just the current page from the print preview dialog.

Major new features, then, are hard to find in Firefox 105. Swipe to navigate -- using two fingers on a touchpad -- has been implemented in Windows allowing users to swiftly move back and forwards through their history. The new build also promises a doubling of speed when searching large lists for individual items.

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Blender 3.3 unveils latest LTS release with multiple new and improved tools

The Blender Foundation has unveiled its first Long Term Support release of the Blender 3.x series with the release of Blender 3.3 LTS. LTS releases are supported for two years from release.

Also available as a portable Windows build, this is the third major point release in the 3.x series since it debuted in December 2021.

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WinZip 27 offers two new tools for sending files securely and cleaning duplicates

Corel has unveiled WinZip 27, a major new version of its flagship compression tool for Windows. Its headline changes are the addition of two new standalone tools in the form of a duplicate file cleaner and tool to facilitate the quick and secure sharing of zip files online.

The first new addition to all three editions of WinZip -- including the entry-level Standard version -- is WinZip SafeShare. This standalone tool is designed to make it easy to zip up, encrypt and share files securely with others via a three-step wizard.

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Behind the Microsoft Office compatibility drive, LibreOffice 7.4 still manages to surprise with more new features

The fourth major point release of The Document Foundation’s open-source, cross-platform office suite has landed. As with the previous release in February, LibreOffice 7.4 is targeted towards improving the experience for those migrating from Microsoft Office.

The focus on improving compatibility with Microsoft Office -- both for those migrating away from the platform and others who need to share documents with MS Office users -- is an ongoing process, and the 7.4 press release focuses a lot of attention on LibreOffice’s "highest level of compatibility in the office suite market segment".

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Calibre 6 debuts full-text search, updates API to Qt6

Renowned eBook management tool Calibre has a new landmark release. Calibre 6.0 makes its bow on Windows (64-bit only), Mac and Linux.

Version 6.0 unveils one major headline new feature -- full text search across entire eBook libraries. It’s also the first version to support Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64 architectures, but also drops support for Windows 32-bit users.

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Foxit PDF Reader 12 and Foxit PDF Editor 12 show off new redesign, gain welcome additional features

Foxit Software has unveiled Foxit PDF Reader 12.0 and Foxit PDF Editor 12.0, major new versions of its PDF flagship products.

Both tools -- available for Windows and Mac -- sport a redesigned user interface, plus unveil a series of new and improved features including the ability to view two views of a document side-by-side in the same window.

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Universal Media Server 11 unveils rich web interface redesign on top of below-the-hood improvements

The Universal Media Server Project has released Universal Media Server 11.1.0, a swiftly released patch to the recent major update of this open-source, cross-platform media server for Windows, Mac and Linux computers running Java.

The UPNP/DLNA-compatible media server boasts a significantly improved web interface, helping give the server a more modern look to go with its modernized code base.

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Camtasia 2022 unveils cursor editing, Blend Mode and revamped home screen

TechSmith has announced the release of Camtasia for Windows 2022.0.0 and Camtasia for Mac 2022.0.0, the latest versions of its heavyweight image screen recording and video-editing tool.

The new 2022 release focuses on improvements on the mouse cursor, which plays a key role in all screen recordings.

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Get Avast BreachGuard 2022 for as little as $5 to protect yourself from online breaches

It’s almost inevitable that at least one of your online accounts has been hacked in the past, and while you can manually check for such breaches using websites like Have I Been Pwned, keeping on top of new breaches (never mind existing ones) can be a chore.

This is where Avast BreachGuard rides to the rescue. This standalone tool provides a continuous monitoring service for all your email addresses and passwords, enabling you to take timely action whenever a new breach is detected.

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Revo Uninstaller Pro 5 adds uninstall history and dark mode

The VS Revo Group has unveiled Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.0 and Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable 5.0 for Windows PCs. This powerful tool allows users to more thoroughly remove unwanted programs, Microsoft Store apps and other elements (including browser extensions) from their PCs.

Version 5.0 adds new features to allow users to track all previous uninstall operations, more thoroughly clean programs installed across all user accounts and adds support for removing multiple Windows Store apps and browser extensions in a single action.

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1Password 8 for Mac unveils complete redesign, universal autofill

Toronto developer AgileBits has unveiled 1Password 8.7.0 for Mac, almost six months after it released 1Password 8 for Windows.

The app is the first Mac build developed using the cross-platform Rust and Electron tools, which has resulted in a brand-new design language -- code-named Knox -- that aims to provide a consistent user experience across Mac, Linux and Windows.

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Kamo 4 adds VPN technology to block more online snoopers

Piriform Software, best-known for its CCleaner cleaning product for PCs and Macs, has released Kamo 4.0, a major new update to its Windows privacy tool.

Kamo 4.0, which blocks online trackers through a range of tools built into a single application, has added location masking through the implementation of a basic VPN, which masks the user’s IP address and exact geographic location via an encrypted connection through another server in their own country.

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FastStone Image Viewer 7.6 adds rating system, promises better performance via new database

If you’re looking for an all-in-one image viewer, editor and batch converter for your Windows PC, then FastStone is the tool for you. And with the release of FastStone Image Viewer 7.6, this powerful freeware app just got a whole lot better.

Forget the point release -- 7.6 arrives more than two years after version 7.5 and could easily have been version 8.0 given the number of new and improved features. Highlights include a new database engine, rating system and pre-scan folders option.

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Avast Ultimate Security 2022 secures your entire household for two years for just $30

Security is always a hot topic, but recent world events have made it more critical than ever to review -- and potentially change -- the security you use to protect your PC. With governments worldwide reiterating their warnings about using Russian-made antivirus tools, now is the time to look for a trusted alternative, and we’ve got just the tool to protect your entire household for the next two years.

Developed in Europe, Avast Ultimate 2022 is designed to protect up to 10 devices across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It’s a suite of four products: Avast Premium Security 2022, Avast SecureLine VPN 2022, Avast Cleanup Premium 2022, and Avast AntiTrack Premium 2022. Combined, you get comprehensive protection from all kinds of threats, not just against malware.

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