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Backup4all 9.0 Professional allows users to create a fail-safe backup of their cloud storage

European developer Softland has released Backup4all 9.0, a major new version of its commercial backup tool for Windows PCs.

The update follows two months after Softland updated its free backup tool in the form of FBackup 9.0 with, among other things, support for backing up files from Dropbox and Google Drive and the ability to track the time estimated for downloading or uploading files to and from the cloud during backup jobs. Users also gained the ability to combine multiple sources in a single backup job.

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Create PDFs quickly, easily and professionally with novaPDF 11

Softland has unveiled novaPDF 11.0, a major new release of its PDF creation tool for Windows PCs. The app makes it easy to create PDFs from any printable document using Windows’ own print command, plus offers plugins for major Office apps as well as a host of tools for editing and improving existing PDFs.

Version 11.0 introduces a new plugin for Microsoft Outlook, widens support for more PDF standards, and introduces a new easily accessible Quick Tray Application to the Taskbar.

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Zenkit unveils new freehand Drawing tool for Zenkit To Do, Zenchat and Hypernote apps

Productivity suite Zenkit has unveiled a major platform update (4.5.0) that applies to all its standalone apps: Zenkit To Do, Zenchat and Hypernotes by Zenkit.

The undoubted highlight of this new release is the addition of a standalone drawing and annotation component, which works in the same way across all platforms. Version 4.5.0 also sees several improvements to the recently launched Hypernotes application.

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Website X5 2021.2 Pro makes setting up ecommerce sites simpler than ever thanks to new Product Sheet Pages

Italian developer Incomedia has released its second major update to the Website X5 Pro 2021 line with the release of Website X5 Pro 2021.2 Pro. This release focuses primarily on ecommerce sites with the introduction of a new Product Sheet Page feature, to help highlight products by giving them their own, automatically generated, separate pages.

Website X5 Pro, also available in a cheaper, cut-down Evo edition and the free, extremely function-limited Go edition, aims to simplify web building through a simple multi-step process that requires little or no HTML coding experience. The new Product Sheet Page feature is, however, exclusive to the Pro version.

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iFun Screen Recorder 1.0 gives Windows users a fully-featured screencast tool with no strings attached

There are plenty of screencast tools out there, but while many offer cut-down free versions, they’re often more crippleware than freeware. Eyeing a spot in this market is IObit, which claims -- with some justification -- to provide a genuinely usable free screen-recording tool with its latest new release: iFun Screen Recorder 1.0.

The software promises no time-limited recordings, unwanted watermarks or other restrictions forcing you to upgrade to make proper use of the program -- a Pro version does exist, but its features can be safely ignored by most. And while it may lack the more sophisticated features of well-known screen-casting tools, you get all the core functionality you need to produce decent screencasts.

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Vivaldi 3.7 promises performance gains on desktop, improves Bookmark Manager on mobile

Vivaldi Technologies has unveiled Vivaldi 3.7 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The challenger web browser’s main focus in this new release is performance on desktop, while Android users gain improvements to the Bookmarks Manager as well as onboarding pages to introduce new versions as well as welcome new users to the app.

Performance gains are primarily delivered through faster opening and closing of new tabs and windows, with tabs opening twice as fast as previously and new windows appearing 26 percent faster than before. Lucky owners of Apple’s new M1-based Mac range should also notice further improvements thanks to the unveiling of the first native build for the ARM-based chipset.

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Hypernotes from Zenkit promises to revolutionize the way you share knowledge with others

Say hello to Hypernotes from Zenkit, the third standalone productivity tool from Germany’s Zenkit. The tool follows on the heels of Wunderlist-replacement Zenkit To-Do and Zenchat and is designed to work in conjunction with both tools as well as a standalone app.

The new app's sales pitch is the promise of creating, sharing, and understanding knowledge in a new way. Think of it as a tool for managing knowledge in various forms, from simple notes to complete documentation like a wiki. As with other Zenkit tools, it offers both free and paid-for tiers, and can be accessed through any modern web browser as well as via a cross-platform collection of desktop and mobile apps for offline use.

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Get the best features of Plex and Emby for free with Jellyfin 10.7.0, just updated

Jellyfin 10.7.0, the open-source pretender to Plex’s media-streaming crown, has been released. What started out life as a fork of the last open-source release of Emby (3.5.2) is rapidly evolving into its own, distinct media server with the added advantage of being completely free.

Version 10.7.0’s highlights include extending SyncPlay support to TV shows and music in addition to movies, redesigned OSD and Up Next dialogs and new PDF and Comics reader functionalities. Behind the scenes, things have undergone major changes with the promise of "significantly improved web performance".

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Firefox 86 boosts user privacy with Total Cookie Protection feature

Mozilla has rolled out its now-customary four-weekly update with the release of Firefox 86 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This latest release contains several notable new features as well as a handful of fixes and improvements.

Users gain support for watching multiple picture-in-picture videos simultaneously, there’s improvement to the app’s Print tool, but most noteworthy of all, a new Total Cookie Protection is offered that isolates website cookies so they can’t track users across multiple sites.

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O&O SafeErase 16's new ClusterView feature lets users monitor how their sensitive data is shredded

German software developer O&O has unveiled a brand-new version of its data-shredding tool for Windows with the release of O&O SafeErase Professional 16. The new release unveils a refreshed user interface, plus provides a new view to give the user a visual indication of how the data-destruction process is progressing.

The major new feature of note sees the application unveil a new "Clusterview" feature, which provides a similar graphical cluster-based view to that found in defrag utilities, except this time of course it’s monitoring the secure deletion of data from the currently selected drive.

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Opera 74 improves memory management with new tab snoozing feature

Hot on the heels of Edge’s sleeping tabs feature, Opera 74 rolls out today with its own equivalent in the form of 'tab snoozing'.

The update also unveils improvements to both its Easy Files feature, a means of quickly attaching files to email and other web-based forms, plus the Search Tabs tool.

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Firefox 85 blocks so-called 'supercookies' as Microsoft Edge 88 boosts performance and security

It’s been a busy few days for web browsers. Last week, Microsoft Edge 88.0 rolled out several major new features, including a new sleeping tabs feature, while today sees the launch of Firefox 85.0.

Firefox 85 arrives with three new noteworthy features. The first is protection against so-called 'supercookies', trackers that are able to hide within browsers to track users online even after they’ve cleared cookies. Firefox achieves this by isolating the cookies so they can’t follow your progress between sites.

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Get two years of AVG Ultimate 2021 for just $29.99 to protect, maintain and boost performance across all your household's devices

As its name implies, AVG Ultimate 2021 is the crème-de-la-crème of AVG’s product range, providing a suite of tools to boost security, privacy and performance across all your household’s computers and mobile devices, from Windows PCs and Macs to Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Your household’s PCs and Macs are blanket covered by four applications. Core security comes in the form of AVG Internet Security 2021 -- complete protection for your family’s PCs and Macs courtesy of antivirus with anti-ransomware, shopping and banking protection via browser tools that block unsafe or compromised websites, firewall and webcam security.

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Universal Media Server 10 improves web-based and DLNA navigation

The Universal Media Server Project has released Universal Media Server 10.0.0, a major new update of its open-source, cross-platform Java-based media server for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The server, which works with a wide range of UPNP/DLNA-compatible devices from mobiles to smart TVs, gains significant improvements to its web and DLNA browsing interface, with the aim of providing more flexible and visually pleasing options for navigating the user’s content.

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System Mechanic 21 unveils major facelift alongside new network and process scanning tools

iolo Technologies has unveiled System Mechanic 21, a landmark new version of the venerable -- but still acclaimed -- system tune-up tool for Windows PCs. It’s a noteworthy release thanks to a major user interface update, but also boasts two new scanning tools, step-by-step guides and -- in the Pro release -- improved antivirus protection.

The new redesign is immediately apparent the first time the product is run, accompanied by a streamlined install process, clean and simplified dashboard, and pop-up guides that can steer users through their first run with major parts of the program.

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