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Avira Privacy Pal promises to close over 200 privacy holes on your PC

It’s almost impossible to do anything these days without leaving a tell-tale digital trail behind you, particularly when accessing internet-related services. Given many apps now spend a significant amount of time connected to the internet, you can’t rely on just locking down your web browser either.

This where Avira Privacy Pal 1.8.0 for Windows PCs comes in. It promises to become your privacy-focused personal assistant, offering quick and simple fixes for over 200 privacy issues.

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Firefox Quantum 65 rolls out enhanced content blocking protection, macOS HandOff support

Mozilla has just released Firefox 65.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with Firefox for Android 65.0. The major highlight of this new release are improved tracking protection controls, improved multilingual support and the ability for macOS users to transfer tabs to their iOS devices via HandOff. Android users should see that scrolling performance is improved.

Firefox 65 rolls out a redesigned set of controls for its Content Blocking feature. Users can access these via the 'i' icon on the Address Bar, or by visiting the Privacy & Security section of Firefox’s settings dialog.

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Emby Server 4 adds live TV guide data, boosts performance across the board

Anyone who’s got a load of digital media lying about needs a media server, and while the obvious solution is to install Kodi or Plex, you might be missing a trick.

Although it’s still overshadowed by its better-known rivals, Emby Server 4.0 has just been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, plus is now available for Nvidia Shield and Android devices too.

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1Password 7.3 for Windows unveils new secure desktop feature, numerous other improvements

AgileBits has released 1Password 7.3 for Windows clients. 1Password offers secure form-filling and password management tools and is also available on Mac, iOS and Android.

The new Windows build unveils a new Secure Desktop mode, improvements to the Watchtower feature and numerous other improvements, including customizable keyboard shortcuts and more robust update mechanism

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Syncthing 1.0.0 released as open-source P2P sync tool, finally leaves beta

If you’re looking for an open, trustworthy and decentralized alternative to cloud sync platforms, then Syncthing is the tool for you. And today is a milestone -- after five long years in beta, Syncthing 1.0.0 (32-bit) and Syncthing 1.0.0 (64-bit) has been released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

The new release has been given a new code name: Erbium Earthworm, continuing the tradition of alphabetic code names (the previous release was Dysprosium Dragonfly). It’s also been dubbed "Graduation Day" by lead developer Jakob Borg.

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VirtualBox 6.0 adds new file manager, revamps user interface

Oracle has released VirtualBox 6.0, a major new release of its free virtualization tool for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 6.0 unveils major improvements to -- and a redesign of -- the user interface, plus beefs up 3D support (including first-time support on Linux and Solaris guests). Hyper-V emulation is now also supported on Windows as a fall-back execution core helping fix problems running 64-bit guests when Windows Security’s sandboxing feature was enabled.

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Firefox Quantum 64 improves tab management, adds Task Manager page

With the news that Microsoft Edge will be ditching its own browser engine in favor of Google’s Chromium, those wishing to strike a blow against monopolization the net should be looking at Mozilla’s Firefox, which continues to develop its own independent Gecko engine. Firefox Quantum 64.0 has just been released for desktop, along with Firefox for Android 64.0.

Mozilla has made its own pitch for why the news about Edge could be bad for the wider net, but in the meantime Firefox 64.0 delivers a smattering of new features, and various other changes.

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WordPress 5.0 'Bebo' unveils new block-based editor and default theme

It’s time to embrace block-based editing. WordPress 5.0 has been unveiled, debuting a brand-new block-based editor designed to simplify the construction of web pages. The new release also unveils a new default theme, Twenty Nineteen.

The new editor is basically the sole highlight for version 5.0, but those who don’t want to embrace it will be reassured by news that the Classic Editor will live on as a plugin, fully supported until 2021.

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Ashampoo Uninstaller 8.0 adds drag-and-drop program removal, support for Opera

German software developer Ashampoo GmbH has released Ashampoo Uninstaller 8.0, a major new version of its program clean-up tool for Windows.

The new release adds several notable new features: the ability to drag and drop programs to remove them, support for the Opera web browser and a new File Wiper module for thorough file cleaning.

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Looking for an open source password manager? Give Bitwarden a spin

Everyone needs a password manager to surf the web safely -- they enable you to set virtually crack-proof passwords for all your online accounts, plus store a range of other sensitive data too, all locked behind a single master password.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current offering, or looking to support an open source alternative, then look at 8bit Solutions LLC’s Bitwarden 1.10.0 and Bitwarden for mobile 1.19.4.

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WebSite X5 Evolution 17.0 rebuilds internal engine for greater speed and precision

Incomedia has released major new versions of its wizard-driven web-building tool with the launch of WebSite X5 Evolution 17.0. Website X5 Evolution is accompanied by both higher (Professional) and lower (Start) packages.

Version 17.0 is the third major update of 2018, and integrates CSS Grid Layout into a brand new version of its internal page-creation engine. This, Incomedia promises, will mean more speed, flexibility, precision and compatibility for the end user’s web pages.

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RogueKiller Anti-Malware 13 adds new scan modes, rewrites scan engine for faster performance

Adlice Software has released RogueKiller Anti-Malware 13.0.3 alongside RogueKiller Portable 13.0.3 and RogueKillerCMD 13.0.3, a major new release of its anti-malware protection tool.

RogueKiller, which comes as a cut-down free scan-and-removal tool as well as a paid-for version offering additional features such as CLI support and automatic updates, unveils several new scanners, an overhauled scan engine and redesigned user interface, with several advanced tools and features stripped out and moved to a separate application.

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Firefox Quantum 63 focuses on performance improvements, minor tweaks

Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum 63.0 for desktop, along with Firefox for Android 63.0.

Like the previous release there are no major highlights to report, but both Windows and Mac users will be encouraged to update thanks to the promise of performance improvements. The Windows build will also change theme to match Light and Dark modes in Windows 10.

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Chrome 70 introduces more control over security features

Google has released Chrome 70.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with Chrome for iOS 70.0. Chrome for Android 70.0 is due imminently.

The desktop version of the browser gains several new security related features to build on the major facelift unveiled in Chrome 69 to mark its tenth anniversary.

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WinStep unveils Nexus and Extreme 18.10, raises prices for first time

WinStep Software Technologies has announced a $5-10 price rise across its entire range, the first since the company launched in 1999. This follows on from the company’s recent updates to its flagship products with the releases of WinStep Nexus 18.10 and WinStep Xtreme 18.10.

Despite the point release, version 18.10 unveils another raft of significant tweaks and updates, including the unveiling of a new Office theme for productivity-focused desktops.

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