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Redesigned O&O SafeErase 18 provides users with multiple ways to securely delete sensitive data

Berlin software powerhouse O&O Software GmbH has launched O&O SafeErase 18, a major new version of its data-shredding tool for Windows PCs. The major highlight of this latest build is a completely redesigned user interface, along with performance optimizations and added support for the latest web browsers.

The main highlight of this new release is the slick new user interface, which sits comfortably with modern Windows aesthetics. Big bold icons accompany the main section headers, which continue to offer users a choice of six data-shredding methods.

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Microsoft PC Manager 3.0 adds toolbar widget, provides easy access to Windows' maintenance and optimization tools

Microsoft’s Chinese division has unveiled a major new update of its system optimization and maintenance tool with the release of Microsoft PC Manager 3.0 Beta. The app, which provides users with easy access to a wide -- and growing -- selection of built-in Windows tools, adds a new floating desktop toolbar option for even easier access to its offerings.

The new desktop toolbar is made accessible via Microsoft PC Manager’s Toolbox section, where users can both enable the feature and choose which tools to place on it for easy access.

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Nitro PDF Pro 14 released, sports refreshed UI and new accessibility tools

Nitro Software has unveiled a major new -- and renamed -- version of its flagship PDF editing tool. Nitro PDF Pro 14.3 is available now as a free trial download for PCs running Windows.

Chief highlights in this new release include a refreshed user interface, accessibility improvements and improved localization experience thanks to various fixes involving formatted, missing words and redirects.

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Firefox 113 unveils search and picture-in-picture improvements alongside tighter security


The Mozilla Foundation has unveiled Firefox 113.0 alongside Firefox ESR 102.11.0, the latest version of its open-source, cross-platform browser.

It’s a relatively big release, with numerous security enhancements and UI improvements, particularly when searching the web through the URL bar and making use of Firefox’s picture-in-picture video player.

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OBS Studio 29.1 expands support for next-generation AV1 and HEVC codecs with YouTube streaming support

Open-source video broadcasting, recording and streaming tool OBS Studio 29.1 has been released for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The chief highlight is added support to allow users to livestream on YouTube using AV1/HEVC over Enhanced RTMP, resulting in lower bandwidth requirements and widening access to 4K60 streaming. The app also makes several improvements to the program’s preferences.

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Camtasia 2023 adds new visual effects, filters and other major improvements to its roster

Michigan-based TechSmith has launched Camtasia 2023, a major new release of its professional screen recording and video editing tool for Mac and Windows.

The 2023 release focuses on two specific areas: offering enhanced visual effects and implementing various user feature requests.

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TeamViewer Remote promises to improve the performance and security of your remote desktop connections

Accessing your home or work devices from a remote location just got a lot easier -- and more secure -- with the launch of TeamViewer Remote 15.41.7, out now for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The headline new feature is a major revamp of how TeamViewer connects one user to another’s device. In place of a password-based system, users make use of session links to connect directly, and adds a new option that allows users to connect and control remote devices through any web browser.

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Vivaldi 6 offers Workspaces for better tab organization, adds custom icons to Themes

Vivaldi Technologies has unveiled Vivaldi 6.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, a major new release of its customizable web browser.

Version 6.0 lands with two heavyweight new features: an additional layer of tab organization called Workspaces, and support for custom icons on the browser toolbar.

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DisplayFusion 10 adds full Windows 11 compatiblity, refines and improves existing tools

After multiple beta releases, Binary Fortress Software has finally released DisplayFusion 10.0, a major new build of its multi-display management tool for Windows. The major release comes almost six years after DisplayFusion 9.0’s release, and its primary feature is to promise full Windows 11 compatibility.

The new build also ships with numerous changes, starting with an upgrade to .NET 7.0, which means the build is now only officially supported on machines running Windows 10 1607 or later, although it should continue to install on PCs running Windows 7 or later -- albeit at the user’s own risk.

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Firefox 112 delivers Intel GPU performance improvements on Windows builds


Mozilla has released Firefox 112.0 alongside Firefox ESR 102.10.0, the latest versions of its open-source, cross-platform browser.

Version 112 introduces performance improvements for those running Intel GPUs on Windows, plus makes it possible to restore the previous session using the Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + T shortcut.

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Blender 3.5 unveils new GPU-based compositor backend and improved hair styling tools

The Blender Foundation has unveiled Blender 3.5.0, the latest 3.x point release of its popular and powerful open-source, cross-platform 3D creation suite. The new release boasts several new features, including GPU-powered viewport compositor and vector displacement sculpting.

Blender 3.5’s main highlight, however, is that it builds massively on the curves-based hair system it introduced in version 3.3 with the addition of 'hair assets', 26 pre-built textures users can simply drag and drop on to existing models.

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WinSnap 6.01 unveils modern facelift, major reorganization of tools

NTWind Software has unveiled a major new version of its powerful shareware screen capture tool for Windows. WinSnap 6.0.1 comes with a Windows 11-friendly facelift, a reorganization of its major tools and some useful improvements.

The biggest improvement is immediately apparent when the program first opens -- it now boasts a modern UI in keeping with the Windows 11 desktop, complete with support for automatic switching between dark and light modes.

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Pick up Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2023 Advanced and 250 GB of cloud data for just $29.99

Everyone needs a backup -- but those backups require protecting too. Thankfully Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2023 Advanced has both bases covered: comprehensive backup for everything from individual files and folders to entire hard drives on the one hand, and protection against data-stealing malware on the other.

Not only does Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office 2023 Advanced -- available for under £25/$30 thanks to our great deal -- allow you to back up your files to another drive plugged directly into your PC or Mac or some form of network attached storage, but your subscription also entitles you to hundreds of gigabytes of online storage space, ensuring at least one copy of your data is stored offsite according to backup best-practice.

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Website X5 2023.1 unveils design facelift, plus image gallery and site preview improvements

Italian developer Incomedia has released Website X5 Evo 2023.1 Evo and Website X5 Pro 2023.1, a major new release of its wizard-driven, user-friendly website building product line for Windows.

Version 2023 debuts with a major facelift, but also unveils several new features including image list thumbnails and SEO properties for galleries, plus refreshed templates and updated compatibility and security.

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Geekbench 6 introduces new tests and data sets so benchmarks more accurately reflect 2023 usage patterns

Primate Labs has unveiled a major new version of its cross-platform free benchmarking tool with the release of Geekbench 6.0.0 for desktop and mobile. The release comes more than three years after the last major update came out in September 2019.

Geekbench 6 has been engineered around how Primate Labs envisages computers and mobiles are being used in 2023. Its tests now include several new workloads, including the effects of blurring backgrounds in video conferencing streams, removing unwanted objects automatically from photos, and the use of scripting languages to analyze, process and convert text.

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