How to monitor your home using an Android Wear smartwatch


Anyone using an Android powered smartwatch no longer needs to worry about actually having to pick up their smartphone in order to see what’s going on back home, or in the office while they’re gone.

Now they can do it through the smartwatch.

What am I talking about? The Android app IP Cam Viewer of course, an application that lets users remotely access their video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam, now supports Android Wear.

IP Cam Viewer is reportedly one of the best IP camera apps on Android, and this functionality only makes it better.

The updated version also added drivers for more cameras, support for Chromecast, added Dropbox support for imports and exports and fixed a few known bugs for some existing drivers.

The app has a built-in web server that enables remote control of the app to change the record mode settings away from home or for use as a video wall, or function as a transcoder to fetch frames from devices with proprietary protocols.

It has a built in motion detection, that works with all cameras and plays a sound when motion is detected.

The app has various uses. It can be used as a security camera for homes, garages and cars, as well as a baby monitor.

It also includes various video formats and features like matrix view, pan, tilt and zoom.

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