US likely responsible for Iran's cyber warfare know-how

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Iran might have learned advanced cyber warfare from the US, recently revealed government documents have shown.

Leaked National Security Agency (NSA) documents published by The Intercept show fears that the American cyberattacks on Iran might have helped that country develop sophisticated cyber tactics and strategies.


The document was created before a meeting before NSA and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), called because of Iran’s cyberattacks against some financial institutions in the US.

Iran’s nuclear and oil facilities have been targeted numerous times and the US and Israel are thought to be behind them.

"Iran’s destructive cyber attack against Saudi Aramco in August 2012, during which data was destroyed on tens of thousands of computers was the first such attack NSA has observed from this adversary", it says in the report.

"Iran, having been a victim of a similar cyber attack against its own oil industry in April 2012, has demonstrated a clear ability to learn from the capabilities and actions of others", the report says.

However, the document says Iran has had no plans on targeting the UK or the US at the time, but NSA cannot rule out that possibility.

"While the NSA has no indications at this time that Iran plans to conduct such an attack against a U.S. or UK target, we cannot rule out the possibility of such an attack, especially in the face of increased international pressure on the regime", adds the report.

Iran has been under a lot of pressure, including international sanctions, because of its nuclear program.

The West fears Iran uses its nuclear facilities to create an atomic bomb, while Iran says it has no such plans and wants to use the nuclear facilities for peaceful purposes.

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