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Even though the world is increasingly mobile, more than half of developers have never built a mobile app, a new survey, called Telerik State of Mobile Development, shows.

Telerik, the company who conducted the survey, asked 3,000 IT professionals about mobile development. Among the biggest issues developers have with building mobile apps is the fact that a lot of them are still new to mobile development or have never built a mobile app (57 percent), while others develop just one functional mobile app a year (47 percent).

Constraints and constantly changing development practices and technology is an issue for 16 percent of developers, while others struggle with the lack of time (19 percent) and the lack of tools (15 percent).

Among the key reasons for building a mobile app was improved operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities (39 percent), increased employee productivity (38 percent), improved customer service (35 percent) and the possibility to engage customers in a more meaningful way (34 percent).

User experience is the most important element to consider when building these apps. Forty-four percent of those surveyed said user experience is the most important, followed by ease of maintenance (24 percent), performance (15 percent) and security (11 percent).

"The most poignant finding of the survey is that 57 percent of developers have never built a mobile app, indicating that mobile app development remains highly specialized", said Karen Tegan Padir, president, Application Development and Deployment, Progress. "It’s clear that the developer community as a whole needs easy-to-use tools and processes to move forward with their mobile app development efforts in a more substantial way".

The full report can be found at this link.

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