Automation will take away more than 100,000 jobs within 20 years in the UK

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You shouldn’t fear immigrants taking your job, you should fear robots. A new study by jobs search engine Adzuna suggests that more than 100,000 of current job vacancies will be fully automated within the next 20 years.

The results are based on the study of Oxford University researchers, looking at which jobs would basically be given to robots before 2035.


Adzuna looked at 1.2 million job adverts across the country, and came to the conclusion that almost 10 percent (1 in 11 vacancies) have more than 75 percent chance to be given to robots.

Machine operators and plant managers are most at risk, together with admin and secretarial roles.

Looking at where you’d want to live in the next 20 years, London seems to be the best place, while you’d want to get away from Exeter, Norwich and Plymouth. Researchers believe almost nine percent of all ads for jobs in the Devon city will be given to robots. In London, Reading and Edinburgh, 1 in 20 vacancies could face a similar fate.

"We’ve heard that more than a third of current British jobs may be lost to automation, but our new analysis of the job market suggests that a high proportion of advertised vacancies are still for roles that are at high risk of being performed by robots in the not too distant future", said Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro.

"The risk of a robot invasion on the Devon coast might sound fanciful, but there’s a serious message for younger workers, whether they’re looking for their first job, or are comfortably in a career:  if you want to remain relevant in the workplace, you need to develop skills that cannot be easily automated".

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