Kaspersky says it accidentally obtained secret NSA files from a US computer

Earlier in the month, news emerged that Kaspersky software had been used by Russian hackers to identify and steal sensitive NSA files from a US computer. Following the revelation, Kaspersky Lab started an investigation, and now the company has published its findings.

Kaspersky concedes that its software had indeed identified classified NSA data -- specifically a hacking tool -- but says that it was unintentional. The unearthed source code was attributed to the Equation Group, and company head Eugene Kaspersky ordered the code be destroyed when the matter was reported to him.

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A spokeswoman for Kaspersky, Sarah Kitsos, explains: "We deleted the archive because we don't need the source code to improve our protection technologies and because of concerns regarding the handling of classified materials." The company insists that no third parties gained access to the code, and denies that it was passed to the Russian government.

After what it calls a "deep investigation," Kaspersky has published its preliminary findings into the incident. The report includes a rough timeline of events and a breakdown of the findings:

Kaspersky says that its investigation will continue, and points out that it will share full details with a "trusted third party" as part of its Global Transparency Initiative.

Image credit: g0d4ather / Shutterstock